tagLesbian SexCenter of Attention Ch. 02

Center of Attention Ch. 02

byErotic Reverie©

Chapter II: What Ails the Good Doctor?

The persons, places and events in this story are creations of my imagination and are entirely and purely fictional. They are not intended to portray any persons, places, things or any events which have occurred in real life. Any similarity to same are purely coincidental.

"Yes you may," she said approvingly of his upward glance for permission to kiss further up her leg. He, like so many others, were putty in her hands, submissive fools seeking her approval. He did not know it but she was just toying with him...

It had started earlier that afternoon in the park while she was eating lunch. There she sat on a bench minding her business having a bite while advertising her beautiful legs. She could see him eyeing her as her approached from across the plaza, first thinking to himself, 'where is the best looking woman and where to sit?' and as her got closer he carefully eyed her shoes, then her legs and up more, taking in her attire until his eyes met hers and he suddenly looked down shyly, caught in the act. Uninvited he sat at the other end of the bench and started with the usual small talk. Then the check list of who she was, what she did, blah, blah, blah... Young men, so formulaic in their approach with older women. Yes, it flattered her and it did open the occasional door for some fun....

As their conversation waned she began to pack up to leave. She could tell by the look in his face and his stammering to continue the conversation that she had him fawning and frolicking for her like a puppy dog. He said something about happy hour. Without saying a word, she reached out and took his right hand, turned it palm side up, and with her pen wrote "Ste. 1497" and gently balled his fingers into a fist. She then pointed and said, "that building at the end of the park, today at 5:30, come by for a drink. I only have time for one."

Later, like clockwork, the knock at the door came. It led directly into her office, not the reception area, this was a private matter. She did things like this to throw them off. After they left she would remove the door sign with the faux suite number and her office would disappear as if it never existed. If they ever came back, they would be confused and not able to find her. She liked it that way...

As he entered she motioned him to sit in the chair before her desk. "Martini ok?" she asked. 'Certainly,' was usually the answer. She liked the drink- it was powerful, forward, strong willed and traditionally served in what she thought was a very sexy glass- fine lines and symmetry. She poured the drinks and served. She then sat on the edge of the desk before him, elevated, her hips at his eye level. Slowly she crossed here legs with deliberation, right one over the left, a slight part for a quick peek if he was attentive, then the right knee over the left exposed by the short length of her skirt.

"I enjoyed our conversation today," she said prodding. "Yes, it was nice. I'm impressed by your office- I've never been in a 'shrink's' office before. Are they all this nicely decorated?" he asked.

"Watch it," she cautioned coyly, "I've been known to shrink a few heads in my short time", and some egos too she thought to herself chuckling to over the double meaning of the cautionary statement, "I decorated it myself with some help. I like the Japanese decor very much, straight hard lines, best office I have ever had." 'Boy, is one is cute but dumb and nervous, I need to get this conversation moving' she thought. "So tell me, what is it about the office do you like best- the paintings? the wood paneled walls? the furniture? the desk ornaments?"

"The desk itself, it has a fine presence, like you....," he slipped trying to flirt with her, "I mean, uh, you have presence and it compliments you, err, you compliment it, well, you know what I mean..." he trailed off in embarrassment. Cute was fine but now goofy???

She drew on her drink, letting the silence drill into him. "You mean I look good on it? Is what you are thinking that from your vantage point I am well positioned up here?"... he nodded still trying to recover from the slip and overwhelmed by the piercing forwardness of her words... "Almost picturesque the way I lean back, one arm behind me for balance, the other holding up this martini glass, legs crossed and off the edge, the last vestiges of sunlight streaming down the street between the skyscrapers and infiltrating the windows, illuminating the room from behind me on both sides of the desk, causing my blond hair to radiate?.... Is that it?," she asked slyly wondering how big he was and smiling like a cat about to capture its prey.

"You seemed to stare at my legs at lunch. Is there something wrong with them or do you just like them? Oh please do not answer that, I am just playing with you... But you do like them, yes?" she asked again with an innocent insistence seeking affirmation, "I mean, you still seem to notice them...."

"They are quite beautiful, he confessed, "and I would be a liar to say otherwise..."

