tagIncest/TabooCh.05 The New Flat

Ch.05 The New Flat


Authors Note. If you enjoy this or any of my other stories, please feel free to pass on your feedback or email me personally. Thanks.

Julie came home one day in tears, after having had a huge row with her boyfriend Chris. They had been planning on getting a flat together but now Chris had decided that he didn't want to go through with it because of the cost. I put my arm around Julie and tried to console her.

I'd told her many times before what she already knew, that Chris was a waste of time, and she was never going to get anywhere with him. What she really needed was a fresh start.

"If you really want to get a flat, Julie, and move away from home, then I might have a solution," I suggested.

"I can't afford to get a flat on my own Steve. I've asked everyone I know whether they'd be interested in sharing a flat, but no one is. Chris was my last chance," Julie replied.

"Well I know someone you haven't asked, Julie. You haven't asked me!" I added. I paused letting the words sink in.

"You, Steve? Would you want to share a flat with me?"

"Yes, why not? I've been wanting to get away from home for a while now, and we get on well together so it's worth a try. You know what it's been like at home lately; we just don't seem to get any privacy or time to ourselves. Just think if we had our own place together! It would be perfect, sis."

Julie sat and thought about my proposition, then, drying her eyes and wiping her nose, she agreed that it might work.

"Let's give it a try, and if it doesn't work out, well, we haven't lost anything, have we?" I added.

I gave Julie a hug and made her promise to think about it, but was quite surprised when after a cup of coffee, Julie asked me to see whether I could find a flat in town that we could share together.

We agreed that I would get in touch with the rental agencies the following day and see what flats were available. We wanted to live somewhere near the town and not too far from work. Julie, happy now that she had found someone to share a flat with, smiled and declared that, "Chris is history" as far as she was concerned.

The following day I went to three agencies and gave them a list of my requirements. None of them had much on their books, and the four flats they offered to show me around were either in the wrong area or were just too expensive.

One agent promised me that he had a recently refurbished flat that was due to come on the market at the end of the week. He promised to let me know as soon as it was ready, so I could have the first option to view it.

True to his word, four days later I got a phone call from the agent. The flat was now ready and he asked if I'd like to have a look at it before it was put on the open market. If so, I could go and see it now. I readily agreed, and thirty minutes later, I was parked on the high street where our prospective new flat was located.

It was situated above a charity shop on the main high street in town. The shop was selling all sorts of clothing and household items in aid of Cancer Research, and from the outside, the shop looked a little shabby and in need of a coat of paint. Not too promising I thought.

The agent was waiting for me at the front door, and after a brief greeting, he led me in and began his guided tour. He explained that as well as the flat having its own front door; it also had its own private back yard which could be accessed from our downstairs hallway before heading up the private staircase.

At the top of the stairs was a large open plan lounge come dinner. It had recently been painted in magnolia, and together with the light beige carpet made the room look light and airy.

At the far end of the room, a door lead to a small galley kitchen. It had been completely refurbished with new cupboards and a full set of new appliances, which I knew would appeal to Julie.

Off from the lounge, was a small single bedroom just big enough for a single bed and small wardrobe. Then came a large double bedroom with a huge king-size brass bed sitting at the far wall. Finally behind the last door was a large bathroom with a bath and shower. Everything looked light, airy and new after its recent refurbishment and I felt the flat was perfect.

I told the agent, that it was just what we were after and before I could agree to the lease, I would have to consult my wife first. I don't know why I said "My wife", but once I had said it, I just couldn't retract and say my sister. He kindly agreed to let me keep the keys while I showed Julie around later that afternoon, before returning the keys to his office later that day.

He then left me alone in the flat, where I went and had a second look around. I was so excited that we had found a place so soon, and just couldn't wait to get hold of Julie at work. I got through to the switchboard and waited patiently for Julie to answer her phone. Eventually she picked it up.

"Julie, it's Steve. The letting agent rang me today about the flat that I was telling you about the other day. I'm standing inside it now, and it's absolutely perfect! If you want, I'll pick you up and run you over here, so you can have a look before I have to hand the keys back this afternoon."

Julie sounded excited on the phone and just couldn't wait to come and have a look. I arranged to pick her up during her lunch hour, and then, if she liked the flat as much as I did, I could agree the lease and signed the paperwork when I returned the keys that afternoon.

I drove as quickly as I could to the department store where Julie worked. There standing outside the main entrance waiting was Julie. As soon as she saw me, she waved before getting into the car. On the short drive back to the flat, I described all that I could remember about each room and the terms of the lease that was on offer. She was so excited. I think in her own mind, she knew that she wanted it before she had even seen it.

