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Champions & Villains: Zod's Trap Ch. 01


This is my first time, please be gentle. Feedback would be appreciated.


The Claremont Institute, located in Manhattan, was a prestigious school renowned worldwide for the excellence of its education. Its students were some of the most brilliant minds of their generation, and came from wealthy families all over the world.

One of these students was Nathan Richards, an 18 year old high school senior. Like most of his schoolmates, he came from a very wealthy family. Unlike most of them, he did not reside in the school dormitory, as his family lived in Manhattan.

On this warm spring afternoon, as Nathan sat in his first class after lunch, the usually serious student kept fidgeting. He alternated between watching his teacher (a former college professor), his classmates struggling to keep up with the lesson (18th century Chinese history, taught in Mandarin) and staring at his expensive watch, hoping he could make time go by faster.

But that was outside even his abilities.

Less than ten minutes to go now, and he was confident he could hold off till then. It was getting very uncomfortable though. He could not help squirming on his chair from time to time, and had trouble keeping his attention on the teacher's lecture.

Fortunately, even in a school for the most gifted, Nathan's intellect was such that despite his 'condition', his grades had not suffered so far. But if the problem kept getting worse, his grades would be the least of his worries. He hoped his family would find a solution. The sooner the better.

"A better, and permanent one anyway..." Nate thought, rubbing his sweaty palms back and forth on his denims.

"Six minutes left..." he counted, as the pain increased. Three minutes later, sweat began to break out on his brow. Two more minutes, and he had to practice breathing exercises.

Nathan sighed in relief when the bell at last signaled the end of the class, but still had to wait another long minute to write down with a trembling hand the details of the homework the teacher was giving them for the following week.

Finally, the tall dark haired student stuffed his books in his bag and was the first to leave the classroom, heading in a hurry to the infirmary. He would likely be late to his next class, but his next teacher was one of the less strict in Claremont. And Chris would cover up for him, anyway.

Nathan hurried through the student filled hallways, ignoring or only throwing a quick wave at his friends as they headed for their own classes, and nearly ran down the stairs to the first floor.

The trip was short but seemed very long to Nate, barely holding onto his self control, and the final stretch seemed endless. By the time he knocked on the infirmary door, classes had begun again and the hallways were silent.

He did not wait for an answer before going in.

Like the rest of Claremont Insitute the infirmary was far larger, more modern and expensive looking than what was usually found in a high school. There was a waiting room, an office, two examination and resting rooms, and even a bathroom with two shower stalls. And right then it was also very silent.

The school nurse was not behind her desk.

Nathan groaned and checked his watch. 1:30 pm. "Is she still on lunch break?" he wondered, gritting his teeth against the pain. He used his cellphone and called her, and an instant later the ringtone sounded loudly in the empty infirmary. She had forgotten her cellphone on her desk!

He swore.

"Such a dirty mouth, young man. For shame" came a high sultry voice, startling Nathan as it teased him with mock sterness.

The school nurse came out of the first side room, sashaying toward him. He watched her come nearer, taking in the now familiar outfit : grey high-heeled sandals, white thigh highs not quite reaching the hem of a very tight and very short white uniform, the red buttoned top straining to contain a pair of large round breasts. Probably in her mid-twenties, the sexy young woman looked more like an actress out of a softcore movie than a school nurse for teenagers.

The short blonde stopped very close to him, peering up from under her lashes at the 6'5 tall young man.

"Sorry" he mumbled, already getting embarassed by what brought him here. "This is bad, Sin. I really-"

"It's Ms. Jennings" she corrected, narrowing her eyes at him. "Or Cynthia for you" she winked, her tone softening.

"Cynthia it's getting out of control again. I really need your help!" he nearly pleaded.

"Hmm, and what can I do for you, Nathan?"

"Well, you know, the usual..." he groaned, partly in embarassement and partly in pain.

She raised up on tiptoes, putting her mouth closer to his ear. "Come on, tell me" she whispered, stepping back and waiting for his answer with a naughty smile.

The fragrance of her light perfume tantalized him, making him breathe faster. "I need relief" he finally sighed, not quite meeting her eyes, his face red and sweaty.

