tagNovels and NovellasChained, But Not Contained Ch. 01

Chained, But Not Contained Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - The Initial Encounter

Fucking hell what a mess!

I can't believe I'd been so stupid. I was now consigned to sleeping on the sofa until I manage to patch things up with my Wife. Thinking back, I wish I'd done things a little differently. But that is Vegas for you.

Vegas. The adult playground. That's exactly what I'd done. Played.

Perhaps a little bit of background would help clear things up. My name is Mike. I'm sort of a business trouble-shooter for want of a better term. Essentially, my company will get approached to look at a company and its core processes. And that is where I come in. I'll pretty much just snoop around for a week or three and get a feel of how things are (or aren't) running.

Once I've got a reasonable feel for the place, I'll meet with the board and recommend some pretty basic changes. Normally this stuff just seems like common sense to me, but for some reason the plebs who work there just aren't capable of seeing the wood for the trees.

Give things another week or two to settle down, then I go home a happy man. My firm gets a nice big payout (of which, I probably only see about 25%) and the aforementioned company probably reverts back to the way they used to do things in the first place.

Now, I was out consulting at a small firm in Vegas, but managed to get a little bit of down-time to myself. Also, for once, I wasn't compelled to go out to dinner or for drinks with any of the local management as they all seemed to be of the non-drinking persuasion.

What the fuck is the point in not drinking? I'm originally from England, and for us, drinking is pretty much our national sport. It used to be rugby, which is sort of like your American Football only less wimpy. The problem is that we started getting our collective arses kicked by the Springboks (South Africa), Wallabies (Australia) and the All-Blacks (New Zealand). But drinking is something we will always be world champions at.

That said, I've gotten into a shit-load of trouble when I'm bladdered. For instance, I'm currently on some sort of FAA no-fly-list thanks to a ton of duty-free booze that I drank on my last flight over the Atlantic. In fact, that was my last flight for the rest of my life it seems. To be honest, I don't really remember what happened, other than I spent the next 3 months in prison up on some half-arsed Air-rage charge.

So now I drive everywhere... But I digress....

..So here I was in Vegas, near the end of a three-week stint, out on my own and enjoying a few drinks in one of the casinos. Actually, I'm not even sure which one it was. They all look the fucking same from inside.

Fuck me I ramble... I'll get to the point. I was winning at craps. I actually don't have a clue how to play the game, but somehow I was on some massive winning streak. I wasn't betting any more than I could afford to lose, but I was about $1500 up and really feeling good. I even seemed to have my own fan-club. She can't have been any older than early 20's and she wasn't anything too special to look at. But she was so bubbly and vivacious that you couldn't help feeling attracted to her infectious personality. She also had _the_ most un-fucking-believable tits I'd ever seen.

My wife is a stunner, but even at my most generous I would say she is just moderately endowed. Her body-type is athletic as opposed to voluptuous. But this flirty, happy, sexy creature beside me at the craps table had breasts to die for. And we'd definitely started something. Every time I won, we'd laugh and hug with a lot of body contact. I was cracking a pretty decent semi from snuggling up to her puppies and I'm pretty sure she'd felt my hardening package on more than one occasion.

I'd gotten to the point where I'm more interested in her than what was going on at the table. So, I said to her, 'How about we finish up here and go back to my hotel for some quiet drinks?'

'Sure, sounds like a plan.' she said. Fuck me! I'm already lucky tonight. Screw the dice. I want to get laid.

She threw her left arm around my neck and felt the outline of my now-hard cock with her right, whispering into my ear 'I can't wait, let's go right now'.

Just then I saw someone I recognised a few tables over, and she saw and recognised me. She was one of my wife's friends. She is bound to tell tales, but then again there isn't anything I probably can't explain away as harmless fun. Who gives a shit? I've been three weeks without a shag and I'm gagging for it.

I wanted to take this young lady back to my room and fuck her brains out. I threw everything I had on the pass line for one last go. I didn't care if I lost the lot. It was time to leave.

'Eleven'. Sweet Jesus! I've just won a bucket full of chips!

Cashing up seemed to take forever. I'd won a little over 20 grand overall. Not bad for a short drunken night's work. We took the short taxi right to the Mandalay Bay and went straight to my room. Almost immediately we start tearing at each other's clothes. I can't wait to see whether she has the goods or if it's all just so much packaging.

Now, with both of us standing completely naked, I push her just far enough away so I can take it all in. Sure enough, they are fucking fantastic. Nice pendulous breasts that drop slightly now that they aren't suspended by a bra, but they are still a magnificent sight to behold.

'You like them?' she asked.

'It's pretty obvious huh? I've got to say, they are probably the most beautiful things I've ever seen', I said with all honesty.

To her credit, she took it as her due.

'Come over here. I've got a treat for you', she said, while beckoning me over to the bed.

I tried to kiss her, but she pushed me down onto the bed so I was sitting on the edge and she was kneeling in front of me, between my legs. She grabbed the base of my cock in one hand, gently cupping and caressing my balls with her other as she slowly swallowed the head of my engorged cock. Those incredible breasts softly rubbed against my inner thighs as she bobbed up and down on my meat.

Once she's slobbered enough over my cock to lubricate it she then asked me 'Do you want to fuck my titties?' How fucking great is this!

I think the look on my face was answer enough. She lay down on the bed with her head propped up on a pillow as I straddled her waist and stuck my cock between her breasts. She pushed them together complete enveloping my cock as I thrust forward, the head of my cock going into her mouth at the peak of my thrust. She'd greedily suck and lick at my head when it came close, but I was already beyond the point of no-return. I tried to stop it, but I exploded first into her mouth, then another more powerful jet of cum shot over her face, covering her left eye, left cheek and her nose. The last two or three squirts were not much more than dribbles and just fell into the valley between those fabulous fleshy mounds.

'I'm really sorry', I stammered. 'I didn't mean...' ...to come so fucking early while I was enjoying myself so much. This was my first real titty-fuck and I wasn't sure the opportunity would present itself again.

She giggled a little. 'No, it's fine. Actually, it's kind of flattering.' Wiping her finger down her face she managed to scrape off most of the cum, which she then popped into her mouth and sucked clean. 'Yummy.'

I wasn't going to let her go without getting something in return. I love licking pussy, so that is what I started to do. I know woman vary and like different speed and pressure, but I tend to start slowly and softly, keeping aware of any clues she gives me on how to alter my technique. She was relaxing initially, which meant I'd started okay and the occasional grind into my face meant she wanted a little more pressure. As we both gradually speed up, I could feel her lips opening wider, and taste the increasing wetness of her pussy juice.

All of a sudden she clamped her legs tight and grabbed the back of my head mashing my face into her crotch. I held completely still, feeling her pulse in orgasm with my lips as she moaned in quiet pleasure.

I would normally get hard again after 10 minutes of licking pussy, but for some reason my little fulla just wasn't playing the game today. But in our post-coital bliss we both seemed pretty happy to fall asleep in each other's arms.

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