Julie liked the location and the fact that the flat was situated at the quiet end of town. She also, liked the idea that the flat was above a shop, which meant we wouldn't have any neighbours to worry about during the evening.

As soon as we walked through the front door I guided Julie up the steep stairs, into the open plan lounge. Julie walked silently from one room to the next, opening each door and quickly examining the room. It was only after she had entered the small single bedroom, that she made her first comment.

"This will be okay for you," Julie joked sarcastically, with a smile on her face. "It's far too small for me, darling!"

Then we entered the large double bedroom with it's large window overlooking the backyard. The large double bed with its huge brass head and foot rail, made it look quite substantial. Julie grinned and declared that, "This room will be mine."

"Can we not share this room, Julie?" I teased.

"I might do, if you are good to me, little brother," she replied with a seductive grin on her face.

We then went into the next room, the bathroom. It's main focus point was a large Victorian white enamelled bath, that quite probably was large enough for the two of us to bathe in.

Julie was impressed with the final room, the kitchen and its appliances. She smiled at me, before moving back to the lounge.

"Steve, let's take it. I want this flat badly. Please say we can have it," Julie pleaded.

"What's it worth Julie?" I teased.

Julie smiled, kissed and hugged me. "Please, please let's take it, Steve," she begged once more.

I smiled then nodded. How could I refuse my beautiful sister her wish?

Julie responded by squatting in front of me. Then unbuttoning my jeans, she unzipped my fly before reaching inside to massage and rub my flaccid cock, stretching and pulling at the foreskin until my shiny head was swollen and exposed. Popping it in to her mouth, she immediately began sucking the full length of my cock until it was completely erect.

Julie slowly began to lick the underside of my swollen cock before I felt her tongue licking at my balls. She sucked first one, then the other of my balls into her mouth, before stuffing both of them into her hungry wet mouth and in the process, driving me crazy. Oh shit, this felt so good...

Then Julie passed a huge amount of saliva onto my swollen head, expertly massaging it using her slim hand in a slow twisting movement to jerk off my throbbing cock. It wasn't long before I guided my dick to her mouth, and once I was in, I held the back of Julie's head tight against my groin while I vigorously thrust my hips backwards and forwards, forcing my cock deep into the back of her mouth until I could take it no more.

This was pure animal instinct as I unashamedly fucked her beautiful mouth, with powerful thrusts of my hips forcing Julie to gag and cough as my cock touched the back of her throat.

I stiffened, gasped, grunted then swore as I ejaculated into Julie's mouth, flooding her with my thick warm sperm. Slowly, I withdrew almost ashamed that I hadn't lasted more than five minutes, as Julie opened her mouth to show me the contents that she had caught. She then swallowed, and once again, opened her mouth to show me. This time it was empty.

As I collapsed on the couch, Julie persisted.

"Please tell me Steve, can we have this flat?"

Without another word, I reached inside my jacket and removed my cell phone. Two minutes later I was speaking with the agent and agreed the lease and terms.

"I've got to go and return the keys this afternoon, and at the same time I'll sign the agreement," I informed Julie.

Julie beamed and clapped her hands. "Thanks Steve, you won't regret this. It's our little love nest," Julie cried.

I told Julie about the conversation I had had with the agent this morning, and how I had let it slip that we were married. "I don't know why I didn't put him right at the time, but it's too late now to do anything about that. We're just going to have to make out that we are a married couple." Julie didn't see a problem, and promised that in any dealings with the agent she would remember that we were supposed to be married.

I let Julie wonder around the flat one last time, before we headed back to town. After dropping Julie off at work, I went on to the agent's office and agreed the terms before exchanging the contract. He then handed me a set of keys and asked, "When could I get your wife's signature?" We agreed that Julie would pop in tomorrow lunch time whereby he would then allow us a full set of keys.

The following evening, Julie returned with a full set of keys. She had seen the agent and signed our lease, and then he'd told her that we were now free to move in any time we wanted.

After our evening meal we went around to our new flat to make our plans. Julie, always the organised one, made a list of all the things we would need, such as bedding, towels, pots, pans and cutlery. She made quite an extensive list and told me that she would try and do some shopping tomorrow afternoon. I gave her some cash to cover her shopping list, and told her to make sure that she bought whatever was needed, regardless of cost.

"If you need more money, just ask," I added.

I was going to show Julie just how you treat a woman you really love, not like how that dammed Chris used to treat her.

We decided that we were going to move into our new love nest this coming Saturday, so over the next few days, Julie was kept busy shopping for all the items on her list. Each evening, she would come home and show me what she'd bought before heading down to our flat with all the new items.

