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Centaur Breeding


Rolan laughed as he ran through the field of screaming girls, chasing the one he'd picked out from the edge of the forest. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see his friend Chadric and his brother Morris gaining on their own choices. In front of him a luscious maiden with firm curves and splendid white legs kicked up her heels as she screamed and ran before him. Her efforts were completely useless though, as all maidens know when being chased by a centaur. No human can outrun a half-man half-horse; at least not when the horse half is the bottom half. His powerful four legs allowed him to catch up to her easily, although he didn't grab her right away.

He was enjoying watching her considerable assets heave and bounce, and the way her long black hair streamed out behind her, the flashes of leg that he could see as her skirt got tangled in her steps The bottom half of a human female was always of interest to a male centaur. There were very few female centaurs in existence, for some reason about four fifths of centaurs were male, and so it was left to the younger members of the herd to sate their lusts with human females. If they wanted to breed, they had to have a human female to do it with. And only the heartiest of those souls would survive the pregnancy and birthing of a colt. But that was the only option until one got old and strong enough to become Master of the Herd. There just weren't enough fillies to go around.

It was just too bad for the human females. Feeling his groin tighten with anticipation, Rolan finally reached out and grabbed a hold of the quickly tiring girl, chuckling at her futile struggles as he flipped her over his shoulder.


By the time he got back to the village the girl had passed out over his shoulder, after a long bought of weeping that left tear tracks down his back. Some of the other young males in the herd looked at him and his companions jealously; human females were getting harder and harder to catch. The humans were catching on to what was happening to their missing daughters and so were taking more steps to keep them away from centaur territory. Really, they'd just gotten lucky today when they were out wandering, happening across a group of young, unguarded females.

Taking the girl to his house, he gave lay her down gently on the bed (kept there simply for that purpose), stripping off her clothes in the process. She most certainly wouldn't be needing them here, all humans went about naked in the centaur village so that the centaur's could always look at their strange parts. Really she was quite attractive for a human female, with large round breasts, almost as good as a centaur filly, and a neat patch of dark hair between her thighs. That would be one of the first things to go, he liked that you could shave human females all soft and smooth, something that no filly would ever allow. Some centaurs kept the hair on their females, so that it would be more like mating with a centaur, but he didn't see the point in pretending that the female was something she wasn't. And he liked the smoothness of their bodies.

Neatly tying her limbs to each of the four corners, he prepared a bowl of water and the razor. As she continued in her unconscious state, he shaved her mound completely smooth. Looking over her body he was pleased at his choice, she was unblemished with rounded hips that spoke well for her breeding capabilities. Suddenly wondering, he put his hand between her thighs and slid a finger into her woman part, frowning when he found the barrier. Well, that was going to have to go, he'd have to stretch her out before attempting to mount her himself. His horse-cock was much larger than any male humans. Fortunately he'd had a virgin before and so had the equipment needed.

Sighing, he decided he might as well get started. Pausing he looked down at her. She seemed very young without her mound of hair, despite the fullness of her breasts. Going to the shelves, he grabbed a small leather dildo and the smelling salts. Putting the salts under her nose, he watched as she awoke with a gasp.

"How old are you?" he asked, as soon as her eyes came into focus.

"Eighteen..." she replied, looking around, not quite panicked yet because she was still in shock, "Where... where am I?"

"You're in the centaur village," he told her, "You're mine now. My name is Rolan."

She blinked, heavy eyelashes falling over her bright brown eyes. Then she fainted again.

He shrugged, not too concerned. At least she wasn't a screamer like his last human had been, he could deal with fainting much more easily. And she was of age, the elders didn't approve of taking a woman under eighteen, but as long as she was then there were no worries for him. Taking the small leather dildo, he wet it in his mouth and then began sliding it up and down her woman part. Using one hand he began toying with her large bosom, playing with the pert pink nipples. She came to abruptly, slightly aroused, but more scared than anything else.

"Wha- STOP!" she shrieked as she realized that parts of her body that were open to him, "PLEASE STOP!!!!"

