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Centerfold Angel


There were still a few days to go before the arrival of the New Year, but he felt as if he had received his present early. He was floating on air. Dell Hollister was thrilled at the opportunity that had been presented to him today. He was going to get to photograph and interview Debra Jo Fallon, once one of the most popular magazine centerfolds of all time. She had been out of the limelight for about five years now and had let it be known through the grapevine that she was willing to pose again if the price was right. Dell's clients had very willingly put up the money and the session was booked through her agents. Dell was chosen to act as the photographer and interviewer. Dell was thrilled because he'd had a "thing" for the long-haired blonde ever since he could remember. His friends had teased him for years that he wouldn't know what to do if he ever met the incredible blonde. Now he was about to prove all of them wrong. More than ever, he was glad he had defied his parent's wishes and become a photographer instead of an accountant. Few accountants ever got to meet goddesses who descended from on high.

Debra Jo had haunted his dreams and inspired fantasies he would never have dared voice to any of his girlfriends. He still had her poster in his apartment, the one with her in the pretty pink lingerie with only one button done up. Her smile, slightly crooked but inviting, was etched in his memory. The perfection of her body made him weak and when he learned he had gotten the assignment to photograph her return layout, he did not sleep for two days. He promised himself he would not act the fool by babbling on, nor would he clam up and appear aloof. He had photographed several beautiful women for the magazine, although none were his Angel, his perfect obsession.

Dell was in a near-fanatical state the days before his shoot with Debra. He got as much sleep as he was able. He finished almost all of his assignments ahead of schedule. The night before the shoot, he made sure he laid out his nicest clothes. He already had a few of his prettier paramours calling him for dates or inviting him to upcoming gatherings and New Year's parties, all of those invitations were gently rebuffed. He wanted nothing to spoil the perfection of his shoot with the lovely blonde model and he would meticulously slave over the work after as well. He and his skilled eye were going to be in tip-top, A # 1 condition for Debra Jo Fallon. If Dell had his way, the shots he would take of her would be the pinnacle of his career.

Dell had a wonderful imagination and had shot a number of well-received layouts over the past several years. He was increasingly popular with the companies he worked for because he produced exceptional work, delivered beautiful models and at a good price. His girl-girl shoots were very sensual, he had done some hot bondage and fetish work and even the hardcore shoots he had done still had a look of class and elegance. He always had ideas when he photographed a model, but if a model had been in the business for a while, he was always willing to listen to her input. He found it made for better photographs and a convivial working environment. He never came on strong with any of the models, although if one made a flirtatious offer, he was not above enjoying himself. He was young, successful and attractive. Why shouldn't he strike while the iron was hot?

He had a couple of ideas for photographing Debra. For the beginning set, he would photograph her in various poses against a stark white background -- bed, sheets, everything. He would have her entirely naked save for white stiletto heels. Her tanned skin, slender body and long blonde hair would be the only thing he needed for exceptional photographs. For her second layout, he wanted to do a set that was in stark contrast to the first. For the first few photos of that set, she would be in a white dressing gown that appeared similar to the outfit she had worn in her original layout. However, once that was removed, the audience would see her in black high boots, matching latex gloves, perhaps some black lingerie as well. He would light her from behind, as he wanted to achieve a look from her few photographers had been able to capture. He wanted her to look wilder and show the two sides of this blonde goddess. He thought he might call the layout "Perfect Angel / Delectable Devil" or something like that. The client had already told him if the pictures were as incredible as he promised they would be, he would be given the centerfold. With a tiny bit of arrogance, he assured them it was in the bag.

His assistant Barbara gave him a huge smile when he entered the studio. "She's here and ... whew," Barbie laughed. He and the petite redhead had shared a bed on numerous occasions and she had modeled herself in earlier years. Her passion for gorgeous women nearly matched his, so a "whew" from Barbie was a ringing endorsement. "Boss-man, she must have one of those Dorian Grey-type portraits hanging somewhere," she smiled. "That gorgeous bitch doesn't look as if she has aged a day."

