Champ Ch. 06


thanks to kash for inspiring me to write stories.

I was thoroughly pissed off. I wanted to hurt someone. But I thought that might not help right now. And further more my recent film producer said the movie decided to not bring me back for the next one. I decided to go pay this cop a visit and see what I could get out of her.

I drove my car out their and asked for the lieutenant to speak with because I am sure it is her that talked to me. They motioned me to her office. I walked in with jeans and a white tank top showing off my muscular arms and chest.

“Hi.” she said. Her eyes looking me over. It seemed to be working. “What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Well I wanted to know if could tell me who you think is the killer of my trainer.” I asked her.

“We cant really give that information away.” she said hesitantly. Her double d breasts heaving up and down as she talked. “And if we did you might do something stupid and hurt this person.”

“I will make you a deal I will do whatever you want me to for a whole month and in return you tell me what you know and I will make sure that you get the killer you take all the credit and that way we are both happy.” I said knowing full well I know what she would want from me.

She was good looking too. She was blonde with adorable brown eyes. She had double d cup breasts with an ass to die for.

“That is really really really tempting but I cant it is my job.” she said.

“How about I make that month a year and I will even show you something you wont be able to turn down.” I started pulling down my pants.

“What are you doing.” she said.

“Showing you what you could have for a whole year.” I replied. My pants were off and I was teasingly pulling down my boxers extra slowly.

“That is not going to work on me.” she started to say but stopped when my erection popped out.

“Whoa that is the biggest I have ever seen!” she said salivating.

“I will let you have a test suck.” I said smiling.

“Well maybe just once.” she said drooling while she walked over to me and kneeled down. She put her hands around my ten inch cock. She was impressed. I could see her lust taking over. She then with speed devoured my cock in her mouth.
Her lips were great. While she bobbed up and down I rocked my hips back and forth fucking her face. To me this was just added incentive. She would probably just become another girlfriend for a while. there is now way she would leave me though.

I just somehow knew that. I was ok with it too. It was kind of hot to be dating a police women.

I looked down and she was looking up at me with those cute innocent brown eyes.

“I am going to cum.” I tried to whisper because this was a police department. I came into her mouth and she swallowed it all greedily.

“Ok I will tell you what I know.” she said. She licked her lips then stood up.

“We have a lead and we know that it is your next opponents trainer.” she said.

The anger started coursing through my veins.

“Now since we can not go into Russia to get him we are sort of screwed but we know someone who knows him who says that he is in Canada hiding.” she said.

I had my phone halfway out and she interrupted me.

“Now how are you going to get him over here and let me take the credit then?”

“I will formulate a plan after I have met with this contact of yours.”

“So who is this contact?”

“She was a wrestling diva in the WWE and retired a year ago she now lives in Ontario and is the only one who knows where this guy is.”

“Ok.” is as far as I got because she interrupted me again.

“The trainer is young and we have reason to believe she is involved with him.”

“What is her name?” I asked growing impatient.

“Her name is Trish stratus.” she said. My eyes got wide because she is the hottest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Trish stratus is like a goddess.

“Ok my plan will be to get Trish Stratus to bring him over here and I will have further details as soon as I get to her.” I said. I gave her my number and my address and told her if she wants to come over she can but I have two girlfriends living together with me if she can handle it.
I turned around and walked out. I drove to the airport and bought the first flight to Ontario which left in a half hour. I took nothing but the clothes on my back. I phoned my girls to them about my plan.

“Ok just come back to us in one piece ok honey.” said Kendra.

“I will baby bye.” I said and hung up.

The flight out took hours. Once I got their I phoned the lieutenant to ask where she lived. She told me a half hour a way. I rented a car for 3 days, bought insurance and drove out to this place. My first part of my plan is rather ingenious.

As I was getting closer I saw something that would help my plan.

I slammed on the accelerator and steered to this tree that was down that sort of made a ramp. I turned the wheel keeping my foot as far as it would go on the accelerator and what happened next is sort of a blur. I hit the tree and flipped my car over . Then everything sort of went dark.

I woke up I don’t how much later in a bed. I looked around and it was a bedroom. Not much in it. I would say a spare bedroom. I felt around my body for damages luckily their was none. I got up off the bed.

“Hello is anyone their?” I called out.

I looked down and noticed I was still in my same clothes.

“Hello is anyone their?” I yelled out opening my door. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway.

I looked over to see a man with a gun held to my face.

“Ah yes so you are the one who will lose to my pride and joy Ivan.” said the man.

I then recognized him as the trainer.

“Turn around.” he said,

I complied. He grabbed my arms. Not a smart decision. I felt his hand grab at my wrist. I pulled my arm out quickly turned and backhanded the gun out of his hands.

He kicked out at me. I sidestepped and grabbed his throat. I had him now. I was choking him. I saw the veins start popping out of his head. I could feel all my anger coursing through me. I then thought about the lieutenant.

