tagNovels and NovellasChances Ch. 02

Chances Ch. 02


Cindy and I had developed a routine whereby every Saturday morning we went for a walk in a nearby park just the two of us. Christy usually took this time to go to the gym and usually Vicky would join her. Cindy loved this time she loved picking wild flowers for Christy and chasing butterflies. On Sunday afternoons, we would hang out in the backyard where I had set up a hammock and watch movies on a portable DVD player.

If the weather was good, we would take a nap out there. I taught her how to ride a bike and swim but as a rule, we never let her swim alone. For Cindy’s 5th birthday we threw her a party with a clown, animals, both Vicky and Christy baked a cake, and she got to invite a few friends from school. Another exciting thing happening was that Christy slowly had started dressing in sexy clothing nothing risqué but tantalizing.

She still wasn’t comfortable wearing pants but occasionally wore tight fitting shorts around the house which would really turn me on because she had a nice firm ass. She was still self-conscious about her body even though she went to the gym, but I would reassure her that she was still beautiful. She loved teasing me especially when she wore short skirts she would rub herself against me and when she kissed me she would also lick the side of my face which she knew, drove me nuts.

Our lovemaking was intense because she loved having her pussy licked and her orgasms were usually very powerful and sometimes she would pass out which was always a thrill. In return, she gave the best head I knew and another thing she used to do was insert a finger in my ass as I was about to cum which would cause me to have powerful orgasms. Despite all this, something bigger was approaching and I didn’t know how to go about it.

I had decided to celebrate the anniversary of when they first came to live with me. The problem was we had talked about marriage and seeing that she had been through a bad one we decided to stick with the arrangement we had because we were happy and Cindy had a dad now. Since I didn’t want to make a huge deal about this I decided to take them out for a nice dinner and later Christy and I would go out for some adult fun as Vicky had agreed to baby sit Cindy for the night.

When the day arrived, I was nervous because I wasn’t quite sure how they would react and for a while, I seriously considered letting it pass. But I had come too far and loved them too much to just not do this so I sucked it in and decided to proceed. I had also bought them both gifts nothing too extravagant just in case it didn’t turn out the way I hoped. I told to get dressed because I was taking them out, Christy was naturally confused but didn’t fuss but Cindy was very excited.

A new family restaurant had opened the previous month so I decided to try it out. Christy kept asking me why the dining out and I would reply that I didn’t need a reason to take my family out. This made her even more suspicious because I had not invited Vicky. Finally, I couldn’t take her persistence any more and told her that we were celebrating our anniversary. She fell silent and for a moment, I had second thoughts about the whole set up. Then she started crying now I really was worried, then she stood up and came over and hugged me.

This definitely took me by surprise and Cindy not one to be left out came over and gave me a hug. I took this opportunity to give then their presents they were gold chains with lockets shaped like hearts with their names engraved on them attached and inside were pictures. In Cindy’s was a photo of me and Christy; and in Christy’s was a photo of me and Cindy. Cindy was intrigued because she was amazed at how a photo could be made to fit into a small space.

Christy started crying again and this time I knew they were happy tears so I decided to give her the ring. I had planned to give it to her later but this was a good a time as any so I dropped to one knee and produced the little box. She gasped and then excitedly stretched her arm so that I could slip the 2-carat diamond ring on her ring finger. Then the whole restaurant erupted in cheers which surprised me because I didn’t know we had developed an audience.

Dinner was fantastic Cindy couldn’t stop talking and Christy kept rubbing my leg under the table. After dinner, we dropped Cindy off at Vicky’s. Of course, the first thing Cindy did was tell her about the lockets and the ring and insisted that Christy show it to her. For an instant, I sensed a hint of jealousy from her but dismissed it as possible envy. We thanked her for agreeing to take Cindy and while kissing her goodbye ours lasted a bit longer than normal which took me by surprise but before I could react, she broke it off.

