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Celebrity Liaison Ch. 09


Author's Note: First story back from my short break. This chapter will wrap up the Natalie Portman vs. Reese Witherspoon arc. Despite the absence of any sex from this chapter, I hope you guys like the conclusion. As always, rate it and post a comment to tell me your thoughts. I've decided that the series will end in 2 or 3 more chapters. The finale will appropriately take place at the Academy Awards. You can expect everyone to make an appearance.


I'm Jason Connors, I use to just be the average writer down at the Daily News, but ever since my very public relationship with Natalie Portman, I had been turned into a full time celebrity interviewer. Well, actually, in truth I was briefly fired but when Natalie offered to give me the names of several hot shot celebrity managers, I was back in the game, this time I'm a celebrity interviewer.

Where was I? I thought. I sat up and looked around to find myself lying on a bed. Suddenly one, no two, three, now four hands pulled me back down. Two naked female figures suddenly crawled in front of me on the bed and started kissing each other. They kissed as their hands explored each others smooth naked glistening bodies. One of the girls was a blonde while the other was brunette. Both had small slim figures and were considerably young. I couldn't see their faces as they now took turns burying their faces into each other's chest. I laid there and watched as the two girls pleasured each other.

Suddenly the brunette pushed the blonde flat onto the bed at my feet. The two kissed as the brunette reached down and started to slide her fingers into the blonde's vagina. The brunette thrusted ruthlessly into the blonde again and again.

'Harder! Faster!' yelled the blonde in a familiar southern accent.

The brunette was putting everything into it. Her entire body moved with the momentum as her fingers continued to dig in the blondes snatch. Her small breast rocked back and forth in a mesmerizing fashion.

'You're useless! This is how you do it,' said the blonde angrily as she pinned the brunette to the bed and started to finger her. They were both sweating profoundly. I watched in awe as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of the blondes head, dropped onto her shoulder and slowly dripped down the wonderful curves of her body. However the result of her actions was the same. The brunette was unsatisfied. Without showing me their faces, they said in unison.

'Could you help me out?'

'Help you?' I asked.

'Make me cum,' they both said together.

'Ok,' I said slowly. 'Who first?'

'ME!' they both shouted at once.

They turned around and their faces were revealed to me. Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon.

'Choose me!' they both shouted.

'I'm so fucking dreaming.'

I woke up so startled I almost fell off my seat. I was in my office; must've dozed off. I sat up at my desk and continued typing up some mediocre newspaper article and trying not to think about my whacked out dream.

What a whirl wind past week, it's been so nuts I think it's screwing with me psyche judging from that dream. Reese Witherspoon has been in the city for the past week and is staying for the next. Normally I would be very happy with this but now tensions are rising as my other girlfriend, none other than Natalie Portman knows about Reese's presence. And so, even though none will admit it, they seem to be vying for my affections the only way girls know how to, with servitude and sex. And now I have to choose who I want to be my permanent girlfriend. Every guy's dream right? It's harder than it sounds. Funny, last year my biggest worry was whether I should buy raincoat when there was only 3 weeks left of winter.

For once I had actually wanted to go to work so I could just to slow things down and not have to worry about Hollywood girlfriends. I didn't actually have anything to do at work seeing as I had taken some of my vacation days so I could be with the two girlfriends. I needed a break. And don't even ask me who I think is in the lead at the moment because I couldn't answer. I gave every reason for Natalie to break up with me but she hasn't so kudos to her. But Reese is so sweet and has such a good heart. They're both very beautiful and kind women so basically, I'm fucked. I might as well flip a coin at this point.

Suddenly, a phone call interrupted my day dreaming. I picked it up immediately. I wanted anything to distract me from my work and love life.

'Hello and welcome to the Daily News, Jason Connors speaking.'

'Hello Mr Connors,' said a British voice teasingly.

It took me a moment but I eventually recognized it as Keira Knightley.


'Well done Jason. How've you been?'


Keira and I first met when Natalie arranged for me to interview her. Apart from the fact the whole interview was a setup by Natalie to see if I was cheating or not, Keira and I enjoyed each others company and have kept in touch ever since.

'I bet, Natalie has told me about the situation.'

'Is that what she's calling it now? How are things on your side of the world?'

'Actually, my side of the world is your side. I'm in New York.'

'Really? Why didn't tell me or Nat earlier.'

