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Census Taker Taken


Christy Dunlop was not thrilled with her part time job as a Census Taker, but the addition money was helpful. The twenty-nine-year-old blonde had a full-time job, and her husband worked too, but times were tough. So she took this opportunity.

It was not the job itself that bothered her. Christy did not mind walking door-to-door asking questions to complete census surveys for those who either forgot to mail their forms in, or were too lazy to do so. It was the response she received much of the time that got to her. Some people were rude, and even downright insulting, when she appeared on their doorstep. And often she had to contend with lewd remarks and/or stares of men who kept their eyes focused on her 36-D breasts while she went over the form with them.

Christy was not ashamed of her 36-D, 26-36 body. But she did not appreciate the way men objectified her just because she was shapely, attractive, and had long blond hair.

Perhaps the thought of being viewed by men as a sex object was disturbing because her husband did not appear to respond in the same way. Christy had been married for five years. She had been sexually active with her husband before marriage, and there sex life was satisfying after becoming husband and wife. But for the better part of the past two years sex had become less frequent due to their busy schedules and her husbands continual stress at work. When they did have sex it was often over in a couple minutes. Her husband was usually satisfied with spilling his seed into her and just rolling over to go to sleep. Christy could not remember the last time that he had brought her to orgasm.

As frustrating as the sex was, she was still happy to be married and had never considered straying on her husband. Christy's strict moral upbringing and church attendance stressed those values on her. Sure she had participated in pre-marital sex with her husband, and with a handful of other boyfriends, but stepping out on her husband was totally out of the question. Besides, she had her fingers, and her trusty vibrator that was always ready in the dresser drawer.

As she walked her route Christy found many of the homes that she was assigned to visit vacant. As she traveled through the Oak Grove subdivision Christy found more houses than expected sitting empty. When she reached Willow Lane Christy realized that she was going to end early today. At least that was her expectation when she reached the last house on her schedule. It was a good thing too; it was just beginning to rain and Christy had failed to bring her umbrella. She hoped that she could make it back to her car before it began coming down too hard.

At first Christy was convinced that this place was vacant too. A dilapidated house sat back in the trees, mostly out of view of those nearby. There were no curtains on the front window. Debris was scattered about the unkempt lawn. Christy was about to walk away when she saw someone looking out the window. So she headed up the empty driveway toward the front door.

Inside, nineteen-year-old John Shepherd watched as Christy approached. "Look at this hot bitch." The slightly chubby young man with shaggy brown hair and goatee said to his friends.

"Let me see." 19-year-old Kevin Parker said as he rushed to the window. When the skinny, short-haired, young man wearing jeans and a tee-shirt—both soiled from working on a trash truck—saw Christy he ducked aside. "Shit, if she lives here then we're gonna get arrested."

Eddie sat down the beer he was drinking and got up from the overturned milk crate that he was sitting on to look out the window. The muscular twenty-year-old ran his fingers through his long brown hair and whistled at the sight of the sexy blonde in khaki pants and a tight red shirt strolled towards the house.

It was Eddie who had found this vacant house that he and his friends were using. Working for a local trash disposal company—with Kevin—gave him the opportunity to discover empty homes such as this one. Eddie and his friends would use these places to party in, and they would often steal some of the copper pipes and other items that could be sold for quick cash. Their car was parked in a nearby shopping center, where it would remain until they walked back to it this night since someone had already beaten them to anything of value that had been in this place. "Let's invite her in for a drink." He suggested.

Bob laughed. "Right, and I'm sure she will just walk in and suck our cocks too." The handsome, tanned, blond nineteen year old who worked with Eddie offered.

The fourth man in the group—John's twenty-one-year-old brother, Tony—rubbed his crotch. "Why not ask her and find out?" Tony was a rough looking man. His unkempt dark brown hair and beard made him stand out distinctively from the others.

Christy knocked on the front door. "I'm not sure about this." Eddie offered.

Tony pointed to Bob, "Go see what she wants."

"Why me?" Bob asked.

"Because you're the pretty boy. Girls trust you." Tony explained.

Bob hesitantly approached the front door. Christy was about to turn and leave when he got there. "Can I help you?"

"Is this the Johnson family residence?" Christy asked, after looking at her notes.

