Change of Plan Ch. 3

byFrederick Carol©

"Not all day, Mom. Just most of it." She grinned. "Even I can get tired of sunning myself."

"I'm pleased to hear it, since you'll be going to college next year. You might actually have to do some work there," Anne Evans said, mock-severely.

"I know Mom," said Kathy, "but at the moment it's summer and there's no school."

"So go and enjoy it. Good to see you again, Matthew. Thanks for bringing Kathy over." Anne Evans smiled at me.

"My pleasure, Mrs Evans." Very much so, glad you didn't get home any earlier.

"'Bye, Mom, see you Saturday." Kathy kissed her mother's cheek.

"Briefly, if I understand rightly. Your Aunt Ellen has invited the two of you round, right Matthew?" Anne Evans asked.

"Yes, ma'am. She may ask us to stay overnight, as she's on her own at the Elsman place. Will that be OK?" Please say yes, 'cos I might get Ellen and Kathy into bed together.

"I guess it will be all right. Home again on Sunday, then, right?"

"Yes, Mom. Thanks, Mom. 'Bye, Mom."

Anne Evans laughed. "Shoo! Go! I have things to do anyway." She came to the door and waved us off. Before I'd reached the main road, Kathy was giggling.

"What?" I asked, laughing.

Kathy plucked at her t-shirt and skirt. "What you see is what you get! I have never changed so quickly in my life. No time for bra or panties."

"You mean there is a naked pussy under that skirt?" I asked, my prick twitching.

"Mmm. A very wet one, too. I was scared if I stood next to Mom any longer she would either smell me or my pussy-juice was going to start trickling down my leg." Kathy giggled again. "When we get back, you're going to have to drink me, not eat me!"

I glanced at her, face flushed, eyes sparkling, beautiful. Mine. I speeded up to just under the speed limit. The sooner we got back to Lisa's, the sooner this wonderful, sexy, horny girl and I could make love again. be continued.

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Note: For those of you curious about the adventures of Matt and Kathy with Ellen, see 'Aunt Ellen', by Alex de Kok, also on Literotica.

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