tagErotic HorrorChance Ch. 01

Chance Ch. 01


"Wait!" she cried out. "Not here."

"Then where?" he gasped, tortured by her resistance. He looked at her body, alive with anticipation as she looked around for a place for them to go. "I don't think I can wait much longer. You now the effect you have on me." he declared.

Finding a small stock closet unlocked, near the rear snack stand. She quickly pulled him inside the small dark room. With the door shut the room was black, except for a small sliver of light coming from the crack under the door. It also smelled of stale popcorn. Reaching around, she looked for a light switch but her hands only ran across cardboard boxes, stacked neatly on metal shelves.

As Eva slowly adjusted to the darkness he came up behind her, arms enfolded her while his warm breath raised goosebumps across her skin. She felt apprehensive of her actions until he placed her palm on the front of his pants.

"What are you doing?" she asked, feeling his massive proportions under her finger tips.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" he said, his body tensing up in response. "You're the one who pulled me in here."

"Maybe, but teasing me won't get you anywhere, Ian." she whispered, rubbing him through his clothing. The material was soft and the smell of his aftershave invaded her nose causing her core to ache. The power he possessed over her was so incredible she couldn't stop herself from unzipping his pants and jimmying her hand inside to get closer to his member. "Now who's the tease?" he groaned.

This man is incredible. Eva thought, stroking him. The need to have him penetrate her in every way, was an act she couldn't deny. Ever since they first had coffee together two weeks ago he was all she could think about. He invaded her dreams and every waking moment. She knew she was behaving like a teenager, but every moment with him was a new experience and she had never felt so alive.

Ian groaned at her touch and pressed his hips forward, wanting more. The muscles in his legs supported his taught form as he spun her around to face him. The air in the room was warming up and in the dim light he could see the flush of her cheeks. Her skin was pale and her raven hair framed her face, the childlike features only adding to her beauty.

This is going to be quick and incredibly satisfying, he thought to himself. Grabbing Eva roughly on the back of her neck, his need for her increasing, he closed the distance between them and kissed her. Running his tongue along her puckered lips, she responded and opened her warm mouth, letting his tongue invade.

"Your body is the most amazing thing I've ever seen" he groaned, giving her ass a quick but gentle smack. "Lift up your skirt and turn around." he demanded.

Obeying him, Eva began to lift her white pleated skirt up past the flesh of her thighs. Suddenly gripping both of her ass cheeks and massaging the tight flesh in his rough palms, Ian pulled her panties down her long shapely legs, letting them fall at her feet. "Spread your legs apart." he asked next.

Sinking down he licked her core, tasting her warm flesh as he ran his tongue between her lips. Hearing her groan, Ian smiled and rewarded her with two fingers pressed gently into her waiting hole. His tongue began to savor her by bobbing in and out with full long licks. He held her steady with his free hand while the other was sticky from the juices leaking from her body.

"Does this make you happy?" he asked her, fingers pressing slightly deeper.

"Absolutely." she groaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as she chewed her lower lip.

Eva began to run her fingers through his thick brown hair which was just beginning to gray at the temples, making him appear very distinguished. Pulling her body from his fingers, she slowly began to undress herself completely. She watched his eyes on her as she stood nude in the shadows. Raising her right leg and resting it on a nearby box, she bared herself to him.

"This is how I like you. Slick, wet and open for me." he said wide eyed, standing up and unbuttoning his shirt.

Hearing those words escape his lips made her body quiver in response. "How about you explain what you'd like me to do next." he rasped, watching her long healthy body glow in the shallow light. Eva tensed, not saying a word. Then she moaned with delight as he reached forward and opened her wider. He slid three fingers deep into her core, and flicked his thumb back and forth over her most sensitive spot at the junction of her nether lips.

"You belong to me now," she said. "And I want you deep."

Eva barely had time to breathe before she heard his pants drop around his ankles, the belt buckle raking the floor as he surged forward. She could barely see him. The darkness slanted over his strong face, keeping it hidden in the shadows. She could make out his wide chest, all ridged muscle and rippling skin. Then he reached up and gripped her hair and wound the length of it around his wrist. Bending her head back roughly, he thrust into her.

A delicious agony ran wildly through her. Eva wanted to howl and whimper from his attack, but she bit her lip and pressed her body forward, meeting his thrusts. This moment was purely addictive and she wanted more. This was just a snapshot in her life, but the more he lunged his groin against hers the more she heard herself beg for it.

Her perky breasts began to bounce against his hard nipples, shimmying with each thrust, as he slammed his cock upward into her womb. Sheer pleasure took command of her. Her body feeling an intense wonderful wash of ecstasy as her juices coated his length.

"Come!" Ian shouted at her, knowing any moment he would burst like a geyser.

Eva began to drag in desperate breaths as his grip on her hair tightened. She was nearing the point of release as her head felt dizzy with desire and desperation. The build up inside her body was beginning to over take her senses when she teetered over the edge.

Ian held her through her dance, wild thrashing with undeniable passion, he chuckled by her ear. "You're mine," he whispered as the pulses of her wet core began to ease. Pulling back he slipped out of her body, the sudden absence causing her juices to flow down her inner thighs.

She suddenly felt vacant, sore, damp and sticky. "Where are you?" she mustered, opening her eyes. He kissed her lips, silencing her. "It just seems too perfect." he replied, pressing himself back into her.

"Ah, oh, come now." she replied, hearing a rumbling nearby as his thrusts became labored and unsteady. Within an instant a pulsing pressure hit her inner walls with a demanding force as he flooded his seed into her. Waves of fluid filled her lower body and she craned her body backwards, stretching her arms and legs wide letting him sate his appetite. Eva never felt so complete.

Feeling a tickle on her nose, Eva opened her eyes in time to see dust falling from the ceiling. A roof tile fell to her left. "What's happening?" she asked, suddenly pulled from her trance as their bodies separated.

His erection wobbled in front him, reflecting the tiny amount of light the room held, dust falling onto his shoulders. Naked, defined by the hard muscles and curves of his form, Eva watched Ian turn in small circles, looking above them. He was trying to work out the pieces of what the hell was happening when the ground shook. He shouted and fell back, scrambling to pull his pants up.

"This isn't funny!" he shouted at her. "We have to get out of here."

"Wait, I'm coming. Don't leave me!" she cried, tears forming quickly in her eyes as she searched for her clothing. Fear overcame her senses and she made a dash for what she thought was the exit. Heavy boxes began to fall around them in the faint light and a piece of concrete from the ceiling above the door suddenly stuck Ian on the head as he reached for the doorknob. Blood sprayed her naked body before his body collapsed in front of her. "This can't be real!" she shrieked.


On a fierce scream, she bolted upright. The bag of popcorn slid down her lap and the world lurched drastically back into her mind. She was in her seat. Her purse was tangled around her legs and her feet throbbed in her tight boots.

It had all been a dream. Eva looked around her and the theater was empty, except a few patrons in the back. The tangy aroma of her desire rose up from between her thighs and her skin was damp with sweat. Her senses had never been more alive.

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