tagBDSMCeremony for Sub Lindsay

Ceremony for Sub Lindsay


Lindsay fought her slight apprehension. She'd been trained for this so it couldn't be that bad.

She swallowed nervously.

From down the red carpeted aisle, a mile away it seemed to her, her Master smiled. Lindsay didn't smile back. She was suddenly too scared. They had talked about this, and she had even planned all the details, but she was having a funny case of nerves.

Master smiled reassuring again and nodded slightly.

That was her cue. The ceremony was about to begin.

Lindsay, already on all fours, crawled slowly up the aisle to soothing music coming from hidden speakers. Her eyes never left her Master's. With every slow movement forward, her hips gave an imperceptable jerk, responding to the black butt plug deep in her ass, and the big rubber dildo in her cunt. She was wet and aching, wanting to cum so badly.

Her Master had kept her on the brink for the last week, telling her that he wanted to make this night wonderful for her. It wasn't Lindsay's place to argue, just to obey, so she didn't fight his will. But oh, how she wanted to cum.

Her juices leaked out around the dildo, seeped past the strap between her legs that held the dildo and plug in place, and dripped to the carpet every few seconds.

Lindsay's face burned since everyone here could see how much of a slut she was. But she was proud too. She was Master's slut to do with as he pleased and she was proud of that. Besides, everyone here knew she was his submissive anyway. This was just a formal declaration.

As Lindsay made her way to Master, whose cock stood hard at attention in his khaki pants and blue button up shirt, her breasts hung freely. Unlike her crotch, her breasts were unrestrained. But in preparation for the ceremony, her body had been massaged and oiled so her skin gleamed. And each nipple had been pulled away from her body, then thin pieces of leather, resembling string, had been tightly wrapped around each.

They stung, burning with each swing of her generous breasts.

As she reached closer to her Master, her pussy got wetter, the dildo's presence excited her even more and she wanted so much to fuck him, keeping her eyes on his crotch, wanting it.

She was not to have it.

When she reached him, he did not touch her, but waited. Lindsay did not disappoint. She knelt before him, her back to all the people here to witness the ceremony, the men fully clothed and sitting in dignity while she knelt with no clothes and her holes filled, like a wanton. She loved it.

Lindsay raised herself up on her feet, still kneeling, and spread her knees wide. She rested her hands palms down on each knee, and then tilted back slightly, visibly offering her pussy to Master.

Master finally spoke, approval in his eyes. "Do you offer your pussy to me whenever I want it, to do whatever I wish however I choose? Do you surrender to me all your orgasms, promising never to touch yourself without my permission and to cum only when I demand it?"

Lindsey nodded, never taking her eyes off his cock. "Yes Master," she whispered loudly and reverently.

Master, satisfied, leaned down and undid the tie holding the strap in place. When it loosened, the soaking wet dildo slid to the floor, landing in a huge puddle of her juices. Master smiled. "Good," he complimented.

Lindsey smiled back, and tried not to squeal when he slid two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. She moaned softly, throwing back her head in abandon as he stroked her once, twice, three, four and five times.

His other hand pushed on her breasts gently and Lindsay let herself fall softly to the floor, in position with her legs spread wide. Someone quickly laced a pillow under her ass, raising her pussy in the air. Then Master's cock was entering her hard and fast and he was pounding away.

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Lindsay quietly whimpered and held herself back brutally. Master felt sooo good! She wanted to fuck him, she wanted to roll her hips, to thrust, to cum. But like she'd been taught, she kept herself still, endured his exquisite fucking, and held herself back from coming. It was only a few minutes, but it felt like hours! She thought of anything from math equations to her mother's new parrot but it was soooo good!

And soon, it was over. She felt Master's hot cum ejaculate into her pussy, almost making her cum.

"Good, my slut, you please me." Master stayed inside her channel and Lindsay saw him put out a hand to the best man. The man gave Master another dildo, clean and dry and longer and thicker than the last one. Master pulled out and quickly, before any cum could escape, shoved the dildo in deep.

"Your pussy is now forever mine, my property," he accepted.

Lindsay felt happiness welling inside her, a sense of fulfillment and ownership. She wanted to cry in joy but quickly moved into the next position.

