tagLoving WivesChange of Mind

Change of Mind

byDaddyO Wil©

My wife (Jill) and I have been having an argument about swinging for the last couple of years. I want to have an occasional slut for a wife and she says it would be too degrading and that all she needs or wants is me. After one particularly intense sex session she admitted that it might be fun, just try it once. I latched on to that statement and brought it up to her the next day. She claimed that it was just the moment and didn't really mean it. A few weeks later she asked what I wanted for my birthday. I, of course, told her that I wanted a slut for the night. She looked at me and asked if that was really what I wanted. I was overjoyed that she was even considering it. I told her that I was sure.

Jill looked into my eyes, "Ok but remember that this is what you wanted."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "I don't think that you can handle seeing me naked with another guy between my legs, but since you won't let go of your desire and I'm tired of hearing about it, then I'll do it, to prove it is not really what you want." she replied. I thought about that for a few minutes as my mind conjured up the vision of her fucking another guy. My cock began to harden at the thought, which she observed, "or not!!" my wife added with a knowing grin. That was how we found ourselves pulling into the parking lot of the Red Rooster, an on premises swing club here in Vegas. Jill had on a low cut dress with nothing on underneath it.

As we walked into the club, my wife asked, "So how am I supposed do this?" I told that a good slut was open and willing to return the advances of any would be sex partners and to do what I ask of her. "Ok, just remember my warning 'cause I plan on letting go."

Jill warned me. "No problem, I want you to enjoy this experience as much or more that I." I replied. My wife just gave me a funny look that said, I don't believe you.

We found a table with four chairs and Jill sat while I went for drinks. I told her to look around for some candidates that she would consider getting naked with. When I returned and asked who she found, she surprised me by pointing out two guys. I told her to pick one and go talk to him.

"Just like that?" she inquired.

"Yes, tell him that you find him attractive and that I told you to go talk to him. If he is interested, bring him back to our table or go dance with him." I told her.

He watched her as she caught his eye and walked toward him. He smiled when she stopped in front of him and introduced herself. They shook hands and began to chat. A few minutes later after they both looked at me, then went to the dance floor. I watched as they chatted and danced. When a slow number came on he pulled her close and caressed her butt with his hands. The next number was also a slow one, My wife and her friend continued dancing. This time he leaned in and kissed my wife as his hands roamed her body. One hand slid under the hem of her short dress. From the way Jill began to move, I could tell the he was fingering her pussy in the middle of the dance floor. Although several other couples were doing much the same thing. As the number ended he asked her something and nodded toward the hall that led to the private bedrooms. She nodded and said something to him. He walked toward the employee who allowed access to the rooms. She walked back to me.

"I'm going to visit the restroom, Kevin is checking on a room for us." she whispered in my ear and was gone. My heart skipped a few beats and my cock doubled in size with her words.

Kevin walked back to the table and introduced himself. We shook hands, it felt funny to shake the hand of a stranger who was going to fuck my wife in a very short time. Jill returned and looked at Kevin, he nodded his head.

Turning to me and taking his hand, "Ok let's go." she said, as she turned and began to walk toward the hall.

Once the door was shut, Jill told me to stand back and watch. She put Kevin on the bed and stood in front of him. My wife grabbed the zipper of her dress and pulled. Shrugging her shoulders her dress fell off her breasts and bunched around her waist. Jill looked at me, I smiled and nodded, she moved to Kevin and he kissed and nibbled her breasts and nipples. His hands drifted down to her waist and pushed her dress off her hips, exposing my wife's naked body. I moved so I could watch his hands. One went between her legs to probe her wet pussy as the other began to undo his belt. Kevin stood as my wife my wife pulled his pants and shorts off and he took off his shirt. Kevin's thick 8" cock stood ready as Jill leaned into it. Her mouth sucked him in, which caused a moan to escape from his mouth. After a few moments of sucking Kevin pulled back from her and signaled for her to move up on the bed. My cock was hard as I watched her move into the middle of the bed and spread her legs.

"Finally" I thought, "She is going to get fucked right in front of me."

Kevin moved between her legs, "Damn you are sexy. Do you want me to fuck you now?" he asked, as he nudged his cock at her opening.

