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(Author's note: This is my first story for public consumption, and I thought that I would build the scene a little in this first part and then follow where the story leads. If you like what you have read in this part, then hopefully you will have the patience to wait for what will follow.. )

* * * * *

My wife has always had an aversion to any form of lesbianism. She would exclaim in disgust at even the mildest display on TV, such as two women kissing. She also had an exaggerated gag reflex, one so bad that she couldn't even go snorkelling with me.

The obvious result of the gag reflex was that I never got treated to a blowjob. The one time that she actually agreed to give me one, early in our marriage, she got physically ill when I came in her mouth.

As you can imagine, this was a situation that I had always dreamed of rectifying.

The opportunity arose in a truly unexpected way. Shelley, my wife, had been experiencing extremely bad period pains, and this particular Friday, she told me in the car going home, about her friend Sara's solution to her similar pain problem.

I was happy enough to hear this as I had suffered along with her every month during the three odd days that she was really hell to live with. As it turned out, she had arranged for Sara to visit us on the Saturday morning, and she had promised to share her discovery.

I woke up early on Sat morning as usual, and went out to mow the lawn. This is something that I love doing in the summer, with the view of the Paarl mountains looming over me as I worked up a sweat in the morning sun. It wasn't long before I had built up a sweat and removed my shirt. I was quickly in that almost Zen-like mode that the light exercise always brought on.

I was about half finished with the front lawn, when Sara pulled up in her new green Taz. She climbed out of the car and I admired her long legs sticking out of her shorts in a familiar distracted kind of way. I just waved hello and pointed for Sara to go into the house.

When I had finished the lawn half an hour or so later, I went looking for the women. They were sitting at the wooden garden table that I had built in the back yard. As I came into sight, I could see that Shelly was pretty excited about whatever it was that Sara had been telling her. As I pulled out a chair to sit down, both women started trying to talk at once.

"Whoa… hold on. Sara, why don't you start at the beginning and explain this thing to me please?" I asked, deciding that there was nothing better than hearing something first-hand.

"Ok," began Sara, "as you obviously know, I also have problems with my period as well as generally being way too stressed out."

Shelley and I nodded, identifying with that..

"Well… I have been thrashing around for a while now, looking for some kind of solution to my problems. I have been through all the normal SRI's like Valium etc etc and none have really worked for me, and the pain killers that are strong enough to help the pain are also pretty much illegal (or should be)" she continued. "I heard about this guy in Cape Town who had spent a lot of time with the Bushmen in the Namibian desert, living with them and learning their language and culture, and how he had just set up in practice as a herbalist with the knowledge that he had gained from their usage of natural plants. I decided that there was nothing for me to lose and I made an appointment to see him. He examined me and gave me all kinds of advice on my diet and life-style, then he gave me this collection of dried herbs that he told me to make a tea from. I tried them out yesterday, and they really relaxed me, so while I haven't had the chance to try them out on pain, they definitely work for stress."

All this sounded really good to me and I thought quietly that if this stuff worked for stress then I might find myself becoming a regular patient of this guy. Anyway, we discussed this whole thing back and forth for a while before deciding to put it to the test.

Shelley went off to the kitchen to make a tea from the herbs that Sara gave her while we sat outside and soaked up the sun.

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