tagNovels and NovellasCeltic Warrior 02: The Crystal Cave

Celtic Warrior 02: The Crystal Cave


Celtic Warrior 2:

Secrets of the Crystal Cave

Deep in the forest of Northwestern Gaul

263 BC

Lilli softly kissed Ulrike's thigh. When she laid her cheek against the warrior's muscular leg, she looked directly into the heart of her dew filled forest and the musky tunnel beyond. Lilli's fingers were inside stirring up the juices that seeped out around her hand. The bouquet of the Ulrike's arousal filled the seer's nostrils. It was intoxicating, and she inhaled deeply and savored the scent of her new found love. She looked back to where Ulrike had her fingers inside her own wet center. The Celtic warrior kissed around the open lips. When she licked along Lilli's labia, the seer moaned and Ulrike giggled and tickled her finger tips against the soft, spongy skin of Lilli's maidenhead. Lilli placed her free hand over Ulrike's. It was slick and wet with her sexual juices.

"Put your hand on mine," she said breathlessly. Ulrike slid her fingers over Lilli's hand and felt her own sex, wet and hot, open and filled with Lilli's fingers.

"When I tell you, stiffen your fingers inside me." She took a deep breath and struggled to speak. "I will do the same inside you." Lillie caressed Ulrike's thigh with her cheek. Ulrike kissed her silken soft skin.

"When I say, 'now,' jamb my finger through your maidenhead. I'll do the same with you. Give me your innocence, my love. Mine now and forever belongs to you."

"I love you Lilli."

"I love you Uli."

They remained still for several moments feeling each other's presence inside a place where no else had ever been. They panted in perfect unison. The fire flared up in the room spilling orange light onto the glassy surface of their eyes and danced over their skin shining in the wetness that oozed around their hands. It also flared up inside them. The heat and moisture wept out in joyous rivulets flowing around their trembling fingers.

The muscles of their swollen sex relaxed suddenly as if to say, "We surrender." \

Ulrike shivered and pressed her self tighter against the seer. Lilli took a deep breath and moved her hips against Ulrike's hand.


With a forceful jerk, Lilli pulled Ulrike's hand deeper into her cunt. When her fingers broke through the think membrane of her virginity, a sunburst of pain exploded through her body. She stifled a scream by sealing her lips against Ulrike's leg. The Celt's fingers slid deep into Lilli's bleeding sheath. She held Ulrike's hand against her crotch and clamped her legs together.

When Ulrike jerked Lilli's fingers inside her, her years of battle wounds eased her reaction. This pain was minor. What Ulrike felt more than anything else was an indescribable joy. At last her beloved was inside her. Lilli's fingers filled her up. She kissed across Lilli's thigh until her lips joined her hand, wet with love juice and blood. Ulrike wanted it all. She ran her tongue in next to her fingers until it found Lilli's flower bud. As she licked and sucked the swollen clit, Lilli began to moan and move her hips. The pain had blossomed into a white heat of pure pleasure. She relaxed her legs and surrendered to Ulrike's fingers and tongue. She quickly buried her lips against Ulrike's wet, bloody center, encircled her lips around the warrior's throbbing clit and moved her fingers in and out of her slick tunnel of love.

They moved and loved as one body. One single orgasm began spinning between them, sweeping up all their energy and drawing it onto a vortex of ecstasy. Their energy, in perfect and complete union, became a whirlpool of white light. Ulrike could see it as well as feel it. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. Coupled with the feeling of total completeness and all encompassing pleasure, it pushed her over some mysterious edge and she fell into a bottomless pit of joy. Her entire body wracked with convulsions of ecstatic pleasure. And then it all went black.


Bruede tore through the forest for hours until his strength began to wane. He stopped when he caught the smell of a wood fire. Food. That's what he needed now; food and someone to fuck.

At a much slower pace, he followed the scent of a cooking fire until he came to a small clearing. Kneeling over a fresh kill was one of his barren, fruitless sisters sucking the last drop from a Celtic woodsman. She was so engrossed in feeding that she hadn't noticed his presence. Stupid cunt! It was time to have a little fun with sister. He'd fucked many of his sisters, but what he really needed was food. And having recently fed, his sister would be hot and ready for sex herself.

