Champ Ch. 05


I woke up the next day. Kendra was still sleeping. I went to my bathroom and took a shower. I called my trainer and told him I was coming in today to start training for the fight.

"Good! We got a lot to do, also there is supposed to be some celebrity girl coming in to train for her next film role." He said.

"Uh, OK. Kendra decided to come with me today, she wants to keep in shape and wants to see what I do all day."

"OK, we can give her one of our team to work with her, but I was requested to work with this celebrity and they're paying me a shit load. So I'm sorry."

"Oh. OK. Uh... who is this celebrity?"

"Some girl. I think her name is Megan Fox. She was in that transformers movie, I think. I don't know."

"Oh. Um... when do you expect to be done training with her?"

"I don't know, she is supposed to start filming in a month, so it could be all month."

I suddenly remembered her from that transformers movie. She played a high school girl. She was mostly in daisy duke shorts with a tight pink shirt and I was going to be seeing a lot of her.

Then another thought popped into my head. She is young, probably around the same age as Kendra. Maybe I can turn this into a good thing.

"OK. Hey, could you also train Kendra with her? She might like to be around people her own age for a while."

"Sure! They will probably become good friends."

"That's what I'm hoping for." I said grinning to myself and I hung up. I woke Kendra and told her about it.

"OK. So what's the big deal?" She said through sleepy eyes.

"Well I thought you wanted someone else around the house around your age, but I guess if you don't want to, we can go train with someone else." I said rather slyly.

"No, no I forgot! She is perfect. I bet we become good friends."

"That's sort of what I want you to do, but pretty soon I want you to get really friendly with her. That will open her up to dating me as well as having you date me." I said.

"Good. That's a great plan." She said. She put on makeup and we hurried out of my house. We got in my car and drove to the gym. She followed me to my trainer's office.

"Is she here yet?" I asked.

"No but she should be here any minute." He replied.

"Well I'm going to start training." I said. I pulled off my shirt revealing my abs.

"My plan should work much better with me without a shirt on/" I said winking at Kendra.

I immediately went outside the office and grabbed a jump rope. I walked near the boxing ring just at the right spot so she would see me walking in.

I started going at a faster pace then usual trying to sweat hard to make it look like I''m glistening. Kendra always seemed to like it, so why wouldn't she?

I was starting to sweat when she walked in. There was no mistaking her. Silky black hair, pretty brown eyes, luscious lips. She was perfect.

She was wearing sweatpants and a shirt. Plain and simple. I wasn't really staring at her. I was using my peripherals and it seemed like she was definitely staring at me. Maybe a little longer then a person would.

I saw her walking towards me.

"Excuse me do you know where the owner and trainer of the boxer Kody is?" she asked me.

So she didn't know who I was. That would be fun for Kendra to tell her or my trainer.

"Yeah he is in that office over there."

"Thank you!" She said her eyes lingering on my abs. She walked towards the office. I looked around and Kendra was in the ring sparring with a guy. He seemed to be taking it easy on her.

Probably because if her hurt her I would hurt him. A few minutes later I saw Megan walk out with my trainer. They went to the ring. Megan put on some gloves. She got in after Kendra got out.

So I went about my routine. I went and started lifting weights. Every so often I would see Megan move to something different. After a while I was rather excited to start sparring because Megan seemed to be taking a break on the bench facing the ring.

Time to start showing off. I grabbed one of my team and we put our sparring gear on and we stepped in. I thought I could see Megan start to watch me.

I got in and my sparring partner went after me, apparently trying to show off as well.

I dodged everything he threw at me. He seemed to get impatient and threw a shot to my kidney. It hurt but I didn't show it.

I was rather pissed about what he did. So I went after him. I threw hooks to the body he threw a shot I sidestepped and hooked him in the right spot and he went down. I grinned.

He got back up and fought fair. But he didn't hold a candle to me. He didn't even touch me.

"Kendra who is that guy in the ring practically annihilating the other guy?"" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kendra smile.

"I thought you knew! He's the best boxer in the world! That's Kody!" I heard a gasp. I knew who it was coming from.

