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CFNM Alien Encounter


**A/N- Story based on a strange fantasy of mine. Enjoy.**

I awake to a bright white light.

Hmmm. that's not normal. I never sleep with a light on. I try to cover my eyes, but find that I can't move. It's not that I can't move, it's that my arm is restrained...

And suddenly I'm wide awake, thrashing at my restraints. But it only takes thirty seconds before I realize that it's useless. I'm locked to a white table by metal loops around my ankles and wrists. I'm forced in a semi-upright position, as the table slants upwards with my wrists locked above my head. I'm only wearing boxers, as that's all I sleep in, but this is not the place I feel asleep in. The room appears to be a large white dome, with one door set in front of me. The door slides open, and two women enter.

But they don't fit the typical definition of women. They are so pale, they are almost a light blue color, and they are wearing shiny metal bikinis that mold perfectly to their flesh. They have small tits and blonde hair, and are about five foot seven. And identical twins.

They walk up on either side of the table. The one on my right speaks in a soft voice, with a strange accent that sounds almost French. "Hello, human. You have been selected as part of our research on your race. We will conduct a series of experiments on you, focusing on your genitals and sex habits." At those words, I calm down a little. Alien women want to play with my dick and determine my sex habits? I could get behind that.

The one on my left speaks next. "We will do so with or without your consent, and using a number of machines after we have conducted a number of tests, you may choose two paths- one, you may become a rare sex slave for our race, or you can be used on numerous documentaries that would display your genitals and sex habits to the world using similar experiments as those we do today."

As the alien on my left was talking, the second one had brought in a cart with various tools and machines in through the door. The alien on my left continued. "You may call me Annalyse, and my sister Bellayre. If you should ever need to talk to us, which you shouldn't."

With that, Annalyse picked up a small scalpel off the cart and cut off my boxers. My cock started to rise, going from about four inches flaccid to almost seven and a half inches. Annalyse grabbed my cock and jerked it, causing me to go harder, reaching my full length. She took a measuring tale off the cart and measured... "14 daerts, or about eight Earth inches." she said to her sister, who took a note on a tablet. "Hand me the tube." Bellayre said, and Annalyse handed her a hollow tube with various buttons on it. Bellayre slipped it over my hard cock and pressed a button. It immediately suctioned around my dick and created an airtight area inside the tube. She took another note, and then pressed another button. My cock started to tingle as the sides of the tube lit up. Small shocks leapt from the top of the tube to the head of my dick, causing me to jump and yelp. Annalyse took a note as her sister pressed another button, causing the shocks to stop.

Next she slid a ring around the base of my cock and tightened it. she picked up a remote as Annalyse looked on and took notes. Turning a knob, the ring began to vibrate, sending small surges of pleasure through me. Another knob caused the ring to slide up and down my shaft, milking and vibrating my cock. Soon I was twitching and groaning with pleasure, almost to the peak of orgasm when...

Click. Bellarye turned the ring off and I moaned, humping the air for some sort of release. The sisters laughed maliciously at me, and I yelled at them. "Let me cum, you sadistic alien bitches!!!" Annalyse made a tutting sound. "None of that." She smacked my balls lightly, but just hard enough to cause me to groan. "Do that again and i get to punish you." She said, and the look she gave me said that she really wanted to punish me...

Bellayre now picked up a new piece of equipment from the cart. It was made of two metal bars that moved closer together and further apart when you turned a knob.

She slid my balls through the two bars and tightened it, so my balls were pressed right up to my sack. From there she proceeded to give me small shocks with an electric wand. Every time she shocked me I jerked or yelped, and the pair giggled.

After they removed the double barred device, they brought in another machine. It was bulky and had a long arm with a tube at the end. This tube lowered down over my cock and suctioned just like the last one. The machine hummed for a moment, and then the tube started to heat up, warming my cock. For a while it felt good, but soon the heat was intense and I was thrashing and yelling. Then it cooled down to normal. Annalyse took notes, and pressed another button. This time the tube became very cold and my cock was soon freezing. Another note and the temperature returned to normal.

Once that machine was removed from my cock, a device was attached to my head. Bellayre spoke as she typed in something on her tablet. "This device will subject you to various sexual experiences to allow us to learn how you respond to different stimuli." With that, she pressed a button, and the world dissolved into blackness.

I awoke in a room, strapped to a bed, naked. A slim woman approached me and spoke in a sultry voice. "Hello my slave..." She climbed onto the bed and grabbed my cock, roughly jerking it until it was hard and upright. Then she climbed on my face and pushed a shaved pussy onto my mouth. "Lick me, slave." I lapped at her pussy as she pinched and rubbed my nipples. Then I felt her lean over and pick something up as I licked her. I heard a "whoosh" sound as a whip whistled through the air to crack against my balls, I yelped, and the room dissolved.

I awoke again to what appeared to be a young girl's bedroom. I sat on the bed wearing nothing, as a nude teen girl came in. She was stunning. Her perfect tits were round and beautiful, and she had long, shapely legs. Her features were flawless and I wanted to fuck her above all else. She walked up to me as I stood, my cock slowly gaining height. She grabbed it as we kissed and slowly milked it with her hands until I was rock-hard. Then she pushed me down onto the bed and slowly pushed herself onto my cock, her wet cunt sliding open for me. Her slick pussy was tight and warm, and she began to thrust up and down on my cock, her perfect tits jiggling as she rode me. Soon cum began to boil up from my balls and I thrust into her, preparing to fill her with my cum...

The room dissolved.

I awoke back in the white dome-room, and the two alien women were leaving laughing as I tried to orgasm on the table, to no avail.

**A/N- What did you think? Good? Bad? Please comment.**

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