tagGroup SexCenter of Attention Ch. 03

Center of Attention Ch. 03


"Well what do you think? Jen asked the next morning over breakfast.

"About what?" I replied disingenuously. I knew exactly what she was asking about, had been thinking about it nonstop since she brought it up.

"The date Silly"

"Oh that..."

Jen had been having a sort of side affair with an amazing guy we met at the club. He was hot, intelligent and a genuinely interesting guy. He was also very into Jen and she was responding. They'd been chatting and had phone sex the day before, all of which skyrocketed my libido as well as hers. Now she wanted to know my opinion on her going on an actual date with him, which I assumed meant they were going to fuck.

"My first thought is that I love the idea of you being with him." I replied honestly.

"Okay" she replied hesitantly, though she couldn't help just a hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her pretty lips and a twinkling shine in her sexy green eyes.

"But then I get nervous," I began, "I mean it sounds amazingly hot and I want it, but I also want to know how you're feeling about it."

"I agree it would be totally hot and I want to do it," she replied in a carefully neutral tone, "but it's not worth risking us if you're not sure."

"That is really all I wanted to hear." I replied, "I think we should go for it."

"Really?" she replied almost overflowing with enthusiasm.

"Yes" I replied with certainty that I wasn't really sure I felt, "really!"

Her exuberant hug and kiss was worth suppressing my anxiety over the situation for. I hoped that what happened next would be worth it as well. One thing I wanted desperately was to know how I would ultimately fit into the picture. I didn't ask though, because the thought seemed selfish. There would be plenty of time to discuss next steps.

We discussed a few more aspects of the date so that we could both be a bit more comfortable with what was about to happen. Once everything was sorted, she enthusiastically picked up her phone and disappeared into the other room to call.

Date Night

Work on Friday was absolutely excruciating in its slowness. When I got home she was already getting ready. She asked me advice on what underwear to wear. We decided on a very sexy pair of red satin panties with black lace trim and laces up the front and a matching bra. My favorite set, she looked so incredibly sexy that I wanted to take her right there. That would have to wait though.

Over that she wore an under-bust red brocade corset that gave her an amazing hourglass silhouette. She wore that over a low cut blouse that really showed off her massive cleavage and a pencil skirt over thigh high stockings. Black, patent leather, platform heels finished off her outfit. Wow did she look incredible.

She straightened her long black hair and trimmed her bangs into a sexy V shape. We chatted as she worked, ignoring the subject of what was about to happen almost completely. We had talked about it to no end and decided on our course of action. This was happening, so chatting about it would just make the time pass slower. Instead she asked my advice on colors of eye shadow and lipstick. We decided on a violet for her eyes and a deep red for her lips.

"How do I look?" she asked with a flourish when she was finally satisfied.

"Very...very fuckable" I replied seriously

"Well I hope so!"

I put my arm around her as I walked her to the car. I gave her just the barest kiss on the lips, not wanting to ruin her makeup even though I really just wanted to press her into the car and make out with her, I restrained myself.

"Last chance to back out." She said as she got into the driver seat, her look was understanding and earnest. She was letting me know if I chickened out she wouldn't think less of me.

"No, I am good." I responded with the most confident smile I could muster.

"Midnight?" I confirmed one last time.

"Not a minute later." She replied with a big smile and blew me a kiss. She heaved a deep breath and started the car. She was nervous too.

So my waiting began. I had been sporting a raging erection since, well for most of the day. Now it was throbbing in my pants and driving me nuts. I needed some distraction.

I tried to go for a run to tire myself out, but the thoughts of what she was doing kept bringing my cock to life. Have you ever tried jogging with a hardon that won't go away? I barely worked up a sweat before I headed home and took a quick shower. I'd have to figure something else out.

I started out with some basic housework just to try to clear my mind and hopefully subdue my raging horniness. I vacuumed the living room, folded some laundry. After a while I was hungry so I made myself a nice diner of roasted chicken and vegetables.

Focusing on cooking helped a lot. Still every slack moment I looked at my phone as the time dragged on. My erection would go down for a couple minutes and then come raging back seemingly twice as hard. I couldn't stop thinking about what must be happening right now.

He only lived about ten minutes from our house so she had to be with him right now. I knew the date was pretty open ended, he had planned to cook a light diner and they'd just get to know each other and see what happened. That left a lot of room for fooling around. I wondered if they had kissed yet, was she sucking his cock or fucking him as I washed the dishes. It was too much, and it was only eight o' clock.

As I finished the dishes I decided it would be good to take care of myself a little bit. I was so intensely horny that I needed something special. This wasn't going to be just a quick jerk off session to relieve tension, I really needed to feel good and eat some time in the process. I poured myself a glass of bourbon on the rocks and got ready.

I grabbed a bottle of lube, a fresh hand towel and sat down on the living room couch. I lit a couple of scented candles and turned out the lights. I put on some trance music with a heavy back beat to set the mood, then I took my time taking my clothes off, my mind wandering over all the things that Jen might be doing with Quinn. Once I was completely nude, I laid back on the couch, feeling the coolness of the black leather on my back. My cock was bouncing up and down, demanding attention, attention it would have to wait just a bit longer for.