"I chalk it up to clean living and having a whole lot of sex," came a soft, husky voice from behind them. Dell spun around and saw her for the first time in the flesh. He was sure his heart stopped for a minute and had Barbie not nudged him forward, he might not have moved.

"Hi, it is a tremendous honor to be photographing you and an even bigger pleasure to be meeting you," Dell said, regaining his composure. "I'm Dell Hollister."

Debra took his hand but he noticed she had an odd look on her face. "I had no idea you were such a handsome young man. Darn, I guess I'll just have to behave myself," she flirted. Dell felt as if he were ten feet tall or floating on air. "I've seen your work and you're very good. What did you have in mind for me today?"

Dell was trying hard to concentrate and not hope the loose-fitting robe she was wearing would fall open. He knew what the Texas-born beauty looked like naked, yet he still could not wait to see it up close and from behind his own camera. He explained his ideas to her and she was very receptive. "I think those ideas will make for some fabulous pictures," she smiled warmly. "My time is yours, we can start whenever you're ready."

Dell nodded and saw Barbara out. "I hope you can behave yourself," she whispered and kissed his cheek. "I nearly couldn't! May I repeat ... whew!" She left and Dell was left alone with his muse.

"I think your assistant likes me," Debra smiled as he got the final few things in place.

"Barbie likes everyone, she's a bundle of sunshine," Dell said of his friend.

"No Dell, I mean she likes-likes me," Debra chuckled. "That's okay with me, I'm very comfortable when another woman admires me. Women are beautiful. She seemed to be very close to you, are you two ...?" Debra asked as she crossed her fingers.

For a reason he could not fathom, Dell answered her honestly. "Yeah, every so often. Barbie's a little dynamo and she usually gets what she wants. When she was still modeling, in between lovers -- both sexes -- I was a convenient partner. We've stayed friends and when she decided she didn't want to model anymore, I hired her as an assistant and a stylist."

Debra nodded. "She's cute. She could still model."

Dell smiled and agreed. "I tell her that, but she says she likes this job. Less work and she doesn't have to primp, although she never comes here until she looks like she's spent about four hours on hair and makeup," he laughed.

"Some girls are all about being a girl," Debra smiled.

"So, why did you quit modeling?" Dell asked, deciding he would interview her as they went along.

"Same old tired cliché bullshit," Debra sighed. She stretched out on the bed and he saw her gorgeous legs. At times like this, with such gorgeous legs, it was hard to believe that she was only 5'4" in height. Dell saw that she photographed taller. "Girl meets handsome guy, girl marries handsome guy, handsome guy turns out to be a gigantic fuckwit -- nothing you probably haven't heard before."

Dell sighed. "ANY man who would do anything to risk losing you is a fuckwit, to say the least. My God, women as spectacular as you aren't around every corner."

She smiled and it lit up the room. Her long blonde hair was fanned out behind her on the bed. On an impulse, Dell took a candid shot. "That is the kind of compliment a girl likes to hear and I wish he'd said that more. Your mom and dad must have raised you right, Dell."

He gritted his teeth. "It was mostly my mother. My dad -- traveled a lot and he wasn't much of a dad until the last few years of his life. I know they had a rough marriage, but he made up for it in the end. He was on the road a lot and I don't think he was always the best husband. Mom loved him though and like I said, he tried to be a better man. We made our peace before he passed."

Debra smiled and reached out and squeezed his hand. For some reason, he felt comfort at having shared that with her. It was if they had shared a moment and bonded. "We should get down to work, I had a white negligee back there for you to start out with. We'll get some establishing shots and go from there, with you ending up naked against the white background," he smiled. She got up and kissed his cheek before leaving to change. She seemed to be as lovely a person as she was beautiful. He was glad of that, it felt right the one model he idolized be nice as well.

She emerged from behind the screen and Dell almost gasped. If he had thought her an angel before, seeing her in the all-white peignoir removed all doubt. She looked all at once sexy and angelic, pure in her infinite beauty. For the first time in his career, the young photographer found himself at a loss for words. He had to shake the cobwebs from his brain and was glad that Barbie wasn't here to witness all of this. She would never have let him live it down.

