tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Status Ch. 02

Celebrity Status Ch. 02

byThe Big Bopper©

In Part One, Cherie came clean with all the sexy details when her husband Murray became suspicious as to how she so quickly rose up the executive ladder in the TV network's newsroom. It turned out that she had used the corporate casting couch to full effect. But just when Murray thought he had heard it all, Cherie dropped a clanger...

"Yes, now I've got Harvey's job," my wife confirmed.

"So that's the lot then," I checked.

"Y-e-s!" she responded in a not very convincing way.

"What does that mean? You haven't had any more promotions, so there can't be any more surely?"

"No I haven't, but you have!"

"What, oh no Cherie, you are not going to tell me that I didn't get the Tonight Show gig by myself, that you had a hand in that too? I could get very pissed at this stage?"

"I am sorry darling, I hesitated about admitting this last one, but I am being very honest with you, so that we can move on from this. I have to admit that your audition went extremely well and most of the management committee were pretty much sold on you. But through my involvement at the executive meetings, I had heard that the EP (executive producer) had a few doubts and wanted to audition a couple of others before the final decision."

"The EP, that's Sarah for God's sake. Shit, some of the crew think she's a lez."

"From my first-hand experience, I can tell you that they're right, although I'd say more likely bi darling," Cherie said with a very knowing smile.

"You've got to be joking. Not you, you didn't, you wouldn't?"

"I would do just about anything if I thought it would help my loving husband. So I guess you're going to want to hear this story too, particularly since most guys fantasise about seeing two women together. You're too late to see it, but I guess you can hear about it ... will that do darling? Oh my God, I can already feel your dick surging." To emphasise her point, she began to really tug on my penis. It wasn't going to take much to release my cum now. Suddenly Cherie shifted about in my lap, lifting herself up and pulling down on my underpants. Before I realised what was happening, she was lowering her body down over my stiff erection that was standing up vertically. I felt the incredible wet heat of her passage completely enveloping my cock. Cherie is always so observant and she must have realised that I was nearly there from a combination of hearing her stories and her hands touching and tugging on my cock. I was so aroused that it only took me a few quick thrusts upward into her and I was there, my cock expelling volumes of cum into my beautiful wife. It all happened so quickly!

When I came down from my orgasm, Cherie stared me in the eyes at close range, "You won't want to hear this darling, but that had shades of Jerry about it and I missed out, I left that too late didn't I? So what about I tell you the story about how I convinced Sarah that you were the only host to consider. I think that after I've finished telling you that story, you might just get that wonderful dick of yours up big enough to get us both off next time."

"That's already sounding like a very strong possibility."

"So where was I? Oh yes, that's right, The EP Sarah was throwing in other possible names rather than agreeing with everybody else that you were the one to host the new Tonight Show."

"What did she have against me?"

"Maybe that you had a dick instead of a hole, darling. I came straight out and asked her that leading question when the meeting to discuss your appointment broke up. I had gone into that meeting believing that you were a shoo-in. Sarah was very evasive, obviously she knew that we were a couple and didn't want to admit what she had against you because her argument would have been very flimsy. The meeting refused to bite the bullet and back you, adjourning without confirming you."

"Shit, what a bitch she is ... and to think that I've tried hard to be very nice to her."

"Well Murray, it's okay now."

"How did you turn her around?"

"We were in the hallway outside the boardroom, she looked around us as if she didn't want anyone to hear our discussion. Then she asked if I would like to go for a drink with her. I knew very little about her, we had never fraternised. Anyway, I did want to pursue her over appointing you so I agreed to go and asked her 'When?' She told me there was no time like the present, 'Can you get away?' 'I can now,' I told her, I'm now the Network Director of News and Current Affairs, I can come and go as I please. So we adjourned down to that den of iniquity, the Journalists Bar down at the Sheraton and had a few drinks."

"Did you know that she had a reputation as a lez at this stage?"

