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Saturday morning was upon me again. Over the last 18 months my weekend routine had become somewhat of a staple. I'd hit the gym by 8 a.m., workout decently for an hour, shower and hit the Starbucks across the street. Always the same thing a Chai tea latte and a pastry. The baristas knew me by name, or should I say by order. Today was no different, and now it was coffee shop time. Today Ty was taking my order. She had been here for a few months and had always been cordial with a beautiful smile. I enjoyed how pleasant the baristas were, yet another reason I always came to this particular shop. If I was too old to have a crush I might say I had one. Besides here I am 36 divorced with a 6 year old. She couldn't be more than 21. What do I look like even thinking about her in such a fashion?

I order my tea and pastry and head to my corner booth. I read through my emails on my tablet and check the sports ticker for any updates from last night. I sipped and scrolled before I noticed Ty making her way to me table by table. I smirked at her youthful cuteness. Her vibe was poetic to me and I wasn't even much of a poet. I went back to my tablet as she approached. I ran my numbers month over month for the first two quarters of the year. I had been reevaluating things and trying to find a sense of normalcy even though it had been over a year since the divorce. She went for broke on me, took everything I built. I was just thankful I had the wherewithal to bounce back.


Mr. Tremaine always smiles at me, it makes me blush something awful though I try to hide it. I've grown accustomed to seeing him here every Saturday. He's been here like clockwork every Saturday since I started 10 weeks ago. I am uber attracted to him but I know he's out of my league. Not that I don't look good or anything. It's just that he has this salt and pepper thing going on in his beard, so I know he's considerably older than me. Frankly that gray in his beard is sexy as fuck. It made me feel like he was sure of himself. Like he knew what he wanted and what he was doing. I could very well be wrong, but that's just what it represented to me. His face still looked plenty youthful, which was a contradiction to the gray strands. He was always so pleasant and I adored his smile.

Making my rounds I am here battling whether I am going to make small talk or not. I am a real nervous wreck and I'm pretty sure it's apparent. As I drew nearer to his table my heart began to pound as though it was prepared to burst from my chest. I see his head raise as I am now but one table away. A softball size lump forms in my throat. I want to speak, I swear I do; but my body will not grant me that courage nor satisfaction.

"Hey Ty, how's your morning been?" His voice flowed from his succulent lips as serene as a peaceful current of a stream. I knew my cheeks were flush.

"I...I... I'm having an ok morning. Even better now that you've shown up." I couldn't believe my own mouth. "I mean I really look forward to my Saturday's. You always make my day brighter." I was so fucking beside myself to have rambled on like so. He smiled like he always did, and it wasn't helping me.

"Well, is that so? I am so glad I can be bright spot in your day. Knowing that has made my day. Thank you."

"No thank you." I couldn't stop smiling now. I tried to walk away and finish my rounds quickly.

"Ty, you have a gorgeous smile, and I hope yohave a great rest of the day."

I want more of this Mr. Tremaine, I am completely smitten. He is just... I don't even know how to put it into words. But whatever it is, he's that. I couldn't help but keep gazing into the corner as he did whatever it was that he was doing. I want him, no I need him. After about five minutes of self-motivation, I built up the courage to walk back over and try to strike up more conversation.


I caught a glimpse of miss cutie pie heading back my way, but I stayed focus on the spreadsheet. I figured she was tending to the rest of the tables and what not. But I guess I was mistaken. "Mr. Tremaine. Is there anything else I can get for you?" she asked me in the sweetest of tones. I smirked as my ears were pleasantly stimulated by the sound of her voice.

"No sweetheart, I think I'm ok. Thank you though."

"Oh, no problem... Mr. Tremaine, how old are you?"

"Me? Well I'm seasoned let's just say that." Frankly I was a little self-conscious about telling my age especially seeing as to how I had a mild little crush on her.

"Really?" She chuckled. "Okay how about if you tell yours, I'll tell you mine... Deal?"

"Aight, well I'm 36." I probably winced if I know myself well. I was a tad apprehensive as to her response.

"Really." Her hand rested my shoulder." Well I'll be 24 by year end." She smiled

"Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that you were past 21. Then again you know what they say right?"

"No, what's that?" Ty responded.

"Black don't crack."

"You ain't never lie" she did a quick vogue that had us both cackling. "Well Mr. Tremaine."

"Please Tremaine is fine." I interjected.

"Tremaine, I find you to be very handsome and always so pleasant to talk to. And to be completely honest and go out on a limb, I would really like to get to know you more. I know this isn't very professional of me but..."

"Shhhh, Hey it's ok. I understand love, you only see me here, so I get it. You are too cute. I don't mind us chit chatting at all." I notice a slight rush of patrons making their way to the counter. "Here." I handed her a card. "Call me when you get off and we can go from there. I see you are about to get a little busy." I nodded towards the front of the store. I stood began gathering my belongings. "Ty, you have a great rest of the day and I look forward to hearing from you." Her red cheeks let me know her emotion and excitement. I too had a smile as I left the Starbucks. I was surprised she was 23. I thought for sure she was going to say she was like 19 or 20. I didn't feel so bad about the little crush I had. I guess next time I wouldn't be so reserved with her; then again I don't want make shit awkward. I guess we'd have to see how things play out, I mean after all I did slide her my card. I was curious as to if or when she would call. Since the divorce dating wasn't a priority, though the comfort of having someone was missed. I'll admit there had been a few dates, but nothing or no one seemed to appeal to me. There were no expectations of connecting with Ty, though I wouldn't mind seeing her cute face and smile more than just on Saturdays.


