tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCFNM – A Way of life Ch. 01

CFNM – A Way of life Ch. 01


There's no way I would have known it at the time, but, the events that began that fateful morning in April set in motion a chain of events which would dramatically change and influence my life. In the matter of just a few hours, I would be introduced to the excitement of being naked in front of a fully dressed woman, and at the same time, I'd meet my future wife.

Way back then, when Paula and I were both students at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, neither one of us ever heard of CFNM, or, Clothed Female – Nude Male. But now, even today, it's still an exciting part of our lives.

It was a warm, spring Saturday morning, just a week or so after we'd all returned from Spring Break. I lived in one of the coed dorms on campus, and I was up early so I could get over to the library before it got crowded. It was close to 8:00 AM, and after dragging myself out of bed, I found myself relaxing under a nice warm shower about to stroke myself into a long awaited orgasm when the dorm fire alarms went off.

The fire alarms in the dorm seemed to have a sense of humor - coming alive and clanging at all hours of the day or night. At least this time, it wasn't cold, rainy or in the middle of the night. So, cursing to myself and delaying my much needed jack off session, I toweled off as best I could. Then, throwing on a t-shirt, some nylon shorts and my sneakers, I joined the rest of the students in the stairwells as we headed down the stairs, and outside. I'd learned by now that we wouldn't be allowed back inside until the fire department came and cleared the building, so, once I got outside, I walked out to the middle of the parking lot and sat down in solitude on the curb surrounding the bicycle racks.

Shortly, we heard the sirens, and as the campus police moved the crowd back, the fire trucks arrived and firemen began making their way into the dorm. While I watched all this, a girl on a bicycle rode up and parked her bike in the rack next to where I was sitting. I guessed she'd been to the book store, judging from the things in her basket.

"Again?" The girl asked. "This is ridiculous. The school needs to get those things fixed."

"Uh huh." I replied. "The fire department just got here, so, it's gonna be at least another half hour before they let us back in."

The girl sat on her bike and we shared small talk while we waited to get the 'all clear' to go back inside. I learned her name was Paula, she was a freshman majoring in engineering, she was from Savannah, and her father was a railroad man. She lived up on the third floor, while my room was on the second floor. Because I was in my third year, I didn't have any classes with her and since I hadn't run into her in the dorms, I'd never met her until now.

Paula struck me as being really nice – one of those innocent, pixie looking girls who was good looking. Plus, she had something I'd always been enchanted with - that deep, southern female accent. One thing I immediately noticed about Paula was she didn't have that 'cute college girl' stuck up attitude – she seemed down to earth, with a seemingly warm and genuine personality. So, as she sat on her bike, we talked about dorm life, school, parents – just about everything under the sun to kill the time.

After about fifteen minutes, I happen to look down and received the shock of my life when I saw my shorts were sagging open and my bare cock was completely visible to Paula as she sat on her bike above me. In my haste to evacuate the dorm, I'd just slipped the nylon shorts on, with no underwear, and the way I was sitting, the leg holes of the shorts simply opened up and, there it was – my wiener, in all its glory.

In the space of an instant, I realized I'd been sitting like this since Paula rode up on her bike, and she probably had a perfect view of my exposed cock and balls as she looked down into my shorts.

"Fuck!" I said, as I reached down to adjust myself and straighten my shorts out.

"No, uh..... it's okay, Tom." Paula replied as soon as she saw me react. "I don't mind. Really," she added as she shook her hands from side to side, "you don't have to..... uh, do anything."

"Well," I answered, sarcastically, as I tucked my cock back into my shorts and stood up next to her, "it's not your dick hanging out." Then pointing over to the rest of the students waiting to go back in the dorm, I said, "There's 200 people standing around out here."

I was about to turn and walk away, feeling extremely embarrassed knowing I'd just let this girl stare at my package, when she said, "Oh, come on, Tom, they're way over there and I've been keeping an eye out..... I would have warned you if someone came this way. "

"Let me get this straight." I replied. "You sat there the whole time and looked at my dick?" I asked.

"Well, yeah." Paula answered. "I was just being polite. If I'd said something you would have totally freaked out.... just like you're doing now. "

"And so," I replied, trying to make my point, "if I wouldn't have noticed, you were planning to just sit there on that bike and stare down at my dick until they told us we could go back in the dorm?"