"I had heard stories, but that didn't scare me, we were only having a drink together. We had two or three and it was only 2.30 in the afternoon. The next thing she's telling me that because of the long hours she's been putting in to create your new Tonight Show, the network has been putting her up at this hotel. 'How about we take this argument upstairs ... to my room?' she suggests. Darling, I never saw it coming, I guess I should have, particularly now that I was one of the top executives at the network and I had been briefed about putting yourself in compromising situations. So we go to her room and as she slammed the door shut behind me, Sarah pushed me up against the wall, grabbing my wrists and holding them against the wall up above my head. She was straight away kissing me, with some heavy tongue. Murray, believe me, that's the last time that I will use the word straight in this conversation ... straight she was not."

"Wow, did you ever walk into a trap ... do you think she knew about the moves you'd pulled to get to where you are in the company?"

"Who knows, I don't think so. I just think that she was an opportunist, she hadn't got any of her kind of sex for a while and saw me as a likely target ... I have no idea why, maybe she just fancied me. Anyway, her knee is between mine, she's forcing my knees apart, then she drops one hand down and brings it up under my skirt, grabbing a handful of my crotch and working on my clit. Not very well, I might add, she was way too rough for it to be sexy, and that's not a feminine thing to be rough like that. 'What makes you think that I'm interested?' I asked her when I could get her tongue out of my mouth for long enough. 'Do you want your guy to get the Tonight Show gig?' she asked. 'Of course,' I told her. 'Then you're interested,' she told me, she was very authoritarian, 'get on the bed.' No please or by your leave, just 'get on the bed.' I paused for a moment, considering whether I might pull rank on her, remind her of my position in the company and then tell her she was fired. But I had only just been appointed, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to test my authority by terminating the hot shot EP of a brand new show ... she had a strong track record for ratings within the network and in a confrontation, the management might side with her. So I walked over and lay down on the bed. I think that she might have been bluffing because all of the bravado disappeared, she actually broke into a smile and she lay down beside me and began kissing me like I meant something to her. This time, when her hand slipped up under my skirt and lightly touched my inner thighs, she was gentle. When her fingers pushed inside my panties and sought out my clit, my arse lifted up off the bed ... I wanted more of those exploring fingers. This was the real Sarah and she was very good."

"This had to be your first ever encounter with a woman, you've never mentioned going down that road before."

"No you're right, she was my first."

My cock had remained inserted inside my wife's vagina since that frantic fuck five minutes ago. With this startling new revelation, it stiffened within Cherie's body. She didn't miss it, couldn't miss it, I felt her squirming around on my hard cock, forcing it to reach every part of her velvet passage.

"So I'm guessing that she did something to make you cum?"

"Absolutely, she diddled my clit with her fingers for a minute or two, then she rose up above me, stripped off most of my clothes and sucked and licked me to a mind-blowing finish. My God, she was good at it."

"What did you have to do, you must have had to reciprocate?"

"Good guess Murray. When I had come down from cumming, she rolled our bodies over quite neatly so that she was now on her back. I knew that she would want me to do the same for her so I just followed her lead and sucked on another woman's clit for the first time in my life. She went off like firecrackers. When it was all over and it was getting dark outside and we called it quits for the day, and we were both getting dressed, each pulling our panties on and reattaching our bras ... she said to me 'By the way, Murray is a shoo-in for the Tonight Show. I wouldn't have anybody else.'"

"Really, so she did want me after all ... she had tricked you into bed."

"It would seem so, but I didn't complain ... it had been a brand new experience for me."

"So how was it, how did it compare to having men?" My wife was straddling me at the breakfast table, my cock hard up inside her as she faced me. I thrust myself upward and watched her eyes close to revel in the feel of my erection deep up inside her.

"Umm! That's all darling, I am finished telling you of all my sins, I think that you need to fuck me hard to show me how much you still love me."

I thrust hard up inside her again and she whimpered with pleasure. "After you answer my last question ... how did doing it with a woman compare with a man?"