She tapped her first finger on her full lips, pretending to think. "Oh..." she finally smiled, "I think I know what you mean, naughty boy. Let's see what Cynthia can do for you." She winked, turned on her heel and walked back to the room she had come from. He followed her, nearly limping now, and tried not to stare at her curvy behind, stretching her short outfit as it swayed enticingly with her steps.

He nearly bumped into her back when she suddenly stopped at the edge of the first resting room. She turned to him, putting a perfectly manicured finger on her full lips to indicate silence. Curious, he peered inside.

The curtains had been drawn shut, the room only dimly lit. One of the four beds was occupied by a female student. Her back was to him, and she seemed asleep. She must have tossed and turned, as the covers were bunched under her knees. Her uniform skirt had ridden up, and displayed long tanned legs all the way up to her paler upper thighs. He was surprised he could not see her panties. Or was she wearing a thong?

He felt the crotch of his pants tighten even more at the sight. Belatedly, he realized he had been staring for too long. Cynthia was peering up at him with a knowing smile. She made him step back, and closed the door softly, before leading him without a word to the other examination room and closing the door behind them.

This room was empty.

The nurse walked to the closest examination table and boosted herself up on it. Perched on the edge, she slowly closed one nylon encased leg over the other and crooked a finger at him, beckoning him closer with a smile.

He dropped his bag by the door and limped forward, stopping before her. She was resting back on her hands, palms flat behind her, her ample chest thrust forward by the posture, her head slightly tilted back to look up at him. Her long thick blonde mane brushed the bed she sat on.

"Well..." she began softly, her hazel gaze fixed on his pained blue eyes, "where does it hurt?".

"You should know, since you're responsible for it" he answered accusingly.

"Oh!" she gasped, raising a dainty hand to her chest in pretend hurt. "Nathan, I'm disappointed. You should know by now that what Master Zod-"

"Doctor Zod" he corrected.

"-that I have nothing to do with what he did. I was a mere assistant, and not privy to all of his plans." She crossed her arms under her breasts, looking affronted. "I don't know if I want to help such an ungrateful boy. And after all I've done for you too!" she finished with a pout.

"Stop your drama" he sighed, fidgeting in pain. "You're getting a lot in return for your 'help' with my problem." he went on. "Especially considering your past cri-aah" he groaned, his answer cut short.

"You seem in pain, sweety" she said in a mollified tone. "Is it that bad? Again so soon? You're not faking it to get my 'assistance', are you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course not" he answered indignantly. "This 'treatment' is more embarassing than..."

"Pleasurable?" she finished for him with a smile. "Some of your classmates would love to take your place, you know" she teased. "Ever considered that Zod may have meant it as a gift?"

Nathan was hopping from one foot to the other, gasping in pain. "I don't see how... increasing my sex drive and... preventing me from dealing with it myself... is helping!" he finished, groaning.

"Well maybe-" she began, but the schoolboy cut her short.

"Can we talk about this later. I realy need it NOW!" he nearly screamed.

"Men" she rolled her eyes at him. "So much for sweet words and foreplay" she half joked and half complained, uncrossing her legs and guiding him closer until he stood between her legs. He was close enough to have a perfect view down her top and into her amazing cleavage, as she slowly began unfastening his pants.

His belt first, which she pulled out of the waist of his pants, letting it clatter to the ground at his feet. Then, directing a smoldering look up at him, she set her red painted fingernails to work on the buttons. She went slowly, holding his gaze as he gasped with each released button, the tightness of his pants lessening as the tightness inside his pants increased under the sexy nurse's direct look and soft touch. Her teasing strokes seemed to last for minutes to the boy who was fast growing desperate.

Finally done, the blonde pressed her hands flat on his lower belly and dragged the pants down, her small palms rubbing on his package on the way down, getting a grunt out of him. She stared at the large bulge for a moment, Nathan's gasping breaths the only sound in the otherwise silent room.

"Is that what you need my help with?" she asked, her hair a golden curtain hiding her face. Her intense stare on his not yet exposed manhood was nearly a physical feeling to the boy.

"Yes... Please..." he added, desperate for relief.

"Let's see..." she said, her right hand rubbing his lower belly.

"...what your school nurse..." she went on, her slim fingers slowly disappearing into his boxer briefs.

