tagBDSMCh. 02 The Room

Ch. 02 The Room


Chapter 2

The Room

She could feel him looking at her, even though she was still blindfolded, his eyes burning into her body. She felt so scared she was almost sick when he started putting on the breast harness. Although she had no idea what it was, it was heavy and cold and made her skin prickle at its touch, but when he brushed her with his fingers, which were warm and smooth, it sent slivers of pleasure down her spine to her pelvis, making her even wetter than before. His touch calmed her fear somewhat but brought to the surface an intense desire for him.

She tried to move her arms but the harness was well and truly fastened. Then the boots were fitted and they felt very strange; they were forcing her toes to point at a very awkward angle and it made her stand over 6 ft tall when she had them both on her feet. The tension in her calfs and upper thighs was intense and she did not know how long she would be able to stand. He had done them up very, very tight and they were starting to cut into her thigh. They had buckles almost up to her pelvis and she knew she would not be able to walk or sit for very long; even standing would prove difficult after a while. She felt completely and utterly vulnerable. She knew the strength she had within her and knew that she could not use any of that whilst she had these boots on.

He looked her up and down and then, knowing that she would not be able to stand for very long, he placed her wrists in a spacer bar and hooked it onto the chains suspended from the ceiling. She was now semi-suspended with her arms spaced either side of her head, which was still bent down towards her breasts - man what breasts!! He could not help but wonder about all the lovely things he could do with them - anyway, moving on - he then placed a spacer between her knees to keep her legs fully apart. The boots had silver rings running alongside the inside of the legs - so that a spacer can be placed anywhere along the inside of her legs, where ever needed.

She had felt him undo her arms from the breast harness and for a second felt relief; perhaps he was now letting her go and had finished with her. This quickly changed to utter disbelief when she felt him place her hands in cuffs again and then suspend them above her head. She winced slightly at the quickness to this operation, but realised her error, when she felt him breath on her face - he was so close now and yet she was so fearful now. She then felt him place a bar or something between her legs, now she was getting very scared - this was serious and he was serious and she was scared rigid. A sheen of sweat (just my suggestion) was on her legs and over her torso, she was very frightened and he could sense that now.

"Now, you are comfortable, we can begin ..." He was pleased with himself; she was now completely immobile and at his mercy.

"I have a few questions for you and you must answer them truthfully as I will know when you lie."

"Do you have anyone waiting for you to come home today?"

She hesitated, not sure whether to lie or be truthful, just how much did he know about her? How much had Simon told him about her? She was not sure, but thought a little white one would not hurt ....

"I have three children, so yes I need to be back home by 5.30 pm ... - Master". She wondered if it had worked and if he had seen through her little white one?

"Yes indeed you do, but they are staying with their father, are they not - for two weeks I gather, from my research ..."

Oh shit she thought, he does know a lot about me, Simon must have told him everything about me.

She then felt something cold and hard being put around her neck, she tried to struggle but could do nothing to stop it being placed there.

"You do not know what that is, do you?"

"No, I do not, Master"

She then felt a searing pain in her nipples, a pain so intense that she openly winced as it increased to a point where she was starting to cry ... but it subsided within a couple of minutes and turned into a dull throb. She cursed herself for not telling him the truth, but how could she know he would do things like this to her.

"Now these are nipple clamps, they are attached to your neck collar and if I tug on them, like this...". He tugged on her right nipple and she let out a squeal of pain.

"They are quite painful, so do not tell me any more lies or I can quite happily tug on these all day long."

"Now, you have three children who are staying with their father for 2 weeks, is that correct?"

"Yes, they are due back 2 weeks on Saturday, Mmmmaster". She was struggling to maintain her speech as the pain, tinged with pleasure, was wracking her body.

"Ok, then, so you do not have eight hours, you have in actual fact two weeks ... good that means we can take things a little slower then."

"In a moment I will be taking off your blindfold; it was placed there so that you did not get overwhelmed with the elements within this room. I thought it best, as I assumed you had told me the truth about how long you were available for. Now this has changed and we have two weeks together, a little fear may be just what you need to stop struggling."

He then took off her blindfold, telling her to keep her eyes closed whilst she adjusted to the bright lights in this part of the house.

The pain of the lights on her eyes was so bad that she had to screw her eyes up for a few minutes whilst she adjusted to the light; she had been blindfolded for nearly two hours and it was a shock to her eyes to be released. Once she had adjusted to the lights she looked around quickly to assess what was going on in this room. God, oh God, as she looked around she saw benches shaped likes X's, chains hanging from the ceiling and cuffs bolted to walls; she saw a large four poster bed in the corner, next to a sheepskin rug and a roaring open fire. At the opposite end there was some form of rack table with straps and chains attached to it. A sort of upside down chair was next to the wall ... she was now in shock - this looked like a medieval torture chamber and she was the one tied up in it - this did not look good from her perspective and she was visibly shaken but her body was thrilled by the whole scene.

He watched her face and the look of utter dread appearing so visibly. He smiled at her as she took in every piece of equipment in his Room. He felt proud that it had such a visible affect on her. She was shaken to the core and he was in total control, something he suspected that she had never experienced before. Tears were welling up in her eyes and she was breaking down and sobbing. Her head was lowered onto her chest and she was sobbing. He went over to her and touched her cheek and wiped away her tears, he took her head and placed it on his chest and gently calmed her with his touch. He lifted her head and spoke gently to her.