"Umm! Oh, push that beautiful dick of yours up hard again and I'll tell you." I did, thrusting it firmly until I was wedged solidly inside her vagina. "Darling, doing it with a woman is missing the key ingredient, there's no dick. Darling, you have to have a dick to make this damn fucking thing work. Nothing could ever beat this, feeling your hard-on fucking me ... there is nothing better. But for a diversion on a crazy afternoon, it was fun and it did feel very nice in its own unique way."

"So you won't be going over to the dark side any time soon?"

She giggled, "No, nothing like that, now let's stop talking and you give me some hard loving."

I have said before in this story that my wife was not one to settle back and let the man do her. She was a very active participant and always threw her body around, switching positions and angles so that both could derive the greatest pleasure out of every fuck. This one was no exception and soon she was bouncing up and down on my rampant hard-on, her arms draped around my neck, her face buried there, biting me as much as kissing me passionately. Pressing her upper body against my chest, her long hard nipples rubbing on my skin, arousing us both.

I could hear her impending orgasm as much as feel it and when it hit, she gave it everything, shrieking and gasping and panting like it was the best one that she had ever had. As she came down from it slowly, she pulled her face back away from my neck, stared into my eyes with great affection and told me, "I love you Murray, more than you'll ever know."

Her revelations as to how she used the casting couch -- the boardroom version -- to fuck her way to the top in her chosen profession had been quite startling to me. I am afraid that I had a hard time accepting her theory that this was not cheating, that this was just entering a business arrangement, like signing a contract that carried incentive clauses in it.

However, Cherie continued to show me her undying love and accompanied it with an insatiable thirst for mind-blowing sex. How could I give that up? I would just have to man up and accept that our marriage had become a little bit different. As it turned out, her testing of me - and our marriage vows - was yet to move to another level. My successful transition to Tonight Show host on TV brought with it some new crazy diversions.

The Tonight Show launched nationally on October 1. While the Tonight Show concept had been continuous and successful in the USA with an easy transition from Johnny Carson through to David Letterman and Jay Leno, in Australia we had gone for years without one. Variety TV was just something that the TV managers failed to embrace. But now the concept was back in favour and I was the spearhead of the program.

It started well and early ratings were very good, showing how much the viewers had missed this type of programming. I was on air twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays), again a departure from the nightly Tonight Show format in USA. Right from the start, Cherie came to see the show produced live each night, despite coming off a full day in the executive suite. She chose to sit up in the green room where the guests waited with refreshments until their spot in the show came up.

For the third show, at the start of my second week on air, my star guest for the night was American actor Bradley Cooper, at 38 one of Hollywood's hottest new stars, and here in Australia to promote a new movie. We saved him to be the last interview on the show so he had spent probably an hour-and-a-half cooling his heels in the green room. The guests could get alcohol there, although our staff were advised to watch how much they let them consume. We wanted the guests to be bright and happy when they went to air, but not pissed and belligerent.

He was too big a movie star now to come to rehearsals which were hours before the show went to air, so the first that I got to meet Bradley face-to-face was when I introduced him by name and he walked onto the set. Even though I was a Tonight Show novice, I already knew how dangerous this was and one hoped that the chemistry between us would be right. Nevertheless, the first half of the interview went well, my researchers had sourced some good stuff about him and he was especially entertaining.

In the commercial break, he leaned across to me and whispered, "Man, they told me your show is only new..."

"That's true, only the second week," I confirmed.

"Well, I gotta tell you what a very professional operation you run here for a new show, everybody seems to know their job so well, and man, that hot chick you provided up in the green room ... I gotta tell you she is something else."

I didn't know that we were providing such a woman to entertain the guests in the green room so I must have shown him a puzzled look. But if he was aware of my ignorance about her, then he didn't let on ... he was obviously so captivated by whoever he had met there. I was about to make a mental note to ask Cherie when I saw her later. But his enthusiasm for this hot woman in the green room continued.

"Yes man, she is hot, hot, hot! Where did you find her? Great figure, sleek black hair and I don't think I've come across nipples that big before."