'I'm only stopping by. I have to catch another flight from here to LA but it's been grounded. I have to do reshoots LA. Airport folk said no flights are taking off due to fog.'

I swiveled my chair around and looked outside the window to see the New York skyline. Or what was visible of it.

'Yeah, I can see what you mean.'

'Listen. This might take a while to lift and I'm here alone at JFK so I was wondering if we could-'

'I can be there in 30 minutes,' I blurted out.

'Great. I'll be in the international departure lounge.'

'Seeya there.'

I hung up and put on my jacket and was out the door. I was heading for the elevator when my assistant Olivia ran up to me with the phone.

'It's Reese Witherspoon. She wants to know if you're available.'

'What did you say?'

'I said I don't know if you're still in the building.'

'Thanks. Tell her I've left and that I'll call her back later today.'

'You haven't decided on who to choose yet have you?'

'I'm thinking of flipping a coin.'

Olivia smiled and relayed my message to Reese and I was out the door.

At this point I should mention that our relationship is strictly platonic. This is despite the fact I have seen her breasts...




...It's a long story. I found her sitting in the departure lounge of JFK signing autographs for several fans. I waited until she was finished before I approached. We hugged and greeted each other before sitting down in the uncomfortable airport chairs.

'Spill it Jason. I want all the dirty, seedy facts about you're love life.'

I smiled before saying. 'Well at the moment, both Reese and Natalie are taking every chance they have to get me into bed.'

Keira laughed. 'Get over yourself. You're not that charming.'

'You don't believe me?'

'I do believe you. It's just that beggars can't be choosers.'

'I'm a beggar?'

'Compared to Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon? Yes.'

'What's your opinion?'

'No, I'm not saying. I'm good friends with Natalie so that'd be plain biased. Didn't you listen to all that crap I said about getting to know both of them?'

'Yeah, but that blew up in my face when they both became aware of each other.'

'How the hell did that happen?'

'I got nominated for a Pulitzer.'

'Don't change the subject.'

'I'm still on the subject. The article about me getting the Pulitzer had a paparazzi picture of Reese and me.'

A grin spread across Keira's face. 'I know about 30 seconds ago, I said I won't give my opinion but I'll just say this. Reese Witherspoon is a mother of two who lives in LA. How are you going to cope with that?'

The remark always annoyed me when I heard it. I didn't want to get into an argument here so I simply replied.

'I'm sick of people saying that. If two people love each other, than that should be it.'

'Ok I'm sorry,' Keira said apologetically. 'What reasons then can you find not to stay with Natalie.'

'We argue a lot,' I said scratching my chin.

'Of course. That's what couples do. If you can't figure this out soon, than you probably never will. Find out who's more important to you.'

'It's not that simple Keira.'

'I know you're not materialistic so I have this to say. Do you ever feel awkward around them?'


'This is from Pulp Fiction so don't bother pointing it out but you know and couple is good together when they can just sit quietly and not feel awkward.'

I thought about it and said. 'Thank God for Quentin Tarentino.'

'Think about it Jason. Spend some normal time with both of them. Simple things such as just sitting down and talking, something that you'll do a lot if you're a couple. I think then you'll see who's more important.'

'I don't get it.'

Keira rolled her eyes. 'Relationships aren't built on tits, sex and money. It's about compatibility.'

'Compatibility huh? That's good advice Keira.'

'I know and I'm only 22. But tits, sex and money is an added bonus. And speaking of tits and sex, how's Reese in the department.'

'You dirty little Brit.'

'She has stretch marks I bet.'

'And this is why I don't talk to many 22 year olds.'

We chatted for several more minutes before we heard an announcement over the speakers.

"All flights have been grounded indefinitely for at least 2 hours due to bad fog."

'2 hours?! Fuck this if I'm staying here for 2 more hours.'

'Well I-'

Suddenly my phone rang. It was Reese. I grudgingly answered.

'Morning Reese,'

'Hey. I called your office, where are you?'


'Skipping town on me?'

'It'll always be the dream but I'm here meeting a friend.'

Beside me Keira smiled slightly and shouted into the phone. 'Hey Reese!'

'Who was that?'

'My friend.'

'Gimme the damn thing,' Keira muttered.

She snatched the phone from me and from there on in I only heard one side of the conversation.

'I'm good too thanks...yeah, been awhile...yep, not since the Oscars I think...how long you staying...uh-huh...yep...ok, stuff it, I'll be there. Here's Jason.'

