byJust Plain Bob©

I stared at the note that had come in the day's mail and wondered just who in the world could hate me enough to send it to me:

"Hal - Just wanted you to know that your wife is the best piece of pussy I've ever had and she is damned well worth more than the hundred dollars I paid for the privilege."

The note was unsigned and was the product of a word processing program. The envelope had a local postmark and was addressed to me at my office instead of to my home address. As I wadded up the note and tossed it into the wastebasket next to my desk I wondered if it was someone trying to cause problems between me and my wife or just trying to tell me something and if so, what?

I thought about that note off and on for the rest of the afternoon and again on my drive home from work that night. The premise of the note was that my wife was selling her body and that was just plain ridiculous. In the first place she didn't need the money. She had a trust fund from her grandfather that gave her sixty thousand a year. On top of that I made extremely good money at my profession and if that wasn't enough Celeste worked as an executive secretary. She didn't need the money she got from her job, but she did need the work - it got her out of the house and kept her from going crazy.

When the kids had fled the nest leaving Cee with nothing to do but worry about them being out in the cruel world she began looking around for something to occupy her time. She tried volunteering for charitable committees, but soon found that she couldn't put up with the internal politics, back tabbing and backbiting. It seemed that most of the women on those committees were there for the status and the occasional mention on the society pages of the local newspapers. In the end Cee decided to just get a job and go to work. She started as a file clerk and in two years she was the bosses secretary. No, whatever the note was about, it wasn't money.

Looking across the dinner table at Cee I could understand why a man would pay money for the chance at bedding her. Even at forty-four she had the classic beauty and voluptuousness of a Sophia Loren. Her smile was sensuous and her voice was low and throaty and the woman had never failed to stir my blood. Even after over twenty years of marriage we still fucked like sex crazed teenagers. We made love so much that if Cee hadn't had her tubes tied following complications that arose during the delivery of our third child we would probably have had twenty kids. That thought raised another possibility. If the note wasn't about money, could it be that some one was trying to start something that would drive me and Cee apart and maybe give him an open field to take a shot at her? If that was the case he was shit out of luck. I could conceive of nothing, absolutely nothing, that could ever cause me to part from the woman that I loved and adored.

Cee interrupted my thoughts, "What are you thinking Hal? You don't seem like you're here."

"Nothing Cee. Something came up at work today and I'm trying to decide how to handle it."

"Honestly Hal, can't you leave your office stuff at the office when you come home?"

"Actually my love, something has come up here, but I already know how to handle it."

"You are just so romantic. Here? On the table? Or can you hold your lust in check long enough for us to get to the bedroom?"

"The bedroom if we are quick about it, otherwise, clear the table."

In the end I chalked the note up as the work of someone who had it in for me, didn't like me or who was trying to get back at me for something I'd done and who was trying to pull my chain.

The second note arrived the following Friday:

"Hal - I've been watching you and it is clear that you think the first note is the work of some crank. I could tell you that your wife gives state of the art blow jobs, but then you already know that. You also know how much she loves a cock in her asshole, but there are some things that I'll bet you don't know. Did you know that she goes wild when you eat her pussy after some one else has cum in it? She had three customers last Thursday and she went crazy when I sucked the juices of all three out of her. That's the other thing that you don't know about her - she loves multiple partners! The three customers on Thursday? She took them on at the same time - all three holes at once. I know you still won't believe me so here's what you do. Call 555-3232 and tell Louie that you want to make an appointment to see Beatrice. Tell him your name is Steve Anton and that Charles Mobley recommended you to him. I think you can figure out where to go from there."

My first inclination was to wad up the note and toss it into the waste basket, but then I got to thinking about the tone of the note. The writer seemed certain about his facts and he had furnished a phone number. In effect, what he was saying was "if you don't believe me, see for yourself." It was still preposterous to think that Cee was doing what the note said, but why the phone number? It was obvious that the writer of the note wanted me to learn something and curiosity began to take hold. I spent the better part of the day thinking about it and around three in the afternoon I picked up the phone and called the number.

The man who answered sounded black and I asked for Louie.