"...can do for you."

Nathan tilted his head back and gasped as her cool fingertips glided over the base of his hard member.

"Take off your underwear, sweetie" she instructed, her voice as soft as her fingers. The schoolboy did not need to be told twice, and quickly dragged his boxer briefs down his legs. He gasped with relief as his hard member, so far painfully bent down his leg, suddenly sprung up as it was released. It reared hard and tall, the tip going far enough to reach the nurse, and despite her handhold on the base it struck her breasts with a distinct thud, the large orbs shaking slightly from the impact.

"Careful with that thing" the school nurse gasped, running her tongue tip over her pink lips as she stared at her student's crotch. She closed her small right fist around the base in a tight practiced grip. The fingernails of her left hand traveled slowly up the sides, running over more soft skin and hard flesh than was held in her fist, stopping as they reached the large head. A single fingertip circled the wet tip, then reached around to smear precum on the sensitive underside in small, teasing circles.

"It's even bigger than last time" she noted with astonishment, breaking her gaze away from his crotch with difficulty, and peering up at his red face and lust filled eyes. "Either you've waited too long before coming to see me this time, or-"

"It's...getting... worse" he groaned, his hips moving on their own to slowly hump her hand. "Hurry... up!" he whimpered, his eyes now alternating between her sexy face and her impressive bosom.

She took her hands away, causing him to groan as his hard-on waved freely in time with his hips. His hands moved erratically, back and forth, as if reaching for his crotch but prevented from doing so by some invisible force.

"First things first" Cynthia said in a singsong voice, taking a small plastic tube out of her pocket. She used her small, perfectly white teeth to tear it open and poured the liquid contents on her left palm. Then, dipping into the fragrant lotion with her fingers, she began applying it to his hard sex with a slow, feather like touch. Nathan gasped under her caresses, trembling with anticipation, while she hummed a low tune as she worked.

"I've heard this tune before..." he thought briefly, but his mind soon focused back on the school nurse.

When his shaft was finally shiny with lotion the sexy blonde briefly considered her work, then her hand, before lightly grabbing his manhood to rub the head on her left palm and into the last of the lotion, getting even more of his juices to leak out of the tip.

The boy panted heavily as she got her gorgeous face very close to his throbbing flesh, considering her work carefully before finally leaning back wit a self satisfied nod and smile.

"Now we're good to go" she stated cheerfully, rubbing what was left of the lotion into her palms. "Ready to begin?" she asked, but the student was nodding frantically before she even finished her question.

She raised her hands slightly, palms facing him, wiggling her fingers as her open palms slowly descended on his glistening flesh. And stopped an inch away.

"You know what?" she asked, pouting up at him.

"What?!" he nearly cried, directing his answer at her lovely lips, his hardon jerking upward as if to reach the plump pink skin.

"Try and hold back as long as you can. The release should be stronger and last longer this way. Okay sweetie?"

"I'll try, but please don't stop!" he croaked, his throat going dry with uncontrollable arousal.

"Alright, let's both do our best" she smiled up at him winsomely.

Nurse Jennings reached closer, one hand on either side of his throbbing member, and finally touched him, her blood red painted fingernails grazing his flesh. She then proceeded to slowly drag her fingernails from the base and up along his shaft, stopping just short of the large head, her teasing touch getting him even harder in the process. Nathan stared at her soft dainty hands, his breaths turning to panting as she repeated the move again and again, the pattern changing slightly each time so that the entire shaft felt her scratching fingers. Only her pace remained unchanged, ever so soft and teasing, slowly but surely increasing his already painful level of arousal.

She even spent long seconds focusing on the head and sensitive underside, the sensual scratching from her crimson fingernails getting even more precum to leak out of the tip, before her fingers suddenly left his skin, leaving his sex harder and pointing higher than ever.

He sighed in disappoitnment, but she must have felt his need because she flashed him a small smile before finally taking him in her right hand. Her small hand curled softly around the middle of his shaft, the soft palm gently closing in a warm sheath around him. He closed his eyes, groaning at the feeling, his hips reflexively humping once into her hand.

