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Cellophane Wrap


Her Master had a surprise for her tonight he said. She thought about it all day, excited, her imagination running wild. After showering, she applied her makeup, curled her long blonde hair, and dressed in a short, sexy black negligee and black stockings. She was ready to please him.

She loved her Master's incredible imagination and waited impatiently for him with eager anticipation.

When he arrived he took her directly to the bedroom and told her to take off her gown. She pulled her gown over her head and stood facing him, naked except for her stockings.

He pulled a box of saran wrap from his bag, and with her arms at her sides, he began wrapping her. Her tits flattened under the tight wrap. He continued slowly wrapping her. With her arms secured to her sides beneath the wrap, he wrapped her entire body. Satisfied she was totally helpless, he admired his work, then picked her up and laid her on the bed.

Her eyes widened when he produced a very sharp knife. She shuddered as he teased her tightly bound body with it, running it around her breasts, over her flattened nipples, down her stomach, over her pussy and down her thighs. Trusting him not to draw blood, she enjoyed the helpless feeling, and the tantalizing touch of the glistening blade on her body. He pulled her hair, holding her head very still. A shiver raced through her as she felt the cold steel caress her face. He taunted her nipples through the cellophane with the knife while he talked to her, and then cut holes in the wrapping to expose them, the sharp knife grazing the delicate skin of her imprisoned nipples. Her nipples looked peculiar and vulnerable poking through the cellophane.

She felt her cunt begin to warm as he sucked and bit and pinched her nipples until they were hard. Pinching her right nipple hard between his fingers, he placed a clothes pin on it. She gasped loudly, and held her breath trying to endure the excruciating pain without screaming, and watch in anguish as he placed another clothes pin on her left nipple. He smiled down at his whore's beautiful face twisted in torment, and his cock grew hard as he savored the moment, enjoying her struggle to suppress her scream. Satisfied she had endured the pain long enough, he removed the clothes pins. She breathed a long sigh of relief and felt her cunt throb with pleasure as he licked and sucked on her tortured nipples.

The wrapping suddenly grew unbearably warm. Her heart pounding and finding it difficult to breath, she pleaded with him to remove it. Her excitement multiplied as he cut some of the tight wrapping away from her with the knife. Afraid of cutting her, he cut the rest off with scissors. She breathed a sigh of relief, finally free from the wrapping.

Opening her legs, he slid between them and laid on her. Gathering her tits under him, he fucked them rhythmically with his firm chest. Then talking to her, he ordered her to name all of the men she had fucked or sucked. Naming them all, one by one, she felt his cock grow hard . Not ready to fuck her just yet, he straddled himself over head and she eagerly opened her mouth to suck and licked his throbbing cock, and then took his balls into her mouth, sucking and licking them.

Pleased with his slave, he removed his cock from her mouth and fucked her dripping cunt hard and long, deftly teasing the spot in her cunt that produced the incredible orgasms which took her to the place where her body felt only extraordinary pleasure. She closed her eyes, her mind oblivious to her surroundings. Her breasts heaved, and her hips writhed under him, and he felt her cunt contract repeatedly on his cock with the first of multiple, very intense orgasms, drowning his cock with her juices.

Her breathing returned to normal and he felt her body relax under him. She hugged his chest tight to her and then looked at him with grateful admiration. He knew her so well.

Satisfied he had pleased her, he pulled his cock from his whore's cunt straddled her and jacked off in her open mouth and on her face. She swallowed his warm cum and licked some stray drops of cum from her lips. Getting a wash cloth her Master gently cleaned the cum from her face, and kissed her. Lying together, she held him close, her body pressed against his back as they drifted off to sleep.

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