I gave him the phony name and said, "Charles Mobley gave me your number. I'd like to make an appointment to see Beatrice."

"You know that she only sees customers on Thursdays?"

"Yes, that is my understanding."

"Well then, we need to get together and take care of the formalities. Charles did tell you that this is a cash only business?"

"Yes, he made that clear."

"Just so we understand each other going in Beatrice is only available from noon till six on Thursday. If you want her for the entire period the cost is $750. If you are only interested in ala Carte head is $100, anal is $200 and straight is $150. You will need to meet with me before hand to handle the transaction."

I arranged to meet him at a bar downtown after work. Louie was a short, balding black man and he cut right to the chase, "And just what is it that you would like from our Beatrice?"

I'd given the matter some thought and I did not want to waste $750 just to find out what the note was all about and who would pay $100 for a blow job and then wait two days to get it? Anal sex was the best bet to make Louie think I was a legitimate customer.

"What I'm looking for is something that my wife won't give me. I want to try anal sex and Charles tells me that Beatrice not only does it, but likes it."

"That's it? All you want is anal sex?"

"Yes, that is what I would like"

"Well, not knowing if you were on the level and would even show up I have already booked Beatrice up from noon until four. Will four o'clock work for you?"

"Yes. I can make it at four."

"Good. That will be $200 and you will have her from four until five."

I handed him the money and he said, "The Algonquin Motel, room 116. Knock twice, wait three seconds and then knock twice again. Enjoy" and he got up and left.

The next two days were weird ones for me. Obviously I was intended to find out something at four on Thursday, but I could not for the life of me figure out what it would be. I thought of a hundred different possibilities and scenarios between the time I gave Louie the $200 and the time I knocked on the door of room 116. The door opened and the one possibility that I had never even remotely considered stared me right in the face.

"Mr. Anton, you are right on time. Please come in."

Numbly I followed Celeste into the room. She closed the door behind me and said, "Louie tells me that your wife denies you anal sex. I'm sure that I can help you out there."

"What in God's name is this all about Celeste?"

"The name is Beatrice Mr. Anton and what this is supposed to be about is anal sex."

"Damn it Celeste, I want some answers."

"You paid for anal sex, an hours worth I believe, and answers to your questions will take longer than that so perhaps we can save that for some other time. Now, do you want anal sex or not? I must warn you that Louie does not give refunds."

"All right Celeste, play your little game, but you will play it without me" and I turned and stormed out of the room. I don't know how long I sat in my car and stared at the door to room 116, but it must have been about an hour. An hour - my allotted time! At five a tall well-dressed black man approached the door and knocked twice and then twice again and the door opened and he went inside and the door closed. It could only mean one thing - my wife was fucking for money - my wife was a whore!

I couldn't make up my mind whether to go to a bar or go home. The idea of finding a bar and getting falling down drunk was appealing, but that would only put off the inevitable. Celeste was "booked" until six and then she would go home, or at least I assumed she would. She was always home on Thursday when I got home from work and even though I now knew about her second job I didn't expect her to change her schedule. The reason I didn't expect a change was because I finally figured out who it was who had been sending me notes. I was pretty sure that it was Celeste. For some reason she wanted me to find out what she was doing. Why she would do that I couldn't fathom any more that I could understand why she was doing what she was in the first place.

I was on the couch watching MSNBC and nursing my fourth drink when I heard Celeste come into the house. It was several minutes before she came in the room and sat down across from me. I glanced at her and then back to the TV. After maybe two minutes of silence Celeste said, "You don't want answers anymore?"

"I got the only answer I needed when your five o'clock showed up and you let him in."

"It isn't what you think Hal."

"Of course it is what I think Celeste. I think you are fucking other men for money and that is just what you are doing."

"It is a bit more complicated than that."

"Maybe for you, but not for me. The big question when I left that motel parking lot was why, but then I got to thinking about it and the why was way overshadowed by the fact itself. What mattered was not why, but that you did."

"I need to explain Hal."

"Then convert to Catholicism and go to a priest for confession."

I got up, made myself another drink, and then went down to the basement to putter around with my wood working tools. Five minutes later Celeste followed me down and pulled up a box and sat down on it.