'Fill me in honey.'

'Keira and I decided to meet up for lunch.'

'Lunch? She has a plane to catch.'

Keira turned to me and said. 'Fuck that. I'll reschedule.'

'Ok. Let's have lunch.'

Reese started speaking again. 'Ok, but nowhere too crowded. I don't want to attract too much attention. And I also need to find a sitter for the kids.'

'No worries. Bring 'em over to the Daily News. My assistant will take care of them. We'll order in.'

This suggestion brought protest from both Keira and Reese.

Keira stood up and looked down at me. 'We're trying to go low-key and you want us hanging out at Reporter HQ.'

'I heard that Jason. Keira's right.'

'Trust me. Anyone bothers us and I'll fire them.'

Keira and I left the airport and headed towards the office. We ordered pizza ahead and by the time we reached my office. I had had to push pass half the star- struck employees of the Daily News. Reese was already there and greeted the both of us.

'OLIVIA!' I shouted at the top of my voice.

Olivia ran in quickly. 'Welcome back,' she nodded to Reese and Keira, 'Reese, Miss Knightley.'

I slapped a pizza box into her hands and nudged Reese's kids towards her.

'You're on babysitting duty.'

The kids obediently left with Olivia. Half the office was watching us through the windows. I turned around to see Reese and Keira chatting and eating.

'So is everyone enjoying themselves?' I asked.

Keira smiled at me and said in an overly British accent. 'You have the hottest actresses in the world in your office and you feed them this crappy pizza.'

'Olivia ordered it.'

Reese stood up and looked around like a meercat as she tried to spot her kids. 'I was trying to give my kids some nutritious food and you go ahead and order pizza. Gee, I hope they behave for Olivia.'

'Don't worry. Olivia can scare the crap of me. She'd make a great dictator. I think she can handle the kids.'

Keira laughed and said. 'Your co workers are bringing out the cameras.'

'For the love of...' I muttered before walking the door. 'DON'T YOU PEOPLE HAVE WORK TO DO?!'

Most of them moved off but watched us out of the corner of their eyes.

'You're so mean Jason,' chuckled Reese.

We talked without much disturbance and after a while one of my co-workers had the courage to walk in.

'What is it Mike?' I asked.

Mike Davies believes himself to be a ladies man and he wasn't too subtle about it.

'I need that folder I gave you yesterday.'

He didn't wait for me to answer and walked directly at Keira. And he brushed pass me I quickly whispered.

'Reese is off limits. Go for Keira.'

He pretended to look around my desk as Keira and Reese stared at him with scrutinizing eyes. Eventually he looked at Keira squarely in the eyes and said confidently.

'I just wanna say I'm a big fan. You are one of the best actresses in my opinion Keira, can I call you Keira. Oh and you're great too Reese. I was wondering if I could get you girls anything.'

'How about a drink stud?' replied Keira seductively.

'Sure. Um Jason, I can't find the folder. I'll check with Olivia for its whereabouts.'

I grinned and said. 'You say that like you didn't walk into my office and take in from me this morning.'

Mike laughed nervously before saying. 'I'll get your drinks.'

Keira stood up and said. 'I'll help you.'

Keira approached Mike and slid her arm into his. 'Lead the way Mike.'

As Keira walked passed I stopped her and whispered. 'I think the man can handle holding three bottles of Coke.'

Keira gave me a wry smile and said. 'He's kinda cute.'

When they left, I turned to Reese and said. 'That's trouble.'

Reese put her plate down and summed me up. 'You look exhausted Jason.'

'I feel like I'm in a never ending game of tug-of-war. And I'm the rope.'

She obviously knew I was referring to my relationships with her and Natalie but she kept quiet.

'I hate you. You know that,' she said quietly.

The comment struck me by surprise. I just stared at her and waited for her to continue.

'I hate that I love you so much and yet you're not willing to come to a decision with me and Natalie.'


She interrupted me and continued. 'I know that it's hard for you. But it's harder for me. Knowing that the moment after we have sex, you leave my house and go to yours and end up sleeping with her.'

'I'm trying.'

'I'm only in town for one more week. So you can choose her or follow me to LA.'

'Wait a minute. If I stay with you, I have to go to LA?'

'No I didn't mean that,' Reese replied quickly.

'I have a life here.'

'I'm sorry, it just slipped out. We can make it work if you stay here.'

'Can we?' I asked firmly.

