tagGroup SexChance Meeting Ch. 1

Chance Meeting Ch. 1


I have always fantasized about meeting someone just like you at a bar. Being the sly one that you are, you arrange for a close girlfriend of yours to meet you at the same bar, the same time. Only, your plan is to arrive a little late. I’m the one in the black dress, sitting at the bar. My hair is down, and parted mostly in the middle, brown and naturally wavy. "Rebecca" sees me putting out my cigarette and approaches me to ask for a light, then sits down next to me. I’m an easy-going person by nature, and so is she, so Rebecca and I start up a conversation. She asks me if I’m alone and I tell her I’m meeting someone. She says, "So am I." To my delight, Rebecca is a brunette, and has striking blue eyes. She’s got a very natural and unpainted appearance, and has a beautiful and voluptuous figure that she is not shy about showing off just a little.

A little time goes by and the bar becomes more and more crowded. Rebecca and I are facing each other, as it is increasingly harder to hear. It seems we’ve both forgotten completely about you (neither of us knowing we’re meeting the same person) and we’re getting along very well. As we get a little looser and more relaxed, we start talking more openly about ourselves: do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what do you do for a living, stuff of the sort. We’ve completely blocked out the crowds around us, and have taken to gazing at each other for longer intervals than are considered "socially" normal. Noticing my drink is empty, she puts her hand on my inner knee, just midway between knee and thigh, leans closely into me and asks, "What are you having?" I tell her, "A Cosmopolitan." She orders 2 and before excusing herself to the bathroom, she asks me, "Truth or Dare?" I’m not confused by this question - I’m female after all, and have played this game a million times as a young girl. I’m actually amused and curious, so I say, "Dare."

"I dare you to spend the rest of the evening with your panties off." Of course, I accept the dare. We cover our drinks w/ coasters (which typically means "this seat is taken") and take leave for the restrooms. We go into the wheelchair stall together and she coyly says to me, "I forgot to tell you, there are two parts to this dare," I let it slide and ask her what the second part is. "I dare you to let me take them off for you." I’m pretty much reeling at this point, and containing my girlish excitement, I tell her, "I accept." She throws her head back and gives a shriek, "YES!", her silky brown hair flinging down her back. We stand closest to the farthest wall in the stall and I lift my dress to my waist. Slowly she slides her fingers under the sides of my panties. All in one very smooth movement, she glides my panties slowly down around my ass, taking care to slightly caress my cheeks at the same time, and then brings her hands back around to the front and slides my panties down over my very neatly shaven bush. I’m looking down at her the entire time, as she’s squatting with her legs spread provokingly around me. She looks up at me with a most incredibly sexy smile, and slides the panties down to my ankles. I slowly step out of them, and as she rises, she moves in a little closer to me and says, "I hope you don’t mind, but I’m keeping these!" I lean forward to kiss her luscious mouth and it turns out to be just a light kiss, a tantalizing prelude to what could possibly happen next...or later...or....,OH! It’s almost too ironic that at the exact same time we both remember we’re meeting someone at the bar, so we collect ourselves and head back to our seats. As we approach the bar, we notice someone is sitting in one of them...

To our surprise, we both recognize you, and simultaneously say, "He’s here!" We look at each other with a bit of confusion and wonder, then shock. Only seconds later, we both are very amused by this happenstance...You see our reflection in the bar mirror and turn around just as we are approaching you. It’s to YOUR complete wonder that we have already met and are smiling from ear to ear as you turn to offer a proper introduction.

You are the essential “debonaireman” and graze our lips softly with a kiss, all while Rebecca and I are looking at each other, still amazed by this so-called chance meeting. Rebecca and I move our seats closer together, and you have found one to put in position to complete the triangle we have now become. I’m seated in such a way that makes it very hard to hide the fact that I’m not wearing any panties and you inquire about this. I look at you and with a cocked eyebrow I say, "I lost them on a dare…Ask Rebecca about it." You don’t venture to ask because you already know. Instead, you put your hand on my thigh and I cover your hand with what I can of my dress and Rebecca leans in to give us both a very hot kiss on our lips – first you, then me. I can taste your drink on her lips and it sends a shiver down my back. You take this as a come-on to move your hand further up my dress and Rebecca takes my opposite knee and moves it just slightly outward. Your other hand is now up her dress and we are all thinking that it might just be time to take this party somewhere a little more private.

But it’s just SO very adventurous to be sitting at the bar, your hand up our dresses, all the while I’m starting to get wetter and wetter with excitement. You order another round of drinks. Your hand is now so close to my pussy that I’m practically squirming in my seat. I feel your pinky of your left hand scope out my slit, and I’m just anticipating your reaction at how wet I have become. You take your pinky finger and slide it up and down my pussy and then your ring finger follows. This is all just too much for me – in public, people possibly seeing; we lean into each other and kiss – our lips wet with our drinks, and first only our lips are touching. Then a slight flick of our tongues...Wet, open lips, tongue: we close our lips over our tongues, and the warmth emanating from you is just so intense that I can’t help but open my legs a slight bit more and your pinky and ring fingers enter me.

Oh man – I’m floating now. I’m not drunk – I’m intoxicated! Rebecca had left for the restroom and strangely, neither of us noticed. When she returns, you slowly slide your fingers out of me and as you pull your hand from under my dress, she grabs it and sensually licks your fingers. All of them. One by one. When she gets to your ring and pinky fingers, she looks at me and winks...

Part Two on its way...

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