tagIncest/TabooAn Education for Nancy Ch. 01

An Education for Nancy Ch. 01



My name is Nancy and I've had some amazing sexual experiences in my life. I grew up early and fast, usually surrounded with sexually liberated people. I guess I'm a product of that environment.

I'm 39 years old and married to a sadly neglectful husband. To say "all my life I have absolutely loved sex" is an understatement! I was blessed with great looks and I learned very early how to use my body to get just about anything I wanted. It's amazing how you men will do virtually anything, take virtually any chance, to get your hands on a girl with big tits, a flat tummy, a tiny waist and a heart shaped ass. Just look at past and current sports stars!

I'm 5'-4", 38DD-23-36. And, before you even think of asking, YES they are REAL! In answer to your questions I'm absolutely crazy about sex and anyone who isn't is just nuts! It's one of my favorite past times. And, I'm open about it, if something feels good then why not do it? And, it helps keep a girl in shape, if you know what I mean. And, as to what type of man I like? I've always been attracted to two types of men-those with a blunt forward PERSISTENT line and those who are so physically attractive that boom! --I have to go to bed with them. The ultimate turn on to me? The look on a man's face when he realizes that..... YES...... in fact they ARE real. My formerly liberal husband closed his mind after a few years of marriage so don't judge and don't criticize, especially you horn dogs reading all these naughty stories!

The Media have coined the term "Cougar" [koo-ger] nowadays to describe sexually active mature women, usually over the age of 30 who eagerly pursue younger men for sexual encounters; a more aggressive type of MILF. Well if the shoe fits, wear it! Just make sure you have a sexy short dress to go with it! I'm interested in younger men however a man my age who is very fit and athletic is great too! But maybe even a younger guy who has a friend, or friends interested in joining or perhaps watching? I'm kinda into this "Cougar" thing. NON-fit, not athletic, smokers need NOT apply!

Around the house I am almost always naked. Although, when I'm outside working in the yard I'll wear a bikini and tiny shorts. One advantage to being a hot housewife is that the other husbands or boys in the neighborhood are always racing to do things for you - carry in the groceries or fix stuff. Thankfully my husband has no hang-ups with that. In fact he loves it! BUT, problem is - he just WON'T share anymore! So I have to spice up my sex life with different positions, different locations, and yes even different partners or groups of partners! Even though I'm an exhibitionist and love being naked, I still have my shy side. You can call me a nymphomaniac, even a sex addict - I don't care - I'm still learning about my sexuality and I plan on taking "classes" every day!

When I accepted that I couldn't change the experiences of the past, I made peace with my inner devil, realizing I really enjoyed the sex and maybe its OK to crave even more. It's way more fun than the gym to keep a girl in shape anyway!

What's my wildest "sexcapade" ever? Well, read my stories and YOU tell me. But I will say, my favorite thing is having sex while others are watching! And knowing a zillion guys will read this and look at my profile picture is a huge turn on!

The following series of stories are based on real events and people but I'll leave it to the readers to separate the facts from my wild fantasies. They are written for entertainment, but maybe for me, therapy. Don't judge me! If you like the stories just enjoy. Please understand I'm NOT an English major and will never be a literary great - so don't email me or post that I should be! After all, this is an amateur story website right?

I hope the stories make you cum as many times as I do while writing them! All the characters, including me, are all above 18.

Chapter 1: An Education for Nancy; A competition with Mom!

Fresh from her 18th birthday, Nancy Anderson, an energetic teenager in her senior year of high school, was running up her front walk, flushed and sweating from an intense, but short, cheerleading practice.

Her red face was from more than just physical exertion though because cheerleading practice always turned Nancy on. In fact, she'd been turned on a lot lately, and not just by her boyfriend Todd Brady either!

Even just a practice session drew a crowd of watchers, especially the boys and coaches. And they always stared at Nancy because of the way her big pear sized tits bounced up and down when she jumped and her hard nipples poked little bullets in the front of her tight lettered half-sweater.

Nancy could tell the boys and coaches were turned on too by the way they lined up on the fence and stared at her big bouncing tits and cute wiggly ass as she jumped around in her brief little uniform. She knew she was distracting the team but figured the coaches enjoyed looking at her as much as the boys did. And although still a virgin, being watched by the boys and coaches made her all soft and squirmy inside.