Christy noticed this but didn’t say anything she just smiled and we left. We went back home to change for the night out. We took a shower together and I dressed while she was deciding what to wear. She wanted to surprise me so she kicked me out of the room and told me to wait downstairs. She took her time and after what seemed like an eternity, she shouted from upstairs that she was coming down. I held my breath and waited and to add to the anticipation she decided to do a slow descent.

When she finally came to view, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had worn a short tight mini skirt and I mean a really short one that showed off her well-rounded ass thanks to the gym. Her top was cut so low and tight that if she bent forward everything would spill out but who cared she looked hot. She had also done her hair in a neat ponytail and had touched up her lips with a little make up which made her look a lot younger.

“So, how do I look?” she asked bringing me out of my trance. Then she slowly turned around then I realize the top was one of those open back and that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She then did a slow seductive walk toward me took my hand and placed it on her cleavage. I got an immediate hard on.

“Wow,” was all I could manage.

“That’s it! Wow! Come on you can do better than that,” she stated with a mock pout.

“You look hot enough to eat,” I finally managed to reply. Then she noticed my hard on.

“Oh did I do that? I guess I could provide some relief,” and with that she dropped to her knees, unzipped me and took my now aching cock in her mouth. I almost came but held back, she sucked me hard and fast and before long, I was blowing my load in her mouth. She continued sucking me until my dick shrunk and popped out.

“That should take care of you until we get back, then you can really return the favor,” she said while standing up and zipping me.

At the club, almost all the guys were hitting on her and to turn them off she would show them the ring but some would still persist. When we danced, she would rub herself against me and every so often rub my groin which really was turning me on. During one slow dance song, I grabbed her butt and pulled her tight against me while rubbing my erect dick on her lower abdomen. Since the lights were dim, I was able to reach under her tight skirt to rub her pussy from behind. That’s when I realized she wasn’t wearing panties. She was soaking wet and when I inserted a finger into it she moaned and shuddered a little then I knew she had cum.

After a while we had to leave otherwise we would have ended up fucking on the dance floor. On the ride home, she placed her hand on my lap and started rubbing my dick through the trousers and after a while, I couldn’t take it anymore so I pulled over to a side road. Even before I turned off the engine, she had unzipped me and pulled out my now very stiff dick. Then she somehow was able to scoot over the front median and sit on my lap. She lined up my dick to her pussy entrance and slowly lowered herself.

She rode me like crazy and was so wet and horny I could feel the juices running down my dick and balls and was sure they would leave a stain on the upholstery. But I didn’t care because at the moment we were on the throes of ecstasy and loving it.

She had one orgasm after another and by the time I came, she was almost passing out. It took us a while to come down from our high and when we did, we just hugged because we didn’t need words to express what we felt for each other. When we got home, we couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom we ripped each other’s clothes off and made love on the couch. I took her from behind which was our favorite position and pounded the shit out of her.

I believe I deposited quite a large amount of sperm in her that night. We slept until almost noon and when I woke up, she was still asleep facing away from me. So I decided to wake her in a sensual way. I slowly entered her pussy from behind and started pumping she started moaning and before long, she was moving her hips in sync with me.

I reached over and started playing with her nipple and it didn’t take her long to cum then she turned to face me. She had been crying, I wiped the tears and she caressed my face and told me how much she loved me. She then opened the locket and looked at it smiling then her expression suddenly changed.

“Oh my… this is the picture I took outside the courthouse the day you signed the adoption papers,” she said excitedly.

“I was wondering when you would figure that out,” I replied with a laugh then she started crying again. We hugged for a long time while she calmed down. After composing herself, she looked at me and asked if she could say something very important.

“Please don’t interrupt until I’m done this is kind of hard for me. Okay here goes; I want you to know that I’m so grateful for all you’ve done for us and after what you did last night I would like to take our relationship to another level. This is my decision and I want to do this but if you aren’t comfortable with it say so.”

“Okay,” I answered confused.

“I’m giving myself totally to you body and soul to do as you wish within reason of course.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m submitting fully to you all you have to do is ask and your wish is my command.”