There was a tense silence before Reese said quietly. 'Since when did we become the type of couple that argues over petty things?'

I smiled slightly. 'According to Keira, that's what couples do.'

'Only the fucked up ones,' she chuckled.

The smile disappeared from my face. 'So by your reasoning, Natalie and I are a fucked up couple?'

'That wasn't what I meant. Why? Do you guys argue a lot?'

For the first time since I met her, I looked at Reese with a tiny bit of disdain. The funny thing is, there was no reason for it. My time as celebrity interviewer has changed my views of several celebrities; some for good and some bad. In the case of Reese, I believe her to be a kind and gentle person but she hides a lot of her nastier qualities. I'm yet to see them. Or maybe she just doesn't have any,

'Natalie and I are fine thanks,' I replied.

She noticed my tone and said. 'There was no malice or jealousy in the question Jason.'

She swept back her long golden hair and flashed me her smile; the same smile that has captivated the world. Who the fuck was I to resist? My tiny bit of anger washed away. I went up to her and embraced her.

'Sorry, I am really tired. I don't like arguing with you.'

Reese looked at me with a bemused expression. 'That was your idea of an argument?'

I laughed and gently kissed her on the cheek.

'Seriously, what are we going to do?' she asked.

'About our living situation?'

She nodded. People have asked me about this and all I've said is that we'd work it out. I never did know how.

'I can't move cities Reese. This is has been my home for almost 10 years now.'

'I won't move from LA. My kids, my job.'

'Same reasons for me except for the kids thing.'

'If you and I work out. You won't need a job. That leaves just friends.'

'Friends and lifestyle.'

And that moment. Keira and Mike walked in laughing. They quickly paused when they saw we were in the middle of a tense conversation.

'Are we interrupting?' asked Keira as she put down the drinks.

'A tiny bit,' Reese answered.

'Can we go to your office Mike?' asked Keira.

'Don't have one.'

We were all silent for a moment when suddenly Keira accidentally (according to her) spilt her Coke onto Mike's shirt.

'Damn! Jason, we're going to need to use your bathroom.'

'Perks of having a damn good office,' I said nodding towards my private bathroom.

They went inside and closed the door. We heard them giggle like school kids but Reese and I ignored them and went back to talking about us.

'So...um... are you willing to forget about friends and your nice lifestyle for little old me?'

It was then that I immediately knew my answer. I couldn't look at her. I turned away and looked at the New York skyline still covered slightly with fog. It's amazing how this different lifestyles thing has ruined another relationship; my first relationship with Natalie and now this. Reese approached me and lightly touched my chin and lifted my head so that I looked her squarely into the eyes.

'You've made your decision haven't you?'

I had a terrible feeling inside of me, like some bad surgeon was tearing at my heart. I couldn't bear to look at her. Reese was tearing up as well but she still kept her smile.

'It's ok,' she whispered.

She tried to look at me but I always averted my gaze. 'I understand Jason.'

She wiped away her tears and hugged me. I felt like smashing something at the moment. This is probably the easiest breakup ever but it was still the most painful.

'I would if I could,' I whispered into her ear.

'I know.'

We held each other for a long time. Suddenly Natalie of all people walked into the office. Reese and I both turned to face her. None of us knew what to say. Natalie was surprised to see Reese here. Reese was still holding back tears and I just simply felt and looked like crap. What I would give for something to interrupt this awkward moment I thought. It was then that the bathroom door suddenly sprung open as the latch broke. Keira and Mike fell out in a compromising position. Mike had his pants around his feet while Keira had her blouse wide open, her dressed pushed way up and her panties mysteriously gone.

'Keira?' Natalie exclaimed.

The two of them hurriedly tidied themselves up. Keira buttoned up her top and grabbed her panties which were on the bathroom floor.

'Plane was delayed, Jason picked me up,' Keira said quickly.

Reese quickly exited the room, grabbed her kids and was as quick and lightning at the elevators. Mike and Keira ran out of the office and disappear somewhere. I slowly trudged out of the place just eager to get away. Natalie stood there for several more moments trying to process what the hell just happened.

I didn't come home that day till very late. Instead I wandered the city going to bars and just generally moping. When I did get home, Natalie wasn't there. I collapsed on the bed and slept in my work clothes. I stayed in next morning and didn't leave the house. At about 10 thirty there was a knock at the door. It was Olivia, I let her in and sat down again on the couch.

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