Images were flashing through my head, and wouldn't settle on any kind of logical stream, her manicured finger nails raking lightly down his muscular chest, his strong fingers caressing and pinching her pierced nipple, a deep passionate kiss as they ground against each other and tore at their clothes frantically.

As these images flashed through my mind, my own hands wandered over my body, feeling the shape of my muscles, the texture of my skin, pinching my own nipple to the point of pain, my back arched and I let out a long low moan. I sipped the bourbon and was feeling rather warm all over.

I loved the anticipation of the whole situation. I grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some in my hand. Were I using it on her, I would rub my hands together to warm it up, but now on me I relished the temperature difference as I took my cock in my slick hand and covered it from tip to base in the oily lube. I looked down at my cock as I slowly stroked it, enjoying the sensation, the masculine shape of it glistening in the low light.

I love my cock, well OK I love cocks in general, but I can't help but feel much attached to mine (pun totally intended). I wasn't huge or anything, at about six and half inches, but it was very straight and proportionally thick, and cut, with a nice sized head. I reveled in watching my hand slide up and down the slick velvety shaft. Quinn's was a bit bigger according to Jen, but not by too much, and she felt his was equally beautiful. She hadn't shown me the pics because she hadn't asked him for permission yet, so I had to imagine. The thought made my mouth water.

The images flashing through my head became even more erotic and sexually explicit. I imagined her savoring his hard cock, sucking him, them fucking in various positions. The stimulation was too much and I was riding the wave of on the edge of cumming. In order to stay on that edge I had to stop touching myself, or just give the lightest of touches to my cock, which jumped in my hand, straining for release I wouldn't give it just yet.

Then suddenly I was over that line. My hand gripped my cock hard to slow the trajectory but to no avail, I was going to cum. My back started to arch off the couch as my hand pumped my hard cock faster and faster. I let out a loud groan and my whole body shook with the force of the orgasm. I felt hot splashes of cum land on my chest and face and the last pulse rand down over my hand.

I was left breathless and completely covered in cum and still horny as hell. At least my cock softened to half-mast and I felt a little less frantic, only an hour and a half to go.

Right on Time

I won't bore you with the rest of my wait. At five minutes to midnight I found myself peeking out the front window every thirty seconds or so. Some part of my consciousness was aware of how pathetic this was, but the rest of me really didn't care.

At 11:58 lights swung into the driveway. I somehow stopped myself from running out to the car as I watched her open the door and step out. She looked stunning and yet just a bit disheveled with a nervous smile on her lips as she walked up the driveway. Something had definitely happened.

I held the door for her as she came into the house. As she stood before me there was a moment of silence as we took each other in. I was bare chested wearing silk pajama bottoms that showed off my obvious erection. She was dressed much as she'd left, but there were subtle differences. Her hair was slightly mussed, her makeup a combination of freshly applied, and her mouth had a slight telltale rosiness of a recent intense make out session.

She smiled at me sheepishly as I shut the door behind her. She backed against the wall next to the door and I moved in close. I brushed a stray strand of dark hair away from her face and then cupped her face in both of my hands. She looked up at me with big green eyes.

I moved in and kissed her gently on the lips. My body was aching to just ravage her, but I wanted to savor this completely so I moved slowly.

"You fucked him."

"Yes" she said breathless and nodding.

I kissed her again softly on the lips, this time with just a little tongue. I broke the kiss and I caressed her soft and sensitive lips with my thumb. She sucked my thumb between her soft lips and looked up at me, gauging my reaction.

Then I moved in and kissed her harder, and deeper. Then we were making out and working our way to the bedroom, my cock throbbing where it pressed against her corset. She was moaning in my mouth as we frantically worked our way down the hall to the bedroom. I'd never felt this intense a need for her before.

"Tell me" I said as we stood at the end of the bed making out and groping each other.

"We started making out the minute I got there," she said as she slid her skirt down her legs and stepped out of it, "almost as intensely as we are now."

"Mmm sounds amazing."

"It was" she replied.

"Then what?"

"Then we were on his couch making out and he got my bra off and he started sucking and biting my tits." She replied as she shed her top and bra. She was standing in front of me in just thigh highs, panties and corset. We resumed making out.

"Then he got my skirt off and I took his shirt off." She continued.


"Mmm his muscles are so nice, he has a beautiful body."

"Mmm yes tell me more."

"Then I got my hand down his pants and started rubbing his cock."

"Was it nice?"

"Yes, it was hard and when I took it out it was big and beautiful."

"What happened next?"

"He moved his hand down inside my panties and started rubbing my pussy."

"Were you wet?"

"Oh yes I was so wet for him."

"Did it feel good?"

"Yes, too good," she replied breathless as I slid my hand down to rub her soaked pussy "I was going to cum way too soon."

"Oh wow," I replied, "did you?"

"Yes," she replied giggling, "we both did."

"Wow, so you made him cum with your hand?"