“You mean like a slave thing?”

“Yes, sort of except without whips and chains.”

“I don’t know if I would be comfortable asking that of you.”

“That’s the point, you don’t have to because I’m offering myself to you and I trust you completely.”

“Are you sure about this, because if I understand you correct I will be in control of all your actions and deeds and can deny you at will.”

“I know that,” she replied with a smile.

“What if I ask something outrageous of you? Would you hate me?”

“That is why I trust you and I know you would never do that,” she answered seriously. I still wasn’t sure about it, I would have settled for a bit of role-playing because this was a bit too much for me. She gave me one of her reassuring smiles and right then I made up my mind. Here was a beautiful specimen that was willing to offer herself completely to me no questions asked.

“Okay I’ll take you up on your offer,” I replied and she let out an audible sigh of relief. “But I would like to have a few ground rules.”

“Shoot,” she said while sitting up on the bed.

“First of Cindy come first no questions asked.”

“That’s a no brainer.”

“From now on you shave your pussy and keep it that way, no panties, except during your period, I can have you anywhere anytime anyplace no question asked although there will be exceptions we can work that out later. Get rid of all your old clothes and get more sexy stuff like last night. For your work clothes you will wear short business suit skirts and the tops should be almost see through and no bras.”

“That will be interesting,” she said with a laugh.

“Do you have a problem with tattoos?” I asked.

“I’ve never thought of getting one if that’s what you are asking,” she replied after a while.

“Okay you will get one don’t worry I’ll be there because I’ll get one too.” That seemed to relax her. Personally, I didn’t expect her to take me seriously but she seemed to so I became serious to. “What about you, any rules or boundaries that you would like me adhere to?”

“You also have to shave your dick and balls, I’ll do it for you,” she said after a pause.

“I’ve never completely shave my dick and balls.”

“You will love it. As I stated earlier no whips or chains and as for the tattoo nothing crazy.”

“You don’t have to worry about that I would never hit you as for the tattoo let me worry about that. And another thing I want you to know that if at any point and time you choose to end this I wouldn’t hold it against you.”

“Now why would I want to end this? This is going to be fun you wait and see.”

“So when do we start?” I asked.

“That’s entirely up to you,” she replied with a huge grin on her face.

“Okay first order of business, let’s shave that pussy.”

And with that, I helped her out of bed and we headed for the bathroom. First, we had to clean up so I started the shower and we proceeded to clean each other. We had fun in the shower more so because we were entering a new dimension in our relationship. After the shower, Christy grabbed the shaving kit and after spreading a towel on the bed she asked me to lie down.

She lathered up my groin, proceeded to shave me she was careful around the balls, and I was amazed at her skill level. Her soft hands felt good and I got a hard on which made her giggle and actually made her work easier as she didn’t have to keep shifting my cock. Soon she was done and it was her turn but first I had to check out her handiwork. It felt smooth no nick or cuts and surprisingly no itching as she had applied oil to prevent that.

She lied down and spread her legs. I applied the shaving cream and proceeded to carefully remove the remaining crops of hair and because she kept her bush neatly trimmed, it was an easy job. After I wiped her clean, I licked her pussy from bottom up which caused her to moan and shudder. I kept this up until she had a small orgasm then I zeroed in on the clit and started sucking it. She is quite sensitive and that was when I found out why.

She had a big clit which I hadn’t really noticed before because it had been slightly hidden by her bush but after shaving her it was much more pronounced. A small section protruded from its sheath and that’s what I focused on. As I licked and sucked her nub, I inserted a finger into her pussy and finger fucked her. I slowly increased the pace along with the sucking and her moans became louder and louder.

I could feel her orgasm approach as she was really squirming so I decided to insert a finger into her ass just like she sometimes did me. That did it she as came so hard the whole bed shook and she actually squirted and as a result my face was dripping with her juices. After composing herself, she licked my face clean, gave me a very passionate kiss and pushed me back on the bed. Then she mounted me and slowly lowered her self on my now very stiff member.