Nancy absolutely loved being watched. She loved being the center of attention! This big tittied young "hard body" was a real show-off!

Astonishingly beautiful, Nancy's face was framed by a thick mane of long swirling chestnut hair, full lips, an impish smile revealing perfect white teeth and an upturned nose with just enough freckles to be cute. Her golden sun-kissed skin highlighted her large blue eyes.

Until her junior year of High School she'd been kind of skinny. But now, that eye catching 5'-4" frame measured a staggering, cock-hardening 38D-23-35. Her tits were positively huge, set firm and high on her chest they swayed gently when she walked. Her tiny waist looked even smaller below the curves of her breasts and her body was sculpted and tanned with her ripe ass the shape of a teardrop.

The combination of tight curves was amazingly sensual but it was those big firm young tits that drove the boys, and the men, fucking wild. This gorgeous young teenager was made for just one thing; and if the looks from the boys and coaches were any clue, Nancy was only just beginning to realize what that was!

With his class ring displayed prominently on her finger, everybody envied Todd Brady! Nancy and Todd - the "all American couple", true high school sweethearts and the most popular seniors in school, he the star football quarterback and she the two-time homecoming queen.

Nancy loved Todd. He promised her a future and she imagined herself the wife of a future college football star, perhaps even the wife of an NFL quarterback! He was her ticket out of this small hick town! Deeply in love, at 17 they signed a church pledge to remain chaste until marriage.

Lately though, Nancy was having serious second thoughts about Todd and her pledge, not that she signed it - but could she keep it! Her experiences with Todd, largely confined to groping in the back seat of his dad's car, had only made matters worse. She knew Todd had a big cock, she'd felt it in his jeans, and she'd practically begged him to fuck her! God how she wanted to break that pledge! But Todd just wouldn't hear of it. With his southern Baptist upbringing he wanted to wait till they married!

And now all Nancy could think of was sex. She'd been finger fucking herself for a while and it seemed she couldn't keep her hands away from her cunt. In recent months Nancy had been rubbing her pussy at least three times a day -- once when she awakened, once after school, and at least once before going to sleep.

Even the most fleeting thought of a guy's big pulsing prick could make her clit stiffen. Sometimes Nancy helplessly wiggled her ass and rubbed her thighs together in class, desperately trying to soothe the burning wetness that coursed through her cunt. But if she didn't do something with Todd, and real soon, she was going to explode!

Glad cheerleading practice was over, it meant she could dash home, strip off her clothes, and climb into the shower to do what she really liked; soap up her hard body, squeeze her sensitive nipples and brush her fingers across the smooth lips of her cunt, slowly at first then faster and faster and faster until that wonderful feeling shot through her making her shake and shiver and scream.

And now as she hurried home, just thinking about getting herself off made her hornier than ever. Since her Mom would be at work, she knew she'd have the house all to herself. She was concentrating so hard on masturbating that she didn't notice the strange car parked on the street as she dashed up the front walk.

Slamming the door she yanked her uniform top over her head in one smooth motion. Pulling her hair from the sweater, she let her ripe tits bounce free. Nancy didn't' like to wear a bra, it made her feel imprisoned. With that, and the fact that her tits were so firm she didn't really need to even wear one, she'd taken it off right before practice. She liked the way it felt with her big tits waving free inside her tight cheerleading sweater. Plus, she got a few more stares that way too!

Dropping her sweater on the stairway banister she started up the steps, her hands now cupping and squeezing her swelling tits, fingers playing with the stiff nipples. She was panting hard, both from the running and from the sexual excitement radiating from her steamy cunt and tingling tits.

Halfway up the stairs though she stopped, there were other sounds in the house! They were sounds Nancy didn't recognize at first, sounds coming from upstairs, from the direction of her mother's bedroom. Looking at her watch she thought her mother should still be at work! Not knowing what to expect, but still curious, she crept silently up the stairs. Looking down the hallway she could see her mother's bedroom door was open.

As she tiptoed down the hall to the open door she recognized something familiar in the sounds. She double-dated once with her best friend Kearstin and watched when she and her boyfriend fucked in the back seat of the car. Those were the kind of noises coming from her mother's bedroom! Little grunts and pleasure moans, whispers, shrieks of joy and the sounds of damp flesh slapping into damp flesh.

