Cemetery Summons Ch. 20


"The walls shook, you screamed so loud. I could feel it all the way from where I was, in a guest room."

Anathane asked, "Guest room? Where were we that there were guest rooms? Not a hotel I hope."

Anthony's jaw dropped. "No, at Nyx's estate. Do...do you not know what's going on right now? The plan to get Kan and them back? Grymir, Kadae, Ekana, Volna all helping us?"

"Grymir and Kadae? I haven't seen them in a few ages. What plan?"

"You...holy hell this is going to take a long time. Um, where do I start?" He thought for a moment. "Sorry, I'm starving. Do you have anything to eat?"

"Nothing that wouldn't kill you if you ate it," she replied.

Anthony sighed and recapped the entire tale from start to finish.

Anathane listened intently to him, like a child being told a fairytale about a knight rescuing a maiden locked in a tower. Unfortunately, the way he had to end it left a lot unanswered questions for Anathane. Still, she thanked him for telling her.

"So," she began after he was through. "I should batten down the hatches and wait?"

"Well, no, because I would think their ruse worked if you don't have an army being poured down your throat already. I think that we should take a more proactive approach to this. Can you get to the Sanctuary of the Underworld from here?"

"Not with the collar that Dalaria put around my neck, I can't."

"Well, shit," Anthony said. "There goes one idea. And now everything's fucked."

"Why is that," said the demon curiously.

"Well, because..."


"We've just lost out only way to the Sanctuary, huh? Well, what do we do now? We can wait a few thousand years, but I doubt the human can survive that long, even given the best circumstances Anathane can give him." Nyx paced back and forth in the library anxiously.

"Don't worry. We can always try soul unbinding," Anathane said as she flipped another page in the tome. Nyx didn't seem to care much for her nonchalant attitude.

"Don't worry? Don't worry? Dalaria came to my home! How am I supposed to just let that go?! Helena can only play for so long while you four are...reading!" Nyx looked like she was about ready to explode.

"I said cool your fucking temper, okay?" Anathane snarled angrily, baring long fangs at the succubus. Nyx backed off, fuming a little less, and grabbed a book too. Goddamn library. She needed to cut back on some of this. But if she got rid of something important...

Damn everything, she thought.

"Ha!" Kadae shouted. "Soul Unbinding! I've found it!"

"Give it here," Anathane said excitedly. Kadae tossed it to her and Anathane flipped through its pages like she wasn't even reading them. She grinned widely as the number of unread pages waned and then snapped it shut. "Good."

"What's good?" asked Volna, her nose still dug in a book unrelated to anything that could possibly help their situation.

"I already know all of this."

"Then we can get started as soon a-"

"That's wrong, Grymir," Anathane suddenly said. "We can't do a thing because none of us can leave this place to go find a warlock. The only human in hell able to perform this ritual is Anthony."

Nyx was exasperated. "Well then, we're back where we started!"

"Not necessarily. If such a small portion of my true self understand s this, then most certainly the original that Anthony is with has already realized this as well. Gather up all the chalk and ink you can Nyx. I need to make a summoning circle."

"Limarei! I know you're in here! Get them from your room!"

"And we'll get Ekana's love chains too. This is gonna be fun~" she giggled cheekily, skipping down the row of bookcases without a care in the world. Nyx furrowed her brow.

"She's losing her mind," she succubus murmured as she followed the demon out of the library, praying that whatever soul unbinding was, that it would work.

For all their sakes.


A/N: Sorry if this one's a little short. I tried to get it to you as soon as possible.

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