tagTransgender & CrossdressersChamēlèon Ch. 02

Chamēlèon Ch. 02


Mark had wanted to share in Cathy's fantasy but he felt this was bit much. Sure he wanted to see eat another woman's pussy and sure he wanted to share her with another man, heterosexually of course. Mind you that he didn't mind when Cathy rimmed him or even occasionally put a well lubed finger in his ass while giving him head; but never had he even come close to another man's dick like that.

He almost had a dick in his mouth in front of his woman. He would never admit to Cathy that was curious about being sucked off by another man and he could possibly fuck another guy but the real thing was not going to invade his ass ever.

His mind raced. Chamēl was such a hot looking woman that he never would have expected her to be almost as endowed as himself. He watched as Cathy worked that hot ass mouth of hers on Chamēl's dick. He could almost feel it around his own dick, and then Chamēl moaned loudly as Cathy inserted her fingers into her pussy.

Chamēl worked her tongue in and out of Cathy's asshole. She then slipped two fingers into her sopping pussy and twirled her clit with her thumb simultaneously. The women's moans and whimpers were becoming louder and louder. Cathy released he dick from her mouth and starting panting.

"Oh god, oh god, OHGAWD! I love your tongue in my ass you dirty bitch! Oh gawd yessss! Tongue fuck my ass baby! It feels sooo good!"

"Yeah I like your ass and I'm gonna fuck it hard and your cunt too and you'll be my bitch then! Suck it damn it! Suck my dick!"

As Chamēl's tongue that invaded her asshole was replaced with a slick finger, Cathy began jerking Chamēl's dick and tonguing her pussy. Chamēl's hips began to buck and she screamed.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Oh shit! OHHH!"

Cum spurted from Chamēl's penis and from her pussy and Cathy was drenched. She let cock cum run down her fingers and the side of her neck but continued to lap up the juices from Chamēl's twat.

Cathy felt herself on the verge of another orgasm when Chamēl flipped her over on her back and they were face to face. Chamēl kissed her cum from Cathy's lips and pressed herself into Cathy's juicy wet slit. They both moaned. Cathy moaned because Chamēl had decent girth to her cock and Chamēl moaned because Cathy's tight very wet pussy was gripping and swallowing her like silk.

Mark was so overwhelmed by the kinky scene in front and it seemed to cause his immense erection to find an orifice for release. It was as if his feet found life of their own. Suddenly, he was behind Chamēl pressing his throbbing thick 8" cock into her tight wet cunt. Chamēl abruptly stopped her actions to Cathy's mouth and cunt. She moaned and grunted at his entry.

"Hey lover," she panted. "I'm glad you decided to finally join us. Now fuck my pussy with that big ass dick of yours! Fuck me hard!"

Mark closed his eyes and pretended that he was simply fucking another woman who was wearing a strap-on only hers was attached for real.

"Damn! Girl your pussy feels so good!"

He couldn't believe how tight Chamēl was. He began kissing her neck and shoulders. Then Chamēl turned and offered her lips to him and he was hesitant; but he found himself lingering upon them sucking them softly then more passionately and ultimately their tongues dueled.

Cathy was in heaven. As Mark pounded Chamēl's pussy it sent Chamēl deeper into her own. Cathy put her fingers between their kisses and they began to lick and suck on them.

Mark cupped Chamēl's breast, massaging and rolling the dark pebbles between his thumbs and began pumping her sweet cunt faster.

"Oh yeah baby fuck me! Fuck me harder! Mmmm feels so good!"

His pounding reverberated through Chamēl into Cathy whose mounting orgasm overtook and she shuddered and screamed in ecstasy. She quivered as Chamēl pulled back into a kneeling position sliding free from her soaked pussy. Cathy was so exhausted but found the strength to move from beneath Chamēl and Mark. She knelt beside them and watched.

Chamēl reached behind her and wrapped her arms around Marks head and pushed him more into a half seated position. She bounced on his dick to meet his upward thrusts into her pussy. He concentrated on not cumming as he worked the tight pussy around him, when suddenly, Cathy whispered in his ear.

"Jerk her cock Mark."

She laid light kisses along side his mouth, ears and throat while steadily chanting "jerk her cock" along his skin.

"Haven't you had a fantasy or curiosity about being with another man Mark?"

Was she reading his damn mind? She took his hand away from Chamēl's breast and placed it onto her erection. Mark didn't want to admit that ever since that night he let her put two well lubed fingers up his ass and the night she confessed she wanted another woman, the thought lay lingering at the back of his mind.

Then the thought of a time he was twelve popped into his head. He remembered when he and his best friend Brian jerked each other off once and how good it felt. He had not realized that he was jerking Chamēl's thick dick until felt Cathy adding WET lube from a bottle they brought to the hotel room earlier.

He humped Chamēl harder and stroked her slick dick faster. He felt that familiar tightening of his balls and buried his face in the side of Chamēl's neck and whispered her name. She responded with long oh's and ah' and as she felt his deep growl along side her neck, his hot cum filled her and she let out a scream and a squirt of her own into Cathy's opened mouth.

She caught most of it and came up and kissed Chamēl giving her some of her own cum, and then she kissed Mark giving him some of Chamēl's cum to taste. He was surprised by act but he licked the salty jism from her lips and was surprised that it was not as bad as he thought it would be.

They all collapsed into a heap on the floor.

"Damn that was good! If anyone can move raise your hand." Chamēl said.

Nobody raised a hand and they all broke out in laughter. After a few more minutes on the floor the ménage a trios moved onto the bed and fell asleep.

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