She began to sway her right foot up and down to attract his attention. She slowly licked the rim of her glass with the tip of her tongue while staring straight into his eyes. "My, my, now we are getting somewhere in this conversation," she teased, "Tell me, what would you like to do right now? Kiss them? Massage them? Oil them? Do not be afraid to tell me your deepest secret. It must have been killing you all day thinking about this moment from behind your desk this afternoon, counting the minutes, recounting the conversation, visualizing me, fantasizing what might happen over drinks, anticipating this one drink. Did you get much work done or were you... um, 'distracted'?"

He was flabbergasted. Before he could respond she playfully continued, "Go ahead, kiss it," and she stretched forward her foot. He took it in his hand- who was he to object? The palm of his hand caressed the back of the heel of her high heeled shoe. He lifted it upward and bent over, his lips softly touched her foot where the toes met the shoe and the cleavage showed. He slowly kissed upward to her ankle and she sighed a bit. Then the lower calf, the muscular back of the calf to the back of the knee, his designs to go further...

"Wait," she said as she adjusted herself, placing her right foot on the desk top, the left leg dangling down off the desk, her skirt now slightly open and revealing the lower and back right thigh. He approached and looked to her for approval. She gave it.

He continued, this time all the more excited by the new revelation. As he proceeded, she gazed down at him, intently watching him worship. He leaned forward in the chair. She placed her left foot on the seat between his spread legs for balance and gently teased his crotch by lifting up the toe of her shoe into the deep base of his crotch. He fantasized of following her leg to the top, finding her sex exposed, naked, placing his tongue in her lips and running it up to the top where the lips met, gently pushing upward at the meeting place, seeing her bush gently move up as her sex was drawn tight, holding it there for a second, releasing it and gently pushing up again, and again, smelling her sex, tasting it, and repeating the act until she climaxed....

As he kissed her knee, she gently pushed down on his head, indicating he should stop. "That is enough. I think you need to leave," she said. She rose and walked to the door, exaggerating the sway in her hips to tease him. She opened it, waiting for him to go. He was stymied. "Did I do something wrong?" he asked. "No, its just that I have a meeting now. Remember, one drink?," she asked as he dejectedly walked out, the soon to be anonymous door closing behind him. "Can we meet again?' he asked peering into the slowly closing doorway. "Maybe, look for me in the park. Sometimes I lunch there" she said closing the door and lying through her teeth.

"Mrs. Harrison," she calmly beckoned at the door leading to the adjoining reception area.

"Yes Amanda, what can I do for you?" Mrs. Harrison asked as she opened the door and entered the room......

Amanda Bills was a 35 year old psychiatrist, one of the best in the city. Young and energetic, she had quickly built a fine reputation among the city's elite for curing their private woes. She knew all of their dirty little secrets. Mrs. Harrison had been with her for about two years now. She had become one of the few people in Amanda's life on who she could always rely, her confidant. Mrs. Harrison was her only employee. She ran the office, received clients, made appointments, paid the bills. Mrs. Harrison did it all.

Jackie Harrison was nine years Amanda's elder. Widowed a year ago when her husband suddenly passed without warning she was sorting out her life and embarking on a fresh start. She did not need to work- life insurance assured that- but work kept her busy and was a good thing in her life. Despite their near ages, Amanda always addressed her as 'Mrs. Harrison'- it had been that way since day one. Mrs. Harrison was a bit old school, had never corrected Amanda and actually liked the formality and respect. Amanda was very fond of Mrs. Harrison- actually, their fondness was mutual, mutual even before Mrs. Harrison's husband passed. Although the two never mentioned it, Amanda often wondered if Mrs. Harrison even suspected how she felt about her and Mrs. Harrison wondered the same about Amanda....

When her husband did pass, and after the mourning was over, Mrs. Harrison found herself ready to start anew- she was ambitious in thought but apprehensive in action. She had received a freedom once intended pledged for eternity and now returned. Yes, she regretted his absence but acknowledged the fact that she had to move forward. It gave her a chance to do things she would otherwise never have done in her life. Jackie Harrison was a conservative woman in appearance and persona. With her new freedom she felt a welling desire to'experiment' beyond her conventions, which had been repressed over the years by her late husband's. Now she was free to find herself.

It started awkwardly one afternoon six months ago. Amanda had asked her to stay late, not to work, just for a drink. She though Mrs. Harrison needed to unwind. Mrs. Harrison agreed. For a few weeks prior, Mrs. Harrison noticed Amanda had become infrequently physical with her- an innocent leaning of shoulder into shoulder, a hand on her shoulder, a taking of her hand to guide her someplace. Subtle compliments of her attire or perfume. She thought it a bit odd but accepted it as friendly gestures and maybe Amanda's attempt to assure her that she had someone who cared for her well being. The two sat for a while in Amanda's office, had a few drinks and two hours later decided to leave.

