This is a work of fiction.

It had been a crazy week, as the owner of a software company I had to make sure the projects were on schedule fortunately this latest one was almost done just taking care of the bugs. As such I was looking forward to the weekend. Our parking space was across the street from the office and as I was waiting for the light to change I saw her.

Her name was Christy and the last time I had seen her was 10 years back before we moved to this town and despite all that time she hadn’t changed much although she looked tired. With her was a little girl who appeared to be about four maybe five years old (I later learnt she was four). She was just like I remembered she always had her hair in a neat pony tail and always wore long skirts. Come to think of it I had never seen her with her hair down or wearing pants. I asked her about it once but she just changed the subject so I never asked her again.

I waited until I was a few feet then called out her name, I didn’t know if she would recognize me because I had grown my hair and had a small pony tail and also had a small goatee. But she did and her face light up with a huge smile.

“Jake? I don’t believe it. You look different but I would recognize you anywhere,” she said then she hugged me.

At that point I turned my attention to the little girl.

“This is my daughter Cindy,” and to my surprise she reached up so that I could lift her and when I did, she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“She’s never done that with anyone she just met,” Christy said surprised.

“What can I say? Kids love me,” I replied with a laugh.

She then reached up and stroked my cheek and smiled then all of a sudden it hit me how much she resembled her mum right down to the dimples. I then turned to Christy and asked her where she was staying. At this point her expression changed to one of somberness.

“I was waiting to hail a taxi and check into a motel,” she answered after a pause. Then I noticed she had a suitcase with her. “Eric and I are divorcing, he kicked us out, and in the past six months we’ve been living with friends. But they all have families of their own and can’t house us for long. He doesn’t want anything to do with us he froze my accounts and I can’t afford to fight him.”

“First of all, you are not checking into a motel. My mum would kill me if she found out I let you do that. You are coming home with me. Secondly, next week we are getting you a lawyer, don’t worry he owes me one. And thirdly, lets get something to eat.”

And with that, I led her to my car. I still held Cindy in my arms and she had her arms around my neck and hadn’t uttered a word.

“She does talk right?” I asked Christy, to which she nodded. I lived about twenty minutes out which put me outside the city limits and as such the homes were further apart and generally bigger with huge backyards.

“Wow this place is big. How much did it cost? I’m sorry that’s none of my business.”

“It’s okay would you believe half a million but now I understand if I sold I could make two million easy. Anyway lets go in we’ll catch up as we eat.” I showed them their rooms and each one came with its own bathroom, the previous owner had several grand kids so two of the rooms were you could say customized for kids which suited Cindy just fine.

It was still light outside so I decided to show them my back yard before we ate. I had a small playground which had everything swings, seesaws and jungle Jim, a raised pool and hot tub. Naturally Cindy wanted to go and play and after reassuring Christy that the place had been child proofed she let her go which gave us some time to talk.

“Thanks for doing this, I don’t know what I would have done because I’m almost out of cash and we haven’t had a decent meal in a while.”

“Are you kidding, this is the least I could for what you did for me eleven years ago. I know you told me not to ask you how you did it but I still have to ask, how did you do it?”

After a pause she smiled and started, “Remember the cop who arrested you?” she asked. “I went to high school with him and during out senior year I caught him in a compromising situation with another male student.”

“You mean he was gay?” I asked, shocked.

‘Yes and in the town I grew up in you didn’t want something like that coming out so I promised to keep quiet.”

“What did you get in return?”

“An IOU but I never got to cash it until that night you called. Actually I expected to just pay some bail or fine and take you home but when I saw him there I decided to cash it and the rest is history. One thing I don’t understand though you could have called Betty why didn’t you?”

At this point I blushed a little and said, “I figured since you are only four years older than me, I could talk you into keeping this quiet from my parents and Betty as you know was a gossip and that was the last thing I wanted to put my parents through. I’m glad for that because some of the other kids ended up doing time in juvenile jail.”