I pulled away hooked him to the side of the head. I looked further down the hall noticing the stairs which probably lead to the ground floor. I pushed at his chest with my foot sending him reeling to the far wall.

I closed the gap between us grabbing him by the arms and sending him rolling down the stairs.

I ran down the stairs. He was unconscious. I saw the handcuffs he had. I put one on his hand and the other around a pull-up bar next to the kitchen door. I walked into the kitchen and found Trish bound and gagged in a chair.

She looked terrified.

“Its ok he can not hurt you anymore.” I said. Grabbing at the rope in her mouth. I pulled it off. She still seemed speechless. I walked behind her. I looked for a knife and found one. I turned back and started hacking away at her rope tying her hands.

A minute later they were off. She still had ropes around her ankles which I cut off soon after.

“Thank you so much.” she said.

“Its ok what happened?” I asked.

“Well I came out and saw the car flipped over. And I came to the car and tried to pull you out but your kind of heavy for me.” she said.

“Ok so then what happened?” I asked

“I went back in and since me and him WERE dating I had him help me pull you into the house.”

“Once he saw your face he went ballistic he carried you up then put you on the guest bed.”

“He came back down here pulled out a gun and tied me up then went up the stairs once you started yelling and then you know the rest.” she said.

“Wow for a trainer he really was terrible at fighting.” I said.

“I guess I just cant begin to thank you we could have been killed.”

“Well you don’t really have to its really an honor for me to be meeting you.” I said.

“Oh really you watch wrestling then?” she asked kind of smiling.

“Yeah sometimes you were mostly the reason I watched I could never really hate you even if the crowd was booing you I just applauded and kept watching.” I said.

“Well thank you that means a lot.” she said grinning.

Just then my phone started ringing.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey its me.” said the lieutenant.

“Hey how is it going?” I asked her.

“Fine I just wanted to ask you what is going on?”

“Well long story short but he pulled a gun on me and Trish.” I said.

“Wow.” she said back.

“Yeah I don’t know how I am going to get him back for you though I will call you back when I know.” I then hung up.

“What was that about?” she asked.

“Well I came over here to find this guy because he killed my trainer I had to get information from the police women who knew about it and I told her I would let her take the credit when I brought him back.” I said.

“I am sorry I did not know.” she said

“It is ok at least I can have peace now no longer worrying about this.” I said.

“Well I can help you get him back their it is the least I could do.” she said.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that.” I replied.

“It is ok I have a private jet we can take him back and your lieutenant can arrest him from their.”

“You would do that yeah I would I would actually like to spend more time with you hell maybe we could go out sometime after all you did save me from being killed.” she said grinning.

“You just like me for my body.” I said grinning.

“Well you are ripped and you seem to be a little excited.” she said pointing to my pants where a tent was growing.

“Let me help you with that.” she said grinning.

She dropped to her knees. She unzipped me and started pulling down my pants. I cant believe this was going to happen. Trish stratus was about to give me head. This is unbelievable.

She pulled down my waistband with her teeth looking up at me while she did it. Once she had it off my feet my erection hit her in the chin. She gasped.

“I have never seen one this big!” she said with her mouth wide.

“Its your lucky day then.” I said.

She grinned up at me. My dick was throbbing. I knew I would not last long. And I can not believe I was going to be fucking a goddess.

She teasing pushed her lips together and rubbed my cock all over her lips. It felt so good.

“Don’t tease me anymore please suck me off you goddess.” I moaned.

“Nobody has ever called me a goddess but it feels good to be called one.” she said. She opened her mouth and started French kissing the tip of my penis. She then put the head of it into her mouth sucking like it was a dream come true for her.

She started to bob her head up and down. I was so close but I tried to hold off. I couldn’t look down at her because that would send me off. She pulled off.

“Its ok you can cum if you want to.” she said grinning up at me. Then went back to bobbing her head up and down my dick. I looked down at her and in my head said screw it.

I then moaned really loud and started jettisoning my cum into her mouth.

“I am going to make sure you never forget me.” I said. She stood up and smiled.

“Go pull yourself up on that pull up bar and stay up.” I said. She went and did it staying up their. I got behind her. I pulled off her pants. She was barefoot. So I did not have to use extra time on shoes.

I made my cock stick straight up. Then I pulled her body down hard slamming herself onto my cock.

“OH GOD!” she screamed still holding onto the bar. She did not really even have to use any strength I was making sure of that.

I kept pulling her down and pushing her back up grunting with every slam.

“OH IM CUMMING!” she screamed. I kept pounding away at her. I then pulled one hand off and started rubbing her clit as I pulled her up and down.

“ITS TOO MUCH IT FEELS TOO GOOD.” she moaned. I stopped knowing full well that is how people faint. She calmed down.