When Nancy reached the doorway, more from curiosity than perversity, she carefully peeked around the corner of the doorframe. She could just as well have stood out in the open, for the two people on the bed wouldn't have noticed her if she's been stark naked, painted purple and blowing a trumpet!

They were way too busy with what they were doing!

Like most people, Nancy had never really thought of her mother fucking. And now, there she was flat on her back, legs spread wide, knees drawn up, while a man Nancy didn't recognize, but who was younger than her mother, pumped an enormous cock in and out of her mother's cunt. Nancy gasped, not so much with outrage as with desire. Seeing that shiny prick sliding balls deep, pumping in and out of her mother's naked pussy, was making the girl hotter and hornier than ever!

"Oh my GOD!" The sight took her breath away!

She wished Todd would fuck her like that!

Nancy's eyes were riveted to the man's sweaty ass cheeks as they clenched up and down, faster and faster, slamming and ramming his big cock into her mother's slippery cunt. His big balls slapping against her mom's upturned ass cheeks when he drilled his cock deep into her mother's pussy.

As the erotic scene raised her own desires, she plunged one hand inside her waistband to seek out her own wet clit. Her other hand was already massaging one of her big rubbery tits, her thumb rubbing back and forth across her hard bullet-like nipple.

The faster and harder his ass moved, the faster Nancy's fingers moved across her clit. Her left hand squeezing and rubbing her heavy tits, her thumb and forefinger teasing and pinching her rigid nipples while the scene on the bed moved faster and faster toward a mighty climax.

Nancy's mother squealed and lifted her legs to wrap them around the man's muscular pumping ass cheeks. Locking her ankles over his bucking ass she began to pull him down, forcing him to ram his powerful prick to the hilt with each mighty stroke.

Then, the man stopped!

He withdrew that long slab of cock meat, wet and shiny with cunt juice.

For a brief ecstasy-filled moment Nancy imagined herself being fucked by this stranger, in her mom's bed, his powerful cock driving all the way up to touch the deepest part of her insides. She desperately needed to experience a cock like this, to relieve the most basic of inner needs.

Then she sighed. That, she realized, wasn't going to happen, at least not with TODD, not anytime soon!

The man was poised on his knees between her mother's wide spread legs and she was wantonly exposing her cunt to his long prick. And what a prick it was! Nancy gasped when she saw it. Long and thick, easily nine or ten inches, it bounced and jerked in the dim light. The plum-tipped end looked like it would be too large even to take into her mouth.

To have that "pussy pleaser" fucking her!

Nancy shivered from dreamy anticipation. She could hear the man whispering, taunting her mom, "What is it you want? Huh? Tell me what you want!"

"Your cock. I want that huge COCK of yours! FUCK me!" She groaned.

Nancy saw her mother's face, flushed with passion, her breath coming in sharp, rasping pants. Her tits rose and fell, rolling on her chest as she arched her hips to align her pussy with that monster cock.

"Where do you want this?" His voice confident, smiling as he stroked his shiny wet cock like a play toy, waving it at her.

"Up my cunt, you lousy bastard. I love you! And I love that prick of yours. You're too damned good with it and you know it! That's what makes you so Goddamned uppity!"

"Uppity? I know what I am. And I know what you are babe!"

"So you want my cock, huh? Okay, here it is!"

Nancy jumped as much as her mother did when he shoved that mighty prick balls deep into her yearning cunt in one long firm plunge. The girl felt her own pussy drooling; she wondered how it must feel to have a powerful, massive cock fucking her! She would have given anything to experience a cock like this one!

But she wasn't likely to have her wish. The big-tittied teenager would have to be content with watching, for now at least.

A waive of guilt flashed over her. She couldn't masturbate while she watched this well-hung stud fuck her own mother! That was sick. But Nancy knew she couldn't help it!

Denied the real thing herself she had to get her rocks off someway! And the way that guy was hung! Wow! She loved watching him move, fuck, pose, tease, torture. He was like a Greek God.

"Feels big inside your cunt, doesn't it? What's it like when I fuck you? When I fuck you really good?"

His hips began sliding back and forth like a piston in a slot. The spying girl sucked in her breath and tried to imitate the motion of her own fingers fucking her cunt with that of the man fucking her mother. It just wasn't quite the same.

