Champ Ch. 01


I would like to say thanks to kash for correcting my story. and I would also like to thank him for doing celebrity stories because no ne else seems to do many. so without him I probably wouldnt be writing.

WHAM. I got hit with a straight. WHAM a left hook lands to my jaw. I fell to the canvas. The referee started counting.


I was dazed, seeing stars.


I was trying to get up, but my legs were wobbly.


And then in my head I could see my ex wife.

"Your never going to be a great boxer Kody!" She said with venom in her voice.


"You're spending all your time training for this title bout and you''re going to lose because you suck!"


"I have wasted my time all these years on your worthless ass!" She said " Goodbye Kody!"


And then I stood up. And the bell rung.

I went to my corner, where my team came into the ring to help me out.

"OK, you're doing fine." My trainer said. "When you get back in the ring, rush him and go to work on that gash you put on his left eye."

I nodded my head.

"You put enough pressure on him and he will fall and then its your time to shine as champion!" He said

Across the ring, the Russian who I was facing was smiling.

I looked at him with anger. I was ready to hurt him more. And it wasn't really a good thing to get me angry. I am 8 foot and a big muscular build weighing 250lb.

Then my team got out of the ring and the bell rung.

I ran forward to him. I rained down left and right hooks to his head. He went to clinch and I threw all my power into a right uppercut to the jaw. He fell to the ground.

Ten seconds later I was one of the four heavyweights holding a boxing title. The crowd was going wild. I felt like I was on top of the world.

Reporters started coming up to me and asking me what was next.

" I want to fight for the rest of the belts." I said. Then I left the ring with my team. As I was walking through the crowd a women caught my eye. I turned to look at her.

She was blonde with brown eyes. She breasts were at least a C cup. And man did she look good. She looked so familiar. I think she is an actor. She was looking right at me.

She was in the crowd. Everybody else around her were leaning over the rails trying to get to me to get an autograph, but she just smiled at me. I turned to my bodyguards.

"Make a path for me to that woman."

My guards started moving people aside so I could get to her. It took a couple minutes but I finally got to her.

"Hi my name's Kody." I said.

"Nice to meet you Kody."

"You look so familiar." I said to her. "Do you want to come back to my locker room for a drink?" I asked

"Sure." She said with a smile.

We walked back. And my team was just ecstatic, pulling out champagne and fizzing everything.

"So what is your name?" I asked.

"Elizabeth." She replied.

"Got a last name Elizabeth?" I asked with a grin

"Banks." She replied giggling.

"So, that's where I know you from! You're an actor!"

"Yeah I'm done for a while with movies and this fight was in town. I''d seen some of your past fights on TV and I wanted to come see you live and see how you would do and you did great"

"Well thanks." I said. "Want some champagne?"

"I would love some!" She said smiling.

I poured her a glass.

"So who do you want to fight next?" She asked me while sipping her champagne.

"Well it's tough to say because its mostly all about money with these boxers, but I would love to fight Vladimir."

"I hope you fight him." She said as she finished off her drink.

"Hey Kody! We're going to go, it's getting a little late."" Said my trainer. I thanked my team and said goodbye to them before they left.

Me and Elizabeth kept talking, laughing and drinking. I looked at my watch.

"Wow its 2 am!" I stated.

"Are you single?" Elizabeth asked me.

"Yeah! I just got divorced."

"I'm so sorry."

"Its OK, she was always telling me that I was never going to amount to anything and that I would never be a great boxer."

"Well look at you now!"

"Yeah! It's an awesome feeling being the champ"

And then she leaned in and kissed me. It caught me by surprise but it just added to my happiness. I started kissing her back. We started really getting into it. I started putting my hands on her tits. Caressing them through her shirt.

I started pulling off her shirt, she leaned back so I could get it off. Then we went back at kissing. I started undoing the clasp of her bra. I got it off while kissing her and let it fall to the ground as I started caressing her nipples. She got more into the kiss as I did that. My hands started snaking down her body towards her pants. I undid them and put my hands into her panties. She was already wet.

I started rubbing her clit and she pulled her head away, moaning. I grinned and I picked her up in my arms and sat her on the chair next to the fold out sofa. I pulled the fold out bed out of the sofa and laid her down on it. Then I pulled her pants off along with her panties.

