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CFNM Aerobics Class


Years ago, I took an aerobics class a few times per week on the small post in Europe where I was stationed as a soldier in the 80s.

Aerobics was a new alternative to fitness at that time in the army, and I decided to try it because I've never been much of a runner.

There were several classes per week, given by one of the female soldiers in my unit. She happened to be very attractive and in excellent shape. Also, I was usually the only male in the classes, which was another motivator for me.

I loved watching the women dance and sweat ...some of them wore some pretty sexy outfits which added to my enjoyment.

I'd been going to classes in the evening several times per week for some months, and was getting in pretty decent shape when I discovered through the grapevine that the instructor, Angie, gave classes at her home on the weekends as well for an extra charge.

Now, I guess I should describe Angie a bit. She was very beautiful; long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a figure honed from years of exercise. One of her best assets in my opinion were her breasts...they were largish, and her tight exercise outfits showed them off well.

In fact, watching Angie move in her tight outfits was one of the main reasons I went to her classes in the first place.

Anyway, one evening after class, I approached Angie in the gym and asked about her weekend classes at her home, and whether anyone could attend.

She looked thoughtful a moment, the smiled her perfect smile, while stretching on the floor. As she leaned forwards to stretch one leg, I noticed that her perfect breasts nearly spilled over the top of her outfit.

She told me that I was welcome to attend and gave me the address. The classes were on Saturday evenings at 7 pm.

The following Saturday, I arrived at Angie's place a few minutes before class. After ringing her doorbell, Angie greeted me in an outfit that I'd never seen before: light blue short shorts, a blue bikini top and tennis shoes. The rest of her was bare.

Her outfits at the gym were much more conservative, but I figured she could wear whatever she wanted in her own home. I didn't mind a bit.

I'd worn my gym shorts, an old t-shirt and tennis shoes for my workout as usual.

She led me through her spacious home and down a set of steps in the kitchen to a nicely built-out basement that served as her workout room.

There was a full-length, wall to wall mirror on one side of the room, mats and steps on the floor. The lightening was supreme. Basically, it was a basement converted into a gym.

There were two other women already there...one of whom I recognized from class: Wanda, a beautiful black woman who seemed to be at every class and an attractive red-head whom I'd not seen before.

Wanda was dressed similar to Angie, in short shorts, and a bikini top, only she wore leggings and her outfit was orange. I was admiring her when Angie introduced the other woman, Cathy...who wore a pair of pink gym shorts, a white t-shirt and workout shoes.

After introductions, we took up our spots behind our steps, while Angie moved in front of us and put on the music.

We started our warm up, progressing through basic steps to increasingly difficult ones. The routine was quite a bit different than the ones that Angie taught on base, and I found myself having a bit of difficulty keeping up.

Soon I was sweating bullets and breathing hard. The girls, however, appeared to be having no problems at all.

The routine wasn't my only difficulty though. Merely two feet from Wanda, I had to keep tearing my eyes off her sexy body every time she bent over.

I tried not to think about the situation. Here I was surrounded by three gorgeous, sweating women, moving and jiggling around me as they stepped, twisted and turned. My eyes gorged on each one in turn, over and over again...threatening a rise between my legs every few minutes.

Since I wasn't wearing underwear (I never wore underwear beneath my gym shorts), the situation was even more precarious. A hard-on would be more than obvious.

"Why don't you grab a bottle of water Jim?" Angie's voice broke my reverie just in time. Smiling at me, she indicated towards the small refrigerator against one wall.

Leaving my step for the moment, I went over and got a cold water from it.

Not only did I need the water, but I needed a moment to focus on something other than three hot rear-ends and sets of boobs moving and shaking around me.

Returning after a moment, I set my bottle down next to the step. I was about to return to the routine again, when Angie spoke.

"You know Jim, feel free to take off your shirt if you want; I know it's pretty hot in here."

She said it with her usual smile, in an offhand way, not missing a beat.

Glancing around quickly I saw that both Wanda and Cathy were involved in the step dance and took no notice.

Stripping off my soaked shirt, I tossed it aside, feeling a rush of coolness sweep over me. I was grateful for it.

After my brief rest, I took up the routine again, better able to keep pace. Angie worked us hard, putting us through step after step. She moved like a pro in front of us, her body bending, twisting and stepping with perfect time to the beats.

Glancing at Cathy, I caught her smiling at me, and wondered if she'd been checking me out.

My cock twitched, and I shook it off, concentrating again on the routine just in time to see Wanda bend over towards me. Her luscious, creamy ebony breasts hung in front of her, exposing quite an amount of cleavage.

Shutting my eyes tightly, I tried to think of other things, as my cock slowly rose in my shorts, determined to have a mind of its own.

I thought about my grandmother; I thought about football; I thought about how much I hated the song that was playing; anything to avoid a disaster in front of the women.

Just then, Wanda looked directly at my crotch.

Still bent over, she smiled at me from under her bangs...and my cock stiffened even more, creating a tent at the front of my shorts.

It was too late. Watching Angie swing her body around, watching her gorgeous breasts and tight ass jiggle in her outfit finished the job.

My cock stiffened to full mast, threatening to appear over the top of my waistband.

There was nothing I could do.

Angie, Wanda and Cathy all noticed my predicament. Angie smiled at me as I stepped and moved with my cock pressing hard into the front of my shorts...which only made it throb harder.

"Okay, grab your weights!" Angie called out between songs.

Reaching down, we all picked up the small set of dumbbells that lay at the sides of our steps.

Picking up the routine again, we stepped and curled; stepped and curled.

To my horror, I realized that my gym shorts were beginning to ride down my hips somewhat with my movements.

After a moment, I glanced in the mirror behind Angie and saw that they had ridden down to just over my hips, exposing an amount of lighter skin beneath my waistband.