“Actually I did tell Victoria but talked her out of punishing you and telling your dad.”

I didn’t realize this but I had a shocked look that made her laugh and for the first time in ten years I remembered why I liked her… actually loved her. She had a beautiful laugh that made you want to laugh too. Then Cindy came in and asked if one of us could come out and push her on the swing. We both followed her out and took turns pushing her.

After a while we decided it was time to have dinner. Cindy didn’t want to come in so we had to convince her that she would have the whole of the next day to play as much as she liked. My fridge was always stocked thanks to my mum.

After my girlfriend left, she would come in every week and cook food and pack it freezer bags so all I had to do is heat it up. I tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn’t hear any of it so it became a ritual with us.

Cindy seemed to enjoy the lasagna and it turned out it was one of her favorite dishes. I on the other hand was glad to have some company. Usually, I would take my food into the den and work on a project but tonight I would eat on the dinner table might as well make use of it.

After dinner I put the dishes in the washer and retreated to the living room to watch some news. I had two lazy boys and when I got to the living room she was comfortably seated on one and so I settled on the other.

After about twenty minutes of watching TV, Cindy approached me and asked if she could sit on my lap. I picked her up and we settled down to watch some cartoons.

Christy in the meanwhile, had gone to change and when she came back, my jaw dropped she wore a long body hugging night gown that accentuated her curves. This was as close to sensual as I had ever seen her because she was always covered up you couldn’t even tell her boob size. Now she was standing before me and before I could say anything she raised a finger to her lips to indicate that I should not speak then she pointed to Cindy who was sound asleep in my arms.

“We better put her to bed,” she whispered.

“Good idea,” after tucking her in we both kissed her and headed back downstairs to continue our catching up.

“I forget to ask you, how are your parents doing?”

“Well they’ve been divorced for six years now. My dad came home one day, I was in college then, and told Victoria that he was in love with his assistant. After that she just went to pieces, the interesting thing though is she didn’t tell me for about two weeks then one day she shows up at my apartment and breaks down. It was the most difficult three months of our lives, she seemed to give up on everything fortunately she had a good business partner to take care of business. She practically moved in with me.”

“I’m sorry about that, how did you cope?”

“Little by little day by day she depended on me for almost everything I was so afraid that she might be suicidal that I quit school for the remainder of the semester to take care of her. But slowly by slowly she pulled through. You see they were 16 when I was born so dad was the only man she had ever known and when they broke up she just broke down. But they both moved on dad married his new girl and we talk now and then. Though I don’t tell Vicky she never forgave him and as a rule we never talk about him. But you seem to be handling your situation a little better.”

“Yeah you could say that.”

“What happened?”

“I wish I could say he going through a midlife crisis but this is different. After Cindy was born he was the best husband a woman would want. But after her first birthday he started acting different towards us like he didn’t want us around. Then six month ago he asked me to leave, I guess I should have seen it coming. I guess I was holding onto some hope that he would change and go back to being the loving guy I knew but things kept getting worse.”

At this point she was crying and I guess due to the experiences with my mum, I instinctively hugged her. She returned the hug albeit a bit tighter but the feel of her boobs on my chest felt good. After composing herself she pulled back, looked me in the eye smiled and then kissed me on the lips. This took me by surprise and before I knew it the broke off the kiss.

“You should talk to Vicky its good to have someone whose been through the same situation to help you through this,” I said in a daze.

“Why do you refer to your mum by her first name?”

“I’m not quite sure why but after we moved here she suggested I refer to her with her first name. At first it was a bit odd but I got used to it. She’ll be by sometime next week, she usually drops by and cooks a weeks worth of food, I tried talking her out off it but she wouldn’t listen.”

We both laughed at this, we continued catching up and before I knew it, it was approaching midnight. I suggested we catch some sleep because it had been a hectic day for all of us.

She kissed me goodnight on the lips and this time it lasted a bit longer. That night I couldn’t sleep catching up had brought back memories of mum and her divorce and how after moving in with me she would come into my room and ask if she could lay down with me.

