tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChampagne and Strawberries.

Champagne and Strawberries.

bychris 44©

I first met Virginia late on a warm evening last Summer. I was on my way to the pub at the far end of the village and, as I sometimes do, I'd taken the long way round. Past the cemetery, turning right over the stream, and walking up the hill into the village. It usually takes me half an hour or so to reach the pub that way, but it's a pleasant walk, and it usually guarantees my arrival there with a two-pint thirst at least, sometimes more.

On that particular night, my arrival at the 'Dog and Gun' was somewhat delayed by the sound of the stifled screams coming from the wooded copse halfway up the hill. They were faint but shrill, the cries of a young woman in some distress I felt. Certainly intriguing enough for me to make a slight detour, easing my way through the hedgerow and into the wood. Away from the road, the night was dark enough to create pockets of deep shadow in amongst the trees, pockets that I used to their best advantage from the moment I discovered the source of those screams. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me; surely I couldn't be this lucky? But by the time I'd moved a few yards closer, I realised that there wasn't a problem with my eyesight after all. Not ten yards in front of me, two figures were struggling in the fading light. Of the two, it was the girl, young, dark haired and pretty, who was clearly losing the battle.

The outcome seemed pretty clear. Within a matter of minutes; I gave her five at the most; this young woman was going to be raped and here I was with a front row seat. All I had to do was stay hidden in the shadows and I could watch it happen. I guess there can be few pleasures in life quite as intense as taking part in the rape of an attractive young woman. Watching it happen at point blank range would be a new experience for me, almost as good as doing her myself, but not quite.

Strictly speaking I suppose I could have stopped the attack if I'd really wanted to; rushing in like a lunatic and protecting her honour. Always assuming she had any to protect that is. But where was the fun in that? What if he turned violent when I appeared? What if he turned on me instead? No, I felt it made more sense to stay where I was for the moment, and watch the bitch take her punishment. Hell, if the guy needed any help to do a proper job on her he only had to ask.

I didn't know either of them, so I didn't feel a personal involvement. They weren't from round here, maybe if they had been, if I'd known her, I'dhave acted differently. At least I'd like to think so.

The guy was still fully dressed when I first spotted them, but he seemed to have things pretty much under control. The girl on the other hand, wasn't so lucky; she was already down to her bra, and her short, denim skirt followed almost immediately. It left her clad only in a lacy white bra, that looked a couple of sizes too small, and a pair of white hipster briefs. They made a sexy combination but, given the position she was in, did little more than highlight the bits of her body he was really interested in. Her coordination and common sense seemed shot to pieces and rather than doing something sensible, like screaming for help or kicking him in the nuts, she was running round in confused little circles muttering impossible requests like.

"No, please don't hurt me, let me go."

If it hadn't been so funny, it would have been pathetic, because I was thinking exactly the opposite.

"Don't you dare let her go, you don't need to hurt her, I just want to watch her get a good shagging."

From where I was hiding, there was something intensely erotic about the whole thing. She clearly didn't want to be a part of his game, but she was given little choice in the matter. Time and again she tried to run; he'd let her go for a few yards before grabbing her bra strap and dragging her back into his arms. His hands and his mouth were all over her. While he held her firm with one hand, he began to force down those white hipster briefs with the other. As her struggles grew ever more frantic, her breathing began to come in short, frightened gasps.

Once more he let her run, but having her briefs round her knees slowed her down somewhat. She was waddling like a duck; reaching down and trying to pull her briefs back up while on the run; but she wasn't quick enough. He grabbed them from behind and wrenched them down to her ankles before pulling sharply backwards. With her balance gone, the girl shrieked as she crashed face down on the ground, leaving him with the simple task of removing her briefs altogether, and tossing them to one side.

I made a note where they landed; already thinking ahead you see. As long as he didn't damage the little bitch too badly, I felt there might be a chance for me to have a little fun with her after he'd gone.