"Okay Hal, if you don't want to talk I will and you can just listen. I have to get this out of my system and I have to know if we will have anything left when I get done. I'm doing what I'm doing because I'm being blackmailed into doing it. Louie is the janitor where I work and Louie just happened to have a video camera with him on the one night I got drunk and stupid and totally lost my mind. He got it all on tape and then threatened to make the tape public unless I took care of him and a few of his friends. At first he wanted me two or three nights a week and I refused. We negotiated it down to one afternoon a week. Louie is a realist - he knows that something is better than nothing - so for three months now he has been getting wealthy off my pussy."

"Just what did you do that was so terrible that he could blackmail you over it?"

"I got drunk and fucked my boss."

"You and Steve?"

"Afraid so."

"I'm sorry, but I just can't picture that."

"I told you, I was drunk, got stupid and totally lost my mind."

"I said I didn't want to know about this, but now I'm intrigued. You and Steve? Short, fat, bald Steve and you?"

"I don't know how the hell it happened, but it did. We threw an impromptu party for one of the girls leaving to get married. We all chipped in and sent out for some booze and then we sat around drinking and having a bullshit session. Some one turned on a radio to a rock and roll station and before you could say "Elvis" the desks were pushed to the side to make a dance floor. Everyone was drinking pretty heavily by that time and things got pretty raunchy out on the makeshift dance floor. There was a lot of dirty dancing and groping going on. Picture it if you can. Seven young good look guys and twelve young good-looking girls vying for their attention. Some of the girls were more brazen than others in trying to get a guy to dance with. Blouses got unbuttoned, cleavage was uncovered and skirts were rolled up at the waist to show more leg.

"I was watching it all, drinking, laughing and having a good time and then I noticed Steve. He was watching all that young pussy flashing their goodies and his tongue was hanging out. It pissed me off. I don't know why it upset me, it just did. There he was lusting after a bunch of Barbie dolls when the sexiest looking woman in the office was only two feet away from him. It didn't matter that all the young guys in the office were hitting on me, dancing with me and copping feels. It only mattered that Steve wasn't looking at me. I undid a couple of buttons on my blouse - nothing! All he did was stare at the young stuff. I rolled up my skirt to show more leg - nothing!

"By that time I'd had way too many drinks to be thinking straight. I moved over to him and pulled him out onto the dance floor and plastered my body against his and I deliberately rubbed my leg against his cock. You know how short he is; his face was right in my tits and I held him tight and wouldn't let him get away. The entire time I was thinking to myself, "Those young cunts won't do this for you Steve, those young pussies won't even look at you twice. The song ended and I went to make myself another drink. While I was doing that I saw Sarah take Sam's hand and lead him from the room. I saw Steve look around to see if anyone was paying attention to him and I guess that he was satisfied that no one was because he took off and followed Sam and Sarah. Now I was really pissed. I'd rubbed his cock, rubbed my tits all over his face, but was he hanging around me for a better sniff? Hell no, he was sneaking off to watch the young stuff.

"I chugged down the drink I'd just made, made another and then I followed Steve. Just down the hall Steve was standing in an open doorway with his cock out and he was stroking it while looking into the room. I walked down and looked over his shoulder at Sarah on her knees sucking Sam's cock. I lost it! I just absolutely and totally lost my mind. I grabbed Steve by the shoulders and spun him around. "Stupid old man" I said as I went to my knees in front of him, "Lusting after a bunch of young bimbos when the hottest woman you are ever likely to know is right here" and I started sucking his cock.

"You've seen his wife Marty, right?"

I nodded a yes.

"I always wondered what a gorgeous woman like that saw in a man like Steve. I always assumed that she married him for his money, but now I know that I might have been wrong about that."

"How so?"