She turned and got up on all fours, then, legs still spread wide, the dildo lodged inside her and locking his cum of ownership in, she lowered her forehead flat against the floor, raised her butt high and presented him with her butt plugged asshole.

"Do you offer your ass to me whenever I want it, to do whatever I wish however I choose? Do you surrender this hole so that I may control what goes in and what comes out, when and where I choose?" His voice reverberated throughout Lindsay's body, making her ass and pussy quiver in lust, need and anticipation.

"Yes Master," she tried to say loudly.

Master pulled out her butt plug and entered her asshole deeply, with no warning. None was needed however, since her hole had been well oiled. As Master's thick, long, hard cock slid in and out of her easily, Lindsay again forced herself not to move and not to cum.

She panted harshly from excitement, and pressed her forehead and nose against the carpeted floor in an effort not to. Then, like before, within minutes he was shooting his load deep inside her. Her hip gave an involuntary buck when this happened, earning her a quick hard slap across the rump. The slap made her burn hotter.

Then her Master was pulling out and stuffing a bigger plug into her, plugging his cum in her ass. He also redid the straps holding the devices into her body. When he was done, he slapped her rump again and said, contently, "Your ass is now forever mine, my property."

He moved back, and Lindsay just wanted to lay there and buck her hips until she came, but she has a ceremony to complete. Still on all fours, she tiredly but enthusiastically got up and faced him. He was standing now, his pants fastened on his hips, but his zipper pulled down so his full length cock could be free.

He was as hard as ever and Lindsay licked her lips as she admired him. She knew he had taken a special pill so that no matter how many times he came tonight, he would always be hard. She moved into position. On her knees on the floor, her legs were spread wider than shoulder length, her hands held her breasts up to an offering position and she tilted her head back, opening her mouth wide.

Master patted her head then ran long fingers lovingly through her hair. "Do you offer your mouth to me whenever I want it, to do whatever I wish however I choose? Do you surrender to me so that you may suck whatever I want, whenever and wherever I want you to suck. So that you may swallow whatever I wish you to swallow?"

"Yes Master," Talking coherently was somewhat of a problem when you had to keep your mouth wide open.

Master smiled widely, "Good pet, good slut." He tilted his hip forward and his long cock onto Lindsay's tongue, sliding further until her nose was against his jeans and he was halfway down her throat. Lindsay didn't gag but breathed calmly through her nose. She'd been trained by Master for this.

He fucked her mouth, fucked her throat, one of his hands controlling her head with her hair, and the other pinching and taunting her nipples. It was so hot! Lindsay would have moaned in joy and pleasure if she could, but a cock in your throat kind of limited that.

He fucked and fucked slowly at first then harder and harder until he was almost ramming into her throat and tears were leaking out of her eyes in desperation, whether for a clear throat for a chance to cum, she didn't know.

When she was seeing stars and was sure she could take no more, when her hand twitched to go to her pussy and rub, he finally slid deep down her throat and let his jizz flow. It flowed down her throat, denying her a chance to savour it, and into her stomach. Lindsay moaned when he pulled his cock out. Before she could flex her jaw however, a penis gas, almost the size of Master's cock, slid into her mouth and Master tied it tightly behind her head.

Lindsay looked up at him through tearful, happy eyes as he patted her again, whispering, "Good slut Lindsay, you please me so. I will adore you forever. I accept. Your mouth is now forever mine, slut."

He then gently laid her out on the floor, on her back. "Now slut, do you accept me to take care of you, to use you? To see to your please and satisfaction, to never abuse you and to always love you and punish you as I see fit?"

Lindsay, filled with raging hormones, with dildos and plugs, with love and a burning desire to cum hard and fast, frantically nodded. She was so wild with it that her body shook on the floor, her eyes were wide, locked on her Master in desperation and she was making plenty incoherent noises in her desire to accept.

"Now you are mine, slut, to do with as I please," he pronounced calmly. He began taking off his shirt and jeans. "And you will get your reward. Men."

