tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChance of a Lifetime Ch. 3

Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 3


John rushed home from work anxious to begin his third day with his two high school playthings. He had blackmailed Leigh and Courtney into giving him blowjobs, tittie fucking, and playing with each other. But today was the day he had been waiting for. It was time to fuck them both. John couldn't decide which he wanted to fuck first. He knew that there would be many more chances to fuck them both, but he had been dreaming of this moment for so long that he absolutely wanted to have everything perfect.

When the two girls arrived, he once more led them into the bedroom. But this time he had them strip each other. The two girls awkwardly unfastened and removed each other's clothing while John sat on the bed watching. He decided that he would take Leigh first.

The shorter girl got on the bed and instinctively leaned over to suck his cock. John let her suck on him for a minute then said, "Time to see what that pussy feels like."

Leigh bolted upright. "Please don't fuck me," She said. "I can't take something that big."

"Oh you'll be able to take it." John said.

Leigh reluctantly lay down on the bed. As John moved over her she asked, "Where is your rubber?"

John smiled at her. "I'm not going to be using one."

"Please, you have too." She begged. Leigh was on the verge of panic. And Courtney wasn't too far behind her. Both girls had had sex before. Courtney more often than Leigh. But both had always used condoms. Now John was going to make them have sex without any protection.

John licked Leigh's pussy until her juices were flowing freely. Then he rose up and placed the thick head of his cock against her slit. As he began pushing in the girl gasped. She had never taken a dick the size of John's before and it was feeling very uncomfortable going in. She was afraid that he was going to tear her apart, but as he slowly moved in and out, always gaining a little more depth, she could feel her lips stretching to accommodate his girth. When John was a little more than half way inside her he pulled back and then rammed forward. Leigh cried out in pain as his cock crashed all the way inside her, banging hard against her cervix. John began pumping her tight cunt while lowering his head so that he could suck her swollen nipples. Leigh's pain subsided as he repeatedly stabbed her with his fleshy tool. She watched as Courtney stood next to the bed viewing her savage fuck. She turned her head only to see the camcorder on the other side capturing the moment on tape. Leigh had no where else to look. Either the camera, Courtney, or into John's face. She couldn't bare the other two so she focused on the eyes of the man above her. Much to John's delight.

As his orgasm approached John pulled his head up and began kissing Leigh passionately. She felt repulsed as his tongue slipped into her mouth. She could taste her own feminine juices on his breath. John rose up on his arms and began pumping her harder and faster.

"I'm gonna fill that tight cunt with my cum." He announced.

"Please pull out," Leigh begged him. "I'll suck you off but please don't cum in me!"

John ignored her pleas and increased his pace even more. "Ahhhhhhh!" He let loose as his orgasm peeked. Leigh could feel his cock spewing inside her. Filling her pussy with his seed. Praying that she would not get pregnant.

John emptied his balls then pulled out of her. Courtney looked down at Leigh's crotch, seeing her cunt stretched open wide after being fucked by John's massive cock. Sperm was oozing out as Leigh's lips slowly tried to reform to their pre-fucked condition. But Courtney wondered if that would ever be possible after being stretched to the limits by John's thick probe.

"Your next." John told her.

"Please don't make me do this." Courtney pleaded.

"Awe come on, girl," John replied. "You made a deal. Leigh just did it so now you have to as well."

"Can't you get a condom first?" She asked.

"I want to enjoy both your cunts naturally," He answered. "If you're worried about having babies then you better go to the clinic tomorrow and get some birth control pills. Because over the next couple months I'm going to be fucking you both silly."

He took Courtney by the hand and pulled her onto the bed. Guiding her head he placed it into her lap and directed her to suck his cock. Courtney opened her mouth and began sucking. She could taste Leigh's cunt on his cock. She felt it growing stiff in her mouth and started doing her best in hopes that he would allow her to finish him this way and save her pussy from being ravaged by him. John let her suck him for a few minutes then he pulled her head off. He laid her back on the bed beside Leigh. John was going to lick her cunt but found that she was already wet. Courtney blushed when he announced his findings. She was not turned on by him, but sucking his dick, after watching Leigh getting fucked, had caused an unwanted response between her legs. No matter what the cause John found her ready enough for his prick and slowly began entering her cunt.

Courtney gasped even louder than Leigh had as she felt his rod splitting her open. But being just a little larger, and more experienced, she was able to loosen up and take him better. But she was not prepared when he thrust forward, filling her completely. "Oh god!" She called out as John started ramming her. Courtney was grunting loudly as John plowed her again and again and again. His thrust were more powerful than those he had inflicted on Leigh. John buried his face into her tits and nibbled on her nipple. Courtney felt a wave of stimulation shooting from her nipple to her clit. Her pussy was coming alive against her will. She fought back but it was a losing effort. John recognized that Courtney was on the verge of an orgasm and pulled his head up to look directly into her eyes. Courtney wanted to spit in his face but didn't dare. She wished she could hide, seeing the smug satisfaction on his face as her orgasm approached. "Oh shit." She said softly at the moment her release began. That was followed by louder cries as she climaxed. John slammed her harder and faster, enjoying the way her pussy pulsated around his cock as she came.

"Please pull out." Courtney begged one last time. But John didn't respond. Sweat was dripping off his forehead into Courtney's face. He was panting and grinding his hips harder into her. Then Courtney felt his load popping into her. She remembered how much she had seen him cum the two days before and imagined how much he will filling her insides with. John's neck was bulging as his orgasm continued. He slammed her cunt until he felt himself going limp. Then collapsed atop her.

Satisfied for the day he let the girls go home. He gave them the weekend off but informed them both to be ready to come back Monday after school.

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