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Chance Encounter


It was just another Monday. She was atop the hill overlooking the lake in the park doing her yoga and Tai Chi routine. She noticed him running towards her on the path. She had never seen him in her park before, but she felt compelled to strike a sexy pose to attract his gaze. She was rewarded with a shy glance and noticed he did a few extra laps. Each pass she continued to pose showing off her shapely butt and full breasts. Each successive glance was longer and hungrier. But as she began to get excited, and feel the butterflies in her stomach, he disappeared down the path.

The next evening, she hoped her mystery man would return as she wore her tightest top which really highlighted her tits. She attracted a few flies that came over to hit on her, but she shooed them away. As she did a downward dog pose she felt his gaze fall upon her and she spotted him across the lake. She watched him approach her on the trail. The butterflies returned in anticipation, her pussy started to get wet. She showed off her curves, her huge breasts straining against the tight fabric and her excited hard nipples showing thru for her man to see how much she wanted his attention. He was locked in to the show, not even pretending to look away when her eyes locked upon his, but all he did was smile and again disappeared into the distance. Frustrated she headed home and planned her next move.

She knew he would be back the next evening, so she pulled out all the stops. It was a warm, muggy evening, and she broke out her pink two piece bikini which just screamed, "Fuck me!" She was wet just thinking of his reaction. She got plenty of attention that evening but she one wanted one man's. Like clockwork he appeared on the far side of the lake and began his approach. She made it clear she was hot for him. She showed him doggy style, she bent over and showed him her cleavage, she licked her fingers seductively as their eyes met, she even let her hands squeeze her tits and rub her soaking wet pussy. She noticed the large bulge in his shorts, but again he passed her by. But she was ready to continue the chase tonight and she grabbed her bike and followed her mystery man. She was so excited watching his sexy legs and that great ass. No one ever played hard to get with her, but it turned her on tonight. She followed her prey back to his hotel, and found his room's window and saw she could see inside.

She waited excitedly for him to emerge from his post run shower. As she hoped for he emerged naked and sat down on the couch giving her a view of his beautiful cock. She knew he was still thinking about her as his dick began to grow and grow into a true pillar of manhood. She knew he was thinking about her big tits wrapped around that giant cock or her hot mouth sucking on that cock as he slowly started to stroke his cock with his left hand and play with his nipples with his right. She found herself mirroring his actions. Her hand slid inside her bikini top as she played with her hard nipples and dipped her fingers inside her bottoms and dipped her fingers inside her folds. She hungrily sucked her juices off her fingers before plugging them back inside. As she watched, she saw him slowly pick up the pace and use both hands on that huge cock. She knew now he was imagining her on her hands and knees and he was plunging that cock into her dripping wet pussy. Her hands picked up the pace as she finger fucked herself in rhythm and worked her clit with her free hand. She tensed up and was overcome with a shuddering orgasm just before she saw him tense up, throw his head back and his beautiful cock erupted with three white ropes of cum shooting onto his chest. She came back to earth and then snuck off.

The next day she did her normal routine and tried to ignore him when he ran by. But she wasn't going to play hard to get, she took a shower, got dressed in her sexiest stockings and pumps and a matching camisole and then her trench coat and headed to his hotel. Her heart was in her throat as she knocked on the door. She heard him come to the door and after what seemed like an eternity, the click of the lock and the door swung open, "Come in beautiful." His soothing voice lit the fire in her loins. She came inside without a word, closed the door as he retired to the couch. She seductively walked in front of him and started the show. The trench coat opened, and slowly slid down her arms to the floor. "Very nice. You are so sexy!" She started to sway her hips and dance to her internal radio. She swung her ass in front of his face, and then swung around to give him a face full of cleavage. She rubbed her sexy body against him and gave him a lap dance. She teased him starting to remove her top before sliding her stockings off her long luscious legs. She used the stocking to pull his head to her cleavage and let him try to suck here tits. Finally, the camisole came off and she covered her tits with her hands before playing with her nipples. Next she took his shirt and shoes off. Then she went to a downward dog showing him her ass as she slid out of her panties. Then she got on her hands and knees and crawled over to him and unbuttoned his pants with her teeth and pulled them off. She teased the huge bulge in his boxers blowing on his hard cock and sucking on him through the fabric. Finally she pulled down his boxers with her teeth freeing his beautiful cock which sprang free spraying her face with pre cum.