"Uh huh." She said. "Look, it wasn't hurting anyone, Tom, and I didn't want to embarrass you. What would I have said, anyway? 'Oh, excuse me, but your penis is showing?' Besides...." Paula paused for a few seconds, "a girl doesn't get a chance like that very often."

I began to say something, but, she interrupted me, asking, "If it had been me sitting there and you could see into my shorts like that, would you have said something?"

She had me there. I stood for a few seconds trying to think of a reason why I wouldn't look at her pussy if the situation was reversed, but, I couldn't come up with one. And so understanding her reasoning, I said, "Okay, I guess it's no big deal." Then, laughing, I added, "As long as you're not going to report me as a flasher or something like that."

Laughing along with me, she finally got off her bike. While she bent down to pull her chain lock through her tire rim, she turned and said, "No, I wouldn't do anything like that, but, uh, I honestly wouldn't mind looking at your penis a little more."

"What?" I replied, not believing what I'd heard.

"Look at it this way, Tom," she explained, "if you wouldn't have noticed, you'd still be sitting there and I'd still be looking. And you just said yourself it was no big deal, so, you know...... you could always just sit back down and let me continue looking while we wait to get back inside."

Holy crap! Paula was asking me to voluntarily expose myself with probably 200 people around. Sure, they were at the other side of the parking lot, and, I'd been sitting with my back to them to them the whole time, but, man – was she out of her mind? What if someone came over, or what if we got caught?

As I thought about it, Paula leaned up against the bike rack and said, "I understand if you're too scared. I just thought it would be fun, that's all."

"It's not that I'm scared. I've had girlfriends before, Paula." I explained. "It's just a little freaky to let a chick see your cock in public. But, let's just say I'd do it, what would you do for me?" I asked.

"I don't know if I'd do anything." She answered. "What would you want?"

I smiled to myself, thinking what I might want in return..... maybe a blow job or a hand job. But before I could answer she said, "You're not seeing me naked or anything like that, so don't even think about it, Tom."

Then, it came to me in a flash of genius. She definitely had something I wanted, I was sure of it. So, grinning back at her I answered, "How about your panties?"

"My underwear?" She asked, curiously.

"Yes." I answered. "The ones you're wearing now. I'll let you look at me as much as you want before they let us go in, but in return, you have to let me have the panties you're wearing."

"That's bizarre, Tom." Paula replied, then cracking a smile she asked, "Are you some kind of panty weirdo?"

"Bizarre or not, that's the deal, Paula." I said. "Take it or leave it. Your panties in exchange for another look at my dick."

Paula thought about it for a minute and then smiled a sly smile back at me. "Alright," she said, "but you have to promise me you won't breathe a word of this to anyone. No bragging to your friends that I gave you my underpants, and no showing them to anyone. I'd just die if it got around school that I gave you my panties."

"No problem." I answered, as I sat back down on the curb. Then, while she watched intently, I twisted my butt on the concrete and spread my feet until the leg holes of my shorts opened up. "Can you see?" I asked.

Paula moved to the side a little and looked down into my shorts. "Yeah," she answered, "but not as good as before. Can you, uh..... you know.... pull yourself out a little for me?"

Glancing around to make sure no one was close, I casually moved my hand down between my legs and reached into the leg hole of my shorts. Grabbing the head of my cock, I stretched it out and pushed my shorts aside so my wiener was almost flopping out. I knew she had a good view, now – even better than she had before.

"Wow." She said softly, as she looked down at me. After a minute, she moved closer, almost so she was standing between my feet, and peered between my legs. Then glancing up and looking around us, she said, "I can't believe we're doing this."

"Doing what?" I asked.

"Think about it, Tom. We're outside, in the dorm parking lot..... there's a bunch of people over there and you're showing me your penis." Paula remarked. "It's just so weird..... I mean, and amazing, too." Just then, Paula abruptly stopped speaking and stared between my legs.

I wasn't surprised when I started to get hard, although I was a bit paranoid someone might see. But, there was nothing I could do, so I let it happen and despite my better judgment, I didn't cover myself. You should have seen her eyes light up when she saw me getting thicker and harder. You could almost read the expression on her face as I got longer and then started to become erect right in front of her eyes. With every millimeter I rose, her expression got more and more excited and her eyes filled with wonder. By the time I was fully hard, my cock was sticking up through the leg hole of my shorts, straining for the sky. I moved my elbows down to my waist to shield my fully raised pole from the side view, and even though I was nervous, I just sat there and let her look at me.

