Center Piece


Summer licked and suckled her folds, teasing her tongue to her friend's clit with almost prescient timing, just when Autumn needed it. So long untouched by anything other than her own fingers — and that infrequently — a strange combination of warm pressure shot through with chilly pinpricks swelled beneath her mound.

Whimpers, yelps, and squeals burst forth at a steadily increasing volume and frequency as her pleasure mounted. Reading the cues of her body like a book, Summer turned more and more attention to her friend's clit — sometimes tickling with just the tip, and other times rolling it with strong laps. Autumn never knew which was coming next — or when — and lurched with each renewed sensation shooting through the swollen, sensitive bud.

Her body was alive with chills, and yet beading with sweat as her head lashed on the pillow. Breathing hard and pinching her nipples even harder, Autumn ascended her mountain of bliss. She reached her precipice only to teeter precariously — torturously — on the edge of orgasm for what felt like eternity.

Then she tumbled over the edge.

Though she couldn't hear it over her own scream of so-sweet release, she could feel Summer's moan humming through her clit, making her pleasure spike even higher. The blonde tenaciously rode Autumn's bucking hips, licking and sucking her friend's throbbing button, keeping her coming until Autumn was sure she would pass out from the intensity of the pleasure.

Even though she didn't pass out, she certainly lost contact with the world beyond her beautiful agony. By the time the last shockwave of her climax released her to suck in a ragged breath, Summer had already laid down next to her. She looked over at her smiling blonde friend, her voice a quavering squeak, and said, "Oh my god."

"Goddess," Summer corrected, still licking Autumn's nectar from her lips.

Autumn quivered and twitched through the aftershocks, until at long last, she caught her breath. "Oh, I needed that so bad."

"Why on earth did you go so long? Any guy would do you in a heartbeat."

"I'm just not ready to even think about a relationship, and being with someone I don't know..." She shook her head.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that any more." Summer moved in closer and added, "What you have to worry about is that I'm laying here with wet panties, and I'm certainly not going to wait."

Autumn moaned into the kiss and reached for the button of Summer's jeans.


"Rise and shine."

Autumn responded to her friend's kiss before she'd even fully awakened.

"How did you sleep?" Summer asked.

"Mmm. Wonderful." She'd fallen into a blissful sleep after uncountable orgasms given and received until Summer's husband had finally returned home. "Even better way to wake up."

"Keep talking like that and Thanksgiving dinner won't be ready until about nine tonight. Come on, sleepy-head. Have a shower, and then we'd better get to work. We have a long morning ahead of us. I'll start pre-heating ovens, since I had a shower before I went to bed."

Autumn reluctantly pushed the covers back and sat up. She was stark naked, and her clothes were still scattered all around the room. The bedclothes she'd wearily helped Summer change before passing out were balled up in the corner near the hamper. A shiver passed through her as memories of the previous evening washed over her.

Feeling a tingle between her sticky thighs, and her nipples stiffening, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed before arousal took control of her. After her shower, she couldn't resist slipping in on Summer for a quick kiss before making her way to the other kitchen.

The morning positively flew by after that. She and Summer had planned a feast that would likely keep all six of them in leftovers until Christmas. The variety of dishes meant that they might be able to avoid burnout on any one of them in the process.

Lisa looked a little bleary-eyed when the redhead wandered into the kitchen for a bagel and a cup of coffee. Her husband and Roger didn't look any better. They'd obviously enjoyed their evening — thoroughly.

Once several cups of coffee returned her to the land of the living, Lisa proved a welcome addition. Though she was less than skilled as a cook, she could follow directions, and helped speed up both kitchens with her assistance.

Dinner was a treat, bringing a smile to Autumn's lips throughout. That smile grew even wider when the men offered to take care of clean up — albeit quickly before the second of the day's football games started. Autumn sat down in a chair to relax, her full tummy and the early, busy morning catching up to her.

She was a little embarrassed when she awakened a couple of hours later, but at least she wasn't alone. Summer was stretching next to her husband, having just roused as well. The boys were boisterous, having apparently indulged in quite a few beers.

Summer stood up and stretched again. "Why don't we go pour ourselves a couple of glasses of wine? If we don't catch up a little, they're going to start getting on our nerves."

Autumn chuckled and followed her friend to the kitchen. The blonde selected a bottle and uncorked the wine. While letting it breathe, she sat down next to Autumn, wearing an amused expression.

