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Cemetery Indulgence


The blanket sat on the ground nestled between two willow trees in the back of the family graveyard where one could be alone with their thoughts should one need or want to be. Life at the asylum was usually quiet, as they rarely had visitors with exception of those who wandered onto the property.

Lia rose early on Thursday morning, sitting up in bed her gaze settled upon Anna's sleeping face. She leaned over and kissed her cheek and smoothed back her pink hair. She smiled at the peacefulness of her wife's face and slipped quietly out of bed. The cold air of the asylum hit her still blanket warm body and sent a shudder through her body, coupled with the cold floor tiles that lay just beyond the rug Lia became very cold, very quickly.

Lia grabbed her coat and wrapped it around her naked frame her nipples, erect from the cold, brushing inside the jacket. She slipped on her shoes and made her way out of the bedroom quietly. She walked down the main staircase and headed out into the courtyard. She enjoyed the sound of the leaves crunching under her shoes as she walked toward the graveyard. She found that blanket and stretched out, taking care to keep the coat wrapped around herself. She watched the ravens fly around and chatter to each other. She brought her arms up and put them under her head and closed her eyes to listen to the noises around her smiling she seemed to drift off to sleep again.

She slept there for a few hours peacefully and was awakened to familiar feeling of two stiff fingers entering her vagina. Lia's eyelids fluttered open to see Anna's grinning face looking down at her. Anna plunged her fingers deeper into her wife and said

"well, hello there, babygirl, 'bout time you woke, I've been calling your name for 10 minutes"

Lia's back involuntarily arched against Anna's fingers as she replied with a quiet moan not really being able to do much else. She felt her pussy begin to pulsate as Anna worked her fingers in and out of her opening. She whimpered and bit her lower lip and stared lustily up at Anna, who she had just noticed was very naked and wrapped in a quilt which she pulled over the two of them as she slid herself inside Lia.

Very uncharacteristically, Anna gently pushed herself inside Lia, pressing herself fully and firmly into her as she lifted one of Lia's legs and let it rest on her arm and she began her passage into her wife's pussy.

Lia enjoyed the non-rushed motions and closed her eyes so she could feel every inch of her wife's cock moving in and out of her. The feeling of the slow and deliberate movements between her legs seemed to arouse her more than the usual rushed, intense sessions. She rolled her hips to meet Anna's movements and pulled her down on top of her wrapping her other leg and her arms around Anna.

Anna smiled into Lia's neck and kissed her skin and breathed her in, dropping her leg gently and wrapping her arms around Lia's body pulling her closer and pushing herself in deeper as Lia's legs wrapped completely around her. She let out a quiet moan into Lia's ear which received on in return from the ear's owner. She pushed her thighs up under Lia's ass as she pulled her legs into a kneeling position, but never took her body off of her wife, with one hand she wrapped the quilt around them still skillfully moving in and out her Lia's warm, tight hole.

Her little movements to keep them under the blanket caused Lia's pussy to react feeling her muscles tighten and her hole become much wetter, she rocked her hips to ride Anna from underneath her and to push her in deeper as she came on her cock. She felt the heat rise between the two of them and she buried her face into Anna's breasts and quietly moaned and she climaxed beneath her wife.

In the middle of Lia's orgasm Anna wrapped her arms around her and hugged her closer and increased the speed of her movements to a light pounding, allowing for a little space between their bodies. She felt the Lia's pussy react again to the change in speed and smiled into her wife's neck. She knew she moaned into her breasts so she kept what they were doing a secret. Anna chuckled and pulled her wife's mouth away from her breasts and increased the speed of her pounding again, if for nothing more than to illicit a louder response from her wife's pretty lips.

Lia felt herself being pulled away from her wife's beautiful body and whimpered quietly and flexed her pussy muscles at the same time in protest which caused Anna to groan with pleasure as she pressed her forehead against Lia's, She stared into Lia's eyes and increased her thrusting giving two noticeably harder thrusts for the muscle tightening that caused the groan. She pulled Lia into a sitting position on top of her and thrusted more intensely watching Lia's face for reaction.

Lia could read the mix of love and lust in her wife's eyes and returned the feeling with her own look as she stared back. The two became lost in the movements. They closed their eyes at the same moment as the thrusting became more intense, their breathing becoming more laboured.

Anna's plan to make her wife moan louder seemed to be backfiring as her cock started to tingle with the promise of a finish nearing she stopped her hips and pulled her wife into a deep probing kiss. She swirled her tongue around her wife's mouth and kissed her as if pouring all her lust into her Lia through that one kiss.

Lia responded with a quiet groan into Anna's mouth, she sat on her unmoving rod and shivered wanting it to return to moving in and out of her. She pressed herself on Anna demandingly and whimpered, pulsating her muscles around Anna's member and trying to rock herself while doing so.

Anna grabbed her hips firmly and held her still and uttered the sound "uh-uh" from her vocal chords, wrapping her arms around Lia in such a way as her palms were on the back of the woman's head she carefully lay her down again and with her hands still on her wife's head, she entwined her fingers in her hair and pulled it gently, the full weight of her body holding Lia still. The lack of movement began to take its toll on Anna, feeling her cock throbbing insensely inside all that wetness and warmth she groaned and let out a frustrated sigh at the same time and returned to moving her hips first slowly then more demandingly, she used her fingertips on her wife's skull and her elbows on Lia's shoulders as leverage as she pressed into her with her toes pressing against the blanket beneath them, this not accomplishing the speed she required she moved her elbows from her wife's shoulders and put them under her and pulled her smaller frame toward her own body and pounded her wife's pussy ferociously.

Lia, tempestuously breathing beneath her cried out pleasurably now allowed to rock her hips beneath her wife she moved herself in a frenzy. She met each of Anna's intense thrusts with just as intense a reply until both were moaning and groaning loudly, Lia's pussy let loose of its juices covering Anna's stiffness once again as she let her head fall back and let out an intense purl of pleasure somewhere in the vicinity of Anna's ear, this causing the latter to react with an equally loud growl showing herself into her wife as though she were indeed trying to exit through the top of her pretty head.

Lia felt Anna's cock spasm inside her as she shot load after load into her as her roar hit Lia's ears. She felt the heat of the fluid within her walls as Anna pressed into her, expelling as much juice as she could muster out of herself and into Lia. Lia rhythmically pulsated her muscles to help with this endevour causing her wife to make a sound that combined a moan, groan, and growl. Anna thrust three final times and then collapsed against Lia, gasping with her eyes wide with a look that seemed to read 'holy fuck', she closed her eyes taking a few deeper breaths to try to calm herself down. She lay her head on Lia's breast and listened to her heartbeat start to calm down, her own breath following suit. She hugged Lia close and kissed her side.

"Good Morning, babygirl" She whispered to Lia.

"Good Morning, Daddy" was the response that hit her ears.

(thought I'd try things a little slower since they are outside and in nature)

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