Chance: A Day in May Ch. 12

bythe Troubador©

Finally pulling her to him he gently lowered her boneless body to the bed they had made. There he held her in his arms, murmuring his love between kisses. Helen wound her arms around him, overcome once again with her love for this man.

Finally she pulled herself away to pour two generous snifters of Brandy. Then, with Duncan lying on his side, head propped on his hand, head to her feet, she lay back using his legs as her back rest. Smiling at her man she toasted him, touching their glasses gently before she sipped.

For long moments they gazed into one another's eyes. Then recovered from their bliss, Helen took his glass from his hand, carefully set both his and hers aside. Then she leaned forward to begin unbuttoning his shirt. When Duncan reached for her she batted away his hand, murmuring, "Now it's my turn, husband. Wait your turn."

As she slowly uncovered his chest the tip of her small tongue began licking his throat. As she gradually opened his shirt, she followed the baring of his flesh with her tongue; tasting, licking the bared flesh. Nuzzling the material to the side, she bared his chest to begin nibbling, kissing, licking him, finally taking a nipple between her lips to suckle him.

Duncan could barely stand the sensations: writhing gently under her, groaning with the pleasure-pain. Helen's ministrations to his chest caught his attention such that he was unaware when she parted his trousers. When her small hand burrowed under the waistband of his undershorts to slip around his rock hard member he groaned even louder as his back stiffened in surprised pleasure.

Fumbling as she uncovered his sex Helen began licking and kissing her way down his belly, nuzzling through the light fur, stopping for only a moment to attend to his navel.

At her urging Duncan raised his hips to allow her to expose his manhood. As his hips relaxed back she licked down to the nest encircling his sex. Bending further, her lips parted to capture the crown of his sex, kissing and sucking it into the hot wetness of her mouth.

With a hand cupping his sack, gently manipulating his most tender parts she bent further. Slowly she sucked the hard length of his shaft into her mouth. As it was engulfed into her mouth her tongue explored and caressed every millimeter of its length. When her nose had buried itself in his curls she began a slow bobbing on his sex.

For moments lasting eternities the woman pleasured her man, delighting in his barely heard moans, savoring his taste and texture. She would slow when she sensed his pleasure approaching its height, just teasing him with her tongue, until she sensed his control returning. Then she would resume her yearned for pleasuring.

When finally she raised her face from his groin she filled her hand with his cock. Pushing him further back on the blanket she rose to her knees, throwing a leg over his hips before lowering her chest to his. Wonderfully shocked, Duncan felt the curls of the nest between her legs mesh with his at the same time he felt the wet clasp of her labia part to clasp the base of his shaft while the corona of his sex was cushioned by her soft belly. She bent forward to slide up and down the shaft; mashing the spongy head against her belly; wiggling her hips against his hardness; relishing sensation of her clitorus riding over his glory while maintaining the yearn in her loins to be filled.

Twisting her chest from side to side she dragged her nipples across his chest, sending shocks of ecstasy through their bodies.

When her gasps for air matched his she raised her hips, allowing the crown of his manhood to slide back into her cleft, the valley of her sex. She paused for a moment, allowing herself to savor the sensation as the very tip of his sex barely slipped into her hole. Then pushing herself upright and straddling his hips Helen slowly, excruciatingly slowly, lowered herself onto the hard, hot, demanding length of his sex.

Feeling his length push against her cervix she paused, allowing her clasping vagina to adjust to his width. Then relaxed gently, allowing the head of his cock to just push through into her womb. Then the woman relaxed atop her man, clasping and releasing his shaft with her internal muscles.

When she could no longer stand the yearning ache in her loins Helen began the ageless wonder of sex with her man. Slowly she would raise herself off his groin, then gently sink down around him, until he was again buried to his root inside her. At the deepest entry she paused and Duncan flexed himself inside her.

As much as they were lost in these sensations they could not be continued for long. The want and need were just too great. Soon she was rising and falling faster and harder against his hips as Duncan surged up, then back, meeting her thrusts with his own.

They managed to maintain the rhythm for an eternity and an instant until Helen screamed, her body contracting uncontrollably around him. As the oil of her orgasm drowned his groin Duncan gave one last mighty shove up into her, sealing himself against her as he released his sperm into her greedy, spasming womb.

There they froze together, bodies quivering, faces contorted in ecstasy. Finally she collapsed atop his body where he enfolded her in the love of his arms and wrapped a fold of the blanket over and around her, binding them together.

With Helen pulled solidly against his chest, her head cradled on his shoulder, they relaxed. It was only moments before they slept the lovers sleep, sated and complete, bathed in the light from the stars.

Later that night, as the moon rode high above them and silvering them in its light, they woke again to glory in the dance of love. For the third time that evening the farmers miles away were awakened by the scream of a mountain lion that had traveled to the Ritzville area.

In the morning they gathered the remains of their meal and their blankets. Then once again, nude, they strolled down from their lovers tryst to enjoy the wonders of their outside shower.

Once inside the RV and warmed after the outdoor shower Helen glanced at her cell phone and saw the "missed message" signal. She recognized the phone number as her son's and, after breakfast, called him back. Duncan was treated to another shriek, this time inside the RV.

"Duncan!" Helen burbled, "I'm going to be a Grandmother! You are going to be Granddad again!" She was hopping around in joy as Duncan took the phone from her to get the ungarbled details from his step-son.

Hanging up, Duncan sat down to pull his wife onto his lap and make plans. Helen was so excited it took him a while to be sure she realized they had months to wait until the baby arrived. They made plans to see their friends in Ritzville, maybe spend a week there before taking the short trip East to Spokane to visit Duncan's son, now her stepson and his family. Duncan was as pleased as Helen to plan on their traveling to Boise by the end of the month.

Duncan explained to any who would listen, while Helen "mock glowered" at him, that they would be traveling to Boise to aggravate her daughter-in-law. The reality was the expectant parents were waiting impatiently for their arrival.

The End

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