For the last few months I been lusting after this man and now I have his number. It was surreal. I never thought me, clearly his junior would ever get his number. I mean I have friends who are sugar babies and things, but that has never been my thing. Would I even be considered a sugar baby, I mean I really liked him. I couldn't wait to get off, so I could call him. I felt like I was in high school again. My day seemed to drag and 3pm didn't want to come. When it finally did I bolted for the door. I headed home to my sisters. We were roomies since I was still looking for work in my field after graduation. I got in and headed straight for the shower. It felt so good to wash the smell of coffee bean off my skin. I probably stood and let the water run off my skin for about 10 minutes before I actually bathed. I was rehearsing what I would say to him when I called. I definitely had plans on talking to him tonight.

I exfoliated my skin with this magical coconut scrub my sister put me on to. My skin was feeling so soft and pristine. My mind instantly drifted to Tre. How I'd feel in his arms and deepness of his voice vibrating my eardrums in such a melodic way. That's when thoughts of his full thick lips crept into my already wayward thoughts. As they traveled along my neck, in my mind; my fingertips traveled between my thighs, in reality. I bit my lip at the luscious thought of him being ever so ravenous on my frame. The water from the shower couldn't wash away the wetness between my thighs. I parted my engorged lips and stroked my pinkness. Feeling my chest rise and fall heavily, I knew I wasn't far from climax. I forced myself to stop and get out of the shower. I wanted to save this eruption for daddy. He didn't know it yet but his fine ass was already daddy.

(Phone Rings)

Tremaine: Hello?

Ty: Hello Mr. Tremaine Woodard?

Tremaine: Yes this is he.

Ty: This is Tyenna, from Starbucks

Tremaine: Oh hey, how's it going? How was the rest of your day sweetie?

A little small talk has led to me dressing up for dinner and drinks. My pussy was on leak already from the shower. That bitch was on tsunami from the sheer excitement of some one on one time with daddy. He's only seen me in my work uniform, so you know I have to give him a little to look at. I threw on a bit subtle yet still telltale freakum dress and my favorite heels. Just as I was coming out of my room. Jen was walking into the house. "Hey sis" I called out.

"Hey... Girl, where you headed." She called back, shocked to see me dressed up.

"Out girl, I know it's been a minute."

"Oh aight, you must have a date. I ain't mad at ya boo." Jen always supported me getting out of the house.


I can't say I was thrown off by the call, but maybe I can say I wasn't expecting it so soon. Either way we were here, not too far from her job. I figured we'd do something she was familiar with so the Applebee's close to her job was as good a place as any. I welcomed the break from work. Though I wasn't sure how much we'd have in common, her smile was enough to get me out of the house. Her smile was absolutely electric as we sat across from each other. The waitress asked us if we knew what we wanted to drink. I looked at her, trying to bite my tongue. A sure fire young joke was right on the cusp of my lips. I knew she knew by the look on my face I was about to go there. She ordered a tropical drink of sorts, I think it even came with a pineapple. I decided to forgo my typical long island and went with the Mai Tai.

"You sure you're old enough to drink that little lady?" I prodded jokingly as the waitress strolled away with our drink orders.

"Ha Ha old man, you got jokes huh?"

"I may have one or two."

"Better watch it, don't want you to throw your hip out from laughing so hard."

"Oh, okay... I see how we playing."

We ended up ordering appetizers and that was all. Neither one of us was really hungry. I myself was just happy to get out of the house for a little while. We laughed and kept good company the entire time. She told me how she just finished school and was looking to make big moves in life in the near future. I myself opened up a bit about my current status in life and where I saw myself going. As the crowd started to dwindle around us I figured it was probably time for us to call it a night.


"I really enjoyed this, and thank you for allowing me to invade your space and time Mr... I mean Tre. Is it ok if I call you Tre?" I tried to keep my cool about me. Those couple drinks had me thinking and feeling other shit. "Behave", I coached myself internally.

"Sweetheart you can call me whatever you like as long as you keep that beautiful smile on your face."

I blushed hard as hell, to the point there was no denying that he'd gotten me with that line. I couldn't let him win though, had to let him know what it was. "Anything huh? Well ok then daddy, I'll be sure to be a good little princess and remember to smile for you." The sheer look in his eyes made my pussy clinch. I managed to flip the script on him in the middle of the parking lot.

"Oh... hmph... Is that how we're playing?" He questioned with a wide grin. I beckoned him closer to me, so I could pull him in close and whisper in his ear.

"This is no game daddy, but I definitely want to play with you." I whispered in his ear before grazing my tongue along the outer rim of it. I guided his hand to my ass he pulled me yet closer into him and planted his lips on my neck. My body felt as though I had been hit with 10,000 volts of electricity. If he hadn't been holding like he was I probably would have collapsed to the ground.