"What?" Autumn asked.

"Oh, nothing really. I was just thinking that Brian could still taste pussy on my lips when he got home last night."

"Oh god," Autumn gasped, and then chuckled as she covered her eyes with her hand.

"He knew Lisa wasn't home, soo..."

Two things hit her simultaneously. First, Brian knew whom he had tasted on his wife's lips.

Summer confirmed the second by saying, "Mmm hmm. Lisa and I play. She's been hinting to me that she wants a more intimate introduction, if you're interested?"

Autumn couldn't suppress her shiver at the thought of the gorgeous redhead slipping between her legs.

"I take that as a yes?"

Biting her lower lip, Autumn summoned up the courage to nod her head.

"Oh my," Summer breathed as she stood up and went to pour the wine.

"Is Mike... Uhm..."

"Okay with it? Oh yeah." She handed over the first glass and then poured her own.

Autumn took a sip. "It's great that you found someone who doesn't feel threatened. Paul blew up when I hinted about maybe having another woman in bed with us." She rolled her eyes and snorted. "Not that he minded having another woman without me."

"No thinking about that," Summer playfully scolded. "Think about Lisa instead."

"You're terrible."

"I know. Come on. Let's go watch them make fools out of themselves over their football." She picked up the bottle of wine, an extra glass for Lisa, and then walked back around the counter. "I imagine we'll all be ready for dessert before too much longer."

The boys were indeed making fools of themselves, because their team was doing well in the game. Autumn couldn't help but think that they believed they were directly involved by sitting around the television. With a little wine in her, it turned even more amusing.

The wine didn't last long with three of them drinking, though. One refill each was all the bottle had to offer.

"I think we need some more," Summer said when she finished her second glass. She gave her husband a quick kiss, whispered something in his ear, and then stood up. "Come on girls. I'm ready for some dessert, too."

Autumn felt her already warm face grow a little warmer when Lisa stood up. She'd already caught her eyes drifting to the beautiful redhead more than once, and strongly suspected that Summer had mentioned their conversation in the kitchen.

As soon as they crossed the threshold, Lisa confirmed that suspicion. She leaned in close and said, "I know exactly what sweet treat I want, and it's not in any pie pan."

Lisa and Summer giggled as her face turned bright red.

"She's not the only one," Summer chimed in. "Brian couldn't stop talking about it last night."

Autumn gasped and brought her fingers to her mouth. "Summer!"

"What? You don't think I'd be selfish and not let him play, too?" The blonde shivered and licked her lips as she stepped closer. "Making me wet just thinking about it."

"Me too," Lisa agreed.

The pair had stepped up on either side of her, all but pinning her between them and the table. "So, you all..."

"Mmm hmm. And Roger too," Summer said while reaching out to stroke a finger up Autumn's arm. "We've been keeping it under control since you moved in, because we didn't know what you'd think."

"So, what do you think?" Lisa asked.

Shocked as much by how aroused the revelation made her as the revelation itself, Autumn said, "I... I don't know. I've never even..."

Summer leaned in and kissed her neck. "Just think about Brian fucking you hard while I rub your clit and Lisa sucks your nipples."

Lisa's hand squeezed Autumn's butt through her skirt as she added, "And Mike waiting for his turn when Brian can't hold back anymore."

"And Roger right behind him," Summer continued while teasing her friend's nipple.

"Oh my god... I..." Autumn was overwhelmed, her imagination running wild from their words and touches. She'd never been with more than one person at the same time, and yet she was deep into a fantasy about five. What's more, she knew it didn't have to stay a fantasy. It could be real.

Right here.

Right now.

Though she gasped and trembled, she made absolutely no effort to deter Summer from popping open a button on her blouse or Lisa sliding down the zipper on her skirt. In less than a minute, she was standing in nothing but her bra and panties with eager hands exploring her body. Lisa's hand slid into Autumn's panties, and Summer popped the clasp of her bra.

Summer's sweater soon joined the pile of clothing growing on the floor, rapidly followed by her bra. She then replaced Lisa's hand while the redhead hurried to unbutton her blouse.

"So, do you want to invite the boys to play too?" Summer asked in a sultry whisper.

Already panting from two sets of fingers teasing her aching pussy, her answer was a foregone conclusion. "Oh yes."