He was up behind her before she could notice and react. Good! She hasn't eaten the heart yet. Bruede grabbed her around the waist and pulled her away. She growled with a ferocious intensity, but when she noticed he was one of her own, she relaxed and stopped fighting.

"I see you saved the heart for me, dear sister," he said and let her go.

"This is mine," she said defiantly and glared at him. Her body had very little hair, unlike the males of their species. A large bush of curly blond hair covered her pubic area, and a fine fuzz covered her legs, arms and arm pits. The hair on her head was wild, bushy and matted with dirt. Blood ran down her chin and over her nearly flat chest. He reached out and swiped a finger over one of her nipples. She recoiled.

"I need food, and I want to thank you in advance for sharing the heart with me...dear sister." She growled. She was a head shorted than her brother.

"Fine!" She stepped back and surrendered knowing full well her brother was much stronger. He walked over, straddled the fresh corpse and drove his sharp finger nails through the chest wall. He curled his fingers and tore open the chest ripping the heart out. He stood up, saluted his sister and quickly devoured the bloody organ. He licked his fingers and smiled.

"Now, I think you need to be fucked. Wouldn't you say?" She growled again, but this was more guttural and filled with lust.

"Bend over, sister, and let your brother make your pussy sing."

She was breathing heavy now. She ran a hand over her crotch and moaned.

"Let me suck on you," she said as she fell to her knees. He reached back into the hole in the Celt's chest. A small pool of blood lay where his heart had been. He cupped the blood up and smeared it over his cock, now hard, swollen and ready for his sister's eager mouth.

"A little something to spice up the flavor," he said laughing. He came to her and she took his large balls in one hand and guided the enormous cock into her mouth. She made approval sound as she sucked on it. When the blood had been sucked and licked away, he pulled out of her mouth.

"Turn around and get on you hands." She obeyed him and presented her upturned ass to her brother veldtae. She rested her shoulders and face in the dirt.

"Fuck me, brother," she moaned as he knelt behind her, gripped his cock and directed it into the opening of her wet, ready slit. "Fuck me hard."

He wasn't gentle and she didn't expect it or want it. She loved it hard and rough as only a brother could do. She had fucked a few Picts and Celts, but the Picts cocks were small and neither satisfied her like a brother's fat, long cock pounded into her with shear brutality. He drove his shaft in quickly and his balls slapped against her. She reached back and felt them each time he slid out and hammered back inside her. With each thrust, she grunted as he brought her closer and closer to the wonderful feeling of unabated lust. He slapped her hips several times and dragged his claw like finger nails across her back.

"Yes, yes, brother," she screamed. "Fuck me, beat me, and scratch me."

He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. He slapped the side of her face and she screamed. He raked his nails over her skin and until blood began to seep out on her back. It only made her moan and buck back against him all the more. He gripped her hips and concentrated all his energy thrusting inside her. His mind drifted for a moment and he thought of the Celtic warrior he wanted so bad. In that instant, he exploded inside his sister and filled her with spurt after spurt of his seed. It sparked her climax, and as she convulsed in her orgasm, she howled like the wild beast she was. When his last spurt throbbed out of him, he joined her in a loud, triumphant howl.

I will have that Celtic cunt!


Ulrike awakened with a start. Something spooked her, but all was quiet. The fire had died down and she looked around the room. Lilli was gone. She swung her legs over the sleeping pallet. Her still moist center burned, and she winced with pain. The pain was nothing, really and she laughed at herself. As she sat there, she recalled making love with Lilli and she ran her hand between her legs and pressed against her vulva. It reminded her how wonderful it had been. She had never felt this way. I can't believe how I feel. I love her so much.

She stood up and checked on the comatose girl. She sat beside her, dampened a piece of moss and squeezed the water into her mouth.

"Come back to us, little one," she whispered.

She found one of Lilli's silk robes hanging on a cross beam and slipped it around her shoulders. She hadn't taken the time to explore Lilli's home yet, and as she snooped around, she noticed a faint glow of light coming from a small opening in the back of the rocky cliff face. It was large enough to crawl through. She didn't want to damage the beautiful robe, so she slipped off, laid it on the bed and crawled through the opening.