"Um, yes it is." Bob answered, hoping that he was saying the right thing.

"Are you Mr. Johnson?" Christy inquired.

Bob saw the census documents in Christy's hand. He shook his head and said, "No, I'm his son."

"Is your father, or anyone who can answer a few census questions home?" Christy continued. She cursed under her breath as the rain began to fall harder. There was no overhang covering the front door of this place. She was going to get soaked before she was finished.

Bob wanted to get rid of her. "No, just me and my friends."

Christy jumped as a loud clap of thunder startled her. "Excuse me, but would you mind if I step inside for a moment?" she asked.

Bob did not know what to do. Without thinking he allowed the door to open wide so that Cara could enter.

When Christy walked into the living room she realized that things were not right. There was no furniture; just five young men with a case of beer. "I am sorry, I better go." She said.

"Close the door!" Tony ordered. Bob pushed it closed before Christy could turn around.

"Let me go." Christy said. She reached into her pocket for her cell phone.

Tony grabbed her hand, jerking the cell phone away. "We're not letting you call the cops on us."

"I promise, I won't tell anyone that you are in here." Christy offered.

Tony looked her up and down, "I think that we'll just have some fun with you first."

Tony grabbed Christy and pulled her into the middle of the living room. Christy cried out in fright, attempting to break free as all five men wrestled her to the floor and began tugging at her clothing. She panicked as she felt her khaki pants sliding down her legs. "Please don't hurt me!" She pleaded.

"We're not going to hurt you; we're going to fuck you." Tony said as he pulled her red shirt up and over her head. Kevin and Eddie pulled the shirt the rest of the way over her arms as Tony began undoing Christy's bra. "Those are some nice titties." He commented as he began fondling her firm breasts.

Hands began groping her tits and rubbing between her legs. Christy continued to fight back to no avail as she was stripped bare and manhandled.

"Hold her down." Tony ordered as he stood up.

Each of the other four pinned one of her arms or legs to the floor as Tony used Christy's cell phone to take a few pictures of the naked blonde. "Maybe I will send these to everyone in your address book." He commented.

"Please don't!" Christy exclaimed. The thought of all of the people who would see those pictures mortified her. The list included friends, co-workers, and many people from her church. Christy could not deal with the humiliation of being viewed by everyone she knew.

Tony unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor. He slid off his boxer shorts, revealing his hard, thick cock. "Bring her here."

Christy was jerked up off of the floor and forced to kneel in front of Tony. He grabbed her hair with his left hand and pulled Christy's face closer. "Suck my cock!"

Christy tried to resist, but found hands pushing her head from behind. She reluctantly gave in and accepted Tony's dick in her mouth. She was startled when she glanced up to find the man taking pictures of her sucking his dick.

Tony handed the cell phone to Kevin then grabbed handfuls of Christy's hair and held her head tight as he began fucking her face. Christy had sucked dick many times before, but it had always been a slow, easy blowjob—always pulling away to let her husband, or whoever, cum on her face—never a rough throat fuck like she was receiving now.

"Get her up on her knees." Eddie said as he removed his pants.

Christy was forced onto her hands and knees. She tried to move away as Eddie got down behind her and pushed his cock between her legs. Christy felt him pushing inside of her. She yelled out in protest, but her words were gagged by the cock in her mouth.

Eddie began fucking the pretty blonde. Christy was being rammed from both ends. Her large tits swung back and forth as she was pounded. Out of the corner of her eye she saw one of the men taking more pictures of her being raped.

"That's right," Tony said, "we're going to keep your phone. Report this and those pictures go to everyone in your address book, and on the internet too."

Eddie kept fucking Christy's tight hole. He leaned forward, grabbing both of her tits and squeezing them as he rammed her from behind. "God this bitch is tight!"

"Hurry up man; I want a turn at her." She heard someone say. That was when it hit her. Christy was about to be gang raped by all five of these men.

Eddie's pace began to quicken. Christy realized that he was on the verge of orgasm. She bucked her body in effort to escape his cock, but was unable to pull free. Eddie released her tits and grabbed her hips, holding her in place as he pounded his cock into her pussy.

"Fuck yes!" Eddie cried out as he began to cum inside Christy's pussy. Spittle escaped his mouth, dripping onto Christy's ass as the young man continued pumping his cum into her.

