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"I want to fuck you." The message read. She smiled inwardly at her well kept secret and returned her phone to her pocket. Not thirty seconds had passed when she felt the familiar vibrations from her hip. Vibrations that permeated her body. She couldn't stop her heart beating with excitement as she imagined what things he had sent this time. Subtly she withdrew her phone.

"Meet me backstage in 5." The message read.

This could mean any number of things. She masked her excitement and bowed out of the conversation. Walking quickly around to the backstage door, she checked her reflection and removed her jacket in the dressing room. The air outside was cold and brushed her skin with its icy chill. She hardly noticed as she opened the heavy wooden door.

It was dark backstage. Long black curtains dropped from the ceiling. The only light was the pale green 'Exit' sign above the door she had just entered. She stood silently, unsure where to go. A pair of hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her through the curtains until she found a wall. A pair of lips were pushed against her own. A foot gently kicked her feet apart as a hand traveled from her shoulder, over her chest coming to rest on her waist. The hand quickly slipped under her shirt to caress the soft, warm skin of her hip.

A body was pressed against hers. She flinched at the knees but his leaning strength stopped her from falling to the ground. He moved his face away from hers and she smiled. She had waited for this.

She gazed into his deeply intense eyes. Eyes tinged with longing and raw desire. While maintaining his gaze she shifted her hand from his back to fondle his erection through his jeans. She watched as he looked up and half closed his eyes, his pleasure exciting her further. She used her other hand to undo his belt and dropped his pants. She slowly knelt on the floor and took his rock hard cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she felt him fill her mouth cavity. The ability to control his ecstasy was both empowering and arousing.

He slowly ran his hands through her hair. Coming to rest on top of her head. He pushed himself deeper into her throat. He felt her tongue swirl around his engorged head. He had never felt anything so good. She moved back, just teasing his cock with the tip of her tongue. She looked up at him. Her dark eyes willing him closer to orgasm. Her hand was on the base of his manhood, running slowly to the top and back again. She continued to stroke his length as she stood back up. He was on the verge of bending her over and fucking her furiously.

But she was running the show.

She pushed him away and while he stood and watched, removed her shirt and bra. He came closer and cupped her breasts in his hands. Softly. He admired them in the pale green light of the exit sign. She arched her back and leaned back against the wall. Pushing them towards him. He leaned in closer and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He used his tongue and his teeth and his breath in ways that made her want to force him onto her harder.

She used one hand to undo her own pants this time. Not missing a beat he helped and reached into her, now open, pants and massaged her wet pussy. He pulled her panties to one side and slowly edged one finger inside her intimates. She groaned softly, her knees buckling slightly as he began to finger her softly, sensually.

She grabbed his head and pushed him harder onto her breasts. He began to become more frantic with his actions. He moved back and slowly withdrew his fingers from her underwear and slowly inserted them into his mouth. Savouring her flavour. Tasting her essence. Reveling in her femininity.

She tasted amazing.

He wanted to push his face deep into her cunt and taste her come. He removed her pants and stood up. He lifted her from her naked hips and she wrapped her perfectly smooth legs around his waist. She groped at the wall as he lowered her onto his erect cock. It was so hard it had no trouble entering the warm cavity of her vagina, slick with the juices of desire.

Both parties exhaled a deep, low breath. He held her there, wanting to savour the moment. The first moment of unification. She raised herself slowly. Let her rise up on his groin. His hands clasped behind her back, just above her well rounded buttocks. He lowered her back to the floor. Pushed her back up against the wall and pushed his lips forcefully onto hers.

She ran her fingernails down his back and felt the shudder she had been longing to feel. He wrenched himself away and caught her gaze. His animal instincts had risen and all he wanted to do was fuck.

He turned her around so she was now facing the wall. Her breasts and one side of her face pressed against the cold concrete wall. He stood back and admired this new position. He moved closer and grabbed her shoulder with his right hand. His left ran over her head and down her curved back and placed a stinging slap on her left cheek. She let out an excited, but muffled, squeal.

He moved both hands to her waist and positioned himself behind her. He slid himself easily into her dripping cunt. She had been waiting so long to feel him massage her from inside. He felt so good. He pushed himself in hard. Hard and deep.

He leaned back to utilise the full thrusting power of his hips. She pushed him back so she could bend at a ninety degree angle. Her hands shining pale on the dark wall. He grabbed her hips even harder and forced himself in and out of her.

She was trying hard to mask her cries of ecstasy. He wanting to fuck her harder than he'd ever fucked anything. She threw her dark hair over her shoulder and turned her head to see his face. This drives him crazy and he pistons her faster. She is willing him to come. She wants to feel his come fill her to the brim. She is aching for the taste of sweet orgasm inside of her. Its not enough to feel his manhood inside. She needs his seed.

She can feel he's close. She clenches her pelvic muscles around his cock. He groans with pleasure. His breathing progresses to an animal pant and he drives himself into her. He mentions that he's about to come. She's on the verge of climax. She feels it welling up inside. All her muscles tense and release in a wave of orgasmic convulsions. Her knees buckle and he holds her up against the wall continuing to pound her from behind. She groans loudly and her breathing becomes desperate and shudders permeate her entire being.

Her body is still twitching as he comes inside of her. His explosive orgasm causing him to halt inside her and causing her to cry out in pleasure. He pushes hard. With each push to the hilt he lets out a grunt until he can no longer come. The convulsions subside making way for post orgasmic bliss.

Both parties step back and admire each other's post sex body. A thin film of sweat covers their skin. His hair is damp. Her cheeks flushed. They pull on their clothes silently and exit through the heavy wooden door marked with the pale green 'Exit' light.

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