Three men from the audience full of men approached. The best man held her hands tightly to the floor, above her head so that she was almost stretching. One man held her right leg straight up and out while the other did the same with her left. Her long slender legs were now in a V position high in the air with her pussy and ass exposed to Master and everyone else. Lindsay felt exposed, but also loved.

Master teased her around her pussy hole for a while, causing her to squirm as much as she could. It wasn't much as the three men held her so steady she could barely move her torso and hips. She moaned loudly against the penis gag and sucked on it, while clenching on the dildo and plug. Oh, how she wanted to be filled with Master.

Master chuckled. He teased her for long minutes, enjoying her struggles and mewling desperate cries. Then, unexpectedly, he untied her and the dildo slipped free. His fingers slid in and she clenched on them. He curved them into a 'come here' gesture and proceeded to fuck her with it.

She mewled and cried out, tears coming hard in an effort not to cum. She tried to squeeze her legs together to hold it in as he fucked her steadily, not hard, not slow, just steady, but her legs won't move. He waited until she was wild with both need and denial before he picked up his pace and ordered, "Cum for me my slut, cum hard for me!"

Lindsay's brain obeyed before she had time to hear the command properly and she came hard and wild. It went on and on and on, for what seemed like hours but was only minutes. He kept fucking her with his fingers, hard.

When she finally got a control of herself again, she was exhausted, in a puddle, her massive orgasm having ripped a big chunk of energy out of her. But she was still hot. She still wanted to cum – he was still raising her libido. When she was on the brink again, he suddenly stopped.

Lindsay screamed in protest but he paid no attention.

Then he began to worship her body. He began at her feet, kissing and licking his way slowly up her calves, rubbing his hands lightly over her thighs, her buttocks, everything. He even kissed the skin between her thigh and pussy lips. He kissed his way u her belly, sucked her breasts into his hot, sweet mouth, bit down gently on her neck. Lindsay sighed; she always felt loved with her Master.

After worshiping every inch of her, he returned to her pussy and started sucking. Lindsay's hips jerked. He flicked her clit, bit it, he tongued her vagina and sucked and licked until she was on the brink again. Then he slid in and fucked and fucked. The feeling from the large plug and Master's cock was divine! She tried to meet his thrusts but her legs held fast and prevented her.

He drove her higher and higher until she was sure she would die, then commanded. "Cum slut, cum!" she let go and clenched around him hard the same moment he cummed inside her. She milked him for all he was worth, breathing hard as much as her nose would allow. He slid free of her, kissed her cheek and said into her ear, "Now slut, the ceremony is over. You may cum as you like."

Master got up, leaving her there, a heap on the floor. For a moment, Lindsay felt rejected, but then she remembered what came next.

Someone placed a large, ornate armchair beside her, within touching distance, and Master sat, like a king.

"Gentlemen, my audience and my witnesses to this happy occasion," he projected his voice to the room full of dressed men. "You saw, today ,this slut bind herself to me. We thank you for the honor of witnessing it. Now, your charming hostess will serve you three courses. But please do remember to keep her clean."

Lindsay wasn't sure how much more she could take, but the night was only beginning. At least she was to remain clean despite everything – they could only touch her hole (no other part of her) and they could cum only inside her.

Ropes were found to tie her hands and legs in the position Master had fucked her in, and the first man took his place at her pussy. His short, fat cock slit in, pushing against her plug and she came right then. He began to move hard, taking her for his pleasure and before he came deep in her, she'd come twice more.

After he finished, he pulled up his pants and moved off to the refreshment table where there was wine and finger foods. He's barely been gone a second when the second man took his place. The cock was longer this time, but thinner. It didn't brush against the plug as much but she did cum three times before he finished. By the time the fifteenth of sixty two men slid inside her, she was sore and her vagina hole was aching. She'd cummed about fifty times and her channel was exhausted, but she had more to do. The fifteenth man finished and the sixteenth slid in as she was still riding an orgasm.

As the men finished, they moved off to get food and drink and milled around talking to her Master and watching her being fucked to oblivion. They all only had one turn at her pussy but the night was not over.

When the sixty-second man, a short fat man with an equally short fat dick, slid out of her, Master finally stood up from his chair. He took a wet cloth with antiseptic and wiped it over her pussy, cleaning up any leaking cum – which, after sixty-two loads one after the next, was a lot.