Eddie high fived Kevin before pulling his spent cock out of Christy's cunt. Kevin quickly replaced his friend and co-worker behind the struggling woman. Christy groaned as she felt Kevin's long, thin, cock slide inside her.

"Shit yes." Kevin spoke as he began fucking the blonde woman.

Tony began grunting, and slamming his cock harder into Christy's throat. His crotch banged against her face. She knew that he was about to cum. Christy tried to pull away in order to prevent this foul man from cumming in her mouth. She had never allowed her husband, or anyone else, to cum in her mouth before and she damn sure wasn't about to start now.

But Tony had other ideas. His hands pulled her by the hair, holding her face as close as possible as he mouth-fucked the woman. His legs began to quiver as his orgasm began. Christy felt his thick, warm, salty fluid spurting into her mouth. She gagged as it spilled into her throat. Christy had no choice but to swallow his cum. She was disgusted by the act of him enjoying her this way, but there was nothing that she could do about it.

Tony did not let up until every last drop had been drained from his cock. Only then did he release his hold on Christy's hair. She jerked her head away and began spitting on the floor. She wanted nothing more than to get his taste out of her mouth.

Bob rushed in to take Tony's place. He grabbed Christy's hair and pulled her head up so that he could have access to her open mouth. Bob's cock was huge! Christy feared that she would choke to death if he rammed it down her throat like Tony had just done to her. But Bob wanted to savor this longer. He worked Christy's head back and forth over his swollen shaft slowly, making Christy do most all of the work.

Kevin was still banging away in her pussy. His skinny cock poked her over and over and over again. Christy realized that she was fucking back against him and forced herself to stop. She could not believe that her body had responded in that way.

Kevin cried out in pleasure as he began cumming. Christy could feel his seed shooting inside her. The girl who had never fucked more than one lover in a year had now been fucked by two complete strangers, in addition to sucking two cocks!

Kevin continued fucking her long after cumming. His cock remained hard and he did not want to pull free. It was only at John's insistence that he finally withdrew his cock from Christy's used cunt.

John dropped to his knees and thrust his cock inside the woman. Just as he began fucking her Christy felt Bob releasing his cum into her mouth. Knowing what was expected of her she sucked it down. Bob's eyes rolled back in ecstasy as he climaxed in this beautiful woman's mouth.

Bob stepped away. Christy's head hung low as she knelt on her hands and knees while being fucked from behind. She refused to look up, afraid to see the camera in her face. The knowledge that these men had taken pictures of her rape insured that she would forever keep this ordeal silent. The humiliation of being gang raped was bad enough, but having people view it was more than Christy could bear.

"Suck my cock." She heard Eddie say. She looked up to see the man who had fucked her first. His cock was hard once more. Christy cursed then opened her mouth.

John pounded her pussy from behind, shoving her face up onto Eddie's cock with each thrust. The two men continued banging at her from both ends. Christy could feel her big tits swaying with every thrust and could only imagine what she must look like.

Then it hit her: a dose of reality that shocked Christy to her core. She was about to climax. These fucking rapist were about to make her orgasm!

Christy tried to fight the growing sensation between her legs. But the constant stimulation of cock after cock inside of her was too overpowering. She wanted it to stop, but at the same time her body was welcoming it. It had been too long since Christy had cum thanks to a man. She was humiliated at the thought of climaxing for these bastards, but it was going to happen and she could do nothing to stop it.

Christy's mouth worked Eddie's cock as her hips thrust back to meet John's. She moaned loudly as her orgasm began. Christy's body shook as a wave of pleasure rolled through her from head to toe.

"She's fucking cumming!" John yelled to the others, "She's cumming all over my fucking cock!"

Christy was humiliated, but her body did not care. She accepted the orgasm. She was still in the midst of it when John began to spew his cum into her. When he pulled out Christy could feel cum, mixed with her own juices, dripping down her inner thighs.

Her pussy was filled by another cock. She heard Tony, the man who had first fucked her mouth; say something as he shoved his manhood inside of her. Whatever he was about to say was lost as Eddie began moaning in satisfaction as Christy drained his balls into her mouth.