"Mmm, up on the table," Summer instructed while using the hand inside her friend's panties to push them down.

Autumn slipped off her bra and helped wriggle out of her panties, then used a chair to assist her as she climbed up onto the table. The butterflies already fluttering in her stomach went into a positive frenzy when Lisa walked bare-breasted to the doorway of the kitchen and crooked a finger toward the men in the front room.

Lisa giggled and turned back toward the table. Then she licked her lips and sauntered out of the doorway, unbuttoning her jeans along the way.

Brian and Mike already had their shirts off by the time they appeared in the doorway. Roger pulled his over his head in the doorway and tossed it off to the side, revealing three muscular, gorgeous male torsos to Autumn's nervous gaze.

Summer stroked her finger down Autumn's bare leg and asked the boys, "What do you think of the center piece?"

Her blonde friend's emphasis on the second word made Autumn blush as the men admired her nude body.

"Beautiful," Roger said while popping open the button on his pants.

"Delicious," Mike countered, doing the same.

"You've gone too long without," Summer said, having removed her jeans and panties while Autumn sat transfixed from the sight of the men undressing. "So, we're all yours tonight, to make up for lost time."

Autumn moaned when the blonde pulled her into a kiss and guided her to recline on the table. She felt soft hands on her knees, and had just enough time to see Lisa flip her red curls over one shoulder and slip between her legs before Summer blocked the view by sucking a nipple between her lips.

A loud squeal erupted from Autumn's lips as the redhead tongued her wet heat and Summer sucked her stiff nipple. Her eyes — which had pinched closed from the onslaught of pleasure — fluttered open, and then widened. Brian was standing next to the table, his rock-hard cock bobbing at her eye level. A little over average length and nicely thick, the sight of it sent a fresh flood of juices for Lisa to lap up. In her peripheral vision, she could see Roger and Mike stepping next to the table with equally impressive erections standing out from their muscular bodies.

"Do you want to suck it?" Summer asked before curling her tongue back around the brunette's nipple again.

Autumn didn't answer with words, but rather with action. She pulled herself closer to the edge of the table with Lisa adjusting to keep her tongue in contact the whole while. As soon as it was within reach, she wrapped her fingers around Brian's rock hard cock and took it between her lips.

"Like my hubby's cock?" Summer asked while she watched and teased her friend's moist nipples with a fingertip.

"Mmm hmm," Autumn moaned around him, taking him deeper.

"Ah, fuck yeah," Brian exclaimed, his hand coming to rest on the back of her head.

"You're going to like it even more when it's deep inside you," Summer suggested.

The angle was awkward, he was big, and she was already having trouble concentrating from Lisa's tongue dancing over her folds, but Brian's groans encouraged her to take him as fast and deep as she could.

Summer slipped down off the table and said, "As much as I love seeing his cock in your mouth, it's somebody else's turn. Come up here and watch her suck Mike, Lisa. I want a taste."

Autumn whimpered in protest when Lisa slipped from between her legs, but she wasn't left unattended for long. By the time she had Mike's even thicker cock in her mouth, Summer was energetically tonguing her. Both Lisa and her husband each reached for one of Autumn's breasts to squeeze it.

"Mmm, baby. That looks like fun," Lisa suggested as she cupped her husband's balls in her hand.

He chuckled, then growled. "Uh huh."

"Taste good?" Brian asked as he moved in behind Summer to stroke her back.

Summer licked her lips and said, "Why don't you see for yourself?"

Autumn had to let Mike's cock escape her lips when two tongues went to work on her pussy.

"Mmm. Look at her squirm," Lisa moaned, then pushed her husband out of the way. "Okay, Roger's turn."

Panting from the dual assault between her legs, the sight of Roger's cock looming in her vision was a little intimidating. He was likely an inch longer than either of the other men, with more girth. Red curls tickled her skin as Lisa bent over the table to take a nipple between her lips.

Fighting through the pleasure trying to steal her senses, she parted her lips wide and took Roger's throbbing organ in. Knowing she couldn't take much of it in her mouth, she sucked hard and wiggled her tongue over the head. His growls thrilled her, and she fought against the burn in the corners of her mouth to take him deeper.

A drop of pre-cum lit up her tastebuds just as Summer and Brian tag-teamed her clit. Autumn squealed around the thick rod in her mouth and had to let it pop out to suck in a desperate gasp of air. The itch behind her mound and running through her clit intensified, sending her hurtling with lightning speed toward a crescendo.