"Don't be upset, you are quite safe with me. You are not in any danger and nothing untoward will happen to you here. I am in control and you have nothing to fear from me or this Room. Do you trust me?"

She looked at him, even though he was wearing a mask and she could not see his full face only his soft eyes and talking lips and even though she did not even know him, she did trust him and she did trust his gentle calming words. She nodded her head and sniffed loudly.

He lifted her head and gently kissed her on the cheek and held her face towards him.

"It is good you told me the truth, as I can be gentler with you. Eight hours is not long enough to do you justice. I am glad that I did not have to rush you or you might well have got damaged in the process. Do you understand what I am saying?"

She nodded "Yes, Master, I understand"


He then kissed her on her mouth, opening her lips with his tongue and exploring inside her mouth with his tongue. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth, making her almost gag on it. He wanted to know her intimately and this was the start of his knowledge. He felt her move towards him, good, he thought, she likes to kiss. He also felt something else which gave him sweet pleasure and his cock throbbed with this knowledge - she had a tongue stud - brilliant - even better - she knew how to kiss and be kissed and had a tongue stud. He continued to give her a deep and sensuous kiss, eventually breaking away from her with a small bite on the lip. She winced, but a flicker of a smile appeared on her lips. He was very pleased indeed.

But whist he was kissing her, she could feel his cock in between her legs and God it was hard and God it was big, she could not help herself but started to move her pelvis over it and yearning for it to enter her. She was so wet now and he felt her wetness on his cock. Unfortunately, this was not to be tolerated and she had to be taught that her yearnings and cravings came second to his.

His eyes changed now into cold and stern looking,

"I have some rules for you; you must always look down when you are in my presence, you may only look at me, when I have told you to do so. Starting now you do not rub yourself against me, you are not a cat and I am not a post, do you understand?"

She lowered her eyes and immediately focused on his enormous cock fully erect, she was fascinated by it, as he talked it moved - as if it had a will of its own. What an amazing piece of meat, she said to herself, and then winced in pain, as he tugged her nipple clamp. He could see she was daydreaming and not listening to what he just said.

"Did you hear what I just said?"

"No, Master, Sorry ... I I I... mmm".

He tugged on her nipple clamp again, and again she squealed in pain.

"You will listen to me, even if you are looking at my cock. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master Sorry, it won't happen again"

Oh, my fucking God, he is in my head, he knew I was looking at his cock, probably everyone does that's why, its just so enormous!!

He had had enough now and knew what he would do with her; behind him on the table was another piece of equipment which was one of his favourites. He quickly placed it over her head and saw the panic in her eyes, he needed her to take him seriously or this would take forever.

She saw him quickly take a piece of strapping, as she thought and place it over her head, he was so damn quick. She felt a ball being placed into her mouth and strapping going all around her head. He then placed her pony tail of hair outside of the harness. He had just placed a gag harness on her; she just could not believe this was happening to her. Now she could not even talk, God how bad is this going to get - pretty bad she thought.

He looked at her, she was openly scowling at him now and the look of utter anger on her face was a picture. She was defiant in looking at him and he was now left with no choice but to admonish her instantly, he took out his crop from his boot and stroked it across her cheek. She winced when she saw it and lowered her eyes in recognition of his authority. She was a quick learner, but with a temper, which needed to be tamed by him. He turned her around and started stroking her left buttock with his crop. She was shaking now and obviously very scared about what he was going to do to her. He started by tapping her buttock gently with his crop, she started to struggle and tried to move away from him. She could not of course, she was almost totally immobile, but she tried and failed and tried and failed. He then started tapping a little harder as she struggled some more. He was starting to get a little angered by her struggling and decided that she needed a stronger punishment as this one was not going to work on her.

He put his crop back in his boot and moved over to the upside down chair, he then lowered her so that she was face down on the chair and clamped her arms and legs in place. She was not happy about this and was trying desperately to free herself.

The first thwack from the crop just made her struggle even harder. It normally took only 3 sharp thwacks of the crop to calm most of them down. But after 3 she was in a frenzy and did not look like she was going to calm down. He stopped at 3, as any more would have been cruel and unnecessary. She had gone into, fight or flight mode and there was nothing he could do now apart from wait for her to calm down. She was safe and could not hurt herself. Eventually, after trying desperately to scream her heart out, she was crying now, sobbing to herself and totally spent of energy. He walked over to her and started to rub the welts with some ointment, so that they were not as painful. She winced but soon realised that he was trying to help her. He then hoisted her up onto her ballet boots again and looked at her tear stricken face. He could see she had passion and will power and strength, God what strength. He was fortunate that he blindfolded her as this could have ended so differently. He would need to tread carefully with this one; she was a strong character and would need careful handling. He did not want to break her spirit, just to discipline her to a point where she would do his bidding without question or struggle.

It took ten minutes for her to calm down, ten minutes for her to realise she could not go anywhere or do anything to get herself out of this mess. Ten minutes for her to realise that he was indeed the Master and she was indeed the slave. Ten minutes for her to collapse in a heap on the chair, with welt marks appearing on her buttocks, pretty buttocks nonetheless. But ten minutes was a long time to sit and wait, he had never had to wait this long before, she was a strong willed woman and her strength was a distinct turn-on for him.

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