Her fist remained unmoving until his eyes opened. Then, her hand began slowly gliding up to reach and cup the head, the most sensitive part of his sex finally getting pleasured rather than teased. She gave it a single loving squeeze, before opening her hand and putting it flat on the tip. She slowly rubbed her palm in small circles, the precum leaking tip adding its wetness to the lotion inside her soft warm hand.

She soon stopped, her hand clasping him once again, at the very top this time. Her loosely curled hand slowly glided down his hard-on, engulfing then releasing the large head and rock hard shaft in turn, until it reached the base, the small fist coming to a stop against his lower belly but never releasing his flesh.

The high school boy's breathing was loud in the quiet room, his face flushed with arousal as he waited for the hot blond school nurse's next move.

Her left hand followed the example set by her right, closing in a small loose fist that slowly glided down, from the very tip to the very bottom of his sex. Before it reached the base, her right hand let go and went back to the top. As soon as one hand finished its sensual trip, the other started again, both warm dainty hands pleasuring the hard member in turn, her soft palms caressing his throbbing flesh, both wet with lotion. She even added the occasional twisting motion to her moves, each getting a gasp of additional pleasure out of Nathan.

To Nathan the feeling was amazing, as if experiencing a long never ending penetration into soft, wet, warm flesh. Her slow technique took his breath away, increasing his arousal and bringing him ever closer to release.

And knowing her, it was only the beginning.

Indeed, Cynthia gave no indication that she wanted this treatment over with quickly. She went on this way for a few minutes, until her patient was groaning with arousal, his flesh steel hard and burning hot, his hips uncontrollably twitching in pleasure. And then she stopped, looking up at him as she brushed a strand of fair hair out of her eyes.

"How's it going so far, sweetie?" she asked the student.

"Hmm... fine... I guess" he answered panting, his brow covered with a thin sheen of perspiration.

"Remember to tell me when you're getting close..."


"... so I can slow down." He groaned in near pain at her statement.

"It's important in order to treat your condition efficiently" she insisted, trying for sternness. Though her amused smile somewhat ruined it. "Now where were we..." she said, her voice turning sexy again, as she focused back on the task at hand.

Her right hand only brushed his hard manhood, reaching down for his tight testes, so far untouched. Nathan moaned as she used three fingers to gently rub him there, her cool lotioned fingertips brushing teasingly, slowly rolling his balls around. This was more than enough to keep his erection at full mast, but the blonde's other hand made its move as well. Her first finger dipped into the precum gathered at the tip of the schoolboy's member, before rubbing it into its sensitive underside, the ball of her fingertip rubbing in small, tantalizing circles.

If he was not experiencing it, Nathan would never have believed that a single finger could bring so much pleasure. Using only four fingertips, the sexy nurse was bringing him to even higher levels of ecstasy. Her every move seemed to awaken new erogenous zones, her gentle touch stimulating him with practiced skill.

Watching her gorgeous face so close to his crotch, as she alternated between an intense gaze at his crotch and a smoldering one up at him, was nearly too much for his rapidly fading self-control. He closed his eyes, shivering with a sigh as he realized it only enhanced the feeling of her skilled hands, and got lost in the sensations.

"Nate..." she breathed after a while. Her hands kept up with their slow teasing rubs, but her calves were now rubbing his legs in short, circular moves. "How did you get so... aroused?" came her quiet question.

The high school senior was focused on the feel of her soft thigh highs, and barely heard her.

"You know..." she began, waiting for him to open his eyes. She was biting her lip, adding both naughtiness and innocence to her look. "I could use my 'abilities'", she whispered the word, "and look exactly like your dream girl."

With his brain overdosing on pleasure, it took him a few seconds to understand what she was offering. "You can't Sin- Cynthia" he panted as her hands left his throbbing flesh. "No powers... At all. It's... it's part of the deal you... you made" he managed.

For a second the sexy school nurse and the desperately horny schoolboy stared at each other in silence, and then she smiled. These superheroes, always so very righteous she thought, amused.

"Of course" she agreed easily, her left hand rubbing his hip soothingly. "But just imagine" she breathed. "Imagine that I was allowed to... Who would you want me to change into, right here and now? There must be a woman you fantasize about, to be so horny. So often" she suggested, running her tongue over her voluptuous lips. "And you know I could look just... like... her".

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