Chain of Command


Colonel Sarah Mackenzie sat at her desk reviewing case files wishing the week would finally come to an end. It had been very busy week and frankly she was worn out. Not only had she lost a big trial, but the temperatures had been in the upper 90's all week and the building's air conditioner was broke, making her a very frustrated woman, throw in the fact she hadn't gotten laid in almost 10 months, she felt as though she was ready to explode.

"Ma'am, are you ok?" Petty officer Jen Coates had poked her head in the Colonel's office while dropping off some files.

Mac had always found Jen quite attractive, but of course circumstances had always made it nearly impossible to really get to know the young woman. On this day though, Mac noticed her much more than normal, being so hot in the building, Jen had the top 2 bottons of her uniform undone and the fact the she already filled out the uniform so well, Mac, quite surprised herself, instantly felt her body harden.

" Uh, yeah Jen, just daydreaming I guess, looking forward to getting out of here for the weekend."

"I know what you mean ma'am, it's damn hot in the whole building. The only place that's even somewhat cool is the library." Jen responded

"That right!" Mac answered "Since that's the new part of the building the Air should still be working."

Mac instantly picked up the rest of her work and headed towards the library, being so late on a Friday there wouldn't be anyone in there, she'd be able to get her work done and get the hell out of there.

2hours later: JAG Law Library

Mac sat at the table in the far corner nearly finished with her work, she was only a half hour from getting out of there, not that that would really be any big improvement, 'Just going home to some Ben & Jerry's and a warm vibrator' she thought to herself.

Just then Jen entered the library with a few books.

"Sorry to disturb you Colonel, but I thought I'd put these away before going home." Jen spoke

"No problem Jen, I'm almost done anyway." Mac answered

As Jen finished up, the last book belonged on the bottom shelf of the bookcase closest to Mac. When she bent over, her ass was nearly in Mac's face.

'God damn!, that's a nice ass she's got there'. Mac again thought to herself, and for the second time that afternoon, thinking about Jen had gotten Mac hard all over.

While Jen kept trying to get the book back in its proper place, Mac sat at the table just staring thinking about how she's like to bury her face in there, meanwhile slipping her hand under her blouse starting to rub herself through her now wet panties.

As Jen finished getting the book back to where it belonged, she thought she'd heard the Colonel moaning softly. She quickly turned around and caught Mac pleasuring herself.

A shocked Jen just looked at the gorgeous Colonel and asked " What are you doing Ma'am?"

A sexually frustrated Sarah Mackenzie instantly pulled her hand out and responed "C'mon Jen, you're a big girl, I'm sure you can figure it out."

Mac then stood up and walked over to Jen, looked directly into her eyes and instantly knew that the petty officer would more than happy to follow any order she gave.

Mac the took 2 steps back and barked "Stand at attention!" Coates repsonded quickly by standing at perfect attention.

Mac then circled the young woman, hungrily eyeing her very healthy body.

"Now petty officer, we're going to see how well you follow orders"

"Aye, aye ma'am"

"Take off your uniform right now!"

Without hestiation, Jen shed her uniform, left standing only with a bra and panties.

"Very good, now come over here and remove my clothing."

At that, a small smile came over Jen's lips as she very confidently moved to take off Mac's shirt and blouse.

Mac now just looked at the beautiful woman in front of her, admiring her tits and feeling her own nipples getting so hard that her bra was almost ready to come off on it's own.

"One last order Petty Officer Coates." Mac quietly spoke

"Anything Ma'am" Jen replied

"Fuck me now!" Mac commanded

"Yes Colonel"

With that, Coates slowly took off her bra and panties, revealing herself completely to the senior officer. Then cleared off the table that had been covered in files and books. Mac just watched as Coates was now in command.

Jen walked up to Mac and kissed her gently on the lips as her right hand started to knead Mac's left breast through her bra. As the kiss became more passionate, Jen guided Mac to lay down on the table.

Mac complied as Jen continued down Mac's torso to her belly.

"Now I'm giving the orders colonel" Jen whispered as she removed Mac's panties. Slowly Mac spread her legs giving Jen free access to the ripest most eager looking pussy she'd ever seen.

Jen started slowly just barely grazing Mac's clit with the tip of her tongue, teasing the colonel with pleasure she hadn't experienced in nearly a year. Never having been with a woman before, Mac wasn't sure what to expect, but 30 seconds after Jen started, she felt as though she was going to explode.

Jen's tongue was now in full action, stopping only plunge her fingers deep into Sarah Mackenzie.

"Make me cum Jen! Make me cum hard!" Mac cried.

Jen, always one to follow orders, buried her head firmly in Mac's pussy while reaching up with her arms to rub both of Mac nipples.

As Mac neared the finish, she ordered her lover to continue.

"Faster Coates, faster, I want to finish now!"

Just as she said that, the orgasm she'd been waiting for came upon her so hard that screamed yes as tasted her sweet fluid on her tongue.

After a minute or two to regain herself, Mac leaned over to her handbag which had been knocked on the floor. Then to Jen's happines, she took out a blue dildo that she'd been using for the last few months.

with a grin on her face, Mac spoke, "On your, back Coates, I'm gonna fuck you so good, you won't know what hit you."

Coates, hurridley got up on the table and waited for the Colonel to do her best.

Already flush from eating out Mac, Jen was more that sensitive when Mac's tongue started licking her tits, as she felt the dildo barely enter then leave her wet pussy. Finally Mac continued southward until she got to where she wanted.

"Alright Coates, how do you want it, soft and slow or hard and fast?" Mac asked?

"Hard and fast!" she exclaimed, almost pleading.

Mac's started licking her wetness, enjoying Jen's sweet taste, but for only a moment, as she took the dildo and rammed it into Jen's cunt repeatedly.

"How's that?" Mac asked, although the look on Coates' face told her everything.

"Harder, God Harder, I'm gonna cum right now."

Mac then quickly gave Jen one last big thrust before sinking her lips and tongue into Jen. As her tongue went, for the first time she tasted a woman cum as Jen finished all over Mac.

Mac immediatley stood up, and laid a deep kiss on Jen's lips.

"Mmmmm, you taste good." Mac happily stated

"You're not so bad yourself, colonel."

"Listen, since we're now fucking one another, I think you can call me Mac when we're not in the office." Mac chuckled

"Ok Mac" Jen replied

"Do you have plans for this weekend Coates?" Mac asked

"Nope, nothing really." a hopeful Jen responded

"Well then, what do you say to a few night's at a cabin in the mountains?" a grinning Mac questioned.

"What do I say, I'd say we're gonna fuck like rabbits for 48 hours!"

Mac just smiled and responded. "That's exactly the answer I was hoping for."

The End

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