"I talked to him. I didn't know!"

"Yeah, isn't he great? I am dating him."

"Oh!" I heard the disappointment.

I was pretty much done with him. He was on the floor panting. I got out of the ring and went to my towel. I could not see Kendra anywhere.

"Didn't care to tell me who you were?" Came a voice from behind me. I turned around smiling.

"Well, I don't like to brag." I said to Megan.

"Well it could have helped me. I wanted to spar with you." She said.

"You think I am tired?" she nodded. I just laughed.

"Get your gear on then. I don't even need a water break and besides I always help someone in need." I said laughing a little.

"Sure!" She said playfully pushing my arm.

She walked away. She knew what she was doing. Swaying her ass that way. You only do it that way when you want someone to notice. I didn't even put on a head set. I just put on some gloves and went in the ring. I started just throwing punches in the air showing off my speed.

"Take your time warming up for me. Trust me you will probably need it!" Said Megan from behind me. I turned around and she was just in gym shorts now. She was wearing a headset.

"Oh definitely!" I laughed. Because I am usually always a foot taller then everyone. Same case here.

"Uh!" She said in a playful shocked voice.

"Show me what you got then Laila" I said referring to Laila Ali.

She started throwing a wild hook.

"You're throwing your hooks wild here. Let me show you." I got behind her took her arm. I started throwing it like a good hook. I felt her ass against my crotch. She was grinding it against my cock. I tried to not get hard but it did not work. So I moved back a bit and adjusted myself.

I went to the front and told her to throw the hook now. She was definitely doing it right now. But she seemed to add more bounce to her boobs trying to get me to notice her.

After a while she seemed to be worn out. I think a little too worn out. She went to throw a hook and started to fall to the ground. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her up.

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

"Yeah! I just need some water." She went to walk and almost fell again before I caught her.

Well this would make things move along nicely. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my trainer's office. I sat her down on his couch and went behind his desk to his small refrigerator. I grabbed a bottled water and handed it to her.

I looked on the desk and there was a note addressed to me. It said that he had to go home, an emergency arose.

So I took the time to talk to Megan. She told me about her upcoming movie and that she needed to be in shape and know a few moves. And that she wanted me to help her. I said I would.

"We can start tomorrow, but right now. We should relax. We have been training for a couple hours."

"If it is not too painful to talk about. What was it like dating three girls."" Megan asked.

"It felt kind of good. I mean I was alone for a long time because I didn't want to be with anybody since my wife left me, but then I had people around me all the time and it made me feel happy. But Holly and Bridget are not like Kendra, she seemed to genuinely like me for me and not just for sex."

"So the other two just used you for sex?" She asked.

"Pretty much, not that Kendra doesn't like it. But she seems to want to go out and take me with her. She wants to be with me a lot so it makes me happy."

"Wow! You must be great in bed if you had three girlfriends."

"Well.. I don't like to brag, but everyone always seems to come back for more." I said grinning.

She smiled back. Then she went straight to the point.

"How big is your dick? It must be big to satisfy them." She said smiling at me. I felt bold.

"Why don't you come over here and find out."

"I thought you would never ask!" Megan said.

She got up and flung herself at me. Kissing my while pulling down my trunks. My trunks came off then she dropped to her knees.

She pulled down my boxers and my cock poked her in the mouth. She gasped.

"No wonder they were so satisfied!"

Before I could say anything she took the tip into her mouth and sucked like she was slurping a drink through a straw. I grabbed her by her head and forced her head down. I forced her head up and down my dick it felt better this way. I stopped when I noticed something outside the window. It was Kendra smiling in at me.

I looked down and Megan was still bobbing up and down. She didn't seem to notice when the door slowly and silently eased open. Kendra tiptoed behind Megan. Where she waited.

She kept bobbing up and down till I pulled her up and pulled down her shorts.

I smiled while sort of nodding my head. That's when Kendra inserted a finger into Megan's pussy.

She turned around and smiled. Then Kendra went in and started making out with her. It was really hot.

