tagLoving WivesChallenge Accepted, Anonymous

Challenge Accepted, Anonymous


Some weeks ago I wrote a story called "Superstitious Me? Of Course." The public comments were varied, some very positive, and some again negative. One anonymous reader wrote:

This story was interesting but very unoriginal. The husband coming home unexpectedly and catching his wife in bed with another man has been done to death. On top of that you added the contrivance of having the husband hear his wife explaining to her lover how she tricks her husband so that she can have her affairs. This way of revealing everything to the husband has been done by too many other writers and is not believable.

You have some writing talent, use it to write something original. Come up with your own ideas instead of reusing other writers ideas that have already been used so often they are trite. unquote.

I tried to be original, introducing superstition as a story line, the method of catching the cheating wife was not important to the story. Taking into consideration the number of stories, it is hard to come up with fresh ideas, but I accept the challenge dear anonymous reader, here is my story:


"Sophie, do you cheat on me," I asked my wife of 10 years.

"How can you ask such a question Henry?" She replied with a puzzled expression on her face.

We were sitting in our living room Sunday afternoon after dinner, having coffee. Sophie is a pretty woman, blond hair, blue eyes and a Venus type of body. Her usual smile is captivating, and I am very much in love with her. But now her smile was forced, and I could see she was very worried about my question. Who wouldn't be if the spouse, out of the blue, popped such a question.

"I cannot give you one single reason for asking this question, but during the last few months I have started to feel that all is not as it should be. Are there any reasons for me to be worried, Sophie?"

"No Henry, not at all. But please you need to explain why you are at unease. It's better for both if we get any uncertainties out in the open, so we can straiten them out, don't you agree?" She replied.

"OK," I said, "My job demands that I leave home every third Monday morning, not to return to our home until Friday the week after. That leaves you alone for close to two weeks, all those days and one weekend by yourself. You have a lot of time at your hands, and you therefor have the opportunity. And given the opportunity, it is easy to stray."

"Please Henry, do you speak out of your own experience? If I am alone those days and weekends so are you, I have a greater reason to be worried. I live here in our town where people know me. And if I stray, somebody would tell. You on the other hand are all by yourself, away from home, and have plenty of opportunities without being caught. I trust you, so you should trust me."

"Point taken, Sophie. There is a distinct difference however, you are an attractive, beautiful lady every man would kill for. I on the other hand, am an insignificant guy girls never look twice at. But it's not only the opportunity. It's also the change in you." I replied.

"What do you mean Henry? How have I changed?" She asked.

"After my two weeks on the road, I spend one week and two weekends with you." I said. "Earlier our sex life was fairly normal, with sex once or twice a week, with little or no variety. Now you are much more active, and crave sex more or less every day. Do not misunderstand me, I do not complain, I like it. You are inventive, you do oral, something you never did before, you even ask for anal, which you definitely did not accept to do before. So I start to ask myself, what has happened? Are somebody else teaching you the art of lovemaking? I have certainly not caused the change in you, I had given you up several years ago, and settled for the vanilla sex you seemed to be content with." After a brief moment continued; "And you have even shaved your pussy clean, I never asked you to do that."

"Dear Henry, do you want me to stop being inventive? Or is it sufficiently for you to know that girlfriends talk much more than men do, and that we exchange experiences." She replied with a smile. "I am guilty of telling my friends about what you wanted, and what I denied you. They called me a prude, and convinced me it would be fun to be inventive in lovemaking, is that such bad thing? I have found out they were correct, it is fun and I enjoy the turn our lovemaking has taken. My friends suggested I should shave my pussy for you, they told me it would be a turn on for both of us. I feel sexy with a bare pussy, its nice and I like it. Would you like me to let it grow out again?"

"No, I like it, and Yes I enjoy your inventive lovemaking. But if it had been only the opportunity and the increased sexual activity, I would not have been concerned. With all your time available, I find it strange that you do not have a lot of interests to occupy you. You don't have ambition to learn new things, taking courses or do any job - even part time. And then you seems to have extra money to spend on dresses and lingerie you never wear when we go out together. I just don't get it!" I replied.

