tagNovels and NovellasChances Ch. 03

Chances Ch. 03


As I drove back to Vicky’s place I kept trying to figure out how to approach the situation. I had already blown it once by running away and I didn’t want to repeat that again. When I got to her place I sat in my car for a long time trying to decide whether I should go in or just drive off. But how would I live with myself or face Christy if I took off again so I decided to go in and confront the situation.

I think she had seen me approach the front door because even before I could knock it flew open and there she stood. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever then she ran towards me and we hugged and held each other. She rested her head on my chest and started crying. I caressed her back and soothed her because I knew she needed to get this off her chest. After what seemed like ages she calmed down then looked up at me and smiled weakly.

‘Look at me I’m a mess.’

‘No you look beautiful and I’m sorry I don’t say that enough.’ She took my hand and led me to the couch.

‘I’m so sorry about earlier…’

‘No, please, I’m the one who should be apologizing I shouldn’t have run’, I interrupted her.

‘Please let me finish, this is hard for me and I hope you don’t hate me for doing this. I love you I’ve been in love with you since the divorce. You more than took care of me, you denied yourself and even dropped out of school temporarily to take care of me that’s something a parent does not the child. Remember when we used to sleep together and you would hold me, I never wanted that to end but I had to be realistic.’

‘But we still have our Tuesday night dinner.’

‘True but I also have needs that require satisfaction. When Amy came along I was happy for you but then you two broke up and it tore me up inside watching you go about like nothing happened. I’ve been through that too and it’s a very lonely feeling. That’s why I started coming over to cook you dinner because I didn’t want you to be alone. Then Christy and Cindy came along and I saw how happy they made you. Cindy talks of nothing else but you and all the stuff you do together and at the office Christy’s face lights up when your name comes up. I’m sorry to say this but I started becoming a bit jealous of what you had.’ At this point she started crying again so I held her in my arms until she calmed down.

‘Why didn’t you say something earlier?’ I asked her

‘And say what? That I’m in love with MY SON, are you kidding me? You saw how you reacted.

‘Christy was angry at me for taking off earlier and she doesn’t want me to go back until we sort through this.’

‘You mean she’s not mad?’

‘Are you kidding, she loves you very much so does Cindy and considers you a big sister.’

‘What about you? You still haven’t said anything.’

‘Vicky I love you and I guess you could say I’m also in love with you…’

‘You guess?’

‘Please put yourself in my shoes how would you react if all of a sudden I dropped this on your lap?

‘Well when you put it that way’, she said with a hint of disappointment.

‘So here’s what I propose lets take it slow and see how it goes from there okay’, I suggested.

‘You mean you want to pursue this’, she replied excitedly.

‘Of course because I love you and I also promised Christy I won’t break your heart like dad did’, I said then kissed her on the lips. We did this often but this time we both knew what we wanted. It was a passionate kiss and she surprised me by pushing her tongue into my mouth. When we broke off she looked at me and smiled.

‘That was a good start, would you mind spending the night we don’t have to do anything.’

‘I would love to’, I replied and with that she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Then it suddenly hit me as I walked behind her what a nice body she had looks like the gym paid off for her. She was the same height as Christy and I was pretty sure shared the same bra size. Come to think of it the only significant difference was the hair and eye color. Christy’s hair was a shade darker than Vicky’s and her eyes were blue to Vicky’s green.

I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice this before and now I was comparing them and getting turned on at the same time. At 42 years old Vicky could easily pass for 25 and that was no exaggeration. She caught me staring at her and smiled then excused herself as she went to the bathroom to prepare for bed. I slipped off my trousers and shirt and got comfortable. When she came out I did double take she wore a pink see through teddy that barely came below her tight round ass and nothing else underneath.

‘I see you like what I have on I bought this a few weeks ago so that I could feel sexy about myself. Sounds pathetic huh?’

‘No you should feel good about yourself and if buying sexy clothing does that for you then more power to you.’ She came over and hugged me and her breasts felt good rubbing on my bare chest. Then she brought her lips to mine and we had a passionate kiss. At this point I had a raging hard on and when she noticed this she looked at me then without saying a word she reached down and rubbed it through my boxers.