I have to admit, I was seriously turned on, and that's no understatement. I'm not sure if it was because we were outside, or because I was sure she wanted to see my cock, or if I was just a horny college student who didn't have time to jack off in the shower this morning. Regardless of why, though, I was enjoying showing off my cock.

Fortunately, I was blessed with a longer than average cock. It's not a monster, by any means, but when I'm hard it's almost a full nine inches, so as I sat there with my long, hard cock poking up out of my shorts, Paula was not only surprised, I think she was completely blown away.

"Uh..... Tom." Paula said softly as she discretely looked around and pointed down at my cock. "I think you've got an erection." She added, almost breathless.

"Yeah." I replied.

"It's beautiful." She said, her eyes frozen on my rigid pole. "I, uh, don't have any brothers, or boy cousins, Tom." Paula explained as she blushed a deep red. "So, uh, this is the first real erection I've ever seen...... besides in pictures, I mean."

"No shit?" I asked. "You've never seen a guy's hard-on before?"

"No." Paula said as she stared at my cock. "Does it hurt when it's like that?" She asked.

"Nah, it doesn't hurt." I laughed, "It only hurts if I don't take care of it every now and then."

"You mean like, uh...... masturbation?" Paula asked, her face shocked in horror.

I smiled and laughed at her. I couldn't help it. "Listen," I replied, "every guy in that dorm is jerking himself off at least four or five times a week, and I bet most guys are doing it daily, so don't act so surprised."

"God!" Paula said, in complete shock. "You're kidding!"

"No, not at all." I assured her. "All guys do it. And don't try to bullshit me, girls do it, too."

"Well, maybe so, but we don't do it that much!" Paula answered, obviously embarrassed to be talking to me about masturbation. "Maybe once a month, but not every day!"

About that time, the campus police started blowing their whistles and waving everyone back into the dorm. Paula finally took her eyes off my cock, saying, "Guess we can go in now." When she took a step back, I started to panic thinking she was just going to leave me there, sitting on that curb all alone with my hard-on sticking up

"Paula..... wait!" I begged. "I can't go in there like this! I can't even stand up until it goes down."

"Oh." She said, genuinely surprised. "Can't you just make it go down?"

"No, it doesn't work like that." I replied. "Haven't you ever had a horny boyfriend" I asked as I laughed.

"I don't date, Tom. I'm on a scholarship and I don't have time for anything but studying." Paula explained. "I went out a few times with a boy back home, but I've never gone steady with anyone."

"You're kidding me, right?" I asked. "You've never seen a guy with a hard-on?"

I could see Paula was embarrassed now, and I probably said the wrong thing to her, but, damn, the girl was pretty cute and somehow I just didn't believe she was this naïve. It was beyond me to think she was completely inexperienced with guys.

So, taking a different tact, I said, "Okay, so maybe you don't know much about guys, but, there's really only two ways to get it to go down."

"And what's that?" Paula asked.

"We could let it go down by itself." I replied. "But, that might take a while, and it's definitely not going down with you standing there looking at it."

"Why not?" Paula asked.

"Because," I said, having to spell it out for her, "I'm getting turned by you looking at it."

"So, I'm making you have an erection?" She asked.

"Yes." I said, as I smiled up at her. Then breaking into a laugh, I added, "It's your fault, Paula. You gave me this erection."

She seemed to be happy with herself once I told her she'd given me the hard-on by looking at me. But, her pride seemed to turn to shock when I said, "The other option, of course, is, uh, I'll have to.... you know.... play with myself to get it to go down."

"Really?" She asked. "Not right here, though!" Paula said, as she looked down at me.

"No," I answered, "we'll have to go inside. If you keep your end of the deal, and give me your panties, that will help."

Paula looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. I could see she had no clue what I meant, and based on what I'd learned about her in the last thirty minutes, I didn't think she was trying to act innocent. Facing the fact that Paula probably led a sheltered life and had virtually no experience with guys, I accepted the fact she was clueless what my intention was in regard to her panties.