"Yes, fuck me, while my husband watches." she hissed. He slowly pushed his cock into her. My wife was so wet that he was able to slide all the way in on the first stroke.

"Ah you feel so good" he moaned, as he began rocking back and forth.

Jill pulled her legs up and open for him to bury his cock as deep as possible in her pussy. Her hips rocked up with each inward thrust, capturing as much of his deeply penetrating cock as she could. With in moments her body exploded in orgasm as he slammed his cock into her hard and deep. Kevin kept fucking her though her orgasm. As her orgasm relaxed, she just leg her legs flop open, welcoming Kevin's cock. He pushed in very deep and rotated his hips, from the way Jill reacted I figured his cock did some amazing things inside her pussy. He slowly fucked her, savoring the feel of my wife's pussy.

"Do you like doggy?" he asked her.

She smiled and nodded as he backed out of her. Turning over on her knees, Jill put her head down and pushed her ass up, exposing her pussy to Kevin and I. My wife looked back as us, noticing my hard cock and the grin on my face, "you are liking this aren't you?" she asked.

"Very much and it looks like you are too?" I said questioningly.

Turning to Kevin, "Come here you and put that big dick of yours back in my pussy."

"I guess that was my answer." I thought.

Kevin smiled and moved between her legs and nudged his cock part way into her pussy. "Is this what you want slut?" He asked.

She pushed back on him but he pulled back, frustrating her attempt. "Yes, that is what I want. Fuck that big cock into my pussy." my wife ordered him.

He moved into her and began to deeply fuck her with long strokes. He varied the intensity of his fucking. Some times going real slow and others when he was slamming his meat into her hard and fast. Jill's head was up as she concentrated on the pleasure Kevin's fucking was giving her. I could see that a mind blowing orgasm was approaching. I think Kevin felt it cumming too, his face was a mask of concentration as he fought to control his climax. My wife looked so sexy and sensual as her breast bounced as she rocked back and forth on his big cock. I got on the bed with her and began to stroke her body. I ran my hands over her breasts, gently stroking and lightly pinching her nipples, before sliding down to where Kevin's cock was pounding into her. As I began to play with her clit, I leaned down and nibbled on her neck and then whispered in her ear.

"Cum for me my loving little slut. I want you to cum on that big cock fucking you. You want that big cock to keep fucking you?"

My wife moaned and hissed, "Yesss!"

"You look so slutty fucking his cock. It turns me on so much. He is getting ready to cum. He is going to fucking cum in your slut pussy. Are you ready, you fucking slut, for him to cum in you?" I asked.

My wife nodded. "No, tell me what you want." I commanded.

"Tell him to fuck me hard and cum in your slut's cunt." Jill moaned.

I look at Kevin and nodded, "you heard her, fuck her hard and fill my slut's cunt with your cum."

He grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with hard deep pounding strokes, "this is so HOT, I'm going to fucking cum in your slut's cunt. You want it slut?"

"Fuck Yes! Do it!" Jill screamed as he orgasm over took her.

She slammed herself on his cock, her hips a blur as she fucked him.

"Oh shit I'm cumming." Kevin moaned as he slammed into her holding his cock deep in her pussy.

I could see his hips jerk and his cock erupted inside her. My wife was moaning uncontrollable as her pussy milked his climaxing cock. Kevin's orgasm began to relax but he held tight to my wife's ass keeping his cock buried deep in her flooded pussy. Jill looked as if she had passed out but stirred as Kevin slowly slid back and forth with his still semi hard dick.

"That has got to be the best fucking sex I have ever had. Thank you!" he told us.

My wife giggled, "give me a few minutes and we will do it again."

He laughed as he pulled his cock out of her, "thank you but I have to go but I would love to see you again."

"It's alright my sweet slut, the night is still young and there are a other cocks out there just itching for your sexy pussy." I snickered.

"Oh you think so?" she replied.

"yes!" I said as I moved into Kevin's, recently vacated spot, "and here is the first one."

I began to fuck her knowing that I could not last very long. Her pussy was sloppy with cum and my cock loved the feel of my wife's just fucked pussy.

