Center Piece


"S-shit," Mike gasped as he sat back hard on the bed.

Lisa laughed. "You're like a teenager, sometimes."

"God, please," Autumn begged, so close to a peak that her body was screaming for release.

Brian took the initiative and slid down between her legs. She yelped as he pushed his full length inside her in one smooth thrust.

"Give it to her," Summer encouraged her husband.

"Make her come," Lisa added as her fingers took over on Autumn's clit.

"So close. P-please!" Autumn begged, and then screamed as he did just that.

Brian was every bit as big and experienced as Mike, driving her straight back to the precipice in only a few strokes. Her next scream turned into a croak as she came — hard.

"That's it, come all over that cock," Lisa said, rubbing her clit faster.

Autumn cried out as a second wave of orgasm crashed over her. "Oh, oh, oh, g-god!"

Brian slowed a little, but didn't stop. Her orgasm kept surging from his thrusts, leaving her feeling light-headed and breathless when it finally waned. For a brief while afterward, she felt somewhat numbed as Brian pumped into her and Lisa's fingers picked up the pace on her clit again. As the sensation faded, another bubble of orgasmic energy built behind her mound.

Summer scooted in close. "Do you want him to come for you? I'd love to see him fill you up."

"All three of them," Lisa amended.

Summer moaned. "Oh yeah. Three big, hot loads of cum deep inside you. One after the other."

"We promise we'll clean you all up," the redhead said while licking her lips and twitching her eyebrows.

Electric tingles arched all through Autumn's sex as she thought about all of them erupting inside her. "I want it."

Her voice breathless with excitement, Summer said, "Give it to her, Brian,"

"You want a creampie for dessert, baby?" he asked his wife as he pushed hard and deep into Autumn's pussy.

"Uh huh."

"You're going to get it."

Autumn's breasts jiggled, then bounced under the assault as Brian built back up to speed. Lisa's fingers flashed over her clit. In her peripheral vision, she could see Summer stroking the other two men's cocks while drinking in the sight of her husband thrusting away.

Though she had barely recovered from one orgasm, she was well on her way to another. Brian grunted and groaned, his fingers digging into her thighs, and thrusts growing more powerful as he edged closer to the point of no return.

"Fuck. About to go," Brian growled as his balls slapped against her ass in a rapid tattoo.

Hearing that broke something free in Autumn and she squealed. A few hard thrusts later, she cried out, "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes," and then tumbled headlong into oblivion.

Brian let out an explosive growl and slammed his cock into her depths just as the first wave of her orgasm crested. She felt him swell and pulse, spurting his cream as the next wave overtook her.

She was still deep in ecstatic bliss when Brian pulled free and Mike buried his cock in her cum-filled depths.

What sound she could hear over the pounding of her heartbeat in her ears was dull — hollow. Spots danced before her tightly closed eyes. Pulse after pulse of orgasmic energy shot through her, making her writhe all over the bed, bumping into her bedmates. A relentless chain of multiple orgasms claimed her, and she barely registered Mike flooding her pussy with cum through the beautiful agony.

The shock of Mike jerking his cock free finally gave her reprieve, leaving Autumn sweaty and out of breath, but feeling wonderful.

"Need a drink?" Summer asked, holding one of the bottles where her friend could see it through half-lidded eyes.

Autumn groaned and then let out a weak chuckle. "Can't get up."

Lisa waved Roger over, and he slid in behind Autumn as she twitched and shivered from aftershocks. With his help, she sat up and leaned against his chest. His big, rock hard cock tapped against the small of her back, reminding her that the night was far from over.

Even though she'd already made a mess, she instinctively clenched her intimate muscles as more of the two loads of cum inside her sought escape. She saw Summer glance between her legs and lick her lips as the blonde handed over the bottle of water. Autumn let out a high-pitched moan and lifted the bottle to her lips, knowing Roger was most likely going to have to wait his turn behind Lisa and Summer.

Once she finished the bottle of water, Autumn had recovered enough to start wiggling her butt against Roger's erection. She was ready for more. As expected, Lisa and summer each grabbed an ankle, seeing that she'd caught her breath. A little tugging and scooting put her in position for the girls to slip between her legs, and for her to wrap her hand around Roger's cock.

A trio of moans accompanied the tongues teasing Autumn's cum-filled pussy. She fully relaxed her intimate muscles and her eyes widened when she felt the mingled cream flowing from her depths.

"Oh yeah," Summer said as she scooped up a dollop on her tongue.

"Yummy," Lisa agreed.

Stroking Roger a little faster because the thought of the two women lapping up their husband's cum excited her, Autumn sat up straighter so she could see. Lisa swirled her tongue through the seeping cream, strands of it trailing from her lips to Autumn's folds. Summer turned and shared with the redhead in a kiss. Then, they both moved back in for more.

Roger growled and reached behind Autumn's back to squeeze her right breast, his cock throbbing in her grasp. Autumn tightened her grip and stroked faster. A glistening drop of pre-cum welled up from the slit in his mushroom tip and she tried to lean down to claim her reward. The attempt proved less than comfortable until Roger happily assisted by scooting toward the head of the bed and turning on his side.