"You saw her nipples?" I was incredulous, how had he seen this woman's nipples in such a short time? Wait on a moment ... his description of sleek black hair and the size of her nipples was giving me a clue ... he was describing my wife.

"Murray, I cannot ever recall getting a blow job while waiting to go on air in the green room of any other TV show, and I can tell you, I've been on a lot of shows."

A blow job, was he kidding me? My first reaction was that this must be some kind of set-up by the crew. I looked around me anxiously to see if the floor manager or cameramen were breaking up? But there was nothing, they weren't watching for my reaction. This wasn't looking like a set-up.

"I tell you what though Murray, I'm going to be recommending your show's approach to Letterman when I get back to the States. What a great way to put a guest at ease."

The floor manager came close to us, "Thirty seconds and we're back on air."

My head spun wondering if my guest, the international actor Bradley Cooper, was really describing my wife as the woman who blew his cock up in the green room ... but how and why? If she had not only recently revealed her sexual exploits in getting to the top news job in the network, I would have dismissed Bradley's revelation as a case of mistaken identity. But now knowing what I did about my lovely Cherie, the m.o. sounded like it matched my beautiful wife.

Bradley wasn't finished with his enthusiasm for the hot woman in the green room, still leaning his head across from the lounge he sat on, whispering of his surprise exploit. "She got me to go around behind the bar and stand there watching your show on the monitor while she got down on her knees and sucked my cock. She even stuck her finger up my arse until I came in her mouth. Man oh man, she is hot!"

The floor manager again, "Coming to you in ten seconds, hey guys, sitting up straight please."

Bradley straightened his body as directed while I still leaned forward seeking more details. The floor manager was getting angry now, "Murray, sitting up, back on air in five ... four ... three ... two ... and..." he paused and then pointed his finger silently at the number one camera as the red light appeared on it.

I had belatedly straightened my body but I was sitting there in shock. Why would Cherie do this to me, who else might have seen her give my star guest a blow job? I missed my cue, must have left a long pause because the floor manager was pointing his finger again at the camera. I somehow switched to auto-pilot and began talking.

"We're back with my special guest Bradley Cooper, star of so many big movies in the past few years..." I began reading the auto-cue that magically ran my script up over the camera lens. "...Bradley, I am told there have been 34 films and the biggest was probably 'The Hangover' and its two sequels or perhaps 'Silver Linings Playbook.' Now Bradley..." I read the words straight off the auto-cue, "...tell me about the women in your life. You dated the actress Zoe Saldana, what a great looking woman there, but you broke up earlier this year and now she's just gone and got married. Any regrets there?"

"No Murray, Zoe and I had a good run, you are right, she is a great looking woman, that jet black hair down over her shoulders, that must be a type that I like. You've got a woman here behind the scenes tonight, same sleek black hair, great looks ... yes that must really be my type."

Suddenly self-conscious that he was describing my wife on live television, many of my friends, my parents and work colleagues might recognise her description. I needed to urgently steer the discussion away from Cherie, "Any special woman presently in your life, Bradley?"

"No there's not, I am constantly on the lookout." He turned toward my studio audience, "I am beginning to think that Australian women are great, those that I've met so far, and looking out into your audience tonight, man I can see some good looking chicks."

Predictably, that got him a strong instantaneous round of applause from my audience. I tried to distract him from the source of his blow job, "I think we've got a younger female audience in tonight Bradley, no doubt because you are on the show."

I struggled on with the rest of the interview although it was difficult. The auto-cue script had only been there to get me started again after the commercial break. From now I was on my own, basing my questions on how he answered the previous one. I struggled to concentrate on each of his answers to formulate my next question. But all the while, my head was filled with a vision of my wife on her knees, Bradley's erection filling her mouth so that her lips were stretched around it as she received copious bursts of his cum and tried to swallow it all down. And all this had happened while she listened to the actor's moans of cumming mixed with her loving husband's voice on the TV in the green room.

I got through it to the end but I am sure that the second half of the Bradley Cooper interview would not have been as good as the first and not one of my shining moments on live TV. I hoped that not too many viewers switched off.

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