“You have not cum yet.” she said.

“I don’t plan to for a while.” I replied she let go of the bar. I picked her up in my arms carried her to where she said her bed was.

“Alright I bet you have not tried this position yet.” I said laying her onto her king sized bed.

“Lay on your stomach with your hands parallel to your sides.” I said grinning.

She did so. Her head was staring at me with a puzzled look on her face.

I lined my dick up with her pussy. I grabbed her by the wrists and as I rammed into her I pulled her wrists to me.

“HOLY FUCK!” she screamed. I kept at it. Pulling her wrists back while I fucked her hard and good.

Her head had started facing forward with her eyes closed clenching her teeth. I could tell she was trying to hold it in.

“You wont be able to hold it much longer my goddess.” I said in between thrusts.

I watched as her head would shoot forward every time I thrust forward. Her beautiful blonde hair jumping forward.

She was tight. I did not think she would be for how hot she is. I pulled out. Flipped her over and slammed into her with lightning speed.

“FUCKKKKK!” she screamed.

I put her legs on my shoulders. Her calves were on my shoulders while her feet dangled over them. I started pounding at her as hard as I could wanting to make this goddess crazed over me.

“OH FUCKKK!” she screamed as her whole body trembled and shook. She came again.

I slowed my thrusts to let her calm down.

“You still haven’t.” that’s as far as she got as I picked her up and put her on the ground.

“Get into a pushup position.” I ordered.

She got into the position. I was standing up. I grabbed her by her legs and rammed into her.

“OH FUCK ME.” she screamed.

I rammed her hard and fast making sure she did not have to use any strength so she could stay in the position.

I was getting tired after all this. But I knew I wanted her to never forget me so I kept up. I went as hard and fast as I could. She was sweating all over making her glisten. She was an angel.

The I decided to reach around and play with her clit.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed trembling and shaking. I felt her juices all over me.

I pulled out and went and laid on her bed.

“Wow I put everything I had into all that.” I said.

“That was probably the best I have ever had.” she said walking over to me. She looked down and frowned.

“You still have yet to cum.” she said.

“I usually don’t.” I said.

“Is their anything I can do?” she said.

“You don’t have to do anything this was a dream come true for me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I am sure If I died right now I would die the happiest man in the world.” I said.

“Well I am not going to leave you hanging.” she said. I was still pretty hard and my cock did ache.

“How about anal?” she said grinning. Suddenly my energy was coming back to me.

“Ok come her and lay down then I will do all the work.” I said grinning.

She came over to me and laid down beside me on her stomach.

“You know you probably have the best ass in the entire world.” I said.

“Thank you.” she said. It was true. Her ass was bronzed and firm. It was great.

I got between her legs and started licking and kissing her ass cheeks. She giggled. I kept at it coating her ass cheeks with saliva. Her hand was open and in it was a bottle of lube. I took it because I was ready.

I lubed up my dick then around her ass hole. Then I lubed up my finger and started fingering her little hole.

“Are you ok with this?” I asked.

“YES NOW FUCK ME!” she screamed.

How could I resist. I plowed into her with full force. Her screams echoing off the walls. It was really tight. But the lube made it good.

I plowed hard and fast.

“UGHH IM CUMMING.” I yelled.

I pulled out and squirted on her butt cheeks. It felt amazing.

One day later.

I was boarding Trish’s private plane watching as a couple of men threw the trainer into the back handcuffed unable to move. They locked the door and then I got on. Trish was right behind me.

“You know I was thinking maybe I should come live with you.” she said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes I really like you and your girlfriends seem nice.” she said.

I kissed her on the forehead as we sat down in her comfortable chairs. We talked a while and then went further back onto a couch.

I saw at the far end while nuzzled up against me laying down. She put her head on my leg and yawned. She seemed to go straight to sleep.

I looked at my phone. Right after I put it to silent I saw the lieutenant was calling.

“Hey so your bringing him here soon right?” she asked.

“Yeah we are on our way.” I whispered.

“Listen I cant do the whole year thing I have found someone that I really like I hope your ok with that?” she said.

“Yeah I am fine with that.” I whispered back.

“Yeah he asked me to marry him and I said yes so it will be great.” she said.

“Yeah congratulations I wish you a happy marriage.”

“Well I will see you at the airport.” she said.

“Bye.” I whispered back.

I turned off my phone and set it down on the table nearest me. I looked down and she was still sleeping. I started stroking her hair while she slept.

I nodded off to sleep sometime later.

A day later.

Everything went great. It was all over the news that the lieutenant had got the murderer. She then was offered a job for F.B.I. Trish sold her house and flew all her stuff out here and settled into one of my rooms. She hit it off well with Megan and Kendra.

I was back to having 3 girlfriends and everything was great. Now was the time to start training to beat Ivan’s ass.


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