"Hold her." Tony said as he jerked his cock out of Christy's pussy.

Eddie grabbed the woman by the shoulders and held her in place. Christy felt Tony's cock sliding up and into her ass cheeks. "No, not there!" She pleaded.

"Your cunt's too used up." Tony told her, "I need to find a tighter hole."

Christy tried to resist the invasion of her ass by Tony's rod, but little by little he gained entrance. She cried out in pain when his head broke through her anal ring. Then Tony began fucking her puckered opening.

Kevin was on his knees playing with Christy's tits as he watched his buddy fucking her asshole. Realizing that no one was using Christy's mouth he sprung up and stepped in front of her. Christy offered no resistance as the young man began fucking her face. Even when he slid his thin cock into her throat she did nothing. All Christy could think about was the cock in her asshole, and the burning in her cunt.

Tony slammed his cock into Christy's ass. Every thrust brought him closer to release. Soon he could feel his balls tightening. "Here it comes baby!" He yelled out as he began cumming inside Christy's ass. He kept fucking her, shooting wad after wad of cum into her chute as Kevin banged her mouth.

Tony jerked out of her ass, causing Christy to gasp as the sudden vacuum of pressure made her fear that she was losing her insides. She could feel someone else getting behind her, no doubt wanting to fuck her ass a second time. Just then Kevin shouted out with pleasure and filled her mouth with cum.

Christy could feel the cock at her back door. When Kevin pulled away from her face she turned back, realizing that it was the man with the giant cock. "Fuck my pussy!" She begged, "For god's sake, fuck my pussy!"

Bob could not believe what he was hearing. He was so turned on by Christy's request that he willingly lowered his cock and thrust it into her well fucked hole. Christy's cunt swallowed Bob's large cock. She climaxed almost immediately.

John rushed over and shoved his cock into Christy's mouth. She was in the middle of an orgasm and willingly began sucking the hard piece of flesh in her mouth.

Bob and John fucked her from both ends. Christy shivered continuously as she was rocked by orgasm after orgasm during this twin fuck. Seeing her excitement Eddie slid beneath her and began licking Christy's right nipple while playing with her left nipple with his fingers. The sensation only added to the stimulation, causing Christy to come over and over.

John threw his head back as he delivered the fifth load of cum into Christy's mouth. When he pulled away Christy just moaned and cried out as she climaxed in multiples. Then Bob blew his nut into Christy's waiting pussy.

As Bob withdrew his now flaccid cock, Christy observed Eddie's hard prick as he lay on the ground sucking her tits. Without realizing what she was doing Christy flung her body around and sat on top of him. She shoved his cock into her pussy and began bouncing up and down on Eddie. Seeing Kevin, with his hard, thin, cock approaching she said, "shove that up my ass!"

Christy was as surprised as everyone else by her comment. She was out of control with passion. Kevin hurried behind her. Christy stopped moving long enough for Kevin to slip his prick into her ass. Then Christy began bouncing up and down like a woman possessed.

Tony rushed over to shove his cock into Christy's mouth. Christy did not care that it had been up her ass. She wanted the rough face fuck that he was about to give her.

Christy was slammed in all three holes by three cocks. She lost count of the number of orgasms she was having. Eddie came inside her but she continued riding his cock. Only when Kevin came and pulled out did she allow Eddie out from under her. She jerked her mouth from Tony's cock, then grabbed him and pushed him onto the floor. Christy climbed on his shaft and called for Bob to fuck her ass with his large cock. He willingly complied. Christy was in total ecstasy as she was twin fucked once more. Tony blew his load inside her pussy, but—like Eddie before him—Christy continued riding him. She was still cumming loudly when Bob came in her asshole.

Christy fell to the floor, soaked in her own sweat. Cum oozed from her cunt and ass. She was mortified at the way she had behaved. These men had gang raped her repeatedly, and her body had betrayed her into becoming a lust-filled animal. Christy knew that tomorrow she would be more ashamed of herself than anything, but right now she was satisfied beyond belief.

She drifted off to sleep. She awoke to find two men standing over her. She looked around; her rapists were gone. She could see through the window that it was dark outside. The two men were dressed in black and had obviously broken in to see what they could steal only to find the beautiful, big titted, naked, blonde asleep on the floor.

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