By the time Saturday had arrived I had spent a small fortune on all the items that were essential for starting our own home. Mum and dad had agreed to help us move in, and we loaded their car and mine with everything bar the kitchen sink, and headed to our new flat.

Once there, we unloaded the car and set about making the flat our home. There were a few difficult moments for me, when mum and dad were helping me with my things in the small bedroom. I knew I wasn't going to be sleeping there, and wanted to put most of my things with Julie's in her room, but couldn't. I don't think it escaped mum and dads notice that the small single room wasn't big enough to swing a cat, and I had to reassure them that it wasn't an issue.

By mid afternoon we had finished, and mum and dad had left to leave us on our own. Julie slumped down on the sofa, exhausted after all the day's exertions.

"I've got a little surprise for you here Julie. Something to celebrate our new love nest with!" And with that I produced a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne.

Julie was thrilled, and rushed to the kitchen to find a couple of glasses. Sparkling wine and champagne were Julie's favourite drinks. She loved them all, especially the more expensive ones.

We sat on the sofa together, drinking our bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne, when we inevitably fell into the trap of caressing and kissing each other. It didn't take long before caressing led to undressing and I had Julie's top off, exposing a beautiful red lacy wired 'Wonderbra' wrapped around her beautiful breasts. The wire cups forced her breast together and up, producing a wonderful cleavage, and I could just see her nipples poking through the lace.

Every time I had the opportunity of seeing her breasts, I couldn't help but bury my head into her soft sweet smelling cleavage. I breathed in her scent deeply, then began kissing, licking and sucking every inch of her beautiful soft tits.

I was expert at unbuttoning bras with my finger and thumb, and once Julie's was unclipped and off, her breasts were mine. She loved to have me kiss and suck her tits, especially when I tugged at her nipples with my teeth. Each time I did she would moan and gasped with pleasure.

While I was sucking her tits, Julie was unbuttoning my jeans before reaching inside and extracting my semi erect cock. She was a master at working it, starting with a gentle rub and squeeze before stroking the full length of my cock as it slowly grew in size.

Once erect she made her way down between my legs before I felt my cock between her warm lips. She was always hungry for my cock and took every inch of my swollen member into her mouth. Occasionally, she gagged or coughed as my cock touched the back of her throat in her eagerness to give good 'head', before withdrawing and pausing, then concentrating on sucking my balls.

I manoeuvred myself on the couch so that Julie could give me head, while I lifted her skirt and removed her panties. I drew them down to her knees before spreading her cheeks of her ass to allow me a good view of her juicy cunt.

Straining my head so that my tongue could reach her pussy, I slowly began tasting her juices. As Julie felt my tongue on her clit, she moaned with pleasure before I drove home two fingers deep into her wet pussy.

I alternated between using my tongue and fingers on her wet pussy, and once her juices were flowing, I ordered her off the couch and onto all fours on the floor. Slapping her ass, I gripped her around the waist holding her steady as I guided my cock to the entrance of her dripping fanny.

"Ah.." she gasped as my cock slowly entered her. "Fuck me, Steve, fuck my pussy," Julie ordered.

Instead of fucking her slowly, I immediately struck up a fast and vigorous tempo, our thighs slapping against each other as I rammed my cock deep into Julie's hungry pussy.

"Oh, oh, ah, ah," I grunted, as I rammed my dick deeper into the depths of her pussy.

Julie was gasping and moaning as each thrust drove her nearer to her orgasm.

"Don't stop, don't stop, Steve..." She gasped.

Another sixty seconds of our frantic fucking and we were both spent. Firstly, Julie screamed out so loud that I thought the people in the shop below would hear us, as her orgasm overcame her, causing her to collapse onto the floor. I immediately withdrew from her dripping pussy then scrambling over Julie, I pleaded with her to finish me off.

Sitting up, she immediately began sucking the head of my cock while at the same time frantically wanking my member. Now and again she squeezed my balls before using her fabulous hand technique on the head of my cock. When I felt my semen rising, I immediately took over and thrashing my cock with my right hand, I ejaculated onto Julie's face.

Jet after jet landed on Julie's cheek and chin. By the time I had finished, I had ejaculated five times and covered Julie's face in my thick cum. As it slowly slid down her face, Julie tried to work her tongue over the tops of her lips and around her chin licking up the globules of semen. She grinned and looked so beautiful covered in my mess.

I leant forward and kissed her on the lips, whispering my thanks before licking the remaining cum off her face. Some of it I swallowed, and the remainder I passed to Julie through a loving French kiss. We lay together on the floor for what seemed an age, slowly recovering, just talking about the future. That was a day that I shall never forget, the day we built our love nest...

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