A long tunnel led to a larger opening, and finally to a room large enough to stand up in. The walls, floor and ceiling were covered in white crystals. She had seen small rocks that were broken open revealing a crystalline core, but if this was the same thing, it was a giant one. Then she noticed Lilli, floating horizontally in the center of the space. Her milky white body glowed with light, igniting the light in the crystals. Lilli was breathtakingly beautiful. She sat down where she stood and watched her lover.

Lilli's body slowly rotated in the space. She appeared lost in a trance or even sleeping. Her flaxen hair draped down in rivulets. As Ulrike watched, Lilli began to spin slow at first and then faster and faster. It was as if she had been impaled at her naval and spun horizontally on an invisible shaft. The crystals glowed brighter. Suddenly Ulrike's body was bathed in the light. She felt herself rise above the cave floor and was slowly drawn into the room. Her legs unwound from beneath her. She watched with fascination as her body elongated out and assumed the horizontal pose that held Lilli in an embrace.

Just below the plane of Lilli's rotation, she floated in underneath her and began spinning in the opposite direction. The sensation made her whole body feel like light. It was a timeless moment and for a while, Ulrike thought she had lost consciousness. But slowly they both slowed and came to a stop. Supported on countless invisible threads, they hung in the center of the crystalline cave. Lilli slowly turned over until she faced Ulrike. She smiled.

"My love," Lilli whispered. "We are truly one now." She gently drifted down until they touched, nipple to nipple and belly to belly still suspended in blissful light. After a long, sweet kiss, their bodies drifted together to the crystal cave entrance and they touched the floor. Lilli's weight collapsed on Ulrike.

"I love you so much, my dear," Lilli said sitting up. "I'm so happy you found the crystal cave and the goddess has accepted you. This place rejuvenates, invigorates and brings you into perfect communion with the Wyrd. Come here as often as you can." "Lilli," Ulrike embraced her. "I never want to leave you."

"Oh, dear heart," she responded and placed her soft hand against the warrior's face. "We have a destiny that the Wyrd has woven. We will always be together in spirit. And one day we will have our perfect life together, but there is so much the spirit has for you to accomplish. Embrace your destiny, and all will be well."


Bruede and his sister, Hygal stayed together for a few days hunting as a team. It was fun and he hadn't hunted like that for many seasons. They fed together, fucked often and finally parted company when his plan to have the Celt came to him.

"Why do we have to part? Don't you take pleasure in me?" They had just fed heavily on a small family group that was caught travelling along a seldom used trail. They fucked several times, and Hygal lay curled in her brother strong arms. It was the only time she felt satisfied in the many seasons living off their island home. She had even taken joy in helping him fuck the daughter and mother before draining their delicious life force.

"I have something I need to do. If we cross paths again, my sweet sister, we'll see what happens. I know it gets lonely being this far from home. But the gathering is coming soon. You need to find a gift for father as do I. Come now and let me taste that sweet cunt one more time."

Hygal rolled on her back, and Bruede's long, forked tongue slithered up into her deep slick tunnel. Her juice began to seep into his mouth. She loved to be tongued by one of her own, especially Bruede, who she was growing fond of. She knew his true passion was fucking human women who could bare fruit, but still after a session of brutal sex, he became soft and tender with her. She liked that.

She humped against his tongue until he pulled her down, spread her legs and buried his cock one more time to his balls. He fucked her hard and fast, and as he had done every time he fucked her, he thought of the Celtic warrior and his juice began to flow. His balls tightened up, his cock swelled and his seed erupted into the barren cunt of his sister. With the first spurt, he collapsed on top of her, opened his mouth wide, and before she knew what was happening, he tore her throat out in one bite. Her body bucked, convulsed and finally twitched as he sucked her life out. He had severed the main artery and the blood flowed until there was very little left. It was the most satisfying feeding he had had in a long time.

He relaxed on top of her lifeless body. His cock still dribbled semen into her still warm cunt.

Thank you sister, you've been a great companion.

He pushed off of her, rolled away and sat up. Her legs still twitched slightly.

"Now, I just need to find the bait and you will be mine, Celtic bitch."


"I need to tell you everything I know about the veldtae," Lilli said, sitting Ulrike down by the fire. A pot of vegetable stew cooked, and a concoction of herbs brewed in a pot for tea.

"How do you know so much?"

