tagNovels and NovellasChained, But Not Contained Ch. 05

Chained, But Not Contained Ch. 05


Chapter 5 - Surprise Visit

Feeling a little tired after tonight's event, as I opened the door to my hotel room I got the shock of my life.

'Surprise!' Said my wife.

She was lying on the bed in a very nice bra and pantie set that I'd bought her on another trip recently. She looked pretty glammed up as well, possibly she'd been to a stylist earlier that day, because I'd not seen her looking that gorgeous since our wedding day.

'Err.. yeah... What a nice surprise this is!' I managed to choke out.

She fixed me with her eyes. 'Why don't you come lie down here? I'm sure you've had a rough day. Actually, I thought you'd be back a bit earlier to be honest.'

I mumbled something about heading out for a beer. I couldn't possibly tell her that I'd sucked another man's cock, been fucked in my arse (twice) and been forced to swallow my own cum as my prostate was massaged all in the same night.

She led me over to the bed and got me to lay down, then began undressing me. After she had taken my shirt off, she pulled my arms to the corners of the bed and fastened my wrists with some sort of velcro cuffs. Pulling my pants and boxers off, she did the same to my ankles, leaving me spread-eagled, but comfortable, on the mattress, wearing only the cage around my cock.

'I think I can safely remove this now', as she pulled out the key that had been tucked into her bra and undid the padlock on the cage.

My cock was instantly hard. I wanted to be inside her now. I bucked my hips as she lowered her head towards my cock.

'Easy Tiger!' She warned. 'I'm going to give you a treat first, then I'll fuck you as long as you want.'

She started sucking my cock, taking most of it in her mouth each stroke. She kept up a nice smooth rhythm which she knows is the only way I'll come in her mouth. Normally, she'll suck my cock in a more teasing fashion as foreplay, then we'll have sex as the main event. But occasionally she likes to take my load in her mouth and it's obvious that this is what she intended to do now.

Only this time, my cock wasn't playing the game. It felt fucking fantastic, but I felt unable to come. I just couldn't reach that sweet point of release! Fuck!

She'd been fingering herself the whole time that she'd been sucking my cock, but she must have realised it was a lost cause and that I needed to be in her pussy for me to come. She removed her underwear and straddled my face so I could lick her for a bit. Licking her pussy made me even harder if that were possible. She likes to be licked gently, and moves her hips in an incredibly sexy way to help direct my tongue to the spots she likes the most.

She then positioned herself directly above my cock, rising as I bucked my hips again in an attempt to gain entry to that sweet hole. Holding my hips down, she gently lowered herself onto just my cockhead, teasing her pussy-lips with it.

I pushed down against the bed with my ass so my cock fully withdrew from her cunt and she lowered herself to take the tip of my cock again. That's when I thrust up powerfully and rammed myself in to the hilt. She lowered herself completely with a moan so her weight was fully on me and I stayed snugly buried inside her.

It's now, when she's straddling me, that I regretted having my wrists bound. I love to put a hand either side of her waist and pull her down onto my cock as we fuck. But here, she was more in control of the action. She used my cock to bring herself to two thundering orgasms while mine stayed frustratingly elusive.

Seeing that I still hadn't cum, she turned around so she was facing away from me. It's almost a surefire position for me to orgasm in, as I love to see her ass ride my cock, her pussy lips sliding up and down the shaft as she leans forward and rocks back and forth. It felt so fucking amazing, yet I still couldn't cum! I could only think that Anna had drained me completely and somehow it was inhibiting my ability to achieve orgasm. The frustration was immense.

My wife exhaustedly had her third orgasm and then raised herself off my still granite-like cock.

'I'm sorry honey, but it doesn't look like I can cum for some reason.' I said, hopeful that if I stayed hard, then it'd make it impossible for her to put the cage back on my cock. I'd had enough of that frustrating fucking thing!

'Not to worry. I've got a backup plan.' She said as she walked over to the fridge and pulled out a couple of ice packs.

'No no no! That's going to hurt like buggery,' I complained.

'Well, I need to get it down somehow. And if I can't get it to go down after it cums...' That's when she slapped the ice packs around my cock. Fucking hell, that was so cold it felt like it was burning! But it did make my cock shrink in size pretty rapidly.

She fitted the cage and fastened the padlock once more before releasing my wrists and ankles.

'It still feels frozen', I complained.

She lowered her head and breathed warm air over my crotch area, which just made my cock strain against that cruel enclosure once more.

Seeing me in such discomfort she stopped trying to warm my cock with her breath and lay down next to me, rolling away from me onto her side.

'Goodnight sweetheart', she said. 'I'm heading back home early in the morning so I need to get some sleep.'

She shifted so we were spooning, her back against my chest, her arse in my crotch. My chastity device nestled between her arse cheeks, the cock inside still straining at the cruel enclosure. She grabbed my arm and wrapped it around her, my hand automatically finding her breast.

I didn't sleep very well that night.

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