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It is hard to explain what is so beautiful about watching a woman touching herself. It is so celestial in appearance, yet it causes the basic instincts of carnality to be exposed to men and women observing the act. It is this idea that forms the basis of today's situation.

My wife is a very conservative woman to the outside world. Each day, she leaves for her secretarial job wearing modest clothing and portrays the image of a woman who is serious about her career, which she is. It is once this subdued creature walks into the sanctuary of our house, however, her demeanor changes to that of an unquenchable magnet of sexual desire. Since we were married, this sexual deity has done no less than satisfy every desire I have ever had. From threesomes to light bondage, my wife has done everything thinkable to please me to the extent that to even think about another woman would be blasphemy.

It so happens that one day, some buddies and I were talking about our sex lives as guys are apt to do and the majority of them were complaining about how boring their wives were in the sack. I started to lie about how good I have it until an idea struck me that almost made me form an erection right there. That night, after my sexual dynamo gave me another wonderful blowjob that ended up all over that pretty face, I popped the question. My idea was simple. My buddies would be coming over my house for poker Saturday night as usual and I wanted to give them a show. As she pushed me down to the chair to begin her assault on my cock from above, she thought about it and I felt her climax all over my lap.

Being that she was a little controlling, she laid down a few ground rules just to keep everything on the up and up. She revealed to me how she always wanted to be in the middle of a circle jerk, a circle of guys flogging their dolphins if you know what I mean. As she talked about the feeling of being covered by the seed of many men, I felt her get more and more excited as she turned around so her brown starfish was receiving the brunt of my thrusts, her breathing becoming more and more labored as she started to spasm on top of me only a few moments after the last one. As I held her as she recovered, she started thinking about what she would wear. After telling her it wouldn't matter, she went into the room and started beckoning me to follow for the rest of our nightly entertainment.

I kept my mouth shut the rest of the week as I kept thinking about the surprise in store for everyone. As I started to set up the poker table for the ruse, my wife was taking a bath and getting herself ready for her big debut. I iced down the beers as the first of the six guys entered. I don't notice guys, but I think all my buds are attractive enough. My wife has revealed to me in the past of how cute a few of them were and how she wouldn't mind some alone time with some. Within fifteen minutes, all were there and accounted for.

We started the first hand and began to play when my wife walked in wearing a silk robe. The pink lacy number caught the attention of all the guys as she walked by, bent over right in front of us to retrieve a beer, then looked up and smiled. She slowly walked into the bedroom and asked if I was coming. The guys were concerned when I said I would. I followed her in and she whispered that she wanted a little more attention. She sat on the bed and undid the robe revealing her naked flesh underneath. She then called all my friends by name and waited as they shuffled into our bedroom. Five other guys entered and gawked at the naked form in front of them. Some whistled, some just stared until my wife took charge of the situation.

She pulled out her long, white vibrator. As she began to caress it in front of us, she told us how we were all to unzip our pants, pull our cocks out and stroke as we watched her play with herself. She told them that she was not going to get fucked by any of us, but that she wanted us all to cum all over her body. The catch was that we were not allowed to cum until she told us to. All six of us unzipped and approached her as she lay on the bed. I was right above her forehead as she began to run that long white vibe down the middle of her chest, pausing long enough to rub it around her erect nipple. She then ran it slowly down her stomach until it barely grazed her clit. While this was going on, we were all standing there, stroking ourselves at different speeds. She then started to moan softly as she rubbed it along the naked lips of her clit, her eyes closing as she felt the vibrations through her body. She started to talk about how wonderful it would be to suck all those wonderful cocks in her mouth as she opened her mouth and licked her lips.

I could see some struggling to keep from finishing too quickly as she began to slowly put that vibe deeper and deeper into her pussy. The wetness formed more defiantly on her pussy now as she pushed it halfway in, then three quarters the way in. I could feel her breathing become more labored as it puffed the underside of my cock. I watched her eyes filled with passion and lust as her other hand began to twist her right nipple as she began to ride the crest of her orgasm until she yelled at the top of her lungs to cover her with cum. It was almost like a domino effect as one guy after another shot their loads onto her body. A few landed on her tits as a few landed near her clit. As everyone looked on, she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as she saw my cock launch its payload along her face, mouth and neck. She then convulsed once before she lay there, thanking us for making one of her fantasies come true.

I would love to say that we all shared her that night and fucked her until her pussy and ass were raw, but she fell asleep soon after and we went back to playing cards. As each of my buds left, they thanked me for a show that they would be thinking about as they stroked themselves after their wives fell asleep. As I snuck in to lay next to my Beloved, I wondered what other fantasies were hidden inside her sexy perverted mind that we have yet to fulfill

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by Anonymous

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by patillie07/25/17

They went back to poker after jacking off on his wife?

I mean that just defies all llogic, no discussion between husband and wife about how exicting, etc? Guys all just pulled their dicks out and jacked off in front of their peers, no one was gun shy? Thenmore...

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