"Henry, you are not fair. I take care of the house and the children. I am a homemaker alone for two weeks at a time, and I have my time fully occupied. As to interests you know I love dancing, and that I take dance lessons every Monday night. The dresses I have is for the dancing, and having on those I need light and flimsy underwear, so no lines show. The dance school, have an agreement with a local shop so we do not pay full price. And beside that, I am careful with our money." She said with somewhat raised voice. She started to be a bit annoyed by now.

"Maybe I am unreasonable, and not fair. The loads on you being so much alone are perhaps greater than I have understood. I do not want to insinuate that you are lazy, and that you do not pull your weight. I should think about finding another job. A job that would keep me more at home, what do you say Sophie?"

She looked at me a bit surprised, and countered: "Will you consider to quit the well paid job to stay more at home?"

"Yes" I said, "but it will be less money, and we would have to cut some expenses. Would you accept to reduce our spending to a more modest level Sophie?"

"If you insist, I will. But I must I admit I like our lifestyle. Our holidays abroad and skiing in the mountains. So if you keep your job and trust me, I can cope at home. But it is your decision Henry."

"Before we end this conversation, I have one last question for you. One of my friends have seen you on evenings at the convention hotel in evening dress. Dancing and having fun with strange men. He has seen you on several occasions, and he is sure it is you and nobody else. Why are you out late at night in evening dress dancing with strange men, Sophie?"

"I should have told you, but I have not considered it a big deal. As you know, I take dance lessons. It would be no surprise to you that there are less than one man to four women at the classes on Monday. We therefore have too little practice. At the same time the hotel have a number of conventions, and most of them has a great unbalance between the sexes. Mostly too many men. The hotel management therefore often invite us to participate after the dinner, so that there can be dancing. We therefore have a lot of free and extra dancing practice to live bands, and I enjoy it. You never take me out dancing, so don't you dare put your foot down on this Henry!"

"All right Sophie, I can only trust you, as you trust me. If you found me cheating on you, what would you do? Accept my plea for forgiveness?" I asked.

"I don't know Henry. If it was a long and lasting affair I would divorce you for sure. If it was a one night affair, I don't know, I might. It depends about the circumstances I guess. But you have no free ticket, be sure of that Henry, keep your path clean or else!" She replied with a devilish smile.

"End of discussion, this works both ways" I said, and without waiting for a response continued; "Let's go to bed."

In the bedroom I undressed quickly, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and jumped to bed waiting for Sophie. She as usual took her time, and when she undressed she stripped like a professional stripper. She was very sensual, and teased the whole time. She really put on a show, and she was good. Maybe too good I thought for a moment.

Naked she glided towards the bed, kneeled between my legs. Her fingertips scratched lightly down my chest, my stomach and further down to the inside of my thighs, she cupped my balls with one hand, while letting her nails on the other hand scratching my cock in the most erotic manner. My cock was harder than ever before, and she licked her lips and lowered her head so she could take the tip of my cock between her lips. Her tongue licked the cock head, and suddenly she opened her mouth and took the whole cock down to the root in one swift movement. I could see she struggled to overcome the gagging reflex, so she lifted up a bit and sucked and licked my cock as it was a lollipop. She had never acted like this before. Just before I was about to erupt in a climax she pressed with her fingers at the cock base to stop me from coming, lifted herself up and guided my cock towards her pussy and lowered herself slowly all the way down. Her vaginal muscles gripped around my cock like a hand, and she slowly and sensuously milked me to a shattering climax. She lowered herself down on top of me, kissed me deeply and said in a low whispering voice; "I love you so much, Henry. This was good for me as well, and I am already looking forward to Friday next week."

Entangled in each other we drifted off to a blissful sleep.

Next day on the road to new sales meetings, I was thinking about last evening and my conversation with Sophie. Her answers seemed to be plausible and logic. But her lovemaking later at night gave me a nagging feeling she had an agenda she kept hidden from me. I decided I would use the next two weeks on the road to call a few friends and collect a few favours. And that is exactly what I did.

The Dance Academy could tell me that they had no agreement with any boutique for reduced prices on dresses, and they had no agreement with the hotel for the ladies to dance at their conventions. The hotel confirmed this, and also made it clear that a few ladies from town mingled with their conference guests, and they did not like it. They even hinted that they solicited their guests, and went to their rooms and stayed the night.