"Shhh..." he told her, trying to caress her reassuringly (although it wasn't very reassuring since he happened to be caressing her naked breast), "I told you, you're mine now... and you'll be very happy here until I release you."

"Release me?" she asked, tears had gathered at those deep brown eyes. He smiled encouragingly at her.

"Yes, eventually I'll release you and you'll be able to go back to your human village... although..." and he chuckled, "There have been many girls who try to get themselves captured again rather than staying in human society."

The thought of eventual release seemed to calm her, and he began his ministrations again, paying lavish attention to her plump nipples. Being bound to the bed didn't seem to bother her, he wondered if she was maybe still in too much shock to really appreciate her situation. Ah well, as long as she wasn't throwing a fit. He'd hate to have to discipline her this early in their relationship.

The girl started to moan prettily, her pink lips making a perfect "o" as her wide-eyes watched his every movement. Between her pink pussy lips he could see the little bud of her clit peeking out, and he made sure to run the dildo over it. Her hips arched in desire and he smiled. It was time. He began to press the slim toy into her pussy, and she cried out as it pressed against her barrier. While it was no thicker than one of her fingers, it was much longer and very firm, designed to break a girl's hymen without causing her too much discomfort. So it proved again, a few tears were shed as she was made a woman by the leather toy, but not very many. She wriggled a little with it inside of her, but he wasn't about to give her release. Instead he strapped the toy into her, making sure to cover her delicate little clit as well.

Leaving her bound on the bed, aroused and uncompleted, he smiled, "Get some sleep. You'll have a busy day tomorrow."


It was a busy day on the morrow. The first thing he did was play with her body some more, tugging on her pink nipples until she writhed on the bed. Then he replaced the slim dildo with a slightly thicker and longer one, making her whine with heated passion, although she didn't even know what it was she wanted. Only when the new dildo was strapped into place, and her pussy was completely covered, did he untie her. He wanted to make sure that she couldn't play with herself during the day.

"Come on," he told her, "I'm going to show you the village." Placing her on his back, he enjoyed the delightful sensation of her full bosom pressing against his back, nipples rubbing against his skin, "This is the village. You will clean my house, bring water from the well, and tend the garden. You will be allowed to have friends and to talk to the other humans. However, you are not allowed any sexual pleasures or favors with other humans - or with other centaurs unless I give you permission. And running away is also not allowed." He pointed out some of the centaurs roaming the streets and stationed around the village, "Those are our guards. They watch for runaways - not that there are any - and illicit activities; if you are involved in any of those you will be punished. In fact, that's what we're going to watch now."

Satisfied with the tour, he carried her on his back to where a girl who had been caught masturbating was bent over in the stocks, her tear-stained face towards the crowd. He trotted around to the side so that his new human would be able to see both the punishment and the other girl's face. On her nipples were heavy clamps with weights, tugging the tender buds downwards. Her master stood behind her, announcing her crime, before picking up a heavy crop.

Rolan smiled as his human gasped and clutched at him as the centaur on the platform began beating the girl. The girl on display was also full-bosomed, with long blonde hair. She screamed and danced, her breasts bouncing wildly so that the clamps hurt even more, tossing her blonde hair almost like a horse would as she tried to get away from the crop that was punishing her ass. The centaur continued lashing her until she was sobbing, her ivory buttocks turned a bright pink. Now the youngest centaurs in the village were allowed to come up and grope her. They tugged on the clamps and ran their hands over her steamy buttocks, pushing fingers into her pussy and ass holes while she cried and pleaded for forgiveness.

Once the punishment was over he nodded smartly and turned to carry his new human back to his home. She sat on top of him in shocked silence.

Later he told her the worst part of the girl's punishment, she would not be used by her master for at least a month. In fact, he might send her back to the villages. At first he could see his new human wondering what would be so bad about that; but later, as he pressed the dildo in and out of her heated pussy, he could see the glimmer of understanding in her lust-filled brown eyes.

But there would be no release for her yet.


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