She heard her mother say, "God, I can't stand it! That's a Goddamn telephone pole you've stuck in me. Ooooooh, ride me, ride me hard! Ooooooh! Haaaaard!"

"Anything you want honey," he almost sneered.

Resting on his hands, he looked down into her gorgeous face and began driving his long, hard prick in and out of her yielding cunt even faster. The muscles of his tight ass cheeks clenching even harder as they powered that huge cock like a machine!

The girl imagined the friction of his huge cock, splitting her tight wet pussy, his hairy balls resting on her ass. The heat must spread like wildfire. Hidden nerves must scream in joy. His cock would touch here, there, and all the right spots, deep inside her tender teenage body.

Nancy's head was spinning wildly. This guy had amazing stamina; he sure was a master "cocksman", a real stud! Did he EVER know how to fuck a girl!

Nancy gasped aloud she urged a hard nipple toward her wet lips and sucked.

Her mother was going wild with sexual frenzy. Her hips bucked and hunched up to meet every stroke of his prick. She was trying to jam her snatch around his cock, to get him even deeper up her pussy.

The peeping daughter wondered what her mom felt. That deep-seated itch just had to be scratched and the only way of doing it was a good hard fucking. She'd love to have that prick sinking deep, stirring around inside, then slowly pulling out. Nancy shivered at the thought of that super-heated golf ball sized cock head, sliding back and forth inside her tight pussy.

She heard the lewd noises of fucking; the moist sounds of his cock surging into her cunt in rhythm with gasps and soft moans. For long taunting moments, he would stay buried deep in her cunt. His ass would clench, hips rotating, stirring his cock around against her pussy walls.

Nancy, remembering her "pledge" to Todd, knew she had to maintain control and "save" herself. But she felt the red hot skin of her face, hot as if she had a fever. She knew she must wait for Todd but as she watched the muscles of the stranger's ass cheeks, clenching even harder as they powered his huge cock like a machine, she was realizing that nothing could satisfy her, nothing but the best fucking ever!

Nancy wished this stranger could fuck her!

"Tell me what you like about my cock," he urged.

"Your cock?" Nancy's mother said dreamily. "Ummmm, so big inside me. It's so deep inside me. God, it's so hard! Fuck me, fuck me gooooood!" Nancy gasped hearing those words, like mother like daughter she thought!

"All you ever think about is getting fucked don't you? Okay then, I'll show you how, how we do it out in Hollywood!"

He started fucking her with long, rapid strokes designed to set her cunt on fire. It worked. Her hips went wild. Her gasps turned into shrieks as she came.

"Sex hungry slut!" he said, smiling. His body glistened; sweat now slicked his back making his lean muscles even more defined. Nancy stared as he drilled his cock repeatedly into the gaping cunt of her mother. Nancy envied her! To have traded places for just a moment!

Nancy added an extra finger up her juicy cunt but it didn't do much to satisfy her needs. The girl began stroking over her clit as she spied on the couple fucking their brains out; the tiny jolts of excitement that passed through her body soon became larger and larger.

She found the meek little clit poking its head out from the sheath of flesh around it. She looped her finger around the slippery little spire and stroked from base to tip. Each time she touched the very end of the pointy nubbin she sobbed.

Her knees were weak but she couldn't leave, she just had to watch. The stranger was drilling as hard as he could into the softly yielding cunt spread wide for him.

"I'm burning up inside honey! I don't know how you're doing it, ummmmm, oooooh! OOOOOOH!" Nancy watched as her mom came again! The sight of her rigid face and her writhing body increased the carnal yearnings in the spying girl. Her fingers flew up and down her own clit in a vain attempt to imitate what was happening in the bedroom.

While the feelings in her body mounted, she felt even more and more cheated! This simply couldn't be the same as having a man's long, steely hard cock fucking her. Not the same at all! How she wanted to leap through that door and spread herself for that muscular stud!

Over a year had passed since they'd signed that pledge, but now things had changed.

Nancy had changed!

This huge cock would be enough to satisfy two women she thought. Hell, the way he was fucking, he might be able to get a dozen chicks off before he came. He looked like a fucking machine, his body dripping with sweat. His face was frozen into a smile, both evil and sexy at the same time, as he looked down into her mother's gorgeous face and watched her big tits bounce as he fucked her.

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