From there, I just sort of watched those two go at it. They were kissing while Megan started pulling off Kendra's shirt and then her sweatpants. She was not wearing anything underneath so Megan went right to work while kissing her.

I watched with lust in my eyes. They were caressing each others breast while making out.

They started fingering each other while still making out. I was not going to wait any longer.

I moved in and separated them. I pushed Megan down onto the couch and moved between her legs.

"Get ready" I said. Then I plunged my dick deep into her. Going in then out. She kept moaning and moaning. I motioned for Kendra and she knew just exactly what to do.

She moved in and started sucking on Megan's breasts while I pounded away at her. Her moans were becoming louder because of the heightened pleasure of Kendra.

Just then I heard my cell phone ring on his desk.

Kendra went and turned it off. So I continued pounding away at her. My mind was wondering what that call was about. But my dick was pretty much thinking or me.

So I just kept thrusting and thrusting. She started to push back matching my thrusts. She came pretty soon. I still had yet to cum.

"Why have you not cum yet?" Asked Megan.

"It always seems hard for me to cum in a pussy." I replied.

"Well I want to help."

"Well I will get myself ready the best I can and I am sure you will know how to finish me off." I said.

I moved lower and lower down her legs till my head was at her feet. I grabbed one of her feet and started licking around the top of it, then I made my way down and started sucking on her toes.

I was getting really hard because of this, so I kept licking and sucking. She just moaned. I looked up while sucking her toes and Kendra was eating her out.

I continued sucking and licking her toes. Soon after I moved to her other foot. Just sucking and licking her toes savouring the taste. I love feet. I decided that now was the time to let her jerk me off. I took her feet and guided the soles to both sides of my cock.

I started pushing them up and down and then soon stopped moving them and let her do it.

She was moaning really loudly. She kept jerking me off, with her eyes closed and getting eaten out. It was really erotic. She came soon after.

Kendra moved down so her face was just above the foot job.

And then she did something so good that I could not hold it any longer.

When my tip poked through she put her mouth over it and sucked hard.

"SHIT I'M CUMMING"" I yelled.

I came on Megan's feet. Her feet were soon covered in cum. Then Kendra started licking her feet clean of my cum. She got it all into her mouth without swallowing. And then she leaned down and started cum swapping with Megan.

"So how was that?" I asked Megan.

"That was the best I have ever had!"

"Well I am offering that you can have that everyday."

"What?" She asked. She had a puzzled look on her face.

"Me and Kendra both want another person to be around my house and I want another girlfriend." Megan looked stunned.

"So what do you say?" I asked her.

"Well there is only one thing I can say and that is HELL YEAH!" She smiled.

Kendra leaned down and kissed her again. I bent forward and kissed her too.

"Well I need to go back to my house to pack and then I will bring everything to your house." She said.

"Kendra will help you pack and then she'll bring you back to my house. So I'll see you both later." I said.

I put my clothes back on, grabbed my cell phone and headed to my car. I started driving and looked to see who called me. It was my trainer. He left a voicemail. I listened to it and all he said was goodbye.

I went home. And after a couple hours Kendra showed up with Megan. I asked them two about why my trainer left. They said all they knew was there was an emergency and he left.

A few hours later I got a call from the police.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hello this is the police department. We are sad to tell you that your trainer has been shot." Said the voice.

"WHAT?!" I yelled.

"He was shot five times in his house."


"We know who he is we just can't find him." Said the voice.

"Well then who is it?"

"We cant tell you that right now."

"WELL FINE!" I roared and hung up the phone. Kendra and Megan were looking at me. I was in tears. My trainer was like a father to me. I was an orphan and he had no family. He pretty much took care of me. They were still looking at me while I was upset. I felt a surge of anger go through me and I got up and picked up something made of glass and I just threw it against the wall.

"Honey what's wrong?" Asked Kendra.

"Somebody killed my trainer." I said.

Kendra and Megan both looked dumbfounded. They came over and both hugged me at the same time.

"I will hurt the person who did this." I said.


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