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Chance Encounter


I decided since I had a long weekend due to the holiday, I would take the time to take a long ride and find some excitement. I packed a few things and quickly took a shower. I decided on wearing a sundress since I did not know where I was going or how long I would be driving.

I had been driving for about an hour or so and I wanted to stop to get something to drink. The last sign said 23 miles to the next rest stop. I said hell with it I would turn up the music and drive to the next turn off to get a bite to eat and something to drink.

There were not many cars on the road today, so I set my cruise control and bided my time. Next thing I know, I heard this Harley in the distant. It was back in the distance for a little while, when out of the blue it drove steady with my car. Oh My, I had to take a second look. This guy was so hot. I looked again and he was trying to say something to me but the roar of the Harley made it hard to hear. I speed up a little not knowing what to expect.

This guy once again pulled next to me and mouthed "You are so hot. Pull over so we can talk." I mouthed back that I thought he was hot too. I felt like such a slut, but it was hard to take my eyes off of him. The way he sat in the seat, the way he gripped the handle bars, everything about him oozed sex. And didn't you know my turn was coming up. So I flashed him a smile and made my turn.

I went in to the first store I came to and got something to drink and a bite to eat. I was leaning on my car as I just got done eating looking for my lighter in my purse. I heard a flick of a lighter and the most sexiest voice say "Ya, need a light sexy." I turned around and what do you know it was that guy. The sight of him made me wet immediately.

"Hi, I'm Mitch. What's your name?" I was speechless but I at least uttered "Hi, my names is Heather and how did you find me?" He gave me a sneaky grin and said "I have my ways." I glanced down at his waist, then lower, and began to imagine how large of a cock he was trying to hide behind those jeans. He looked so sexy in those jeans and leather vest. We started talking what seemed like hours. It seems we had a lot in common. I was comfortable talking to him from the first instant. I told him I was taking a road trip to find me some excitement and he told me that I had come to the right place. He invited me to his house because it so happened he was having a party. He promised to show me a good time.

He asked me if I ever rode on a Harley before and I said I hadn't. He said we should leave my car at the store that he knew the people who worked there and we could come back for it. He said he would take the back roads to his house cause it was not far. I felt awkward at first knowing I had a sundress on and nothing underneath. He handed me the his extra helmet and we were off.

We got on the bike, my arms around his mid drift. He took a back country road, saying that his house was just about 10 minutes outside of town. As we cruised down the road, I felt herself getting wet. The vibrations of the bike and my arms around him were just making me so hot for him. I felt Mitch's hand drift back until it rested between my legs. I didn't protest then I felt his fingers move up my dress to my pussy. I knew that he would find me already very wet. His fingers found my clit and began to massage it. He was driving extremely slow but almost lost control of the bike. He said he better finish this when we got back to his house. It was not a few minutes later and he said here we are.

As I was getting off the bike and taking the helmet off, I could tell he was giving me a once over again. He said, "You are so hot and wet. I knew that I had to have you the moment I saw you. And from the feel of it…you want me just as bad." Before I knew it he was kissing me. I did not think I could stay standing, my knees were ready to buckle. He began kissing my ears and running his tongue down the back of my neck. He took my hand and guided me up the steps to his house.

Once we got in the door, he pulled at the hem of my dreaa and lifted it over my head, so my C cup tits where exposed. I thanked myself I hadn't worn a bra today. My nipples shone a perfect dark pink against my tan toned body. Mitch's eyes widened and he moved forward to suck on each nipple. His tongue circled each one, making them pert and hard. I leaned my head back and began to breath heavy as he suced on each nipple, not neglecting either one.

He moved me back against the wall and he went to his knees. His mouth moved down over my stomach; his hands holding me firmly on my hips. His mouth moved higher again, as he pushed me down a little. His mouth caught a nipple and he began to tease and torture it with licks and sucks. It felt so damn good it had me gasping as his teeth tightened and clamped down on my erect pink nipple and began to tug it from my skin. He moaned softly, as he seemed to feast on my tits.

I felt my foot raised onto his bent knee. My legs slightly parted, my head flew back as his hands went between my thighs. His mouth still busy devouring each of my tits one then the other. With no hesitation, his fingers entered me. I could feel them move in my wet hot pussy. His fingers left my eager pussy and came up to my breasts, he smeared my juices upon each nipple and began to suck fervently, avidly paying attention so that he might lick and suck every drop of my juice from me.