Now that he had her down, I half expected him take her right away; rolling her onto her back and parting her legs before plunging his cock into her. But he didn't. For some reason he allowed her to scramble back to her feet and run again; only this time she was heading straight towards my hiding place. By the time he'd grabbed her bra and dragged her to a halt, she was only a matter of yards away, almost staring into my eyes. It was a nervous moment.

Apart from her breasts, I could see everything she had on offer. It was a stunning body on one so young, though I gererally prefer my women a little older. That shadowy patch of hair between her thighs looked a particularly promising area for future exploration. But then so did her breasts, ripe and full, and her eyes were stunning. Dark they were, and huge with fear; they seemed to be staring straight at me as he hauled her back across the clearing.

She was clearly very frightened, and understood only too well what was happening, I'd seen it in her eyes and that was good. I guess there's nothing worse than raping a woman who just lies there and takes it like a sack of potatoes. It's so much better when they fight back, and make a lot of noise while they're being fucked.Unzipping the fly on my jeans, I slipped my hand into my pants and began to give myself a light hand job. Nothing too strong for the moment, after all I didn't want to cum too soon.

The girl had tried all she knew to get away from him, and nothing had worked. It could only be seconds now before she felt his hardened cock sliding between her legs; until she was raped for probably the first time in her life. The thought of it sent a delicious shiver running through my body. I could almost feel envious of her; of the intensity of emotion she would experience at the moment of penetration. It would be a moment that would live with her for the rest of her life and I was there to watch it happen, and in some way to share the moment with her.

He spun her round in his arms, and kissed her roughly on the mouth, long and hard. His hands reached behind her and undid her bra, the straps of which jumped back sharply, some indication of the pressure they'd been under. As he dragged it away from her body and dropped it on the ground, I caught sight of her breasts for the first time. They were round and firm, juicy as a pair of ripe mangos. Their nipples were slightly upturned, and her boobies bounced delightfully as he pushed her around the clearing. The aureoles were showing clearly, even in the fading light, so dark and tempting against the pale whiteness of her breasts.

He played with her in this way for several minutes, switching his hands repeatedly from her breasts down between her legs and back again. She groaned loudly, as his fingers forced their way into her pussy for the first time, and her body began to betray her. I could smell that betrayal across the clearing; the deliciously sweet scent of a frightened, yet aroused, young cunt. And though her struggle went on, I could tell she was weakening and I knew he'd take her soon, very soon.

Finally his left hand clamped round her throat and, step-by-step, he forced her back against a nearby tree. There he held her one-handed against the trunk as he reached down and began to unbuckle his belt. Until that moment he'd been as silent as the grave, but now he spoke to her for the first time in a harsh rasping voice.

"You're nothing but a cock teasing little cunt," he told her. "You've been leading me on too long, and now you're going to get what you deserve. I'm going to fuck your stupid brains out, just to show you what you've been missing. And when I'm done, I'm going to walk away and leave you here, lying in the dirt with my cum leaking out of you. We're finished you and I, this is just my way of saying goodbye."

Her continual moaning was beginning to get on my nerves.

"No please, don't do this to me, please, let me go."

Once more her cries were echoed by my own. "For God's sake get on with it man, fuck the little bitch, she obviously wants it. Then you can buggar off and leave her to me."

His jeans dropped around his ankles, and though his pants followed them only halfway, it was enough for his purpose. With his target pinned against the tree, he bent his knees and began to force himself up between her legs. I was watching him closely as he took his hardened cock in his hand and began to search for her cunt.She didn't make it easy for him I'll give her that, but then he was trying to do it all wrong. He should have put her on her back right away, with her legs spread wide. That way she'd have found it impossible to avoid him; as it was she was able to twist away from him every time she felt under threat. It was as frustrating for me as it must have been for him, though he solved the problem neatly enough.

Stepping back he hit her sharply in the stomach, and I watched her crumple to the ground with a sad little sigh. Holding up his jeans with one hand, he grabbed one of her legs and hauled her out into the centre of the clearing. He couldn't have positioned her better if I'd given him the instructions myself. She realised her vulnerability and tried to curl up into a ball, but he dropped to his knees, straddling her body and slowly forcing her onto her back. At last we were getting somewhere.

