tagBDSMCeleste's Courier

Celeste's Courier


"Package for you, Harper" Ted stood up in his cubicle, but Brian just waved one muscular arm towards the reception area and walked off.

The salesmen weren't very pally with him or the other accountants--sales guys were all jock types, funny and charming, and they didn't have a lot of energy for the numbers-crunchers.

When they weren't selling insurance, they were playing grab-ass with the receptionists, who never seemed to squeal or giggle when Ted or Mort, the other accountant came by.

But that didn't matter. Tonight was a special night for him! Ted walked down the hall after thanking Brian, the sales rep, swaggering off in his rugby jacket.

Brian who had already forgotten poor Ted's existence.

Ted was still on cloud nine. Tonight was his night for release!

Ted passed Shauna, one of the secretaries and she was talking on a cell phone and playing with one of her amber curls abstractedly. Her chest heaved in the lacy blouse as she went on about an obnoxious shoe price at Hechts.

She brushed Ted and his cock swelled against the harsh steel. Ooh that hurt. Whenever Ted passed a cute young girl, his poor dick went through this, and Celeste had actually ordered him a smaller one after they'd wed.

"Teddy, I just have this jealous streak." she'd told the downcast Ted after having him view a "Dr. Fellatio" porn tape to see if his erection could swell successfully in the belt, and of course it couldn't.

But tonight he was going to take that belt off and get some needed relief.

Celeste was going to take Ted's chastity belt off, and let him jerk off.

Celeste was the one factor in Ted's life that did make the sales guys respect him a little--when she pulled up in Ted's little red convertible, and he jumped in, a lot of the guys were amazed at what Ted had going for him, that he'd snagged such a hot wife.

They apparently thought he was having a fabulous sex life, and Ted wouldn't let anyone think any differently, though the closest his dick had come to Celeste was rubbing against her shoe now and then when she was feeling affectionate on his release date.

She'd never even touched his bare dick with her hand, though she'd squeezed him occasionally through his pants---and it had been three years of living together, five months of them married.

Ted's dick was so constricted after a month--hours and hours and days and days---thirty days of the poor little worm trying to stretch out into a full erection in a tube much too small for it--and it was always painful.

Celeste even encouraged Ted to pursue some of his old habits of porn films and jerk-books...and all his tease/denial websites...but it was too much torture in the vicious little metal prison.

Ted had given all that stuff up, just so his penis wouldn't get nasty rashes from scraping the sides of the damn chastity tube.

The managing partner's seventeen year old daughter passed Ted in the hall, she was working there this summer, but didn't have to wear office stuff...so spoiled.

Look at her in her sloppy cut-offs and belly shirt how can she be so informal...oooh, it's happening again, Ted's dick was attempting futiley to ream through the Iron Maiden between his legs,but it was no use.

That was the one thing Ted couldn't avoid being stimulated by...the girls out in the world, and Celeste in his own house...oh the agony!

Ted nodded at the bike courier carelessly, and took the package and signed his name on the proffered manifest.

"Mr. Harper." the courier touched his arm," I am supposed to pick this item up again in thirty minutes...it has to be given back, sir."

Ted looked up irritatedly at the courier, who seemed to be smirking at him.

"Yeah...that's fine." These bike couriers are such a pain, Ted thought. His younger brother had dropped out of college for a year to skid around the streets with those stupid packages.

Ted's folks had jumped all over Sandy, asking him why he couldn't be more like Ted, who never let his hair grow beyond his ears, and had only had one B on a report card in his life.

Sandy had only had one B on his report card also, but for different, upsetting reasons.

Sandy had always been a D student, since kindergarten, but he'd had a ball with the girls--driving around in an old jalopy with two or three of them laughing.

This while Ted, a year ahead of his brother and debate captain and Senior Class President, smiled shyly at cheerleaders as they carefully walked around him and his trig books on their way to practice.

Celeste had been the cutest of them, and she had always been nice to Ted...a pat on the arm, and that sort of thing.

Ted had tutored her once or twice in first year Algebra, which Celeste kept failing...he was in dreamland over her, and when he ran into Cel in the mall a decade after graduation, Teddy snapped her up fast.

Even with all the rules, and the nasty belt, he and Celeste were happy...Ted was happier than he'd ever been.

Ted took the package, a small box and walked back to his office, ruminating about getting the damn belt off.

When they'd started their odd relationship, Celeste was thrilled to be with someone who financially supported her, gave her lots of spending money, never asked whether she saw other men (Ted knew she did) and who cleaned the house.

When Ted hesitantly presented Celeste with the chastity belt he'd bought online, and told her that he wanted to admire her from afar, and not have her feel threatened by his maleness, she assented.

"Just let me have the key once a month, Miss Celeste" Ted had asked. "I'll jerk off and give you the key back. I just want to watch you while I play with myself."

Celeste had been very pleased with this, and had obliged Ted by wearing lots of really cute outfits--tube tops, skin-tight sweaters, miniskirts or cut-off jeans, and high, high heels.

At first she was astounded that this was all Teddy wanted--two minutes tugging his miniscule penis while kneeling on the floor, and then back in the belt, and often he would take her to dinner and buy her some jewelry.

It seemed to work for both of them...but then Celeste felt at some point, that Ted needed to earn his orgasms more.

Ted sat down, and put the box next to a pile of spreadsheets. Ted thought of Celeste's cleavage, and how close he'd come several times to viewing her nipples through the bikini tops she was wearing this summer, it was hot, and she'd wear a top and shorts, and ...