She looked beautiful and hot. I got between her legs and started kissing her pussy lips while my fingers rubbed her clit. She was moaning really loud. Then I shot my tongue as far into her pussy as I could and started licking.

She put her legs around my head and started humping my face.


She started shaking and moaning as she came. I licked up all her juices.

I got up to my knees and she wrapped her legs around my chest and pulled me to her. Then when I was on top of her she smiled and rolled me over so she was on top.

She started kissing her way down my body. She pulled off my boxing trunks and as soon as she saw how big and hard my penis was she just gasped.

"Wow I have never seen one this big!" She said grinning.

Then she went down to the base and started licking from bottom to top. It felt amazing. Her tongue was great. She started to tongue my piss slit.

Then she moved down to my balls. She started licking everywhere around the sac. She took my balls into her mouth one at a time. Then she went back to the head of my penis.

She started kissing the tip, what a tease, taking the head into her mouth and swirling her tongue all around the tip. Then she started bobbing up and down taking a little more each time. She got down to like 6 or 7 inches and couldn't go any more, so she pulled off.

"Damn I need your help." She said. "When I get down as far as I can, push my head down further. OK?" She asked and told me at the same time.

And before I could say anything she was back at it again.

She went down as far as she could and when she couldn't go any further I pushed her by the back of her head forward, so she could take more. And she'd bob back and fourth, always taking more with my help, to where she started to lick my balls with my dick in her throat and her nose on my pubes.

She was pulling my balls closer to her mouth and in one quick motion my balls were in her mouth along with my dick.

No one has ever done that to me, so of course I came in her mouth with a shudder.

Every single shot went into her stomach. She pulled off and looked up at me with a smile.

"I love sucking cock!" She said as she crawled up and kissed me. I soon was hard again. I rolled her over and in one quick motion plunged my cock deep into her pussy.

Immediately she stopped kissing me and started moaning. I started kissing her neck while pounding into her. She just kept moaning louder and louder with her hands around my back.

I put my hands down to her clit and started rubbing.

"I'M CUMMING!" She screamed.

I just kept pounding her and pounding her. She came two more times and I still hadn't cum yet.

"How come's you have not cum yet?" She asked panting every time I thrust into her.

"I don't know." I said "You're really good though."

"You're probably the best I have had!" She said smiling. ""How about you fuck my ass?"

"I don't know. I would rather have you jerk me off with your feet" I said in between thrusts.

"OK!" She said with a smile.

She lifted herself off of me and sat cross-legged in front of me.

She then stuck her feet out and rested her soles on the sides of my cock.

Then she started going back and forth jerking my cock. It felt so good. Her toes were polished and looked really good. Her toenails were pink. She just kept going at it and jerking back and forth. She was really picking up the pace. It felt so good.

"I'M CUMMING!" I shouted

She pulled her feet off my cock and put her head right on the tip of my cock as I shot load after load into her mouth. When I was done I looked at her and she had her mouth open swirling all my cum around her mouth savouring the taste.

"OK you are the best in the whole world." I said.

"I get that a lot." She said with a grin.

I looked at my watch and it was 4 am.

"Time flies when your having fun." She laughed.

"Do you want me to drive you home?" I asked.

"That would be great because I got a ride here with some friends who probably left with out me already."

She put on her clothes while I found the clothes I brought here and put them on. We left with my arm around her shoulder. We walked to my car which was a mustang.

We got in and she told me directions to her house. We got to her house in like a half hour.

"You want to come in?" She asked.

"Yeah sure!" I said. I got out and walked around and opened the passenger door for her. She just giggled.

Her house was big. Not mansion big, but close. She opened the door and invited me in. I walked in and the inside was even better then the outside.

"Nice house." I commented.

"Thank you!" She said.

"Do you want anything to drink?" She asked.

"Just some water."

"OK." She went and got me a glass of water along with a glass for herself.

"I am really tired." She said.

"Well you should get some rest then." I said.

"Would you come sleep with me?" she asked. "I sleep better with people in the bed with me."

"Sure I'm really tired too."

I followed her up to her bedroom. We took off our clothes and got into her nice king sized bed. I got right next to her and cuddled with her. She fell asleep as soon as I did.