"Your pussy feels well used. It feels so sexy. I'm going to cum in your slut pussy and then we are going to find some more cocks for you to fuck. You want to get fucked some more tonight, don't you slut?"

My wife was really into it now as she replied, "yes I'll fuck any cock you tell me to."

"Wow!" I thought, "she is really letting go." And so did I.

About thirty minutes later we were redressed and headed out the main club area. I saw Kevin talking to a couple and another guy, he nodded in our direction queuing the other three to look as well. All four smiled as Kevin waved us over.

"This is Kim and her husband Lou and friend Ken, I just told them how much fun I just had with you. They wanted to meet you." He said.

Luo and Ken looked over my wife as I checked out Kim. She was about 5 feet tall no more than 110lbs with a very nice pair of breasts and a killer ass. The five of us went out by the pool where it was quiet to talk and have a couple of drinks. When Jill went to the bathroom, Kim went with her. Lou asked if Jill and I were interested in playing with them. I told him that it might be fun. When the girls returned I pointed at the chair between Lou and Ken for my wife to sit in. She looked at me then nodded before taking her seat. Kim was now sitting next to me with Jill across from me between two guys who wanted to fuck her.

They wasted no time in getting to know each other. Lou leaned in and began kissing my wife as he stroked her breasts. Ken slid his hand between her legs, which she parted to allow him access.

Kim tapped me, "they move fast and it looks like your wife is not complaining."

"That is so. How fast are you?" I asked.

Kim turned in her chair to face me. She pulled up her top exposing her breasts and lifted her legs over the arms of the chair exposing her shaved pussy.

"What do you think?" she replied.

"I think we need to take this to a private room for some serious fucking." I replied.

She smiled and told Ken to see if a room was available. I was torn between looking at Kim and watching Lou play with my wife. He had her breasts out and her dress was bunched around her waist. He was still kissing her but had taken over for Ken by putting two fingers in her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Jill was rapidly closing on another orgasm. Ken returned and announced that a room would be ready in about five minutes.

"Mmm five minutes." I noted turning to look at Kim still all uncovered.

"See anything you like? she purred.

I nodded and slipped to the floor between her legs as did Ken between Jill's.

"I like a man who goes after what he wants." moaned Kim, as I sucked in her clit and began to nibble on it.

My fingers found their way into her pussy and I probed for her g-spot. A few minutes later I heard Jill start to cum.

Kim said, "Damn you are going to make me cum too. Fuck me with your tongue and fingers."

True to her word she came, clamping my head between her legs.

Ken returned, "Hey our room is ready, let's take this to a bedroom."

Kim and I stood which caused her clothes to fall back into place. When Jill stood her dress fell around her ankles. She just stepped out of it and walked away with Luo and Ken. I grabbed it as Kim and I followed my naked wife through the club and into a room. She never looked sexier, with so many guys watching her, as we walked through. Several asked if we needed any help. To my surprise my wife actually stopped in front of a couple of guys, "not right now but maybe later." she told them. They laughed and told her to look them up.

Lou was naked as soon as the door closed. He grabbed Jill and kissed her again while walking her back to the bed. He lowered her down and motioned for her to move up on the bed. Lou moved between her legs with his cock standing straight and tall.

"I want to fuck you now. Spread your legs for me."

Jill did as she was told as Lou placed the head of his cock at her opening.

"You want my cock in your pussy?" he asked.

"Yes, fuck me with your hard cock." my wife told him.

Lou pushed it into her and began to fuck her. I was amazed and excited at how fast Lou got his cock into my wife. I felt hands undoing my belt and turned to see a naked Kim undressing me.

"Damn you are gorgeous and a very sexy body." I told her.

When I was naked, Kim knelt in front of me and sucked my cock while I watched Lou fuck the hell out of my wife. Jill was moaning and a telling him to fuck her slutty pussy, hard and deep. He was doing just that and I did not think that he could hold out much longer. Ken joined them and began to caress Jill's breasts as they bounced with Lou's fucking. Her hand reached and grabbed his cock which scared me. He was hung big, it appeared to be 10" maybe a little bit more and thick. My wife's hand looked tiny, as she stroked him.