Autumn lapped up the droplet with a broad stroke of her tongue and moaned. She bathed his erection with long laps, wetting it while she kept her hand pumping at the base. Soon enough, she couldn't resist the challenge, and parted her lips wide to engulf the broad head of his cock.

"Oh, hell yeah," Roger groaned as she sucked up and down about an inch of his thick member.

Lisa and Summer chose that moment to start taking turns, allowing them to delve deeper into her canal and gain better access to her clit. Her mouth full of the biggest cock she'd ever touched and with two gorgeous women tonguing her so well, Autumn was in heaven.

Sucking harder and faster on Roger's cock, she inched steadily toward another climax. A burst of flavor signaled a second drop of pre-cum, driving her to even greater efforts. He grunted from her attention, alternating between stroking her hair and teasing her nipples with soft pinches. Fortunately, he kept his hips still, and she didn't have to contend with his already difficult-to-manage cock pushing deeper than she could handle.

Lisa went into a rapid tongue-tip attack on Autumn's clit, and after a few seconds, she had to let Roger go to gasp for air. Though she kept her hand moving haltingly up and down his now saliva-coated shaft, her concentration was rapidly evaporating.

"Mmm, you've almost got her," Summer said. She then moved so she could push two fingers deep into Autumn's depths, curl them upward, and pump the digits in and out.

Lisa was relentless, and the addition of Summer's well-targeted finger thrusts sent Autumn even higher. "Uh huh. Uh huh. Ohh yeah," she yelped, her hand freezing and gripping Roger tight.

A squeal with hints of laughter to it burst from her lips as Autumn's back arched and she came.

Summer let out a ruff sound as Autumn's walls clenched down on her fingers. "There you go."

"Mmm hmm," Lisa moaned around the clit locked tight between her lips.

Autumn bumped and bucked through her orgasm, still holding on to Roger's cock — probably a little too tight to be comfortable for him. She settled to the mattress with a final shudder and a long, contented moan when she drifted back to earth from the heights of pleasure.

"Oh my god," Summer said, and then groaned. "I know we said tonight was yours, but I'm aching."

Still deep in the afterglow, Autumn giggled and said, "It's okay."

"Trade hubbies?" Lisa suggested.

"Mmm hmm," Summer agreed, and then walked over to pull a chair next to the bed. She sat down right on the edge, rested one leg on the arm, and crooked a finger to Mike.

Lisa was already tousling Brian's hair as he licked her at the foot of the bed by the time Mike buried his tongue in Summer's folds.

Eyes flittering back and forth between the two women enjoying each other's husbands, Autumn licked her lips, thinking that she hadn't been able to get a good enough taste of Lisa yet. Roger's finger sliding up her spine sent her into shivers, though.

"So, uhm..." he said when she turned her attention to him.

Autumn bit her lip and swallowed. "I don't know if it will even fit."

Lisa let out a moan at the foot of the bed and pulled Brian's face tighter against her sex. "Don't worry. It scared the life out of me the first time I saw it, too. He knows how to handle that thing, though. I promise you're going to love it."

"Do it, Autumn," Summer encouraged as she dragged her nails up and down Mike's back.

"How about I warm you up a little first," Roger suggested while sliding a hand down her tummy to tickle the curls on her mound.

"Oh, I guess," she said with playful indifference, though the way she quivered from his touch completely belied her tone.

He sat up immediately and rolled over between her parting legs. As he drew closer, it dawned upon Autumn that he was about to go down on her after two other men had come inside her. Even though Lisa and Summer had likely cleaned up every drop, the thought still caused her to gasp.

That gasp jumped an octave when he gave her nether lips a strong, broad tongued lap that ended at her clit with a suck.

Moans and whimpers filled the room as the three men tantalized their partners. Lisa sounded as if she were already on the verge of orgasm, and a look over at Summer hinted that she wasn't far behind.

"Oh, that feels so good," Autumn cooed while running her fingers through Roger's hair.

He sucked her clit between his lips, causing her fingers to curl into claws on the back of his head.

"That's even better."

He chuckled into her folds and rolled her clit with his tongue.

Lisa came with a wail, her legs clamping down tight around Brian's ears. Roger pushed up from between Autumn's legs at the same time, and she sucked in a deep breath of fearful anticipation.

"Yeah. Yeah. Right there. Don't stop," Summer cried out apparently on the brink.

Roger pulled his knees under him, and Autumn thought that his cock somehow looked even bigger viewed through the V of her legs. She knew without a doubt that it was going to feel bigger. He edged forward amidst the sound of Summer screaming her release and Lisa whimpering through a continuing orgasm.

A thumb pressed down near the root pointed his cock toward her, and he pressed it against her folds. Autumn instinctively drew in a deep breath and held it, but he wriggled the huge, spongy tip in her wetness rather than penetrating her. At the same time, he put a finger to work on her clit. She let the contained breath out as a moan.