She started off by taking his balls in her mouth, sucking gently then slowly licking her way up his manhood. She stopped to lick the head and under the head. Then she slowly took his cock in to her mouth. She looked up to catch his eyes and smiled at the look of passion and hunger on his face. She took him in as deep as she could and then fucked his cock with her mouth. She could feel his cock grow harder and longer and start to throb, but he proved he was a gentleman and delayed his pleasure, to return the favor. Although he did take the opportunity to smack her face with his hard cock as he directed he to take a seat and went down on her eager beaver. She couldn't suppress a moan as his skillful tongue lapped her folds and he slid a finger inside. He worked his way to her swollen clit and suck it into his mouth and played her like a fine instrument. She screamed with pleasure as she felt her first orgasm rise within her. She exploded and throbbed; clamping her legs around his head holding him in place as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

He guided her to the bed as she licked her juices off his face, he entered her in one smooth motion and she gasped feeling him fill her love tunnel to the hilt. He shifted his hips upward grinding his pubic bone against her clit and started to hammer her pussy with an animalistic frenzy. Soon she was cumming again as she matched his thrusts. She decided she wanted to control the action for a little while and rolled him over and mounted him and rode him slowly and deliberately. She arched her back so he had a great view of her tits and he took the cue and sucked on them hard, she picked up the pace and started to rub her clit as she started to tense up he took the lead and started hammering her from below making her titties bounce and sending her into another orgasm.

He moved her to her hands and knees and slammed into her doggy style and alternated rubbing her clit and spanking her ass. Until he grabbed both hips and fucked her hard and fast.

"Oh baby I need to fuck those perfect tits!" She smiled and rolled onto her back and squeezed her ample breasts together and knew a warm cum shower was on its way. He straddled he tits and slapped his hard pussy soaked cock between her melons and started to fuck her tits slow and steady. She squeezed her big soft tits hard against his beautiful hard cock. She tried to lick his head each time it emerged from her amble valley. He let out a deep gutter growl and picked up the tempo. She opened her mouth stuck out her tongue to offer her lover a target and closed her eyes. He exploded between her tits shooting load after load of hot salty cum into her mouth, into her hair, and coating her neck and tits. "Hope you like you pearl necklace, baby!"

Again the gentlemen he started the shower and helped clean her up. She really enjoyed the shower, but was surprised when he joined her a few minutes later, with a hard cock indicating he was ready for round 2. She welcomed him in and got down on her knees and thanked his cock for its excellent work earlier, by taking him deep into her throat. She turned off the water got out and started to dry off when her came up behind her and entered her from behind as she faced the mirror. His balls slapped against her clit as he rammed it home. She led him back to the bed and mounted him reverse cowboy giving him a great view of her ass. She rubbed her clit as she rode his cock until she tensed up again and came hard on his cock.

He rolled her over and took her missionary style again, fucking her hard and fast coaxing one last orgasm before she felt him tense and fill her hungry pussy with steaming hot cum. He collapsed on top of her.

Unfortunately she knew what came next. She could felt his heart beat through his chest, could smell blood flowing thru his neck. He had been such a great lay and she actually felt something for him as she rarely had to pursue her partners and wait for days, but the hunger was rising and she was powerless to resist. Her fangs had grown her eyes turned blood red. "Forgive me, my love." The first and last words she ever spoke to him as she drove her fangs into his neck. What took her by surprise was the bite she felt on her neck as he drank her essence just as she was doing to him. The world turned white and when she awoke they had exchanged bodies.

When she awoke he (or actually she now) had left a note: "Until we meet again my love!" What a sweetheart! Of course she (now he) hadn't fucked a hot chick in at least 85 years and needed a snack.

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