Changed Ch. 04


When I had put the ring on, I had become bonded to it and Marcellene. I was the only one who could hear her and through the bond, she could see and feel everything I did.

I started the engine, put on my seatbelt and drove off. "You've been quiet today. What have you been doing?" I asked my companion when we were on the highway.

"I have just been observing. It had been over seven hundred years since I last saw anything. The world has changed a lot. I find it all so fascinating. I wish I had a body so I could explore and learn all about the world today." Marcellene said with what sounded like regret.

"I'm sorry, I wish there was something I could do. You just let me know if there is anything you want to know more about or things you want to do and I'll do them for you, we'll do them together. Ok?" I asked.

"Yes mistress that would be wonderful." She replied. "But for now I am just observing. I will not disturb you. I am still sorting out the information I have received through the bond."

My eyebrows came together as I considered her last statement. "What do you mean, 'Received through the bond'?"

Marcellene replied, "When I bonded with you I gained access to everything you know but it takes time to understand it all."

Everything I know? She knew everything? That was a little disturbing. "You know everything about me? Every private thought? Every memory?"

"Yes." She replied simply.

"That's a little creepy. I'm not sure I like that too much." I said.

"I am sorry mistress, but that is how the bond works. I cannot change it. And it is now done anyway. Do not worry; I cannot use the information against you. I cannot be removed from you finger until you have died. And then you will no longer care what I know." She said with obvious regret.

"Well, I guess you have a point there. How many masters have you had, anyway?"

Marcellene replied, "I have not kept count, but I suspect there were several hundred over the years. Each one more brutal and horrible than the previous." She hesitated, "I try not to think about the horrible things that they have done with my powers."

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to upset you." I replied honestly. Wanting to change the mood, after a minute I asked, "So what was it like being a sorceress? Could you teach me any magic?"

We spent the rest of the ride talking about Marcellene's life as a sorceress and how she could teach me about magic. She explained that it would be difficult because she had not practiced it in thousands of years but she thought she could remember some of the basics.

Finally we pulled into the parking lot of the condo complex and I parked next to Julia's Miata. I climbed out and walked up the steps to the condo wondering what I would find there.

I wasn't expecting what I found. Julia was sitting on the couch with Cassandra. Cassandra had her head on Julia's shoulder and was crying softly.

I went right over to her, "Sweetheart, what's the matter?"

Cassandra looked over at me with eyes that were red from crying. "I'm just so embarrassed! I can't believe what happened to me today!"

"It's alright baby." Julia said, rubbing her back. "Why don't you tell us what happened. Maybe it'll make you feel better or maybe we can help."

Cassandra took a deep breath, closed her eyes. When she opened them she started her story. "The day started off so good. I felt so wonderful after last night! I couldn't wait to be with you all again. But then during the day while I was sitting in class I started to daydream about you girls and then to fantasize about some of the girls in my class. That's when my nipples started to swell. I mean I could feel them poking out. They got so big and hard, just like last night!"

She sniffled and continued. " I didn't know what to do! My bra kept them held in some but they were still really obvious, and I mean REALLY obvious! Luckily I was at the back of the lecture hall and I just snuck out the back and went to the girls' room. While I was in there I had like five or six orgasms! For no reason at all! I wasn't even touching myself. I just came! It was really nice but it was a little scary. I didn't know what was happening to me. I had to wait in there for about an hour till I calmed down and my nipples went back to normal."

I realized that must have been when Julia and I were having sex in the shower this morning. Cassandra didn't know the link was still working. I looked at Julia, wondering if she understood. She was smiling at me, she knew.

"It didn't happen for the rest of the day and I was careful not to think any dirty thoughts. I didn't want it to happen when I was somewhere where I couldn't get out!" Cassandra wiped her nose with a tissue and continued. But then after class I had field hockey practice. I changed in one of the private stalls so I wouldn't be able to see any of the other girls changing. I was sure that I wouldn't be able to keep my mind off of them if they were in front of me."

"It was all ok until we went outside. We all sat down and started stretching and I just couldn't keep my eyes off the other girls while they stretching! They all looked so sexy in those little skirts! I found myself looking and trying to glimpse their panties under the skirts as they limbered up."