‘What say you take these off and get comfy’? She didn’t have to ask twice I quickly slipped them off. Then she pulled back in surprise, ‘you shave? This is interesting.’

‘Yeah its something Christy and I do now.’

‘Then I guess I’ll have to shave now huh.’

‘Could you hold off on that?’


‘Trust me you won’t be disappointed.’

‘Okay I will’, and with that she dropped to her knees and took my throbbing dick in her hand. She then teased me a bit with her tongue then slowly slid it in her mouth. The sensation was unbelievable and I almost came. She would lick the crown spreading the pre cum then take me all in and despite my size she could insert my whole dick in without gagging.

‘Where did you learn to do that?’

‘Your dad liked to be sucked so I got good at it’, she replied and continued sucking me. Before long I could feel my orgasm approach and when I told her she responded by picking up the pace and when I blew my load she was able to take it all without spilling a drop. She stood up and kissed me and I could taste myself.

‘I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle two women.’

‘Don’t worry you are young’, she replied with a laugh. She then led me to the bed pushed me on my back. ‘Please be gentle I haven’t had sex since the divorce’, she said with a bit of concern.

‘Are you serious? What about the guys you went out with?’ I asked surprised.

‘Nothing ever developed and after they realized that it would never go beyond friendship they broke it off’, she replied with a hint of sadness.

‘I’ll take it slow okay’, and with that I pulled her to me and she mounted me. She then positioned my dick on her pussy entrance and gently lowered herself. She was tight and wet which provided lubrication otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to enter her. She slowly slid up and down my pole until she got accustomed to my size then started picking up the pace.

I slipped of her teddy off and started playing with her boobs I pulled her towards me and caught a nipple in my mouth. I proceeded to suck it with a vengeance and this caused her to moan and pick up the pace. I increased my thrusting to match hers and soon I could feel her orgasm approach because her pussy muscles were contracting around my cock. When it hit I thought her pussy would swallow my dick because her muscles clumped down on my dick so hard.

Then I felt something wet trickling down my dick and pretty soon my orgasm hit and I emptied my load inside her. This caused her to orgasm again and she collapsed on me. When we finally separated, she slid from me and lay on her back next to me.

‘Thanks for that, you have no idea how long I have waited …’ she couldn’t finish because she started crying again. I hugged her as she snuggled in my arms and caressed her back.

‘I seem to be doing that a lot.’

‘That’s okay you don’t have to feel lonely anymore because I’m here and won’t leave you’, I reassured her.

‘I love you so much Jake and I hope this never ends’, she said then caressed my face. ‘I don’t believe I’m in love with you it’s like a dream’, she continued. We talked for a while and slowly drifted to sleep in each others arms. The following morning I woke up to someone sucking me but something felt different it was familiar so when I raised my head I was met by Christy’s head bopping up and down in rapid succession.

‘It’s about time you woke up lover boy’, she said then continued blowing me and before long I was shooting my load in her mouth.

‘Where’s Vicky?’ I asked.

‘She’s making breakfast and asked me to come wake you’, she replied with a mischievous grin. ‘She told me what you did and I love you for that. Now you are going to have two women to satisfy hope you are up to it.’

‘I’ll try my best.’

‘You damn well better otherwise we’ll be inclined to seek satisfaction elsewhere’, then she laughed and lay down beside me. She was dressed for work and I figured they were sharing a ride to work. I turned and faced her, slipped my hand under her skirt and started fingering her pussy. Before long she was moaning and pushing against my hand and before I knew it she came.

‘I love it when you do that’, she said. Then I pulled her on top of me, hiked up her skirt and inserted my dick into her pussy. She knew what I was going to do so she started sliding up and down to match my thrusts. She was usually wet which made it easy for our little quickies. Pretty soon I was blowing my load in her and she came at the same time.

‘We better go’, she suggested. I took a quick shower and joined them in the kitchen. The women were giggling as I entered then Vicky approached me and gave me a very passionate kiss.

