tagNovels and NovellasChained, But Not Contained Ch. 04

Chained, But Not Contained Ch. 04


Chapter 4 – Exploring Something New

I was so horny after being fucked in the ass and swallowing some strangers cum, that I called the number as soon as I left the bar.

A female voice answered. 'Hello?'

'Um, Hi. Er... I was given your number by someone I met. He said that you, um, specialise in giving relief?' Fuck me I was nervous.

'I take it you are wearing some sort of chastity-device?' She asked.

'Er, yes... it's a metal cage-type contraption.'

'I think I can help you out. If you are able to come over now, I've got time. I'll give you directions.'

She gave me some pretty clear directions on how to get to her place. I got a taxi there from the bar. Her house looked pretty typical from outside. I didn't know what sort of reception I was about to get.

I rang the door-bell. Shortly after, a rather tasty, curvaceous, black-haired woman answered the door. 'You didn't waste any time getting here. Come in, take your shoes off and follow me.' She opened the door and beckoned me inside.

Looking at her I was impressed. She was short, roughly 5 foot 3 inches. But very full figured. Slightly more flesh on her hips than I usually like, with slight saddle-bags, but her tits were gorgeous. They were on the large side, but nicely shaped and well suspended.

I walked inside, slipped off my shoes and followed her downstairs into a dimly lit basement.

'Please lie down here.' She said, pointing at a Y-shaped bench. I lay down, with my legs spread on the outstretched arms of the bench. She stood between my legs and undid my belt and fly. 'You won't need these.' She said as she slid my trousers off.

With me naked from the waist-down, she started strapping my legs to the bench. The arms of the Y were spread at about a 60 degree angle, so it was quite a stretch for me (I'm not really very flexible).

After she'd finished with my legs, she came around to my head. Gently grabbing both of my arms, she strapped them into some clamps above and behind my head. 'Last one now.' She said as she slipped one final strap around my neck, comfortably, but firmly, holding me in place.

'Now while I can give you a form of release, it's not going to be like a normal orgasm, so you might be a little disappointed. But we'll give it a go and see if you like the results.' She pulled something out from a drawer that was out of my sight and brought it up to my face. 'Open wide now!' She said as she pushed some sort of rubberised gag into my mouth.

I opened my jaw and let the intruder enter my mouth. It was a large rubber penis gag. It kept my jaw at almost full extension. Once it was fully in my mouth, she then strapped it around my head rather tightly.

'This gag has a very tight seal. I'd like to try and blow against it.' She said as she blocked my nose.

I could breath in through the penis gag, as it let air in without problem, but when I tried to blow out, I couldn't. For one thing, there was some sort of one-way valve on the penis gag. It would let air in through the hollow tube in the middle, but not out. But also, the seal around my mouth was air-tight. The tight, wide rubber strap that went around my head, along with the one-way valve, prevented me from blowing air out my mouth.

She released my nose, allowing me to exhale. 'See? It's a one-way deal. Now for part two.' She started to roll a snug-fitting rubber hood over my head. When it covered my nose, I found I couldn't breath in through my nose. I could breath out fine, but when I tried to breath in, another one-way valve prevented me from getting any air.

'You are getting the rhythm.' She said as I changed my breathing so I inhaled through the penis gag and out through my nose.

She then pulled out a two-foot clear plastic tube that was about a quarter inch in diameter. At one end was a valve and a thinner piece of tubing about 4 inches long. She put a little bit of lubricant on the 4 inch piece of tubing.

'This will be a little uncomfortable.' She said as she inserted the small end of tubing into my urethra.

'Mmmmmm!' I moaned in discomfort.

'I know, I know.' She said quietly. It's a little uncomfortable, but it'll pass.

Once she'd slid all four inches of tube into my cock, the slight burning feeling started to numb. Possibly there was some local anaesthetic quality to the lubricant that she'd applied.

She then plugged the other end of the tube into the penis gag that filled my mouth. I was in shock!

'Yes.' She said. 'The tube from your cock goes directly to your mouth.'

I was being forced to breath in through my mouth, due to the one-way valves on my mouth and nose. Breathing in was slightly more strained though, due to the narrow diameter of the tube leading to my cock. Near the head of my cock was another valve that I guessed let air in to the tube. Otherwise I'd have no air to breath at all.

'Now that we are set-up, we can begin.' She said as she undressed.

She stripped completely naked, then strapped on a harness with three dildos. One large fat one for her pussy, another reasonably-sized penis-shaped one for her arse and a third one with a wicked upward curve that was obviously destined for me. She flicked a switch that was connected to the harness and I could hear a slight humming.

'Mmmmm..' She moaned gently, licking her lips.

Applying some lubricant to the curved appendage at the front of her harness, she then positioned herself between my legs. Gently pushing at my no-longer virgin arse-hole, she slowly entered me, stretching my ass further than the man in the bathroom had done earlier.

My cock desperately wanted to be hard as it once again strained at it's cruel enclosure. As the dildo pushed deeper into me, I could feel it rubbing against my prostate. I felt a slight urge to urinate, but that receded slowly.

With the dildo completely inside me, she started to slowly grind her crotch into me. This caused the head of the dildo to massage my prostate in a not entirely unpleasant manner.

I was getting light-headed from the effort of breathing through the thin tube. It was starting to get more difficult. Then, on my next breath, I could taste something strange. Looking at the clear tube, I could see droplets of pre-cum moving up the tube as I breathed in. I was tasting my own pre-cum.

Anna was in her own world now. She was rubbing her breasts, pushing them together, her eyes closed as she ground into me with more vigour.

Looking at the tube I could see a thick blob that looked like more than pre-cum travel the short distance to my mouth before I lost focus on it. I choked on cum as I struggled to breath. Looking up at Anna, she was smiling now.

Gradually, more and more cum travelled down the tube and into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow my own cum as I needed to keep breathing. I didn't orgasm, but sperm kept flowing anyway. I must have choked on my cum for about 20 minutes until Anna started frantically pumping away, her own orgasm painfully obvious.

After she came, she pulled out of my ass and unplugged the tube running from my cock. Strangely, I did feel oddly relieved. It didn't feel as good as a proper orgasm would have, but I did feel a sense of... something. I'm not sure what to be honest.

When she removed the gag and hood from my head, and the tube from my cock, I was at a loss for words.

'Er... thank you.' I finally stammered.

'You are welcome.' She replied. 'I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.'

'I'm not sure yet... I think I did, but.. I guess I really didn't know what to expect.'

'Well,' She said, 'I'm sure I can come up with another method of release if you feel so inclined. Look, I'm sorry to have to rush you, but I've got a client in a little while, so if you can get ready to go now that'd be great.' She undid my straps and handed my back my trousers and underwear.

I pulled my wallet out of my trousers and awkwardly asked what I owed her.

'Oh, there isn't any charge. I only charge for clients who fuck me. What happened just now was more for my fun than anything. But come back again and I'll have a little surprise for you.'

'Okay.' I said, not sure that I wanted to return, but I was intrigued to say the least.

The taxi ride back to the hotel was a blur. What a fucking night!

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