"Damn." he said heavily as he released me. "You feel good in my arms baby girl."

"So why let me go?"

"I can't keep you here in my arms all night."

"Maybe not here, but I'm sure there's placse daddy can take me." I was letting it be known where I wanted things to go and where I wanted be. I felt I had to really put on my big girl pants and show him I meant business. I hope this wasn't to direct, but I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me by.


I fell for her jazzy ways and that daddy talk was the icing on the cake to have her trailing me into my driveway. I was nervous a tad, it had been over six months since my last piece and to be honest that was just a nut for what it was worth. But I knew this was the start of something different, I could feel it in my gut. And even if turns out my gut was wrong, tonight was about to be one to remember. As I park and hop out her headlights shine bright into my eyes. I make my way back to her as her engine shuts off and the lights soon follow. Our eyes meet and the fire is ever so present. Her hand, I clasp as we make our way to the front door. I look over my shoulder while fondling for my keys and that gorgeous smile that was partly to blame for us being here greeted me. I turned completely to her and scooped her up. Her legs wrapped my waist and her arms fell in place around my broad shoulders and back. Our lips met, exchanging electricity between each other. Lips still locked I pinned her to the door as I continued to retrieve the keys. I gripped her soft cakes as I stepped into the house, closing the door with my foot. She felt so good in my arms.

I laid her down on the sofa, only parting to start pulling at my shirt. I felt tugging at my waist line and by the time I had my shirt off, my belt was undone. I looked down at Baby-girl and she was focused on getting to my longing member. I watched in awe as she wasted no time sliding her tongue up and down my shaft. It been so long since I'd been touched outside of my own hand. I was already dripping precum. Ever the observant one, she didn't let it go to waste either. "Baby-girl you know what you doing huh?" I asked a rhetorical ass question.

"Yes... Yes daddy I do." She turned me around and pushed me down on the couch. She moved her hair out of her way and began the jerk and bob rotation. Her mouth was legit heaven on earth. I was in amazement and sheer pleasure from the sight and feel of her mouth taking me in and out. I was trying to hold my climax but she was eager to make me release. I wasn't going to fight her much longer, she was deserving of every drop.


I had every intention of making daddy relinquish his seed to me. I wasn't settling for any less. He probably is underestimating me because I am 13 years his junior. But after tonight he will know I'm a big girl indeed. I could feel in his body language that he was closer than close to getting that nut. I couldn't wait to taste him.

"Daddy bout to cum baby." He moaned to me and I relished in the deepness of his voice.

"Don't hold back daddy, your baby-girl want it all. Can I please have it all?"

"Yes... You deserve it baby. Ugh." He gave me my treat and I enjoyed every drop. He tasted just as good as he looked. I'm sure my reaction let him know too. I stood to run and looked around for the restroom in this unfamiliar place.

"What's wrong?'' He asked with concern.

"I... I was just looking for the bathroom."

"Hmmm... Not before I taste that pussy. You thought I was just going to let you wipe all that wetness away? Slide those panties off. Let that those swollen pussy lips find comfort upon my own lips."

My pussy was indeed leaking something serious. Like a good little angel I obeyed his orders. He slid off the couch and just had his head leaning back so I could mount him properly. I grabbed the back of the sofa for stability and began rolling my hips and grinding this saturated pussy all over his mouth. Sucking his dick had me on 10. It was but a fleeting second before I was squirming in ecstasy. The way he flipped and rolled his tongue along my lips was paralyzing. Then he messed around and sucked on my clit. If I didn't like his ass already, I sure as hell was head over heels now. I picked the right daddy for sure. He lifted me and told me to get on all fours. I did so with no hesitation. I looked back at him and he slapped me on my ass, "Don't look at me" he commanded. I was nervous yet excited. I felt his tongue slither from my lower back, down my crack, down over my tight ass hole, all the way to my now sensitive clit. He must have known how sensitive she was. He lightly flicked his tongue over her making me moan with each tongue lashing. I never had my pussy ate from the back before, but damn it I could most certainly get accustomed to this. "Can I have daddy's dick, please?" I was ready for him to fill my walls with his turgid member.

He pushed into me slowly. My walls gripped him for dear life. I was so glad I was still leaking like a sex fiend. My nails dug deeper into the couch the deeper he went. I tried to put my head down, but he pulled me up by my neck a said, "Daddy wants to hear every sound you make." This man was too perfect. He was speaking to my soul. He began stroking these walls methodically. I couldn't see, but I know my pussy was a creamy mess. His paced picked up along with the volume of my moans. I was poised to give him another nut, coat his dick with my exhale. "That's it cum for me" he coached. "Cum for me like my good girl that you are." My pussy squeezed his dick, as I came on his hard thrust. He followed with a moan and suddenly I felt empty, his warm seed began to spew on my ass cheeks. He laid on the couch and I crawled over and laid on his chest, still rising and falling heavily. We lay there in silence taking it all in.


"So Baby-Girl and Daddy huh?" I said barely above a whisper.

"Yeah that's it." She replied.

"I like the sound of that."

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