Going to the coat rack in the reception area, they reached for the same item, Amanda placing her hand atop of Mrs. Harrison's. Amanda looked up into Mrs. Harrison's eyes. Mrs. Harrison, being heterosexual all her life- and a bit tipsy- did not comprehend Amanda's gentle silent look. Amanda reached up with her other hand and placed it on Mrs. Harrison's cheek and drew their faces near. Mrs. Harrison was slightly startled by the advance but did not resist. The alcohol had lowered her inhibitions, inhibitions repressed for years waiting to be freed...

Amanda's lips lightly touched Mrs. Harrison's. They were soft and delicate, warm and inviting. Amanda drew back to determine if Mrs. Harrison was offended. She did not react. Mrs. Harrison had wondered for a long time what it would be like to caress another woman, Amanda placed her hands on Mrs. Harrison's hips and gently drew the two women together, softly embracing Mrs. Harrison, one hand around her waist, the other advanced upward across her back to the base of Mrs. Harrison's neck. Again Amanda kissed her, this time more passionately, her tongue inserting into Mrs. Harrison's mouth. Mrs. Harrison did not resist, in fact, she pressed herself into Amanda accepting her advance and opening her mouth to receive Amanda. After a few minutes of kissing and caressing, Mrs. Harrison gently pulled back and broke the embrace. She looked at Amanda and affectionately smiled saying, "I must go. Thank you." She took her coat and left.

What followed was a series of casual after hours meetings between the two in the office. It evolved into a light emotional and physical relationship, each understanding there were no ties or obligations to the other save for honesty and openness. They continued that way, happy knowing the other was there, not upset if the other was not available and understanding there were no expectations

What Mrs. Harrison did not know was that Amanda had a wicked, oft evil side. She was a master tease who had no regard for others, except Mrs. Harrison, who was her foil, all that was good. About a month ago, Amanda confessed to Mrs. Harrison that she had a wicked side to her but did not go into detail. She was afraid that telling Mrs. Harrison would repulse her. Even more so frightening would be the request to break her of her wickedness. She decided to take a risk.

Before telling Mrs. Harrison she took her out for drinks. Afterward she brought Mrs. Harrison back to her condo- it was in the same building as the office- the top floors were residences. In her expansive penthouse unit, Amanda could gaze out the windowed walls across the river and see for miles on a clear moonlit night. This evening was no different.... more drinks and conversation and she gave Mrs. Harrison a tour of her home. Finally she sat her down on the couch and confessed to Mrs. Harrison, who was not the least bit upset. Amanda remembered her words well, "Amanda darling, if that is what you want, I can oblige"- she said it without flinching. At first Amanda thought Mrs. Harrison was either in denial or did not understand what was wanted of her. Nevertheless, when the time came, Mrs. Harrison did what was asked of her. She was so reliable....

Today was no different. Mrs. Harrison had since delivered before today. When Amanda initially told her what it was she needed, Mrs. Harrison outwardly took it in stride. Going home she fretted for her inexperience. Later she sought information. She could not ask her friends- she thought none of them would engage in the practice much less understand it. In fact, she had no where to turn. She educated herself and convinced herself she could oblige and satisfy Amanda. She hoped Amanda did not expect her to be proficient. Over time she surmounted her fears...

When Mrs. Harrison entered the room, Amanda sat perched on the front edge of the desk, legs crossed and furiously swaying, like the tail of a mad cat. She had that wanton lusty look. Mrs. Harrison knew why Amanda wanted her. Amanda did not know that Mrs. Harrison knew.

Recently, Amanda had installed a closed circuit camera in her office and the video feed led to a TV in Mrs. Harrison's desk so that she could watch Amanda in session with clients just in case one became unruly. There was no audio. This was designed to protect the client's confidentiality. One late afternoon, Mrs. Harrison forgot to turn off the video after the last client's session. Amanda had invited an after hours 'guest' and was up to her wicked ways. Mrs. Harrison caught her. She wanted to turn off the TV and leave. Another side of her compelled her to stay and watch. Slowly over time she realized that these guests were regular, not the individuals themselves- they were always different- but the after hours meetings were fairly frequent. Slowly over time, unbeknownst to Amanda, Mrs. Harrison had became her voyeur....