Then she raised herself and without warning suddenly pushed down bottoming out on my dick. I grabbed her and pulled her towards me as she continued her up down motion. I was able to grab hold of a nipple and started furiously sucking. She kept telling me to suck harder and before long she was coming again and since I had yet to cum I continued thrusting and before long, I was blowing my load in her wet slippery pussy.

“That was a good start,” I told her after calming down.

“You can say that again,” she replied with a chuckle. The rest of the day was spent in bed making slow passionate love and by the time Vicky brought back Cindy, we were both pretty well fucked. I was pretty sure Vicky could tell what we had been up to even though we had cleaned up. The women went into the kitchen to prepare dinner as Cindy and I retreated to the den so that she could tell me what they had been up to.

The following weeks were fun. I decided to test the boundaries and the first thing I did was take her cloth shopping. We got all types of mini skirts and low cut tight tops. As for her work, clothes the skirts were a bit longer but still short enough for my liking. The blouse material was just opaque enough to obscure her chest area but we both knew what they were for.

I bought her high heel shoes nothing too high because she first had to get used to them. For house wear, we got short wrap around skirts with an assortment of tank and tube tops. She looked hot in them and since she had 32C boobs, the tight tops showed of her boobs quite well especially her nipples. Since now, she only wore short skirts with no panties her pussy was easily accessible and whenever I felt like it I just reached up under the skirt and rubbed it.

We would fuck in every conceivable position and room more so after we put Cindy to bed at night. I would send her to work with a load of sperm which would be dripping from her pussy and I would tell her not to clean it up. She would get turned on so much that usually she would call me from the office to tell me how wet and horny she was and beg me to let her clean it up by licking it from her fingers.

Some of her skirts, we had to throw them out because they developed permanent stains because of the cum. On time, I asked her to come over to my office and I deposited a huge load in her. She felt so naughty because she had an important meeting that afternoon and that evening she told me how the sperm kept trickling down her leg and she had to keep cleaning it up while conducting business with that client.

I bought her a collar which I told her never to take off and on it was engraved my name she loved it. When it came time for the tattoo, she was a bit apprehensive but I was there with her. I chose a simple heart with my initial in it and had it tattooed on both her boobs right on top of the nipple and so every time I sucked her tits I would rub them. I decided to get a rose and had it tattooed on my right forearm and despite her apprehension she turned out to love them.

Then I started noticing other changes around me. One thing I did notice was that Cindy had stopped calling Vicky Nana and had started calling Christy by her given name. When I asked Christy she told me that they were trying to get her to be comfortable with it so that if she had a problem she could go to either of them as a peer. She still called me daddy but every now and then she would call me Jake which was fine by me.

Another thing that came to my attention was that Vicky had started to drop by more and more often. At first I didn’t think too much of it because we are family and besides she had a key to the place. But as time went by, I could tell something was up but when I asked she would just say she missed us. We had a ritual where every Tuesday where we had dinner just Vicky and me this was something we had been doing since her divorce. After Christy came into my life, I had figured it would stop but she encouraged me to continue with it so that Vicky won’t feel left out.

This particular night she looked a bit on edge and fidgety. She kept sneaking me glances and at one point, I caught her staring. Now I was really curious and after dinner we usually sat on the couch and talked. She would usually snuggle up to me, something which had become so natural between us we didn’t think twice about it. I could feel her heart beat and by that point, I was really getting worried.

“What’s wrong? You’ve been on edge all night,” I asked worried.

“Nothing really just a little stressed,” she replied with a nervous laugh.

“Vicky you are a terrible liar and besides I thought we agreed no secrets. Now what gives?” I persisted.

“Promise you won’t hate me for this?” she asked with a bit of apprehension.

“Now why would I hate you? You know I love you,” I reassured her then she started crying. During this time I had been stroking her back and had to stop so that I could hug her. “What is wrong you know you can tell me perhaps I can help you with it.”

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