‘Thanks for last night you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this’, she said after breaking off.

‘You are welcome, but we’ll need to talk some more this evening because if you are to join us there are some things you will need to think about so I’ll let Christy explain them to you. Think about it then give us your answer’, I told her with a serious tone. They both gave me a kiss and left for work. I couldn’t concentrate at work myself so I took a half day, being boss this was no problem, and went home.

Things were going to get interesting but for the moment my main concern was Vicky and how she was going to react to the rules me and Christy play with. She was a strong willed person and the idea of being controlled albeit partially might be a bit hard for her. I picked up Cindy from school and naturally I had to explain where I was the previous night because we always read a bedtime story as long as I wasn’t out of town. By the time the ladies got home that evening I had made up my mind to accept the fact that she might say no. Vicky came up to me and gave me a very passionate kiss.

‘What’s that for?’ I asked.

‘Can’t I kiss my lover without a reason’, she replied.

‘Okay, did Christy explain everything?’



‘I accept.’

‘Are you sure because I know you and this might be a bit difficult to handle’, I replied surprised.

‘I trust you just as Christy and besides I think the idea of someone you love calling the shots is intriguing.’

‘Remember you can say no if you think something is unreasonable and we won’t hold it against you.’

‘Why would I want to do that, Christy hasn’t yet so I think you must be doing something right’, she said with a smile.

‘Another thing the tattoo do you have a problem with getting one?’ I asked.

‘Christy showed me hers and I like them, so, no I don’t have a problem with getting one or two’, she replied with a mischievous smile.

‘One more thing, remember I told you not to shave your pussy, well since you are now part of our threesome we’ll do it as an initiation.’ She smiled and gave me another kiss. We sat down to eat and the ladies teased me under the table throughout the whole meal and by the time we were done I had a ragging hard on.

That night I shaved her pussy and for the first time I was able to really look at her. Her clit was huge almost an inch long and every time I touched it she would jump. It took a while to do this due to her sensitivity and by the time I was done she had experienced a small orgasm. Another thing that I had been curious about was if they would make love to one another. This was confirmed almost immediately as after I shaved her.

Christy took her hand, led her to the bed, laid her on her back and proceeded to lick her newly shaved pussy. I got an immediate hard on. I sat down beside Vicky and caressed her boobs as Christy worked on her pussy. She was grinding her groin and thrusting to match Christy’s licking and while this was happening I bent down and took a nipple in my mouth. I sucked hard and would occasionally bite it lightly which seemed to excite her.

We kept this up for a while and when her orgasm hit it hit hard such that she literally squirted in Christy’s mouth and when she pulled back in surprise she squirted some more. At first I thought she had pissed on Christy but then she looked up and smiled at Vicky and said, ‘looks like you were very excited.’

‘Sorry about that it’s been a while since I’ve been this excited’, she said with a bit of embarrassment.

‘Don’t be you’ve been neglected too long you deserve to experience ecstasy to the fullest and we’ll always be here for you’, I told her. She started crying again and we both hugged her until she calmed down.

‘I’ve never made love to a woman before do you mind doing that again’, she asked Christy.

‘Neither have I and it will be my pleasure’, she replied. And with that they settled into a sixty-nine position and proceeded to lick each others pussy. Not one to be left behind I knelt behind Christy positioned my cock at her opening and slowly inserted. I fucked her slowly and picked up the pace Vicky would lick my dick every time I pulled out and occasionally I would insert my dick into her mouth and she would suck the juices off it.

I felt my orgasm approach so I quickened the pace and Christy sensing this tightened her pussy muscles this drove me over the edge and I blew a huge load deep into her pussy. I continued pumping until my dick shrunk and popped out. Vicky kept licking her pussy and when I pulled out some sperm dribbled out and she lapped that up. Soon she was hit with an orgasm of her own and she squirted again but this time we all laughed.

‘I love you two so much and now that you have accepted me its a bit overwhelming for me because I thought Christy would have a problem with me but you didn’t’, she said.