Autumn slowly relaxed from his practiced finger stoking her fires. The little tugs on her folds caused by his cockhead rubbing against them eased as well, her wetness overcoming friction as it coated him. She felt the tip come to rest at the entrance of her canal and gasped, but he let it slip back up. He teased her a second time a moment later, once again letting the big head slide up her damp folds to bump against her clit.

The third time, she felt him press forward.

Her muscles clamped down of their own volition, resisting the massive intruder trying to enter her. The pressure eased, and he wiggled the tip through her juices before pushing it down again.

Autumn threw her head back and let out a loud, high-pitched grunt as the head popped inside her. He worked his hips with the most minuscule of motions, but even that was enough to make her groan, whimper, and gasp. She was stretched like nothing she'd ever imagined, yet despite the discomfort and nerves, there was an ache in her depths, yearning for more.

The mattress moved and Autumn looked to see Lisa — still red-faced and twitching from aftershocks — move in close. The redhead said, "Just relax, sweetie," and replaced Roger's finger with her own.

Brian was right behind her, his chin and lips still glistening with her juices from making her come. He cupped Autumn's left breast and moved toward it, but she redirected him with a tug on his arm into a kiss.

Tasting Lisa on his lips, Autumn moaned. The sound turned into a yelp when Roger pushed just a little deeper. Mouth hanging open and jaw quivering, she guided Brian back to his original target. Her fingers twined tightly in his hair when he sucked her nipple between his lips.

"Oh yeah," Roger said, still barely moving his huge cock inside her.

"So big. God, so big," Autumn squeaked.

"You know you want more," Lisa said as she sucked two fingers to wet them before returning to Autumn's clit.

The shock faded more quickly this time, and Autumn nodded. "Yes. More."

Pulling back, Roger withdrew the couple of inches he'd managed to push past her resistance and thrust again. It was almost exactly the same depth as before, but the added sensation of the quicker push made Autumn squeal.

Slow, methodical thrusts drew out a steady stream of whimpers, penetrating just a little deeper every few strokes. It felt as if his cock was all the way up in her belly and about to split her in half, but when she lifted her head to look, there was still less than half of it inside her.

Autumn breathed hard, ever more animalistic cries emerging as Roger picked up speed. With what dim awareness remained beyond the incredible fullness, she noticed that his balls were barely brushing her. It was easily long enough to pound against her cervix, but he showed remarkable control in giving her all she could handle, and not a millimeter more.

"So fucking good," Roger growled, though it was barely audible over Autumn's cries and a screech from Summer as she came again on Mike's tongue.

Lisa's fingers moved faster, and Autumn's pleasure mounted. Noticing that she was trying to see around him, Brian released her nipple and moved to plunge three fingers into Lisa's depths instead. The redhead responded with a sensual growl.

The slightest tinges of pain provided a sharp counterpoint to the warm, tingling sensation behind her mound. Her resistance had finally collapsed, allowing Roger to take her at a rapid pace. Breasts jiggling, she clawed at the sheets as orgasm teased her. She was so close to an explosion, but felt trapped in those perfect, intense moments just before climax. On and on it went, until she was sure she would faint.

It hit her with the force of a lightning bolt, and without the slightest warning. Autumn let out an ear-piercing shriek as her orgasm tore through her. Ecstasy erupted from her every pore. From her flushed face to her tightly curled toes, she was coming, and coming hard.

With her heart pounding in her ears, she missed most of what Roger said, but she caught enough of the last two words — fucking come — to realize he was about to join her.

He roared, losing control and pushing deeper as his cock erupted inside her. She swore she could feel the hard spurts of cum spattering against the entrance of her womb. He swelled, pulsed, and trembled, drawing her orgasm out even longer as he pumped her full of cum.

Autumn went limp at the same moment as Roger fell forward onto his hands. The aftershocks lasted even longer than the seemingly never-ending orgasm. Time was an impossible concept to grasp for a while, but eventually, Autumn returned to the real world, cum dribbling from her gaped canal.

Roger lay next to her, a smile on his face so silly looking that she couldn't hold back a giggle. At the foot of the bed, Brian was mounting his wife. Nearby, Lisa was bent over, holding on to the footboard as her husband pounded away.

Brian vented his passion with hard, fast thrusts into Summer's pussy, but she still found the presence of mind to catch Autumn's eye and stutter out, "T-told you we were g-gonna... Gonna lay out a s-spread none of... None of us would e-ever forget."

Giggling in the afterglow and thinking about going back for another helping, Autumn couldn't have agreed more.


Hope you enjoyed this one. I felt like taking the group category a few steps farther than I usually do. Please take a moment to vote, but only vote once. No stuffing the ballot box. Save that for the turkey.

Comments are also most welcome. If you enjoyed this story, you might also like "Thricegiving" written for a contest past. Adding me or the story to your favorites is an easy way to locate it or me again in the future, and favorite listings are always smile inducer.

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