I caught Wanda smiling at me.

The routine was quite intense. Even though the dumbbells were light, Angie was putting us through a grueling number or repetitions.

"Curl and thrust!" she called out again, as we curled the dumbbells and thrust our hips forward...causing my shorts to ride down even further.

Suddenly, I felt coolness on my butt cheeks. I realized that my shorts were down past the tops of them.

Glancing around quickly, I saw that none of the women seemed to care.

My cock pounded at the thought. I wondered if I would soon be naked in front of them, and what they would say if that happened.

As we continued, I realized that my shorts would eventually drop completely and I needed to pull them up.

Stopping the routine for a moment, I reached for my waistband.

"What's wrong Jim?" Angie asked immediately.

"I, uh," I stammered, caught off guard.

Her eyes dropped to my waist and she smiled, still curling.

"Oh, that..." she said. "Well, you can take them off if you want; this is a clothing optional class...might give you more freedom of movement."

Cathy and Wanda both smiled at me.

"But, I, ah, I mean..." I sort of stammered, embarrassed by my obvious hard-on.

Angie's eyes dropped to my crotch again.

"Oh..." she giggled somewhat. "Don't worry; it's normal, I'm sure it isn't anything any of us haven't seen before."

"Be comfortable Jim," Wanda nodded at me smiling.

Cathy smiled as well.

Swallowing hard, I weighed my options. I could either continue the routine with my shorts on, constantly struggling to keep them up with my hard-on making things difficult. I could leave (which I didn't want), or I could take them off.

The idea of being naked in front of the three hot women was appealing. It was naughty, and I felt goose bumps rise on my skin at it. I'd never been naked in front of three women before...and I found my cock deciding for me.

Placing the dumbbells on the floor again, I straightened, grasping the waistband of my shorts.

As Angie watched, I pulled them down slowly, over my stiff cock. As I continued to lower them, my cock popped free, bouncing slightly in front of me. Finally I dropped them to my ankles and stepped out of them.

I now stood completely naked save for my socks and shoes in front of the three women. My cock pounded and throbbed in front of me. I felt embarrassed and incredibly excited at the same time as they eyed my nudeness.

"Doesn't that feel better?" Wanda asked with a sly smile next to me, stepping up and back from her step.

Returning to the routine, I nodded dumbly.

As I said, I'd never been naked in front of three women before, and despite the exercise, my cock swelled harder than it had ever been as it bounced and bobbed in front of me...making it even harder to concentrate.

As I turned and stepped, my dick swung back and forth, with my movements. It felt incredible. I was already breathing hard from the exercise, but the appreciative glances and smiles from the women made it even harder to breathe.

In short, I was more excited that I could ever remember being before that.

Watching us in the mirror, I saw myself nude and the three gorgeous women, fully clothed, albeit sexily, and the contrast was most stark. It was so erotic. I felt tingles all over my body...rushing through me and ending in the head of my throbbing cock. I felt like I was on display...a naughty object for the women...and I wanted to be that.

Finally, it was cool down time.

Putting on some slower music, Angie told us to sit on our mats.

Taking a seat on mine, I casually slipped off my shoes, then pulled my socks off one at a time. Stretching my legs straight out in front of me, I sat facing Angie and revealed in the erotic feeling of complete nakedness in front of the women as she smiled at me. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, making them jiggle slightly...teasing me into a state of near craziness.

Next to me, Wanda looked intently right at my cock with no pretense of anything else. Glancing at Cathy, I saw her smile and wink at me.

Angie led us through a series of cool-down stretches. My cock was hard as hot iron the whole time. We ended with a stretch where we knelt with our legs beneath us and reached back to the floor with our hands.

The stretch felt incredible...stealing a glance in the mirror, I saw my cock sticking straight up in front of me. I also saw Wanda and Cathy looking at me again, which made my cock ache to the point that I wanted to touch it.

Unable to stop myself, I reached in front of myself and wrapped my hand around the swollen shaft and squeezed lightly.

Wanda was transfixed but said nothing...smiling instead.

"That's it for tonight," Angie announced just at that moment.

Releasing my cock, I stood, smiling at Wanda and Cathy.

"Thanks for coming everyone," Angie said pleasantly, smiling in my direction.

I stood in front of the three women, my pounding cock jutting straight out in front of me.

As the girls moved to gather their things, I stood naked a moment longer...wanting the feeling to last as long as possible.

Snatching my clothes from the floor, I held them as Angie led us back upstairs and through her house to the door, thanking everyone again. I stood, still totally nude and hard in the midst of the three women as we exchanged pleasantries and promised to meet up the following Saturday again.

Then Wanda and Cathy were gone, leaving Angie and I standing inside of the doorway.

"I hope you come back next Saturday," she smiled, her blue eyes dancing, roaming my nude body. "Will you be in the gym this week?"

I answered affirmative to both questions.

"Angie," I said before going, "I didn't know your home class was clothing optional."

She laughed.

"Actually it isn't," she said...but I'll make an exception for you.

"Well, guess I better get dressed," I laughed back.

Angie remained silent, smiling into my eyes.

"I was hoping to see you walk naked to your car," she laughed, finally.

I stood a moment, thinking that over.

"Well," I began, testing her, "I would but I don't want to get in trouble with the neighbors..."

"It's dark out," Angie said immediately, "nobody will see you."

She left it at that, smiling.

Opening the door, I stepped out onto the porch, naked, holding my clothes.

Angie stood in the doorway watching as I walked to my car on the curb.

Once there, I turned, and waved. She waved back.

Tossing my clothes in the seat next to me, I climbed in naked. My cock hurt and I knew I would soon need to take care of that...but I dropped the car in gear and drove off with my thoughts clouded about what might happen the following week.

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