"Yes Amanda, what can I do for you?" Mrs. Harrison dutifully asked feigning knowledge of the answer.

"I did it again. I am upset with myself, as I am sure you are too. Would you please indulge me?" she asked coyly.

Without a word Mrs. Harrison moved around the desk to the corner of the room. In it was a glass vase which held willow branches. It was not only decorative. Symbolically it held secrets known only to the two of them. Amanda was always aware of its presence, all day long. From the moment she came to work she was reminded. It was regularly in the back of her mind. Clients would sit with her, pouring out their problems oblivious to the innocuous corner decoration which so afflicted their doctor...

Amanda stood up. Mrs. Harrison drew a medium sturdy branch and came back around the desk to Amanda. Amanda knew what to do next- she leaned forward, hands flat on the desk. Mrs. Harrison lifted the skirt above Amanda's hips and draped it over her back. "Seven please," Amanda said. Mrs. Harrison had secretly watched Amanda's transgression. It was worthy of more but she kept her silence. Mrs. Harrison was not enthralled inflicting punishment. She had initially done it to oblige and please Amanda. She thought there were better means to achieve the same end.

Mrs. Harrison slowly ran her fingernail down the curve of Amanda's sweet young buttocks, leaving a pink mark and making Amanda wince. Being right handed, Mrs. Harrison walked behind Amanda to her left side for a better angle. She stopped behind her. She reached down between Amanda's thighs and then ran the underside of her fingers across Amanda's silk leopard print panties, gently pushing against her sex. She took the panties by the sides and slowly pulled them down to Amanda's feet. "Step out," she whispered. Amanda complied. "Thanks darling," Mrs. Harrison said, "I think I will keep these as a memento..."

She stepped behind the desk and sat in Amanda's chair. Amanda dutifully waited, bare ass in the air, legs straight, knees locked. Mrs. Harrison smiled, put her feet up on the desk and stared into Amanda's eyes. She smelled the panties. Amanda's aroma permeated her senses. Mrs. Harrison sat back and contemplated her waiting waif, rhythmically tapping the palm of her hand with the branch. She pondered what a teased man would do for revenge- probably tie her and ride her without mercy....

Mrs. Harrison pocketed her new found booty and stepped behind Amanda, again placing her hand between her legs, this time running her finger tip through Amanda's soft tufts, across her bare engorged lips feeling for any sign of wetness. Unknown to Amanda, she tasted her finger while Amanda stood compliant....

Now, Mrs. Harrison could have easily given Amanda her satisfaction, raising a pink glow in her skin as punishment for Amanda's self labeled transgressions, but, she was not inclined to play along anymore. For Mrs. Harrison this had to stop. "Darling, I am going to change the rules on you. I think you are doing this for all the wrong reasons. I am not exactly sure I know the reasons. Here is what I am going to do. I think denial of pleasure is a greater seductress and more painful to bear. Tonight I will oblige you for the last time. The next time I will reveal my methods. Either you agree or I stop altogether."

Amanda felt at that moment she had no choice. "I agree," she said.

"Good," said Mrs. Harrison as she unexpectedly brought the willow branch across Amanda's ass, causing her whole body to flinch, her eyes to widen and her mouth to fall agape. Despite the surprise, being well schooled Amanda did not make a sound. Mrs. Harrison could hit but not with extreme vigor, only enough to make Amanda jump- she could only strike hard enough to slightly welt Amanda's youthful bare ass. Again the branch came down. Mrs. Harrison repeated the act until she reached the requisite number. For good and final measure, she slapped Amanda's ass with an open palm. Amanda stood motionless, surprised by the final blow and waiting at Mrs. Harrison's mercy....

Mrs. Harrison now had free reign to do with Amanda as she pleased. She walked back to the vase and returned the branch. Amanda continued to obediently stand at the desk, hands flat, hips out and legs spread waiting for Mrs. Harrison's next instruction. She looked directly into Amanda's eyes, which followed her around the room, peering into them like an enraged cornered animal until her head could turn no more and her peripheral vision terminated and she was blind to her predator. Mrs. Harrison stood behind her. Amanda listened for Mrs. Harrison's breath, a word, a sound, the shuffling of feet, the shifting of balance- anything. All was eerily silent.

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