All she wanted was someone to hold her, at first it was felt odd but as hard as this may seem I grew comfortable with it. There was nothing sexual about and we became so comfortable with each other that when I saw her naked by accident a few times she didn’t get angry.

We were always free in expressing our feelings she liked to kiss me on the lips and would refer to me as her man. I guess it was her way to show her appreciation for what I had done for her. Later she made it her life mission to get me a date and that’s when I met Amy. She was interning at her office when she set us up on a blind date, we hit it off and continued dating after we both graduated.

At this time I had been designing software and was looking for buyers. As a result I seemed to spend less time with her and more time chasing the deal. Then I sold my first program and it was like winning the lotto, I bought this house and asked her to move in with me. She accepted and for a while we were the happiest lovers around. But then I started getting more deals and to cut a long story short, she grew tired of my long hours.

I had bought office space and hired people to help me out. Eventually she just packed her stuff and moved out. I begged her to move back but to no avail. That was three years ago and I still find myself thinking about her, but I vowed not to make the same mistake with the next person I fall in love with.

Next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee, and when I walked into the kitchen Cindy was busy devouring a plate of scrambled eggs. I kissed the top of her head and sat down.

“Don’t I get a good morning kiss?” Christy asked with a mock pout. I stood up and walked up to her and gave her a light kiss on the lips Cindy found this quite amusing.

“I’ll be going to the store soon so write down anything you need.”

“Can I come with you?” Cindy asked.

“Not this time but when I get back and if your mum doesn’t mind we can go for a picnic,” I reassured her but I could still see that she wasn’t satisfied. After breakfast I did the shopping and bought child car seats. When I got back she was so exited to see me she didn’t let me put the stuff away and wanted to leave right away. The picnic was wonderful and Cindy kept running around chasing butterflies.

That night when Christy was putting her to sleep, Cindy asked that I read her a bed time story this surprised her mum because she had never done that before. So she came and got me downstairs and honestly I was excited.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked. “I don’t want to disrupt your bedtime routine.”

“I’m glad she likes you enough to include you in our little bedtime ritual.” I followed her upstairs and we both read her a story. We took turns reading each page and after a while she was sound asleep. We both kissed her and went back downstairs we had to discuss their situation and how to proceed.

“So this lawyer I’m meeting tomorrow how does he owe you?”

“I designed software that streamlined his billing system, you see he did it the old fashioned way, in ledgers. As such he had been loosing money for a long time, so when we put it to work we found out his accountant, who was his nephew, had been siphoning the cash. He was able to recover most of the cash but had to fire him.”

‘You mean he didn’t turn him in?” she asked.

“No he’s huge on family honor so they sent him to on of his other uncles to work as kitchen help in a restaurant until all the cash was paid off, and to show his gratitude he gave me an IOU. He is a good lawyer and you don’t have to worry about money.”

“I don’t know what to say or how I’ll ever thank you.”

“As I told you last night I owe you big for what you did and I hope this isn’t crossing the line but I hope you decide to stay here with me it’s a big house and I could use the company. You don’t have to decide now lets take care of the divorce then you and Cindy can sit down and decide later.”

“I’ve never seen her take to someone like she did you so please don’t hurt her.”

“Are you kidding I’d rather die than do that besides she makes me wish I had a family,” that came out before I could check myself.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you and you don’t have to answer, how come you don’t have a girlfriend?” she asked sheepishly.

After a pause I replied, “I did once. Her name was Amy but I blew it by focusing on the business more than her. I tried dating a bit after she left but it was never the same.”

“You mean you just gave up on women?”

“Not exactly I’m just not actively looking. Can I ask you something personal?”


“How come I’ve never seen you in a pair of pants or with your hair down?”

Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink and for a moment I thought she wouldn’t answer, and then she stood up and undid the ribbon that held her pony tail up. She then ran her fingers through her hair and shook her head just like in those shampoo commercials. This took me by surprise and she looked hot doing it.