"Then I realized that my nipples were getting hard again! Even with the sport bra on they looked as big as grapes poking out and they were still getting bigger!" Cassandra was crying again and Julia wiped away a tear. "I went over to the coach and said I didn't feel well and that I thought I had better go see the nurse. The coach looked at me, and then her eyes got a little wide when she saw my nipples poking out. She just nodded and I ran to the nurse's office to hide."

"I didn't really think anyone would be there. The nurse usually leaves at around five and this was after five thirty. So I quickly ran in and closed the door behind me. Then I heard someone behind me say 'Can I help you with something?' It was the nurse, Miss Branch. She looked at me with a polite smile then her eyes opened wide when she saw my nipples poking through my top. They were sticking out about two inches now and were starting to become very sensitive. I could feel them rubbing against the soft material of my bra while I walked.

"'Come in here and let me see you.' She told me. She led me to one of the beds, made me take off my top my bra, and then to lie down. When I took off the bra my nipples stood out about six inches and were rock hard. I was so embarrassed but I was also so turned on! I couldn't look at her; I just stared at the ceiling and wished I could disappear."

"'How long have they been like this?' She asked studying them. 'Ever since I got my breast implants." I answered her. 'But they're only like this when I get turned on.'"

Cassandra let out a moan and collapsed against Julia. "I can't believe I said that! How could I tell her that?" Cassandra cried.

"It's all right baby." Julia consoled her. "We understand. It's all ok. What happened next?"

I looked at Julia and she glanced over at me. In that brief moment I could tell that Julia was getting as turned on by Cassandra's story as I was.

Cassandra started talking again, "The nurse looked at me and said, 'You mean that they get like this when you become aroused? You're aroused right now?'"

"'Yes' I answered her, 'I just can't help it sometimes, they're so sensitive now that as soon as I get a little turned on they feel so good I can't help it!'"

"'I've never heard of anything like this before.' She said. Then she reached over and gently gripped one of my nipples with two fingers."

"It felt so good that I moaned. I didn't want to but I couldn't help myself. She looked over at me and said with surprise, 'They're that sensitive?'"

"Too embarrassed to speak I looked away and only nodded. Then what happened next was the real shock! She pinched my nipple again only harder this time! I couldn't believe what she was doing but it felt so good that I moaned again, louder this time. But she didn't stop! She kept squeezing my nipple driving me higher. Finally I looked up at her and then I saw it. The look in her eyes, she was getting turned on too!" Cassandra said, still clinging onto Julia.

"I tried to protest, to make her stop but she wouldn't, she just kept playing with me. By now she was using her whole hand, pulling and squeezing my nipple. Then she brought up her other hand and grabbed my other nipple. I screamed when she grabbed it and started begging her to make me cum!" Cassandra was crying again but as I watched her I noticed that her nipples were pushing out of her top. She was getting turned on by just telling the story! Not that it really surprised me, listening to her tell it was making me hot as well.

"And then what happened?" Prompted Julia, her voice a little huskier than normal.

"Like I said, I just couldn't control myself any more! I pulled up my skirt and put my hand down the front of my panties and started fingering myself. Right in front of her! I was too turned on the stop myself but I was so embarrassed that I closed my eyes so I couldn't see her looking at me!" Cassandra said. "After a few seconds she released one of my nipples. I was about to beg her not to stop when I felt something different. Something else wrapped around my nipple, something warm and moist. I opened my eyes to see her sucking on me!"

I was on fire by this point. I was squeezing my legs together and rocking my hips back and forth, trying to get a little more stimulation against the chair. I saw Julia was doing the same. I also noted that Julia's hand had wandered lower on Cassandra's back and was now gently rubbing her tight bottom.

Cassandra continued, "I closed my eyes again and continued to finger myself. It was all so horrible and wonderful at the same time. I couldn't believe what I was doing but I couldn't stop, didn't want to stop! Then the nurse released my other nipple. I wondered what she was doing but I didn't open my eyes, I just lay there moaning and playing with myself. Then I felt something on my other nipple. Another something warm and moist, another mouth! My eyes snapped open and I was looking at Jennifer's face. She is on the team with me. She is one of the girls whose skirt I had been looking under while we were stretching."