"Yes, I started stroking him really fast when I couldn't stop myself from cumming on his fingers."

"Where did he cum?" I asked burying my face in her breasts.

"All over me," she replied hotly, "he came so much."

Then she began to point at some white stains on her corset that I hadn't noticed earlier, saying "Some landed here, here, and here."

As she pointed to each spot, some on her left breast, and several places on her corset I kissed and licked the spot she indicated, wanting to taste his cum on her. She finished with a large stain on the front of her panties that I kissed and sucked clean, tasting his musky cum in the lacey material.

"Mmm, yes" I moaned into the warmth of her panty covered pussy, she had sat back on the bed and I was kneeling on the floor between her legs, "tell me more."

Sliding her panties down her long sexy legs she told me how after they had both cum on the couch he led her to his bedroom. She explained how she sat on the bed and sucked his cock until it got hard again.

"Did he cum in your mouth?" I asked as I kissed her inner thigh.

"Not that time." She replied slyly.

"Mmm, what happened next?"

"He took his clothes off and we got on the bed."

"Mmmm yes" I breathed heavily into her pussy teasing her.

"Then we were making out again," she replied breathlessly "Then he was moving on top of me, between my legs."

"Mmm yes," I replied, as I ran my tongue up her soaking wet pussy.

"Then he was putting his big cock inside me."

I could see that her pussy lips were still red from fucking him. I dove in and started sucking her clit. She cried out and pumped her hips up and down. I imagined I could taste his cock, his cum in her pussy.

"Oh god!" She cried, "He fucked me, he fucked me with his big hard cock."

"Did he make you cum?" I asked between sucking and kissing her sweet pussy.

"Yes! I came so hard on his cock!" She said grabbing my hair and started really fucking my face.

"He came in my pussy," she said, "Can you taste his cum?"

"Yes!" I cried devouring her even more.

"Oh fuck yes!" she cried, "I'm gonna cum!"

Her body started shaking and thrashing all over as I relentlessly sucked on her clit.

Looking up her beautiful body from between her legs when she has an intense orgasm is my favorite thing in the world. I wondered what was going through her mind, how was she feeling having fucked another man, having me sucking her pussy eagerly afterword.

Her body was trembling all over and she was laughing, giddy with the pleasure of it all. Her thighs gripped my head and she had a fist full of my hair in her hand. I continued to lick and suck her, backing off of her sensitive clit and focusing on her tasty shaved lips and inner thighs.

I moved up her body as she was breathing heavy, kissing the swell of her tummy, then sucking each of her big pierced nipples between my lips and savoring her taste. We kissed and she licked at her juices on my chin.

"Mmm did you like that?" She asked, "Going down on me after he fucked me?"

"Yes!" I replied, I couldn't believe how calm I was with my cock raging and throbbing between us, yet we continued to talk.

"How many times did you fuck?" I asked as rubbed my cock up and down her soaked pussy.

"Three" she said blushing.


"Yeah," she replied blushing even more, "we skipped diner"

"Did you taste his cum?"

"Yes," she replied breathless "the last time he finished in my mouth."

"Did you like being with him?" I asked as I slipped my cock into her well fucked and soaking wet cunt, which caused her to moan deeply.

"Yes I did."

"Are you going to do it again?" I asked, punctuating me words with a deep thrust into her, the warmth of her body spreading into my cock.

"Yes, I want to." She replied moaning with each slow, hard, deep thrust.

"You want to feel his cock inside you again?" I asked thrusting harder.


Then we were going at it hard, I was fucking her wet pussy and my hips were slamming down into her thighs. The room was filled with grunts and moans as she came again on my cock. I couldn't take any more at that point, I pulled my cock out and give it two quick pumps and I was cumming all over her.

When I say all over, I mean everywhere. I had never cum so hard in my live, my whole body was convulsing as rope after rope of cum shot from my cock and landed on her gorgeous body and it just seemed to go on forever. She turned her head to no get any in her eyes.

When I was finally done she was completely soaked from her right cheek to her pussy in cum. Her tits, upper chest and belly were drenched. Moving up to kiss her I began the glorious task of licking all that hot cum off of her body.

"Is this what you want?" she asked as I made my way down to licking the cum from her beautiful tits.

"What do you mean?" I asked between licks.

"I mean with me and Quinn and all this." She clarified.

"Oh, honestly I'm not sure." I said, taking a break "I mean it is super hot, but also very difficult too."

Thinking for a second I continued, "I loved everything about tonight, I just don't know how often or how long I can do it for, it was also very nerve wracking."

"Do you want me to stop seeing him?"

"No" I replied earnestly, "I don't want that."

"Well where do you see this going?" She asked.

"I don't know, let's see how it goes." I replied, "but I do know I want to be more a part of it in the long run."

"How so?" She asked, "You mean like a threesome?"

"Yes," I replied, "or something like that. I mean I don't want to butt in, but I would like that at some point if it develops, either way I'd like to get to know him more"

"Hmmm, OK well let's see what happens."

"Mmmhmmm" I replied as I went back to licking the cum off of her beautiful body.

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