For a moment he lay there on top of her, kissing her roughly despite her head thrashing backwards and forwards in an effort to keep him at bay. Finally, when she calmed, he moved back until he was kneeling between her legs. When he dropped his jeans again, I swear his cock leapt out of his pants, and looked around for a moment, like Attila the Hun seeking the nearest available virgin in need of a good ravishing. It didn't have far to look; her cunt was waiting for him invitingly only a foot away, eighteen inches at the most.

I watched as he slid a couple of fingers into her and begin to stimulate her. She was twisting across the ground in a last effort to avoid the inevitable, but she must have known that for her there was no escape. For the last time she repeated her pathetic pleas.

"No, please, no…"

This time, instead of replying in words, my hand job got a bit more serious as I watched him extract his fingers and sniff them a couple of times before putting them in his mouth and sucking on them.

"Mmmm," he said, "that tastes so sweet. Shame about that Virginia, such a tasty cunt on a useless little fucker like you. What a waste. Ah well baby, here I come, ready or not."

Virginia! First time I heard it I couldn't believe that was really her name. Not for much longer I thought as I watched him spit in his hand and lubricate his cock head before leaning towards her. Though she struggled beneath him the hand on her hips kept her still long enough for him to drive his cock straight into her.

She must have been pretty wet because it went all the way in with that first thrust, and her pathetic pleading came to a sudden stop. The sound she made as his cock filled her pussy was brief, three or four seconds at the most, but I don't think I've heard a more sensual sound in my whole life. The "Aaaarrrgggh," that she almost screamed as he first slid into her, changed almost immediately to a long, drawn-out "ooohhhh," as he bottomed out in the tight velvet depths of her cunt. To me it sounded suspiciously like a moan of pleasure, of satisfaction almost.

A brief moment of silence followed, during which both of them seemed to freeze. He was the first to break the tableau, pulling all the way out, and humping back into her time after time; each new thrust accompanied by a pig-like grunt.

"Nnnn, Nnnn, Nnnn." He went.

A moment later he raised himself up on his arms, repositioning himself, and changing his angle of penetration, driving down into her body. I could clearly see her hips moving backwards and forwards, her buttocks forming a fulcrum as he fucked into her steadily. But best of all, I was close enough to watch her labial lips wrapping themselves around his cock each time he pulled out of her; almost desperate in their desire to drag him back into her body.

She might have been on the receiving end of a rape, but it was clear to me that as long as it was done right, this little bitch really liked to fuck. Not only that, but I had a definite feeling that she'd be good at it. Her struggles weren't as violent as they should have been, and I'd noticed a subtle change in the noises she was making. You could hardly call it a voice any more because it wasn't really human; it was more of an animal reaction to her rape. I watched and listened in total fascination, and the longer I watched the more certain I became that I would have my turn with her. When that time came I'd see to it that Virginia was singing a very different song.

To be honest her rape didn't last nearly long enough for my liking. I was disappointed, and felt that he was far too easy on her. From the moment the attack on her had got under way, he allowed his own, urgent need to take over. Instead of giving her a long and violent shafting, he let the 'macho man' thing dictate his actions. All he could think of was to pump her full of sperm as quickly as possible. He allowed his male, bloody ego to get in the way of what should have been a truly memorable moment for all three of us.

Actually the dumb fuck almost spoiled it; the way he rushed headlong into his pathetic, frantic orgasm. And though it was long and noisy, though he did his best to screw Virginia into the ground when he came, I found the whole thing less than satisfactory. Oh I came all right, no problem there, I could feel the wetness of it soaking into my pants right away. But I had to rush it and that was disappointing when it could, and should, have been so much better. And once he'd satisfied himself; that seemed to be it as far as he was concerned.

Oh sure, he kept her pinned to the ground for another twenty seconds or so, but he just lay there on top of the poor girl, making no effort to give her the satisfaction she so clearly craved. He pulled out his cock and wiped it across her belly before rolling away from her and getting back to his feet. Hauling his pants and jeans up, he tucked away his already flaccid cock, and zipped himself up. Before leaving he stood over her and looked down. Maybe the drama had one more act to play; maybe he was going to pee all over her I thought, or make a final farewell speech. In fact he did neither, he was a disappointment to the end.