I woke up around noon. She was still sleeping. She was so beautiful sleeping. I got up and went and put on my clothes. I walked out of the bedroom looking for a pen and paper. I shut the door quietly and walked down the stairs when my cell started ringing.

"Kody! Vladimir will fight you for ten million." My manager told me.

"That is great! When do I sign?"

"Well they wanted it signed in an hour."

"So what do I do?" I asked.

"They sent the papers here and all you have to do is come back to the gym and sign it within the hour."

"Alright I'll be there."

I closed my phone and went to the kitchen and found a pen and some paper. I wrote:


I had to go because my team worked out a contract for me to fight Vladimir for ten million and I have to be there and sign before one thirty. Call me if you want to do something soon.

And I left my cell number with it. I left and went to my gym and found my team. They were all happy that I won the title and now I am facing one of the other title holder.

"Alright Kody, all you have to do is sign here and he gets 8 million for the fight while you get 2 million." He said.

That sounded really bad and he must have read my mind.

"Now look I know that your getting the bad side of the deal but if you fight him and beat him badly then you will move on to bigger and better fights." He said.

I nodded and signed it. My team was ecstatic.

"Vladimir is one mean fighter." My trainer said.

"I know." I said.

"Well if you have not seen his record he is undefeated with 45 wins and 38 knock outs."

"Why did you not tell me that" I shouted.

"Because I know you can beat him your record is 40 wins 5 losses and 38 knockouts."

"But this guy has fought more and he is more experienced."

"I have seen his knockouts and almost all of them are in the twelfth round when he is fighting someone who is as good as him."

"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked.

"It means that he only wins against tired opponents."


"So we are going to train you harder then ever and make your cardio way better then his and we will see who wins that night."

"So when are we fighting anyway."

"Three months from now."

"So when should we start training?" I asked.

"Tomorrow and that means no more sex because I know what happened last night.""

"How?" I asked.

"We all heard the noises as we left the arena we are not stupid."

"OK! fine I will stop the sex and I will see you here tomorrow at ten in the morning." As soon as I walked out of the gym my cell phone rang.


"Hey Kody."

"Hey Elizabeth."

"Can you come back to my place I need to talk to you."


"OK bye." And she hung up.

I got in my car and drove to her house. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door and invited me in.

"So what do you want to talk about" I asked as I walked over to her couch

"Well I just wanted to tell you that last night was great but I don't want to be in a relationship right now." She said.


"I was drunk and I admit you were great, but I can't go any further. I''m sorry." I was dumbfounded. She must have sensed this.

"I'm sorry, but I can give you something to remember me by." She dropped to her knees. She unzipped my zipper, wrenched down my pants. Then she pulled down my boxers to see my semi hard cock.

She started licking my pubic region. It felt good. Then she licked from my pubes to the base of my cock and licked from their to the tip and swirling her tongue around it.

My dick was getting harder. She then cupped my balls and lick them thoroughly. She was a pro. She then went to the tip of my cock and started to suck it. She started to bob her head back and fourth. And then she pulled off before she said anything though I stopped her.

"Um... would you mind if I tried something different with you?" I asked.


"OK, stand up turn around and bend over." She did so with speed, eager to see what I was going to do.

I kneeled down and pulled off what she was wearing and started kissing and licking her ass cheeks. She was giggling. I then started licking the crack of her ass thoroughly getting the in sides of her cheeks nice and wet.

Then I stood up and put my dick between the in sides of her ass cheeks and pushed back and forth. It was like a tit job but with her ass cheeks and it felt really good.

I started to pick up the pace. She started fingering herself and rubbing her clit. I kept pumping because it was amazing. I could feel my climax coming so I picked up the pace.

"IM GOING TO CUM!" I shouted

I pulled my dick out of her cheeks and started Cumming on them. When I was done her cheeks glistened with my sperm.

"Was that good?" She asked.

"Oh yeah!" I replied. She kissed me on the lips and walked me to the door.

"Bye!" She shouted as I walked to my car. I got in and waved as I drove away. I drove to my house and it was around 7.

I got something to eat and went to bed early thinking of the last two days and my unification match coming. I smiled as I fell asleep.

To be continued

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