Cassandra had stopped crying now and her voice was sounding a little husky too. "Jennifer looked up at me and smiled around my nipple. 'I came to check on you,' she said as she slid my nipple out of her mouth. 'When I came in and saw what was going on I just got so turned on I couldn't help myself, I had to help out Nurse Branch with your… examination. I hope you don't mind.' I watched her smile devilishly and go back to sucking on me."

"That was all I could take," Cassandra let out a soft moan and continued, "I came. I had a wonderful orgasm, right in front of those two women. It was incredible… so wrong, so perverted, but also so wonderful! They kept sucking on me while I had two more orgasms; the I finally had to roll off the bed to escape their hungry mouths."

I thought to myself that at least this explained the three climaxes I had at the end of Toni's interview. "So then what happened?" I asked her, my mouth seemed a little dry.

"As I lay there on the floor catching my breath I heard something." Cassandra went on. "I heard moaning. I looked up to see Nurse Branch and Jennifer almost completely naked, making out and fingering each other on the bed. They were both moaning and whimpering as they played with each other's cunts! I watched them for a few minutes. They were both really turned on and getting close to climax. Watching them was making me hot again and my nipples were painfully hard. Then I thought about my tit fucking of you and Alissa last night."

Cassandra had stopped crying now and she had a mischievous gleam in her eye as she continued on. "I grabbed Jennifer by the legs and dragged her to the edge of the bed and bent her over so her knees were on the floor and she was tits down on the bed. Then I did the same to Nurse Branch, they didn't protest at all. I put them right next to each other and got behind them. They turned to face each other and started making out, they probably thought I was going to finger them."

I could see now that Cassandra's nipples were rock hard, I thought they might rip her blouse any second now. She continued, "I grabbed one of my breasts in each hand and slowly slid a nipple into Jennifer. When she realized what I was doing she stopped making out and looked back at me as she moaned. Nurse Branch was watching too and she moaned as well. I started working myself in and out of her for a few minutes, bouncing and squeezing my tits, fucking her with my nipple while they both watched and Nurse Branch played with herself. After a few more minutes, Jennifer started to cum for the first time. I could feel Jennifer's pussy squeezing my nipple as she came. When she started to come down, I pulled out of her a pushed my other nipple into Nurse Branch. She cried out and moved her hand from her own pussy to Jennifer's."

"After just a few more minutes Nurse Branch started to cum. Watching her made Jennifer cum again. They both screamed and cried out as their hot juice soaked my breasts. I kept fucking her and Nurse Branch kept fingering Jennifer. They both came over and over again. After a few of their orgasms, I came with them several times." Cassandra was quiet for a few seconds then looked at us strangely. "They were weird though, they just seemed to come out of nowhere, no build up, nothing, just, bang! Just like in the girls' room in the morning."

"That's because we're still linked together." I answered Cassandra's unasked question. "This morning when you came in the girls room was when Julia and I were having sex in the shower. And the climaxes in the afternoon was when I was having sex with a few girls at work."

Julia looked up at me, "A few girls?" One perfect eyebrow arched over her slanted Asian eyes.

"I'll fill you in later." I said with a sly smile. Turning back to Cassandra I said, "So then what?"

Cassandra took a deep breath and went on, "After a few more climaxes I collapsed on top of them. We all rested for a few minutes and then I got up. I got dressed quickly and left. I was still so embarrassed by what I had done; I just had to get away from them. So I ran down to the locker room and hid in the soccer team's changing room. They were away so I knew it would be empty. I was so confused and embarrassed I just sat there and cried."

"Jennifer found me there a few minutes later. She just came over and sat next to me, she said it was all right and that I hadn't done anything wrong. She apologized for upsetting me, gave me a hug and tried to make me feel better. Before I knew what was happening she was lying on top of me and we were making out! We were still both so turned on that within seconds we were moaning into each other's open mouths. I felt her hand work its' way under my panties and thought she was moving way too fast. Then I realized that my fingers were already working away inside of her wet pussy!"