A rapid-fire series of whimpers shook Autumn's body, and then she exploded into orgasm with a scream.

Summer and Brian held her tight, keeping her from escaping as their tongues continued to wash over her. Lisa sucked her nipple hard. Mike and Roger's hands ran all over while she trembled and thrashed through the powerful climax.

"God, I loved that," Summer said when she and Brian finally stood up from between her legs. They shared a kiss, tasting Autumn's juices on each other's lips.

"You're right, this was fun," Lisa said, "but the table's in the way."

"Mmm hmm," Summer agreed. She grinned and said, "It's your turn."

Lisa sighed, but then smiled. "Oh well, I can live with that."

Still quivering from her orgasm, Autumn's brow knitted and she let out an inquiring moan.

"It's Lisa's turn to change her bed when we all make a mess of it."

Lisa slapped her husband's ass and said, "Bring lots of bottles of water."

The redhead and blonde both took one of Autumn's hands to help her up. "Having fun?" Summer asked.

Autumn's eyes rolled up in her head and she let out a warbling moan. She'd already had one wonderful orgasm, and she knew that the night had barely begun.

"Thought so," Summer said, and laughed.

Lisa batted her eyelashes and said, "Roger, why don't you help her to the bedroom."

He walked over and pushed a chair out of the way, a grin decorating his face, and then squatted down. Autumn let out a surprised yelp when Roger clasped his hands beneath her butt and easily lifted her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, loving the feeling of his tight muscles flexing as he carried her out of the kitchen and through the house to Lisa's bedroom.

Roger kissed her hard as he lowered her to the king-sized bed. Everyone else filed in behind them, spreading out around the bed and climbing in to surround her.

"I feel like I'm dreaming," Autumn whispered as she marveled at the beautiful, nude bodies surrounding her.

Lisa leaned over and kissed her. "Well, we'll have to let Mikey show you that you're not dreaming then."

"Ha. I got dibs," her husband said with mock smugness.

"Don't push it," Lisa warned, then turned her attention back to Autumn. "Do you want his big, hard cock deep inside you?"

Autumn gasped and slipped her hand between the redhead's legs. "Oh yes."

Lisa moaned. "That feels good. Want a taste?"

"Uh huh."

Lisa didn't waste any time in straddling her face, and Autumn slipped her tongue into the sweet pink treat as soon as she could reach it.

"I taught her well, didn't I?" Summer said.

"Ohhh, yeah," the redhead agreed as she wriggled from Autumn's tongue tickling her.

Autumn's heart beat fast as she tongued a woman other than Summer for the first time. The excitement drove her to push her tongue in deep, lapping for the flow of nectar dribbling down into her mouth. Strong hands pushing her knees up and out a moment later made her yelp, and she darted her tongue to Lisa's clit.

"Give it to her as good as she's giving it to me, baby," Lisa said.

Autumn groaned long and loud into the redhead's wet heat as Mike's thick cock stretched her. Even as soaked as she was, she instinctively resisted his girth penetrating her after so long going without. She did her best to keep her tongue lapping between high-pitched grunts as he slowly pushed into her, inch by inch.

"Oh damn, that's good," Mike growled as his balls settled against her.

"Feel good, Autumn?"

"So big," Autumn said between licks.

A finger touched her clit as Mike pulled back, tracing slow, feather-light circles over the throbbing little nub. Another, larger hand cupped her left breast and squeezed.

After only a few strokes of the big cock stroking into her depths, she couldn't control her tongue at all. Lisa lifted up from her face as Autumn yelped and whimpered from Mike rocking her body. He shifted his stance and the way he held her knees every few strokes, constantly hitting new pleasure centers, fucking her in a way she hadn't felt in years.

Autumn's head lifted up from the mattress and then slammed back down as Summer added a second finger and pressed harder against her clit. Mike picked up the pace while the other two men squeezed and teased her bouncing breasts.

Mike grunted and growled as he pounded his cock home, loud smacks sounding with every thrust. Summer's fingers moved faster, and Lisa replaced Roger's fingers on her nipple with her lips.

"Oh, she's getting close," Summer accurately predicted as Autumn cried out with every hard thrust of Mike's thick cock. Just as she was on the cusp of sweet oblivion, cool air replaced hard cock.

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