tagNonHumanCentaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 05

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 05


He pulled back and this time, he positioned the head of his cock at her opening. She held her breath, waiting.


"Please..." She whimpered.

"Rose," The words seemed to be forced from him. "Rose, if don't want this...I won't take you."

She tried to push back so that he would enter her, but he held her firmly. "I do want you, Thayer..."

"I mean, if you do not wish to stay as my mate...I won't take you here and I will return you to your village." He murmured. "Give me the word and I...I will stop this, my love."

She couldn't think straight and her body was humming for release. This was her chance to get away...yet she no longer wanted to leave Thayer.

Somehow, sometime during the past couple days she realized she couldn't ever leave him. She realized she could be happy here, even happier than she would have been in her village. Her heart swelled and she squeezed the hand that held her tightly to him. She turned to look back at him. Through eyes that were heavy with desire, she met his fiery gaze.

"I love you, Thayer. I don't wish to leave."

He buried his cock deep within her and she cried out. The drums grew louder, but she didn't notice. His mouth took hers just as his body branded hers. Their lovemaking was rough and fast. Again and again, he pounded into her, gripping her hips in place so that she met every deep thrust. Her tight, dripping pussy took his entire size, his swollen balls slapping against her bottom.

The first spasms began to take her and she shouted his name. As her orgasm threatened to finish him, he slowed down, drawing out each thrust until he gained his breath and his control. When Rose's body began to relax in his, he drew her face up for a slow, sensual kiss. This time, he began with leisurely strokes. As he drew close to climaxing, he reached for her clit and flicked it gently, rhythmically.

He quickened his strokes, feeling her inner muscles squeeze his staff. "My love, I'm going to come." He groaned. She barely heard. Rose was lost in her own release now and Thayer let go. He pulled her up so her body was pressed against his. He quickly drew her thighs closer together so that her inner muscles were tighter around him.

"Gods take me -- Ah, Rose." The pleasure-pain of his powerful release was blinding. He released a loud growl as the first spurt of his seed spilled in her womb, and it felt like an eternity before it came to an end. The drums had come to an abrupt stop just as he came and the crowds remained silent outside.

They both collapsed onto the bed.


Thayer lifted his sleeping mate into his arms and covered her with the discarded robe. His body was gloriously exhausted from their mating ceremony, yet he felt a new strength deep within him. He said nothing as he left the tent and passed his brothers and cousin. He knew they would move the bed, keeping the soiled sheets on the bed as proof of their mating and bring it to their home. And to complete the night, a Centaurian male would take his bride down to the river to bathe her.

Rose woke to find herself snuggled in Thayer's arms. They weren't in the coziness of their home, but in the middle of the woods.

"Where are we going?" She mumbled sleepily.

Thayer smiled at her. "I am taking you to the river, my love. After the mating ceremony, we bathe in the moonlight before going home."

She was set down on her feet, standing before the glistening river. Without needing words,

Thayer led her into its shallow depths. She shivered against the cold of the water, but was soon warmed by Thayer's hands and body. They made love again, taking their time to build their pleasure. Towels were draped on a low tree limb and they dried each other before heading home.

There, their new bed awaited them. Rose stared at it as she entered the longhouse. Thayer came up behind her and she turned to meet his kiss.

"That bed will also be where you give birth to our children." He murmured softly.

She smiled. "I hope I shall be doing that very soon. I love you, Thayer."

"And I love you, my Rose."

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The End?

That's it?! No please! I wanted them to at least have a daughter. One more chapter! Or two or three :)

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