Lou was pressing his attack to the fullest. He was slamming in and out very fast. Jill's legs were waving in the air as she tried to get him in as deep as possible. I pulled Kim off my cock and put her on the bed. Her legs opened with an invitation, which I accepted. My mouth found her clit and began to suck and stroke it. Kim was soon moaning that she was going to cum, so I put several fingers in her which set her off. In the meantime Lou had repositioned my wife on her hands and knees. She was trying to suck Ken's massive cock as Lou shoved his cock into her from behind. He was fucking my wife less that two feet away from my eyes. His cock slid in and her pussy lips grabbed him as he pulled back. Her hips pushed toward him opening her pussy wide for his invading cock.

This was more erotic than I ever thought it would be, seeing Lou's hard cock gaining speed as he prepared to cum in her. Kim, who had been stroking Jill's breasts while I finger fucked her, moved her hand down to my wife's clit. She began to stroke it as Lou entered his orgasm. He grabbed Jill's hips and began to pump her deep and strong, then with a moan, he pushed in very deep. His hips did a little dance while pressed tightly against my wife's ass. His ass clenched several times as his cock erupted deep in Jill's willing pussy. The combination of Lou's orgasm and Kim's hand on her clit sent Jill over the edge. She cried out and held onto Ken's cock as her orgasm raced through her body. My wife softly moaned as Lou finished his orgasm by slowly fucking his softening cock in and out of her for the next five minutes or so.

I looked at Kim, "wow that was amazing."

"It sure was and your wife looked like she enjoyed it" she replied. "A lot" she added.

Seeing Jill open her eyes during our conversation, I asked, "Did you enjoy that fucking my slut?"

"Yes my husband, A lot." she replied with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Good" I replied "Ken needs you to take care of him now. Get on top and put his big cock in your pussy and fuck him while I watch and fuck Kim's beautiful pussy."

Jill straddled Ken's body and lined his cock up on her pussy. She began to push him in, as I pushed my cock into Kim's soft wet pussy. It took my wife seven or eight strokes to get most of Ken's cock inside her. Once she had all but an inch or so, she began to fuck him.

It was so sexy to see her stick that big cock in and out of her pussy. Kim snickered as I fought for control of my own cock. Jill was moaning loudly as she impaled herself on Ken's big dick. It looked like a log sliding into her, if she had not been fucked three times before I'm sure it would have never fit with out hurting her. It sure was not hurting her now, except in what appeared to be a very good way. Her orgasm was nearing it's climax as she began to slam herself down on his cock, driving it deeper than any cock had been before. My wife's head was on Ken's chest with her hips spread wide over him, his cock rubbing on her clit as she bounced. When her climax hit, she sat straight up grinding her pussy on his cock.

"Oh shit! Fuck! Yessss! Fuck me." she cried.

"Damn what a good fucking pussy you have you are making me cum." Ken cried back.

He bucked up into her as his cock expanded and he shot his load into her pussy. Jill orgasmed again when she felt his cock grow bigger and his cum shot into her cunt.

"Yes you fucker, cum in my slut pussy, fill it with your fucking cum." My wife yelled.

I was in total shock, what had I created? My cock which was fucking Kim's beautiful pussy was begging for my attention. Kim was pulling on my ass driving me deeper into her. It was a good thing that my wife had drawn my attention or I would have cum much sooner, but I could hold off no longer. With a powerful thrust, I buried my cock in Kim's pussy and unloaded in her as my wife's pussy convulsed around Ken's throbbing cock.

As I relaxed and smiled at Kim, the vision of Ken's cock was replaying it's self over in my head. They were still joined, his cum covered cock still three quarters in my wife's pussy. She was still quivering with the after shocks of her climax.

"Damn Wil your wife is a very good fuck." Ken informed me.

Jill snickered as did the rest of us, "well Kim has one very fine pussy as well." was my rejoinder.

Ken rolled over pinning Jill beneath him with his cock still inside her. He began to fuck her again.

"Mmm nice." was all she said.

My wife just laid there as Ken fucked her. He stopped after a few minutes and slid his softening cock out of her.

"Why did you stop?" she asked.

He chuckled, "you want more?"

"I'm a slut tonight and a good slut is open and willing to what ever her studs want." She replied with a smile in my direction.

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