When her skin was clean, he released her from her bonds, then tugged her aside, still on her knees.

Two men rolled in a contraption. It looked like a long barrel, but was cushioned over. It rested on six wooden poles. It had a gentle depression on one end and a dildo on the next.

The dildo was short, about only 4 inches long, and only an half inch thick. The barrel rolled up beside Master's chair when Lindsay had been lying. Master then tugged Lindsay to the barrel and positioned her gently over it. He positioned her over the dildo and she winced when her sore bruised lips bumped against it, hissing.

"Shh," he soothed her, steadily pressing her down on the torturous device. She winced and whimpered around the dildo in her mouth as she took it inside her until it was all gone. Her muscles clenched involuntarily around it, causing her pain, yet the feeling of being full was still getting her wet and bringing her pleasure.

Master then pressed on her back until she was lying on the barrel on her stomach. She fitted her neck to the neck grove and found herself surprisingly comfortable. Master then took her hands and tied them each to a pole beneath her shoulders. Then he tied her knees each to a pole beneath her stomach, and then bent her knees so that he could tie her ankles each to a pole beneath her ass. She was straddling the plastic cock, helpless.

When she was so secure she couldn't move, he brought up another strap from beneath the barrel and cinched her over her lower back. She couldn't move at all, not even her neck, the grove was so deep.

Master then returned to her ass and slowly rubbed each cheek. Then he pulled them apart to reveal her hole occupied by the butt plug which he pulled out. It was somewhat difficult so he ended up pushing and pulling for a bit, sort of fucking her and eliciting all sorts of nice feelings that she expressed from around her gag. Finally, it was out and he slid in to the hilt. He took her hard and fast, using her for his pleasure rather than affording her any. Still, she was such a slut that she managed to wring a small orgasm out of it before he was done.

Then Master slid free and said to their guests, "Your hostess presents the second course." He sat on the chair and the men formed a line again.

One by one, they fucked her in the ass, brutally sometimes, gently other times, and just right the majority of times. She'd thought she had enough orgasms from the pussy fucking, but they just kept coming. By the time the sixty-second guest – the short fat man again – was done, she'd cum for about a millionth time and she was filled to bursting in her belly from all the cum shot into her intestines.

Master cleaned her up again with a new rag, then released her, holding her in his arms when she couldn't kneel on her weak, shaky legs.

The men moved the barrel and rolled something else into place. It was a very low device, built in the shape of a weird scooter, only fatter and shorter. There was still a barrel this time, with only a shallow place for her neck.

At the opposite end from the neck rested an upright piece of cushion about 12 inched long. Attached to that were a long, thin dildo the same size as the one previously in her ussy, and a butt plug of the same width as the dildo but half its length. Lindsay whimpered, daring to look on at her Master pleadingly. She was already sore and bruising in both holes.

Master ignored her. He led her over to the contrapment, settled her onto her belly and then positioned her onto the dildo and plug. He tied her wrists to her ankles and her ankles were fastened to rings that protruded from either side of the dildo post. Her torso was also strapped down again.

Master then came in front of her and Lindsay realized that she was bondaged right at cock level. Most of the men would slide right in with minimal effort. Master removed the penis gag and the slut sucked in a breath of fresh air quickly.

She wanted to beg to be let off the dildo and plug but knew it wouldn't matter and would only disappoint her Master. She didn't dare close her mouth, but kept it wide, waiting.

Master's fabulous cock slid in without trouble and again, he deep throated her just the way he liked it. She gagged once or twice as he took her mouth for his pleasure, but eagerly swallowed his cum. When he was finished, she cleaned him up and he slid free. Her mouth remained open, at the ready.

"Third course is served, gentlemen. You may thank your beautiful hostess by feeding her your cum. She likes that." He moved to sit on the chair, to watch, and she immediately again had a cock in her mouth.

By the twentieth man, she felt sick to her stomach. The semen mixing with those she had taken up her ass gave her an incredibly full feeling but she couldn't expel from her mouth or her ass. She concentrated on sucking and swallowing, telling herself how much she liked it, until her stomach settled. By then, she had about eighteen more men to go.

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