He was able to regain his senses and to give instructions to Debra as to how he wanted her to pose and to move. Fortunately, she was such a talented model that she needed very little instruction. She took direction well and seemed to have an instinctive knack for striking the right pose in a few short moves. All of the pictures of her with the white backdrops came out great. He made sure that he showed her some of the best ones. Having her so close that he could feel her breath on his neck was almost intoxicating. He hoped that this would not be the last time they would work together. He believed the pictures he had taken had matched his expectations and were the best of his career. She hugged him and kissed his cheek again. "You're a talented young man," Debra raved. "A genius with the camera, I can't believe I look so beautiful!"

"Why?" He asked. "You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, why shouldn't the pictures be beautiful? You're the kind of woman who should inspire a photographer, you certainly did me." He hoped he wasn't making an idiot of himself and saw her smile. It didn't seem as if he was. He didn't want her thinking he was after anything, so he quickly suggested they prepare for the next set as he moved camera and props around. His idea for the second set in which she would wear black lingerie and the high boots was a variation on the "kitten with a whip" layout. Dell had discussed it with her and she had seemed very receptive. She hadn't done anything like that before and thought it would be a blast.

The woman who emerged from behind the screen was almost a mirror image of the sweet, angelic blonde Dell had just finished shooting. She had tousled her floor length blonde hair ever so slightly, darkened her eyes and added stockings to the ensemble that he guessed she must have brought with her. A black corset pushed her body into incredible curvy new heights and you could not take your eyes off of her. This was a Debra Jo Fallon the world had never witnessed before and he was sure the response would be overwhelmingly favorable.

She made sure to really put a lot of herself into the new set. She looked wild and untamed and Dell found his heart racing with every movement. The boots gave her legs the illusion of added length and they showed her in a very wild and untamed light. Dell had no doubt these pictures would sell very well, only a blind man could miss her unmatchable beauty and they tended not to buy men's magazines.

Dell found it a lot harder to concentrate while taking the second series of photos. Debra's unparalleled beauty was wreaking havoc with his libido. He had dated several of his models in the past. He had been intimate with some of them, but always after and he'd always been able to maintain his professional decorum. It wasn't the case here. He wanted to come out from behind the camera and take this incredible woman in his arms and have sex with her for as long as she would let him. Dell steeled himself and continued directing the shoot, noting the playful glint in her eyes he saw in every shot.

Finally, he announced to Debra that their day's shooting was done. He showed her some of the photos and hoped that his voice didn't crack like some horny teenager's. She had made no attempt at covering up and having her this close was a bit disconcerting.

"These are incredible, thank you," Debra smiled and then she kissed him. Not on the cheek this time, full on the lips. "Now that we're done for the day, would you perhaps like to fuck me?"

He took one step back and looked at her. Dell was sure that he hadn't heard her correctly but her smile said that he had. "Why me?" He finally managed to answer.

"Why not you? You've been a perfect gentleman throughout this entire shoot although it's been very obvious you're into me. You've been totally professional and the photographs are beautiful and sensual and your interest in me shows through every one of them. You're attractive and good looking and charming and I'm not seeing anyone, so if you think you'd like to use that bed over there for more than taking pictures, why don't we go over there and fuck? Come on handsome, life's too short to waste time on decisions that can be made readily," she chuckled.

Dell held out his hand and she took it and they walked to the bed. She still had on the boots and still looked wild and untamed. He pulled her close and kissed her hard, sensing that she would appreciate his taking a bit of control. She did. She sighed into his arms and their kiss intensified. Dell tried very hard not to think that the woman he had idolized for so very long was in his arms and kissing him as a lover would.

"You kiss very well and I could enjoy a lot more of that, but this bed is perfect for what I have in mind," Debra smiled at him. She pulled the sandy-haired photographer to the bed with her and started undressing him. "You have a nice build, I hope you're a good fuck," she breathed. "I could really use a good fucking, it's been a long time and taking all these hot pictures got me really horny." She had his pants down around his ankles and Dell was sure that he was shaking. They were really going to do this, he was going to fuck Debra Jo Fallon. He had now received his birthday gift and a few Christmases as well.