"How about this." I finally said. "Let's try to get upstairs without anyone seeing my hard-on. Then, if you'll give me your panties, I'll let you watch me take care of myself."

Paula's jaw dropped and her expression went blank. "You're serious?" She asked.

"Sure," I replied, "but you have to give me your panties..... the ones you have on now, and," I added, "I get to keep them."

Paula started looking around. Most of the other students had already made their way inside the dorm, leaving us pretty much alone outside. "Well," she mumbled, "I guess that's okay. You're really going to do that, though? Let me watch you masturbate?"

Thinking quickly, I pointed to the books she had in her basket and asked her to hand me the big one. When she did, I laid it in my lap and reached under the book to stuff my cock back into my shorts. Then, standing up, I pulled my t-shirt down and held her book in front of my shorts. "How's it look?" I asked. "Can you tell?"

Paula looked down at my shorts and shook her head. "It looks fine. I can't tell a thing."

"Good." I said, turning to her. "Come on, let's go before I have some kind of accident."

As we walked, I leaned over to her and asked, "Are we going to your room, or mine? My roommates are gone this morning, so we can go there if you want."

"My roommates are gone for the whole weekend," Paula replied, "would you mind if we went to mine? I think I'd feel more comfortable in my own room..... especially for something like this."

"You're going to give me your panties, right?" I asked, just to make sure.

"Yes, Tom." She answered. "I'm going to give you my panties. But, that's all. Nothing else, okay? No touching, or anything. Then you're going to..... you know."

"Go on, Paula," I jokingly taunted her, "I dare you to say it. Say 'Jerk off'."

"Masturbate." She said, turning and smiling at me.

"No. Come on, I know you can say it." I teased.

"I tell you what," I added, "if you say 'Tom, I want to watch you jerk your cock and cum on my panties' I'll do it for you again later today – after I study for a while, uh, when I get back from the library."

"Yeah," she laughed, "like I'd ever be caught using that kind of filthy talk."

"Okay," I said as we reached the large glass doors of the dorm, "I was offering to masturbate again for you later, but, if you don't want to see......"

"Ssshhh!" Paula exclaimed, looking at me as if I'd embarrassed her. I held the door open for her while she walked in ahead of me. In the lobby, she ran into one of her friends and I stood next to her as they chatted for a few seconds. I could tell Paula was nervous with me standing there, so I just smiled and nodded my head until their conversation was over and the other girl walked away. As we headed up the stairs, she stopped on the landing between the first and second floor and looked at me.

"Okay." She said, as she came to an abrupt halt.

Then, shaking her finger at me, she added, "I'll say it. But, only because I want to prove to you that I can."

"Well, go ahead, then." I challenged her. "Tell me you want to watch me jerk off and cum all over your panties. That's all you have to say. If you do, then I'll come back after I go to the library and I'll stroke my cock just for you. I'll even let you touch it."

"Oh, my God!" She gasped.

"Say it." I dared her. "No one will know. And, don't say you're not interested in watching me. I can tell you are...... you're enjoying this as much as I am."

Paula turned, and without saying a word, kept going up the stairs until we reached the third floor. "I'm down this way." She motioned with her head. "324".

When we got to her room, she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. "I still can't believe I'm doing this." Paula sighed, slipping her key into the knob and unlocking the door. Her room was almost spotless – everything in its place, nothing on the floor, just like no one lived there. She had a quad room, meaning she had three roommates, and they were probably all 'neat freaks'. Boy, would she have a heart attack if she ever saw my room!

"Which bed is yours?" I asked.

Paula pointed to the one with the pink bedspread. "That makes sense." I said to myself. Then, turning to hand her the book I'd used to shield my throbbing cock, I reminded her about her panties.

"I know." She said. "You stay here and I'll go in the bathroom and take them off."

So, as I watched, Paula walked the five or six steps to the bathroom and closed the door. I had to smile and laugh when I heard the lock on the bathroom door click. I mean, did she really think I was going to barge in on her to try to catch her with her shorts and panties pulled down?

Looking around her room, there was a slim chest of drawers butted up against the end of her bed and I walked over to it. It had all kinds of girl things on top of it – and most of them were pink, so I was pretty sure it was hers. Glancing over to the bathroom door to make sure she wasn't coming out, I opened the top drawer and hit pay dirt – her lingerie drawer.

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