‘We are glad to have you. You’ve been alone long enough and you deserve to be with the ones you love and love you’, Christy replied. I lay down next to them and we hugged. Then Christy motioned for Vicky to mount me which she did then slowly lowered herself and started riding me. If they kept this up my dick would fall off but I still had it in me and I still couldn’t believe how tight she felt fortunately her pussy produced quite a bit of lubrication.

Christy got down behind us and started playing with my balls. She would also lick my dick as Vicky moved up and down on my pole. The sensation was overwhelming between Vicky’s pussy muscles and Christy’s tongue I couldn’t take much of it and I came much faster and harder blowing my load deep in her pussy. We both collapsed in a heap and Christy joined us, they both rested their heads on either shoulder and cuddled up to me. Life was good.

I took Vicky to get her tattoo and since she liked what Christy had we settled for the same two hearts with my initial in it right above the nipples. This time the font was a bit different to distinguish from Christy’s. She was nervous so I held her hand throughout the ordeal. We took her cloth shopping and had a lot of fun picking out her outfits and also got her a collar.

To top it off I got her a ring just like Christy’s but shaped like a heart which made her cry when I put it on her finger. A few weeks later Christy asked her to move in with us since she was spending a lot of time at our place anyway. She didn’t even hesitate and within three weeks had sold her house her car and almost everything she owned. The rest she moved to our place which had more than enough room and a large bed to accommodate my two special women.

Every morning I would send them off to work with loads of cum dripping from their pussies and during lunch break we would hook up at my office or theirs and fuck some more. As time went by I started noticing something interesting, they started dressing similarly. At first I figures it was because they would sometimes borrow each others clothes, despite their constant shopping sprees.

Then Vicky started doing her hair like Christy at this point I decided to ask what was going on. They confessed that they just wanted to see how long it took me to notice the changes and would get a kick every time I had a confused look. They continued with their fashion escapades except this time they preferred to tease me by wearing really short mini skirts and low cut tops. Of course in the evening I would pay them back by fucking them raw.

Our love was as strong as ever and this was further proved when they told me that they were pregnant. I guess I should have expected it as we never used any protection. My first concern was for Vicky because at her age there were risks involved with pregnancy. So we had a whole bunch of tests done to see if there would be any complications and thankfully found none. But the doctor told her to take it easy and not exert herself.

That was easier said than done because Vicky didn’t slow down until her fourth month and even then we had to sit her down and talk to her. Since they had both conceived at around the same time, we agreed to induce labor at the same time that way the babies could be born hopefully around the same day. Cindy was on top of the world when we told her and looked forward to becoming a big sister.

Since we had chosen not to know the sex of the babies we asked her to come up with manes for them both boys’ and girls’. She insisted on doing the nursery walls so we let her and as time went on our worries that she might feel jealous of the babies subsided. The women’s sexual appetite seemed to increase tenfold because they were constantly horny. To meet their needs I started working from home more and promoted one of the project managers to a general supervisor in charge of all projects.

When the time came I hired a lamas coach and also started watching birthing videos which despite what some say are not as bad although they gave me a new found appreciation and respect of women and the pain they went through at child birth. Another good thing was that their boobs seemed to double in size and when they started lactating things got a bit more interesting. They loved it when I suckled them and every now and then I would catch them suckling each other.

Since they were producing a lot of milk between them we stopped buying it and used what they produced. The taste was a bit different but it was healthy so they would refrigerate it and use it for cereal and adding to coffee. When the big day came we packed their suitcases and headed to the private clinic. We had arranged for such a set up so as to avoid questions and our doctor, a beautiful middle aged blonde, understood our desire for discretion because she was also involved with her nephew and so she could relate to our situation.

We induced labor and after a difficult 5 hours of them screaming and cursing me for all the pain they both gave birth. Vicky had a girl whom we had agreed to name Lily and Christy gave birth to a boy whom we name Jake Jr. or JJ. Cindy was brought in and the first thing she did was kiss each of them and then their mothers. They stayed a few days and ran some tests on Lily to make sure there were no genetic conditions then we took them home.

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