"I've lived a long time, Ulrike. The threads that the Wyrd wove into my life began long ago. A powerful Druid sorcerer rescued me from the veldtae. I looked as I do now the day you were born. How long my life will last is one piece of information the spirit refuses to give me."

"And you've never loved all this time?" Lilli smiled, took Ulrike's chin in her hand and leaned in for a kiss.

"All this time, my love, I've been waiting for you, and only you." It was a deep, wet tongue filled kiss.

"I love when we kiss like that," Ulrike said with a sigh. Lilli took Ulrike's hands and kissed her fingers, and then her palms.

"More seasons and life times then we can imagine, so the story goes, a lone creature fell from the sky. His name is Veldt. Since there were no other creatures like him, he could only mate with the people of this world. It's not known who they might have been in the beginning, but today, it's mainly the Celts and the Picts in the northern end of the island Pretania. His offspring are the veldtae. The veldtae are monstrous compared to their father. While Veldt feeds and mates with what ever humans his tribe brings to him, his children wander the countryside from Pretania to Gaul to the far south and far east slaughtering without mercy."

"The veldtae mothers are human?"

"Yes, my love. Unwilling hosts for Veldt's seed. The veldtae women are barren. They are mostly allowed to live to service the males in their tribe. When a veldtae mates with a Celtic woman, he produces Veldt's granddaughter; never a grandson. Since the granddaughter is more human than veldtae, they are usually killed and eaten. The human side becomes too strong to manipulate and control.

"Veldt has been alive for so long, even he doesn't remember how old he is. They say he doesn't even remember where he came from. All his off spring, including his granddaughters, live enormously long lives. Many great wars have been fought just trying to eradicate the veldtae and locate Veldt. He is somewhere in the north country of Pretania."

"You didn't really tell me how you know so much."

Lilli stood up and, looked at their comatose guest, dabbed her lips with water and then sat back down. She took Ulrike's hand.

"I was imprisoned by Veldt for many seasons. A great Druid sorcerer saved me, but during that time of captivity, I got to know him very well. The secret to surviving his presence is to be fearless. That is one quality you have; a lack of fear. That is why I know the Wyrd has woven a thread through you to Veldt. I feel it in my soul. I too was born without fear. Fear is what feeds Veldt and his children's lust for blood and sex. Without fear, I was a mere curiosity to him.

"He knows the way of the Wyrd as well as anyone of us, and he respects the spirit in spite of his brutality. Change is coming to our world. Spend more time in the crystal cave and you'll learn to feel it too. Embrace a relationship with the spirit and the goddesses of our ways. Those ways are what is changing. The legions of the Roman Empire will one day rule all this land. It will be our duty to keep our beliefs and traditions alive."

Over the next few full moons, Ulrike spent most of her time in the crystal cave. Lilli forbade her to go outside. Inside their abode, she had placed a ward of power the veldtae could not breach. Lilli continued to work at bringing the comatose girl back to her body. After a full day entranced in the crystal cave, Ulrike emerged filled with questions.

"Some thing happened today, Lilli," Ulrike said sitting by the fire. Lilli poured them both a cup of tea and sat down next to her.

"Damara, the goddess of fertility, came to me." She sipped her tea. "She smiled at me and touched my stomach here, where my womb is. What do you think that means?"

"What do you think it means?"

"Oh, I hate when you do that to me." Ulrike scowled. Lilli laughed.

"It was like she was saying..." Ulrike stopped not wanting to finish the statement.

"What do you think she was saying?" Lilli asked.

"There you go again. You always answer my question with a question." She set her cup down and stood up. Lilli stood and put her arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

"I love it when you get riled up. You're so cute."

Ulrike tried to pull away but Lilli held on tight. They wrestled and struggled until Lilli pushed her onto the bed and straddled her. Lilli started tickling her and Ulrike squealed and kicked.

"Stop!" Ulrike screeched. Lilli continued until Ulrike finally wrestled Lilli over and sat on her.

"You'll pay for that." Now it was Ulrike's turn and she tickled Lilli without mercy until suddenly she fell on top of her, planted her lips to Lilli's and rubbed her knee into Lilli's puffy crotch. They had worked themselves into an instant state of extreme arousal. What little clothes they had on flew off until their bare bodies reveled in skin to skin contact. Lips, tongue, fingers, legs and feet all joined in a passionate dance of love.


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