Dell prepped himself. One did not let a goddess do all of the work. He began to touch her gently, exploring that slender body, those perfect but petite tits and the smooth, flat planes of her stomach. With each lingering caress, she let out a breathy sigh. Then there was that gorgeous hair fanned out behind her. She was a vision on the crisp white sheets and as he kissed her, her gloved hands dug into his shoulders.

He wanted to take in every inch of the blonde vision that was with him in this bed. He had seen her in the pages of magazines and her beauty had awed him. He had spent the past several hours taking pictures of her that had overwhelmed his senses. Now she was in his arms in bed and he could not think of words that would describe the incredible bliss he felt at being with her. Her mouth was kissing his neck and his lips were capturing the tiny pink buds of her nipples. She rolled over on top of him and her long hair trailed all over his skin. In his wildest fantasies, it had never felt like this. Dell looked up and saw her blonde-fleeced pussy lowering to his waiting mouth. He ate every inch of her pussy and didn't stop until she flopped away in exhaustion.

"Mother of God, that's amazing," Debra said as she stroked his cock. "Turnabout is fair play handsome, I'm going to suck your cock and then I'm going to fuck you. I had no idea this day would turn out so well, but damned if I'm getting out of here without screwing you silly!"

That sounded like the most amazing thing in the world to the young photographer. The sensual blonde proceeded to do just as she had said -- she started with his cock and worked her magic on it until he was hard enough to bust through a wall. Then she alit on his cock and slithered down, her body taking him in slowly. It was torture but the kind you never wanted to stop.

When Debra slid her body on top of him, time stopped briefly. His mind had to take it all in, he was really fucking -- or being fucked by, depending on how you viewed it -- the woman who he held above all else in the pantheon of beauties. She was moving slowly at first but that didn't last. Debra Jo Fallon was not at all afraid of her sexuality. She might have been beautiful and pure looking, but once she let loose, she could be as wild and wanton as any other woman. The feelings Dell was getting from her as she loosed herself on him were all the evidence one would have needed to prove that.

"Okay stud, I've sampled you, let your own fantasies run wild and enjoy me however you please," Debra said as she disengaged herself. Dell would have been content to just bask in her beauty, but that wasn't going to cut the mustard. Instead, he took a full sampling of her charms. He made love to her orally and he fucked her from behind. He felt those boot-clad legs drumming on his back and he saw the beads of perspiration on her brow as he fucked her. He delighted in the sweet mewling sounds she made while being fucked and thanked his lucky stars that he had been able to experience her in this manner. Their chemistry was inconceivable to him, how could someone so astonishing deem him worthy?

She smiled when they were finished, it was dark outside. "I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself more," she told him as she dressed. "You've made the entire afternoon and evening memorable. Would you like to see me again?"

She hadn't really asked that question, had she? He resisted the urge to jump up and down and shout "Oh boy, oh boy, you bet!" and nodded yes as she hugged him. When she left, it took him almost an hour to come down from Cloud Nine.

Dell was surprised as anyone when she showed up two days later. She hugged him hello and he showed her some of the photos. His clients had already expressed delight at the test shots he had sent over and mentioned they would be willing to buy any further pictures of her he might be able to schedule. It was a bit of serendipity that she had come over this afternoon because he had planned to call her and see if they could schedule another shoot. He also wanted to invite her to dinner.

Before he could say much of anything, the lovely blonde reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of her and another attractive blonde. Both of them were wearing barely-there bikinis. She handed it to him and asked "Do you know the woman in this picture?"

He looked at the photo and then at Debra. "Of course I do. That's my sister, Jolene. She lives in California. I didn't know you two knew each other."

"She's my best friend and has been for about 8 years now," Debra said. Her voice had an odd tremor to it. "That is also ..." she gulped "... MY sister, Jolene. Your father is Simon Hollister, correct?"

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