Cassandra's hand had made its way up to her breast now and she was pulling on her big nipple through the material of her top. "Then from out of nowhere, another one of those strange orgasms hit me. I screamed out 'Jennifer, I'm cumming!' as I came. She pushed her fingers deep into me and cried out "I'm cumming too! Oh, Cass, I'm cumming so hard!"

"I had at least two or three more orgasms with Jennifer and I think she had more than that. Afterwards she collapsed on top of me and we lay there on the bench, nuzzling and kissing each other for a while. Finally we decided we had better get up before someone found us like that and we got in trouble for having sex on campus." Cassandra was now openly playing with her breasts and had put her other hand under her skirt. I could hear soft liquid sounds coming from under her skirt and knew that her fingers were busy under there.

"Then Jennifer asked me out on Friday night. She wants to go on a date with me! I couldn't believe it, my first date with a girl!"

"That's wonderful Cass! I'm so happy for you! I just hope that it doesn't mean that you won't want to have sex with us anymore." I said, knowing that it wouldn't.

Cassandra seemed shocked by the idea. "Oh no! I'd never leave you. I love both of you! I just want to have some fun." One corner of her mouth turned up in a twisted little grin, "Maybe I'll bring her by so you can meet her."

"Well if you're so happy about your date with Jennifer, then why were you crying when I got home?" I asked.

"Oh I just can't believe what happened to me today! I mean, I can't go around with my nipples poking out like that all the time! It's so embarrassing; I just don't know what to do!" Cassandra cried out. She looked like she was going to start crying again.

"It's ok baby. I'll fix it for you. I'll make it so that they'll get big only when you want them too, ok? Would that be better?" I asked looking into her eyes.

Cassandra sniffled a little, "You can do that? How?"

I smiled, "Don't you worry about that. You just worry about what you and Jennifer are going to do on Friday." As I talked I pushed on her body with my mind, changing her nipples so they were more under her control. Now they wouldn't become large unless she wanted them too. As I watched her nipples began to shrink back down to something close to normal size.

"There," I said, "All better, you should be able to control them better now."

Just then there was a knock at the door. I looked over at Julia questioningly. She only shrugged and said, "It's probably Alissa."

Julia went and opened the door. When she came back she was trying so hard to contain her smile that I thought she was going to pop. Behind her, Alissa walked in dressed in a stylish, low cut, woman's business suit. And walking behind Alissa was… another Alissa. Or at least a woman who looked exactly like her. They had the same curvaceous figure, long straight red hair, and the same sweet freckles. Then I realized that it must be Alissa's twin sister. I tried to remember her name but I didn't think Alissa had ever told it to me. Just then, Alissa spoke and answered my question.

"Everyone, this is my sister Melissa. Melissa, this is Julia, Cassandra and Mary." She said, pointing at each of us in turn.

As Melissa greeted Julia and Cassandra I studied her. She was an absolute carbon copy of Alissa. They looked exactly the same. But there was something a little different about Melissa that I couldn't put my finger on. Then she was in front of me, shaking my hand and saying how it was nice to meet me. As I looked into her eyes I realized what the difference between the twins was. While the look in Alissa's eyes was warm and friendly, Melissa's gaze was as cold as ice. No warmth or friendliness at all, it was like the cold gaze of a snake.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too." I said, trying to be friendly in spite of the look she was giving me, "So, what brings you be here? Just visiting your sister?"

As Melissa spoke she turned her cold eyes to her sister, "No, Alissa said she had something she wanted to talk to me about, something important. So I dropped what I was doing and came over here. Then she says that she can't tell me yet and that she has to bring me to meet all of you first. Well ok, I've meet them, Alissa," Melissa said loudly to her sister even though she was only five feet away, "are you finally going to tell me what this is all about, or am I going to have to guess?"

Alissa just stood there silently, looking embarrassed. She was obviously very intimidated by her sister. It was odd, I thought to myself, that the two sisters were so alike physically and so different mentally.

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