‘I grew up in very strict setting, my parents weren’t into fashion so pants were only for men and women wore long conservative skirts nothing above the knees. And when I met Eric, you know he was almost twice my age, he seemed to share my parents’ views but by then it didn’t matter. Same thing applied to my hair and am sure you noticed I never wore makeup, they believed it made women look like whores.”

“You don’t need make up anyway you are one of the lucky few women who are naturally beautiful.”

“I’m sure you tell that to all women you meet,” she replied with a laugh. We continued talking fashion and discovered that she used to read fashion magazines in secret and wish she could try out some of the clothes.

I told her that I was sure my mum wouldn’t mind taking her shopping when she got back.

That night I dreamt about Christy and how hot she looked and couldn’t help but masturbate and blew a huge load.

The following week seemed to go by fast, I gave her one of my cars with the child seat and as weird as this maybe I found myself looking forward to coming home each evening. We enrolled Cindy in a daycare center and she asked that we both pick her up at the end of the day, which was fine by me.

When my mum came back, she was excited to see Christy they talked late into the night and actually she decided to spend the night. After that she was a regular visitor and not surprisingly Cindy took a liking to her and even called her Nana.

Her divorce proceeded quicker than we anticipated and in two months, both parties had taken care of almost everything.

Vicky had gotten Christy a job in her real firm as a marketing agent. Cindy was enrolled in a local kindergarten and seemed to love it. In short everything seemed to be perfect but we all know that’s usually not the case. There was Cindy’s custody to discuss and not surprisingly Eric didn’t want anything to do with her, so we decided to sit her down and try to break it to her as gently as possible.

She took it in stride and to our surprise didn’t mind that her real dad didn’t want her, because as she put it she did rather have me and for the first time since they moved in she called me dad. The following week I officially became her dad and Vicky took us out to celebrate. During this time Christy and I had grown closer and even though we didn’t sleep together we behaved like a married couple something, which didn’t escape Vicky’s notice. We would share kisses nothing too sensual when we went for walks we would hold my hands.

“Why don’t you ask her to out for a romantic date?” Vicky asked me one day. “She loves you and don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way.”

She was right and the following week I arranged for Vicky to baby-sit her while I took Christy out for a romantic evening. She wore a strapless evening dress that showed off her curves and the other patrons couldn’t help but sneak glances at her. She looked hot with her hair down and when we were dancing she held me tight and her boobs felt great against my chest I didn’t want the night to end.

When we got back home I’m not sure how it started but before we knew it we were hungrily kissing and tearing at each other’s clothes. She hadn’t worn a bra and her 32C boobs felt soft to the touch. I picked her up and carried her upstairs to my room, placed her on the bed and proceeded to suck a nipple.

She let out a soft moan and grabbed the back of my head and pressed me down on her tit. I sucked with abandon and as I did this I rubbed her pussy through her soft silk panties I slipped my fingers through the side located her clit and proceeded to rub it in small circles.

This pushed her over the edge and she came. After recovering she stood up helped me off my clothes and pushed me back on the bed, she knelt between my legs and took my now very stiff cock in her mouth and proceeded to give me the best blowjob I’ve had in a while. During this episode not a single word had been uttered between us and well we didn’t have to. She gave good head and before long I was blowing my load in her mouth and to my surprise she didn’t waste a drop.

I slipped the panties off her and laid her on the bed. I then slowly started licking her pussy from bottom up and slipped a finger in it I zeroed in on the clit and proceeded to suck it while I finger fucked her. She was so wet my fingers were covered in her cum, it didn’t take her long to cum and this time it was so intense that she shook the whole bed. It took her a while to recover and when she did she gave me the most passionate kiss ever.

I positioned my eight-inch dick on her opening and proceeded to slowly insert it. She was tight like a virgin but thanks to her pussy juice I didn’t have a problem pushing in.

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