He was ready to taste me know. I bent at the knees opening them further allowing him even better access. I felt his hands squeeze my ass cheeks hard and pull them apart as his tongue moved from the top of my pussy under my ass and over my ass. He bit one of my cheeks and made me jump before licking back under my body. He then pushed a finger into my shave sweet pussy harder and watch it disappear into my body! Slowly he started fingering my pussy. He inserted his tongue under the finger and it too entered my body. He wiggled both around inside my body and I grunted and moaned in pleasure. As I moaned and bent my legs and squat for him so my pussy was totally accessible and wide open for his pleasure and mine.

We moved to the couch I told him how hot I thought it was to watch a guy get himself off. Watching him stroke his cock was making me drip. He didn’t have to ask me to touch myself, I willingly and unashamedly moved my hands squeezing and twisting my hard nipples. I then moved one hand to my mouth and sucked a finger into my mouth as the other hand swept down my stomach finding my wet pussy. I gasped at my wetness. I scooted to the end of the chair and spread my knees to the sides. I loved watching his face as his eyes strayed from my tits to my pussy to my eyes and back to my hands as they slid across my body. Slowly guided his cock to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and ran his cock over it sideways. I licked it from his balls to his tip and flicked the head as it bounced against my face. We both moaned with anticipation.

I took the very tip of my tongue and traced the head of his cock. I licked and flicked the rim, ran it all around his smooth tip. All the while looking him straight in the eye. I slowly worked his cock head into my mouth. Swirling my tongue all around it. Letting him feel the wetness of my mouth. Then I opened my mouth wide and encircled his cock. I slid my mouth over his cock, but kept my mouth wide so no part of me touched him. I just let him feel my hot breath and the moisture on my tongue. I slid down the shaft of his fat cock without touching it as far as I could go. I breathed heavily and used just the tip of my tongue to caress the shaft a little. I reached with one hand and cupped his balls. They were heavy in my hand as I massaged them. As the moisture collected in my mouth I let him start to move his cock around. He slid it in and out, back and forth and as he tried to make contact with the walls inside my mouth or my tongue I would shift around so that he wasn’t able to feel me. When I decided he had enough I clamped my lips around his shaft and held his cock in my mouth. Slowly I began to move my tongue about, swirling and flicking his cock with the very tip of my tongue. Rolling my tongue around him really building up the saliva in my mouth. And then I sucked it hard and slow back to the tip until it popped from my lips.

He started kissing me again. He moved closer pulling my legs up over his so I was straddling his lap. He could feel my lips spreading open allowing his cock to rub against me, could feel my juices making us both slick.

His hands moved to my ass, cupping the firm cheeks and raising me higher, till his cock was at the entrance to my hot pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he slowly lowered me down, impaling me on his hard cock. He groaned as my tight pussy slowly forced itself down his cock. So tight, he thrust up hard and fast and buried the rest of his cock deep inside me. I tried to climb away from the sudden thrust but the pressure was amazing and I settled myself down hard on his insistent cock.

He could feel my muscles working inside, stroking and massaging his cock in my pussy. He thrust up again lifting us both up. He kissed me hard and deep his tongue exploring my mouth, feeling my throbbing nipples rub against his chest. I shifted my legs finding a firm holding. I started moving hard and fast on his cock, pushing myself up and down.

He started to suck one of my tits into his mouth. I moaned and arched my back at the contact. My relentless attack on his cock didn't stop though. He let one hand slide down one finger searching out and finding my clit as I fucked him harder and faster. My body tensed more and more with each powerful thrust. He was now no longer in control. His finger rubbed my clit harder. My body went completely rigid for a moment, then I started bucking and writhing on his cock. I squeezed him tighter than ever. He thrust up harder and faster into my clutching, squeezing pussy. His own body went hard, driving his cock deeper in my pussy splashing jet after jet of his cum against the walls of my tight pussy.

"You're pretty amazing," he offered at last.

"I was thinking the same thing about you."

"Hungry?" he asked.

"Starving!" I laughed.

"I even cook," he promised with a grin.

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