Ted found himself touching his crotch. Oh, God, no...this is so painful. He could feel his poor penis straining against the metal...ooh.

Just a few more hours and Ted would be kneeling in front of his Princess, jerking off into a little bowl as he did every thirty days.

Except when he was bad, and then it was five, six, or seven weeks between orgasms.

It was such a brief heaven--whipping his dick as Celeste timed him--five to fifteen minutes depending on her mood...oooh, but the squirt was intense when it came!

Just a little while longer, and he would be naked, on his knees, staring up into the emerald green eyes, while Celeste sat with crossed legs in some sexy outfit...

Ooh, it made all the housework, the cuckolding she put him through...all the misery...brinigng Celeste and her boyfriend Travis breakfast in bed in the morning was the most miserable and humiliating activity.

Especially because Cel wouldn't let Ted just come in in his business clothes--no, he had to come up to the bedroom with a cooked breakfast--

Travis liked eggs and that declasse corn beef hash--and Ted had to walk in either nude in an apron and the chastity belt, or just wearing the chastity belt,and then Travis would often make fun of him. Travis was a cruel man, Teddy thought.

But Celeste had her quirks, but she's a great gal, Ted smiled.

He decided to give Celeste a call. He was not allowed to call her between two and five thirty on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, because she had "company" but it was only one-fifteen, and he wanted to tell his girl how much he loved her.

The phone rang, and rang again. Ted panicked, thinking that Celeste was out,he wanted to talk with her.

Must she always be with Travis? Finally, the phone picked up, and Ted heard Celeste's dulcet voice.

"Celeste baby? It's your Theodore." Ted grinned into the phone, thinking of what she must be wearing right now.

Maybe it was the overall cut-offs without any shirt or bra...how did she get those straps to just cover her breasts?

"Teddy, didn't you get the package? I thought you would be busy right now." Celeste's voice had a bit of mirth in it.

What package? What was she talking about? Ted noted the little box on his desk.

He'd thought this was some sort of work thing...it was too small to be a CD,though.

"I see a box on my desk,Cel. Do you mean this little..." "White box, yes. Ted, you really should read the note, you only have eleven minutes left,sweetheart."

What? Ted opened the box and found a key on a ring and a note. The note said:

"Dear Ted

Here is the key to your chastity belt. I don't really feel like watching you sweat and grunt and rub your pimpled hands all over that disgusting little rod of yours.

I figured this month, you could jerk off in the bathroom. I asked the courier, who is a young friend of mine, to allow you twenty minutes to go in the bathroom, you have your own bathroom at the end of the hall, and jerk off...

You can do it as much as you like within the twenty minute time limit. Then you have to lock up the cage and give the key back to Danny.



What? "Celeste, this is totally unfair!" Ted tried to keep his voice low, but it was difficult, he was so upset.

"This is the one day of the month, the one HOUR that I look forward to...I want us to be together during..."Ted lowered his voice

"...our moment. Why do I have to do it here in the bathroom,by myself?" Ted felt like crying. He wouldn't get to shoot his scuzz and watch Celeste smile and arch her chest.

Once he'd had a huge load spew after Celeste decided to apply lipstick while he was wanking...what the hell? "Teddy, you have only five minutes left...

I told Danny to advise you..." "Yeah, I heard," Ted said loudly. "But it's unfair. Why not at home?"

Josh, the guy in the next cubicle put down his work and stared at Ted.

Ted shook his head at Josh, indicating that he was sorry for making a big noise. "Two minutes, Teddy." Celeste was sure keeping track.

So he had to go and jerk off in a bathroom stall, just as he'd done in a thousand public restrooms in his puberty, in his early twenties.

Hoping no one would come in while he was whacking his dick madly, and trying desperately not to pant.

The executive bathroom was out of order, and Ted would have to use the communal bathroom. How could this be?

How could Celeste deny him the pleasure of wanking off in his own house?

But wait, Celeste had gotten Ted to sign the house over to her a few months ago...and in return, she'd allowed him to look at her tits while he jerked off...and for once, he hadn't had to lick up the spew.

But of course Ted still felt it was his house...and he was so nice to her...Sigh. He supposed he could make a run for the stalls. Shit.

"So I have to go and do it alone in the stall?" Ted was disbelieving. He looked up and Danny the courier was walking up to the desk. Ted's hand closed on the box.

"Okay, okay, Celeste. Just give me ten more minutes...please." Ted heard Celeste's throaty chuckle, and felt his wrist squeezed.

Ted looked down and his hand had opened, the kid's grip was intense, and Ted had let go of the box.

Then Dan the courier had picked up the box and put it back in his bag. Tapping Ted on the shoulder in a friendly way, Dan waved and walked off.

Ted began to cry silently,listening to the phone, as Celeste made some giggling noises. Ted could hear Travis in the background, laughing as well.

"Teddy," Celeste said in a choked voice, "I hope you think about not following instructions and the consequences thereof, babe...Thirty days from now you'll be sixty days along without a jerk-off, and whatever I have you do, I suggest you follow directions.

If you get a package in the mail, you should read it...but next month I think I might have you jerk off in front of the picture window...Travis is tickling--ohh you bad boy, stop!--tickling me.

Teddy, and I got to go..Be sure you're home by six, darlin'. You're making us lamb chops, remember?"

The End

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