But I suppose he did what he said he'd do; I have to give him that. He walked away, and left the naked, sobbing girl lying curled up in the dirt with his cum trickling slowly from her open cunt. He didn't even say thank you, and Virginia deserved at least that. I listened to him go, pushing his way through the bushes and out to the road. To be on the safe side I waited for a couple of minutes, before I moved in on her, listening all the time to the sound of her quiet sobbing.

My first task was to collect her underwear, that lacy white bra and the hipster briefs I'd so admired earlier. The latter smelt strongly of her pussy; her fear and sexual arousal had seen to that, and I lingered over them for a moment, savouring her aroma to the full.

It could have been an awkward moment, if Virginia had sat up at that point, she'd have seen me for sure, forcing me to pretend that I was there to help her rather than use her for my own pleasure. But her mind was elsewhere, and she didn't hear my approach until it was too late. Until the briefs had been pulled down over her head, effectively blinding her. The bra was used to tie her hands together, and that mindless babbling of hers began all over again.

"No, please, leave me alone. I can't take any more."

"Oh, but Virginia," I thought, 'you're far too modest sweetheart. I assure you that you can take more. You can take an awful lot more."

Straddling her hips, I rearranged her body beneath me, rolling her onto her back, and running my hands across her breasts and her sticky belly. But not in the same brutal way that he'd done; my touch was slow and sensitive, and I could clearly feel her body tensing to the touch of my fingertips. When her nipples had hardened sufficiently my lips and tongue took over, and I sucked them greedily to a full hardness.

She was lying quite still beneath me now, even when I dismounted and knelt beside her she remained quiet, as though waiting to see what I'd do to her next. I knew from the instant I got my hands on her that I'd been right. This little cunt really did like to fuck, I could feel the anticipation spreading through both our bodies, hers and mine.

As my mouth continued to stimulate her nipples, I slid a couple of fingers between her labial lips, and on into the slippery, sperm filled depths of her cunt. It was a deliciously tight fit in there, and her hips moved at the initial discomfort. Maybe it was only my imagination but her movement seemed to ease the tightness, allowing me to explore her even more deeply.

My hand was small enough for me to screw it into her cunt a bit at a time, though she did yelp once as the knuckles of my fist forced their way into her. That slight pain turned into overwhelming pleasure as my hand buried itself up to the wrist in her warm, muscular tightness. This time there was no mistaking her reaction. Her hips lifted clear of the ground and, for the first time, the word she moaned was


Carefully I spread my fingers and explored the secret inner beauty of her body, seeking out the elusive G-spot. If only I could find that, and stimulate it properly I'd be able to play Virginia like a musical instrument; until her sweet pussy squirted its pleasure at me like a water pistol. It was there all right, that beautiful magic button, and from the way she reacted to my touch I guessed that this was probably a new experience for her.

Gradually her occasional twitches of pleasure melded into each other, and began to develop a regular pulsing rhythm of their own; a rhythm that I used to increase her pleasure still further. I could feel her sharp disappointment, bordering on anger, when I eventually pulled my hand out of her. But a woman's cunt has more than one magic button; now it was time for me to find out what reaction I'd get from her clit.

Moving between her open legs, I leant down and parted her glistening pussy lips with careful fingers. Her cunt opened up in front of me like a flowering rose. Even in the gloom beneath the trees, it seemed deliciously pink, framed as it was by that dusting of dark pubic hair.

Sliding both hands beneath her buttocks, I leant in closer and lifted her bodily to my mouth, as though I was taking a sip from a glass of champagne. My tongue ran backwards and forwards across her thighs, teasing her unmercifully before flicking lightly across her sex for the first time. She jumped, not only at that touch, but also at those that followed, and slowly I worked my tongue into her. Probing first between her labial lips, then moving lower, on into her hole, still stretched wide as a result of having my hand so deep inside her.

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