"Steve has the biggest cock I've ever seen this side of a horse. I had to fight just to get the cockhead into my mouth. Then everything just went blank. I don't remember one little bit of what happened next. I know what happened because I've watched Louie's tape, but I honestly have no memory of it. On the tape I mindlessly tried to deep throat Steve for a couple of minutes and I did get about three inches of that monster in my mouth. Then two guys came up and watched and began to cheer me on. After another minute or so they picked me up and carried me into the office and laid me down on the desk. Sarah stopped sucking Sam long enough to help the two guys pull my panties off me and then the two guys told Steve to fuck me. They told him they wanted to see if I could actually take that huge cock in my pussy. Believe it or not Steve was reluctant. The guys ended up pushing and pulling at him to get him between my legs, but once there he went to work with vigor. It was probably the fucking of my life and I don't remember a second of it, but I lay there and I moaned, cried, screamed and begged Steve not to stop.

"I don't know where Louie was with the camera but when Steve finished and got off me Louie was able to zoom in on my pussy. It was wide open and it looked like you could put your fist in me without any trouble. One of the guys said he doubted that he would even feel me if he fucked me and the other one said that he was probably right, but that he just had to see what it felt like to follow a log like that. After that it was pure gangbang as every guy still at the party fucked me two or three times each while the Barbi dolls stood around and cheered them on. The only one who didn't go for seconds was Steve. The tape showed Sarah trying to get his cock in her mouth, but he pushed her away and ran from the room. When they were done with me they called you to come and get me because I was way too drunk to get in my car and drive. The next two days were the week end so I didn't have to go to work, but when I woke up on Saturday my pussy was so sore I could barely walk and I didn't know why."

"It was too bad I didn't try and make love to you that weekend. If I had I would have noticed your loose pussy and we could have had this conversation then."

"Yes, it is too bad but I didn't know then what had really happened. Monday when I got to work Louie caught me coming in the front door and asked me if I could spare him a minute because he had something he wanted to show me. I followed him to the janitor's office in the basement and he showed me the tape. I still remember every word of the conversation that followed.

"What is it that you want Louie?"

"I want what everybody else got on Friday night and I gots lots of friends who would like a taste of your white pussy. Black man will pay good money for quality white pussy."

"You are out of your mind Louie, forget it!"

"Then I guess I'll just have to make the tape public, maybe even put it on the Internet."

In the end I caved in to his demand and we hammered out a deal. I'm his for six hours every Thursday. He fucks me, gives me to his friends or sells me. You know the rest."

"That's bullshit Cee! You know that you could have come to me and told me what happened. Things might have been strained around here for a while, but you knew how much I loved you. We would have worked it out in time."

"I know that Hal, but I couldn't tell you. You would have put a stop to what was happening and I couldn't stop - I was trying to save a marriage."

"I just told you that it wouldn't have killed our marriage."

"It wasn't our marriage I was trying to save Hal, it was Steve's."

"Steve's marriage?"

"Hal, it was because of me and what I stupidly did that Steve was caught on tape and if that tape got to Marty it would have led to a divorce. I couldn't let my stupidity cost him his wife and turn his life into a shambles. He didn't come after me Hal, he tried to avoid me, but I kept after him until it was too late. He even tried to hold back when I was lying on the desk with my legs spead. It was all my fault Hal, and I couldn't let him suffer because of it."

"So why the notes."

"Because it was killing me to be doing what I was doing behind your back and I didn't have the guts to come right up to you and tell you."

"I don't understand Cee? You didn't tell me at first because you were afraid that I would try and stop you and prevent you from trying to save Steve's marriage, so what has changed?"

"Me Hal, I'm what has changed. I've become a total cock crazy slut. I live for those six hours on Thursday. I look forward to them and my pussy is already dripping when I leave the house on Thursday morning. It didn't start out that way. The first time it was Louie and two his friends and I just endured it. The next Thursday it was Louie and four of his friends and I got a little into it. The third Thursday Louie sold me to five guys and I had all of them in all of my holes from noon until six and I loved it Hal. When I left that motel room to come home that night I was a different me. I was a whore and I had loved it. That night changed me in ways I can't even begin to understand. I go crazy in that motel room staring at the door and wondering what will walk in next. Big cock, small cock, black, Mexican, Arab or maybe Asian. One man, five, ten? I've had fantastic fucks and so-so fucks, but the wickedness of it causes me to orgasm like crazy no matter what. I'm hooked on it Hal. It is like a drug to me, I have to have my Thursdays.

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