I could not know for sure that Sophie was one of these ladies, but I had to find out and get proof. She had lied to me, that was now a certainty. I decided I would ask a couple of my friends Sophie did not know, to follow her when she went to the conference functions. They would find proof of either her being innocent of infidelity, or guilty. They would most likely do so if I just paid for their expenses. With these thoughts I went to bed, it was the last night on this tour.

The wake up call at 7.30 interrupted my sweet dreams, and as usual with me, getting out of bed is hard. But after a few minutes, I started my morning ritual, first turning on the TV, then to the bathroom for a shave and a shower. While in the bathroom I heard there were news on, but when it dawned upon me that the reporter was out of the ordinary agitated, mentioning fire, the name of our local big hotel, I had to stop shaving and move back to my room to see what in hell was going on.

Back in my room I saw the reporter on the screen, holding his microphone up to a uniformed fireman, in the background our hotel with smoke pouring out from doors, windows and all conceivable openings, asking: "Inspector, what can you tell our viewers about the situation just now?"

"It seems that our men has managed to isolate the fire to the ground floor," he replied, and continued; "But we have serious problems with the smoke. All emergency exits and corridors on all floors are filled with smoke. We have managed to evacuate all staff working on the ground and first floor, and some hotel guests who had rooms on the lower floors. But we have many guests trapped in rooms higher up in the building."

"Have you any information on how many where in the hotel, and how many has been evacuated?" The reporter asked.

"Not exactly, but we have a good idea." The inspector replied. "The receptionist was smart enough to bring the guest log with him when he evacuated, and he has also a list of people who was supposed to be working. I have people working on these lists, checking these against people we bring out. According to our latest tally, we have got all 18 employees out and 57 guests of total 116 guests registered. But according to the receptionist, there are from time to time people in the rooms who has not checked in, so we do not have the exact number."

The reporter spoke into the mike again; "How do you plan to bring out the remainder of the quests?"

"We are through loudspeakers instructing the guests to soak towels in water and lay them against the gap under the doors, to prevent smoke getting into their rooms, and we hope to clear the corridors of smoke soon. But in the mean time, we are evacuating by using the telescopic ladders on the fire engines as far up as we can reach. But we cannot reach higher than the 6th floor." He replied, and he turned towards the hotel and pointed and said "like this", and the camera man moved the camera to take inn a fireman on top of the ladder receiving a woman that was handed out a window on the 6th floor. The fireman took the woman and started to climb down, holding her in a fireman's grip, followed by her man climbing down by himself.

The camera followed the fireman while he climbed down the ladder and zoomed little by little in on them. When they reached the ground he sat the woman down, she straitened herself, and looked directly in the direction of the camera, as the camera zoomed in and her face filled the screen.

I didn't believe what I saw, my heart skipped a couple beat as I suddenly realised that I saw the beautiful face of Sophie - my wife. I closed my eyes, not wanting to believe what I saw, and opened them again, but she was still there. The camera returned to the reporter, but I sat there as in trance and cannot remember what was said. I had a still picture of my wife fixed in my head, my lovely Sophie just carried out from a strangers hotel room, in an evening dress at 8 o'clock in the morning. It slowly downed on me that I had the proof I did not want, with millions of witnesses, and sadly had to admit that my marriage was over.

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by Anonymous

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Back atcha mcbs...

I wasn't aware that 'FTDS' was two people, how they function or that one of them had died. Too bad. I never read an unsatisfactory story that had their name on it. They were an excellent team. Thanksmore...

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by 26thNC08/11/18

Nice story

Enjoyed this one a lit. Agree that a sequel would be great.

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by mcbs02/24/18

To Slippery Saddle Bum

The author Finish the Damn Story, was actually two people. One came up with the idea for a story, and the other wrote it. Sadly one of them died, within the last two years

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Love to read a sequel that describes her actions and the worried expression on her face when her 'unsuspecting' husband walks in the door, carrying the folded evening paper.

A very good 'original' story line. The hotel fire and the bitch on the ladder was a clever twist. Of course, from the description of the sex she gave him, he HAD to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt,more...

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